Prayer Diary

The teaching of Jesus on Evangelism

from Luke’s Gospel


God makes it clear that he does not want anyone to perish, that is, to be eternally separated from him. This is one reason why the second coming of Christ has not yet happened, Peter tells us in 2 Peter 3:9. God wants to give to as many people as possible the opportunity to hear the gospel and to respond. And through the finished work of Jesus by his death on the cross and resurrection, “Everyone who calls on the name of the Lord will be saved.” Romans 10:13. But they need to hear the gospel message. “And how can they believe in the one of whom they have not heard?” Paul asks in Romans 10:14.

Jesus encourages us to couple together the power of prayer and the power of the Word. We should, “Ask the Lord of the harvest to send out workers into the harvest field.” Luke 10:12. Each time we share the gospel it is like handing an important invitation to a grand wedding and although there will be those who will offer all kinds of excuses not to respond, at the same time, there are many people from all walks of life who will do so and respond by giving their lives to Christ. Often it may be those who are less obvious and who are found on the “highways and byways.” Some are lost because they have none to guide them. Others have wandered away from God and need to be brought back. Still others like, the prodigal son, have become lost because of foolish choices. Every follower of Jesus is here to act as salt and light in this fallen world and it is important we retain our “saltiness” by not just starting well but finishing well also.

So Jesus provides by instruction, parables and by example, how as his followers we can share the Good News of the gospel and the sort of reactions we can expect. Following him is not easy but requires each one to take their cross and follow Jesus even when things become difficult. But the stakes are high since there are only two paths an individual can take, which lead to one of two destinations – eternity in the presence of God or eternal destruction cut off from his presence, as the story of the rich man and Lazarus shows in Luke 16:19-31.

This month we are praying to be effective in being the salt and light that Jesus wants us to be.

1st Luke 13:22-27 Entering the narrow door

  1. Lord keep us close to you at all times, we pray
  2. Keep us from temptation and from everything that would cause us to start backsliding
  3. Save all in your church who may go through the motions of following you but in their hearts do not really know you and have not been born again
  4. Help us not to become complacent with our spiritual lives, nor to become so familiar with the gospel that we lose the fear of the Lord
  5. Keep our walk with you as the first focus of our lives at all times, we pray

2nd Luke 13:28-30 Prayer for the lost

  1. Lord, as we know that hell is a real place and is the destiny of all who reject you, cause that knowledge to help us redouble our efforts to reach the lost
  2. Thank you God for the privilege having a personal relationship with you through faith in Jesus and help us to treasure it, not neglecting our time with you
  3. Lord Jesus, since most of your teaching on hell was to help your disciples understand the plight of the lost, burden our hearts to pray for revival of our nation
  4. Teach us the value of servanthood and to understand that those who are last shall be first
  5. Save all those we know who are not yet saved, we urgently pray, O God

3rd Luke 14:15-17 Taking out the message

  1. Lord, help us to understand the importance and urgency of taking out the invitation into your Kingdom, by spreading the gospel of Jesus
  2. Holy Spirit, guide and lead us to the persons you know have hearts ready to receive the message of salvation today
  3. Give us the right words to speak on each occasion, Holy Spirit, and the wisdom how to present the gospel to each individual
  4. Make all our street teams fruitful in evangelism as they give out tracts, witness to people and pray for the sick, we pray
  5. Help us understand that the time is short and that we need to redeem the time for the days are evil

4th Luke 14: 18 Excuses

  1. Forgive us, O Lord, when we put other interests as a higher priority than responding to your call to put you first
  2. Lord, help us to love you with all our heart, soul, strength and mind and to have no other ‘gods’ besides you
  3. Help us to seek first the kingdom of God and all your righteousness O Lord, so that you may add to us all the things we need
  4. Help us to prioritise our wealth and our spending, O Lord, so that we may be good stewards of all that you enable us to have and to own
  5. May our worldly possessions take second place to our spiritual treasures

5th Luke 14:19 More excuses

  1. Lord, may our work never become an excuse for failing to give the best of our service to you, since by so doing, we only impoverish ourselves
  2. May we see our workplace as an opportunity to be serving you, rather than just a place to earn our income and help us to be effective witnesses for you there
  3. Help us to be ambassadors for Jesus in our places of work, being able to present a godly witness through our Christ-like conduct even if we do not speak
  4. As we pray for all our work colleagues, O Lord, save them by your Spirit
  5. Forgive us, O God, for any occasion we have put our work before you and have thereby neglected to give you our first love

6th Luke 14:20 Still more excuses

  1. Lord, help us to always have the right godly balance between our love for you and our love for our family members
  2. Forgive us for any times when we have loved a family member more than you and help us to realise that we can only truly love them as we allow Christ’s love to flow through us to them
  3. Help each of the men in our church to love you first, O Lord,  and then to allow that godly love to overflow to their wives and children
  4. Help each of the women in our church to love you first, O Lord, and to then allow that godly love to flow out to their husbands and children
  5. Help us to teach our children to love you first, O God, so that they can then love their parents with that agapé love

7th Luke 14:23 Going into the highways and byways

  1. Cause us to understand that everywhere where people are, that is where you want us to be witnesses
  2. For those who go on the streets to witness, increase their compassion for the lost and help them present the gospel to people from every walk of life
  3. Help us to take the gospel to those who may not hear it from anyone else
  4. Give us a compassion for those whom society generally writes off, and enable us to give them the hope that comes with a life-changing faith in Jesus Christ
  5. Lord, help us to go the extra mile when it comes to reaching the lost and give us hearts of forgiveness that desire even those who dislike us to be saved

8th Luke 14:24 Praying for the hard of heart

  1. As we pray for all our family members whose hearts are hardened to the gospel, soften their hearts
  2. Holy Spirit, help us to pray effectively for those whose hearts are hardened since you are the one who convicts people of sin and points them to Christ  
  3. Help us to pray strategic prayers that will bring down strongholds in the lives of the unbelievers we pray for so that, though now spiritually blind, they may see
  4. Lord, may the knowledge that you will exclude unbelievers from your presence spur us to redouble our energies to pray for their salvation
  5. Break the power of the ‘god of this age’ who blinds the eyes of those unbelievers we are praying for, O Lord

9th Luke 14:25-27 First love

  1. Lord, help us to put the need for holiness before our desire for happiness
  2. Teach us to order our lives aright so that we put all our activities in their correct priority.
  3. When the way is difficult and costly because we are following you and your ways, O Lord, help us to carry our cross
  4. May we love you first and foremost so that as we seek first the kingdom of God and your righteousness, all other things will be added unto us
  5. Help us to be able to pray at all times the words, ‘Your will, not our will be done’ and to bear any cross that comes from being obedient to your will

10th Luke 14:28-33 Counting the cost

  1. Lord, teach us the need not merely to be converts but to be true disciples of Jesus Christ and of living our lives for you accordingly
  2. May we not be merely “fair weather” christians, O Lord, only wanting to follow you when everything is well but instead to live for you no matter what the cost
  3. May we say with king David, that we will not sacrifice anything to the Lord that costs us nothing
  4. Release us from the fear of giving to you O Lord, whether it is our time, our commitment, our finances or any other necessary thing, so we experience the truth that we can never out-give God
  5. Teach us to remember the cross, O Lord, and to remind ourselves that nothing we do or give to you can ever come near to all you have given to and for each of us

11th Luke 14:34-35 Keeping our saltiness

  1. Lord, you have said that you do not like luke-warmness, so cause us to be and to remain, hot and on fire for you at all times
  2. Enable us, like salt, to be effective out and about in those areas of our society where things are going bad, helping us make a difference for Jesus
  3. As salt makes things taste better, give us opportunities today to make someone’s life better who does not yet know the way of salvation
  4. May we not only retain our spiritual ‘saltiness’ but daily grow closer to Christ, becoming more and more influential with the gospel to those we meet each day
  5. Place your people in prominent positions of  influence in every area of our society, O Lord so that everywhere your people are acting effectively as ‘salt’

12th Luke 15:1-2 Mixing with ‘sinners’

  1. Teach us to see all people as you see them, namely as those in desperate need because they do not know you, O God, and may we give them the life-changing gospel
  2. Give us a love for the lost, O God,  no matter who they are, what they have done or how unlovely they currently are
  3. Give us an effective door of ministry into the lives of all those we come in contact with who currently do not know you, O Lord
  4. We pray that all the ‘religious’ people we know who have a form of outward religion but no inner life change will have the scales taken from their eyes
  5. Give us the joy, our God, of seeing many ‘sinners’ choosing to change the direction of their lives by turning to Christ in repentance

13th Luke 15:3-6 Seeking the lost

  1. We pray for all those who once walked with you, O Lord, but have backslidden, to be restored back to yourself and to the fellowship of believers
  2. Give us creative strategies and ideas to be able to reach, influence and bring to Christ those we know who are not yet believers but for whom we are praying to be saved
  3. Give to all our discipleship cells and cell leaders the desire, the divine leading and success in reaching those they are praying for to be saved
  4. Use all the evangelistic events in the church on Sunday evenings, to be an effective vehicle for bringing the lost to Christ, O Lord
  5. As you cause us always to remember that your church is not a pleasure cruiser but a lifeboat to save the perishing, give us the desire and opportunity to rescue them

14th Luke 15:7 Causing the angels to rejoice

  1. We pray you would save now all the non-christian husbands of the women in our church, O God
  2. We pray you would save now all the non-christian children of the parents in our church, O God
  3. Save all the non-christian parents of those in our church, O Lord
  4. We pray for all our non-christian brothers, sisters, cousins, uncles and aunties to be saved now, O Lord
  5. We pray for all our non-christian friends to be saved now and let there be cause for much rejoicing by the angels in heaven

15th Luke 15:8-10  Seeking the lost (2)

  1. Lord, teach us the value to you of each person who is lost and give us the desire to see them found by you
  2. Give us a burden to pray continually for those who do not know you and who we desire to be won for Christ
  3. Help us not to be content with the blessings we enjoy as a result of our relationship with Jesus but instead to do all you have called each of us to do
  4. Make us fruitful, O Lord, so that we may have the joy of seeing people give their lives to you
  5. Encourage each who has been praying for a particular person who has not yet come to Christ, that the weeping that comes in the night will be turned to joy in the morning

16th Luke 15:11-12 Praying for the materialistic

  1. We pray you will help all those we know whose first love is for the things of this life, to see the folly of trusting in that which is but temporary
  2. As we pray for our society that rates success primarily by the extent of fame or fortune, have mercy and send a hunger for the true wealth found only in Christ
  3. Teach us that it is more blessed to give than receive and may we know the joy of being givers in every area of our lives
  4. Lord, you have said that no-one can serve two masters, God and Mammon, so teach us to serve God and to let money serve us but not master us
  5. We thank you for our worldly wealth and pray that you would teach us to use it wisely and in conformity with your will, O Lord

17th Luke 15:13-14 The emptiness of materialism

  1. Lord, put us in positions of influence to be able to reach those whose only hope in life is found in the pleasures of this world
  2. We pray that those we know who struggle to believe there is life beyond this material world to have their blind eyes be opened today
  3. We pray for that the leaders of our nation would have the wisdom to use the  wealth of this land beneficially
  4. Cause the church of Jesus Christ to rise up into places of influence throughout the world will enable the poor nations to progress out of poverty
  5. As we seek you asking if there is anyone or any cause that you want us to give to out of our own personal resources, help us, O Lord, to act upon it

18th Luke 15:16 Praying for those with self-inflicted wounds

  1. We pray for all those we know who are addicted to, or whose only source of pleasure is in drugs, to come to know pleasure found in knowing God
  2. As we pray for all those we know whose life is controlled by the need for alcohol, help them find the ‘new wine’ of the Holy Spirit
  3. As we pray for all those we know whose lives are in a mess because of bad choices they have made, help them find a new life in Christ
  4. Show all those we know who are suffering from depression because of the consequences of the choices they have made, the abundant life in Christ  
  5. Help us bring the life-changing gospel message to all those we know who may be thinking about suicide because of the circumstances they have got themselves into

19th Luke 15:17-19 True repentance

  1. Let your presence be felt more and more in our midst as we gather together for worship, O Lord
  2. Cause us to search our hearts and our lives and remove anything that would hinder you moving powerfully in our midst
  3. O Lord, so move in our midst that we would regularly see people coming to you in deep repentance
  4. May we see in our Sunday and mid-week meetings people coming under a real and genuine conviction of sin that causes heartfelt repentance
  5. Send a Holy Spirit inspired revival in our midst, we pray

20th Luke 15:20-21 The Father’s compassion

  1. Give us a heart like yours, Heavenly Father
  2. Make us more like Jesus in every aspect of our lives, in the way we think, talk, act and conduct the affairs of our lives
  3. Help us to forgive all those who transgress against us just as you have fully forgiven us
  4. Cause us right now to release any feelings of bitterness towards anyone and to be able to pray for God to bless them, whether we feel they deserve it or not
  5. Teach us to love just as you love and in so doing cause others to be attracted to Christ

21st Luke 15:22-24 The lost is found

  1. Help us to see the best in each person, O Lord, even when they have done much that is unrighteous
  2. Help us to be like you, Heavenly Father, prepared to give a second chance to those who have let us down
  3. When a brother or sister asks us for forgiveness, enable us always to do so
  4. Cause our hearts to be big enough to be able to pray for the blessing of any and every person, particularly the blessing of finding Jesus as Saviour
  5. Let our church be known for the restitution of those prodigals who are genuinely repentant

22nd Luke 15:25-31 Reconciliation within families

  1. We pray you would bring reconciliation to all the families in our church where there are rifts in relationships
  2. We pray for all the sons in the church to all enjoy a good and harmonious relationship with his mother and father
  3. We pray that all the daughters in our church will each be a blessing to her mother and father
  4. Where there is strife between brothers and sisters in families we know, bring healing, O Lord
  5. Cause the families in the church to be an inspiration and example to non believers who will desire to have the peace of God in their own lives and families

23rd Luke 16:19-24 Urgent prayer for the lost

  1. Move our hearts as we understand the dreadful destiny of those who die outside of Christ
  2. Lord, understanding your teaching about hell, inspire us to reach the lost, helping us to sense the urgency of the situation and to act accordingly
  3. Give us a deep compassion for those heading towards a Christless eternity, O Lord
  4. Help us to understand the true depth of the wickedness of sin that makes hell necessary so we may we be careful to walk in the ways of God
  5. Give us divine appointments arranged by you O Lord, for us to witness to those who may not have another opportunity to hear the gospel before they die

24th Luke 16:25-26 A great chasm

  1. Since your Word tell us that it is appointed once for a person to die and then comes the judgment, give us a sense of urgency for the task of evangelism
  2. May the knowledge that we have only one lifetime in which to serve you motivate us to seek and reach those who are, as yet, unsaved
  3. Move us even now as we pray, O Lord to have mercy on the lost as we cry to you to help us reach them
  4. As we thank you Jesus, for the cross that saves each one who trusts in you from eternal separation from God, may we bring the good news to someone today
  5. Help us remember, heavenly Father that all things are possible to you, even the salvation of those whom we think are too hard to be saved

25th Luke 16:27-31 More prayer for the hard of heart

  1. Do something in the lives of those whom we have prayed for a long time but who remain hardened in their hearts, to cause them to seek and find you
  2. For every atheist we know, Holy Spirit, bring them to the place of belief
  3. For every person we know who is involved in witchcraft or the seeking out of evil spirits, save them before it is too late
  4. So shake the secular T.V. stations that are happy to undermine the truth of the Bible and the things of Christ that it causes them to desire the truth of the gospel
  5. Sweep away completely the ungodly attitude in the institutions of this land that deliberately seek to exclude the truth of the gospel on the grounds of ‘not wanting to offend people’

26th Luke 18:1-8 Persistent in prayer

  1. Give us the tenacity to keep praying until we see a breakthrough in those situations that need persistent prayer
  2. Cause us never to give up in prayer and when we feel discouraged quicken our inner spirit
  3. Give us the faith that never doubts but always perseveres and trusts in the God of the impossible
  4. Cause us never to lose sight of the truth, O Lord, that your desire to see the lost saved no matter who they are, is far greater than our own
  5. Lord, when you look at each of us, we pray that you will indeed find the faith in our hearts and lives that you are looking for

27th Luke 18:9-14 Praying for the self-righteous

  1. Lord, help us not to be guilty of hypocrisy but to ensure we only ever trust in your righteousness and not in our own self-righteousness
  2. May we never glory in our own good works, but may you have all the glory for any successes we achieve
  3. Holy Spirit, teach us how to rely on you totally and not on ourselves, so that your power can be constantly at work in and through us
  4. We take authority over any religious spirit that is operating over our area that causes people to trust in religion and good works rather than in the cross of Christ
  5. Cause us to be like the church of Philadelphia to whom you gave an open door of revival and not be like the church of Laodicea who trusted in their own efforts

28th Luke 18:9-14 The humble will be exalted

  1. Forgive us any pride and help us daily to recognise it and to remove it from every part of our lives, we pray
  2. Let our attitude be the same as Christ Jesus who being in very nature God, did not consider equality with God something to be grasped, but made himself nothing
  3. Teach us to be like Jesus who took on the very nature of a servant and humbled himself, becoming obedient even to death on a cross
  4. May we truly understand that the pathway to greatness and effective service for God is not by self-promotion but by humbling ourselves before our God
  5. As we humble ourselves under your mighty hand, Heavenly Father, lift us up in due time

29th Luke 19:11-14 Entrusted with God’s gifts

  1. Cause each of us to remember that you have given each of us talents and abilities that you require us to use for your kingdom and give us willing hearts to do so
  2. O God, as we wait upon you, reveal to each of us any gift or talent that we are not currently using for you and give us the opportunities to use them for your glory
  3. Bless all those in the church who have practical gifts and ministries and may they use them for your glory
  4. Bless those in the church who have charismatic gifts and may they use them for your glory
  5. Teach us to remember, that it is not how great or how many, our gifts and talents are, but rather how faithfully we use those you have entrusted to us

30th Luke 19:15-26 Rewards for the faithful

  1. Lord, keep us encouraged through every trial whilst here on earth as we remember that our work for the Lord is not in vain
  2. Help us to remain faithful for all our time here on earth and to finish the race well
  3. May we never bury any of the talents and gifts you have given us but always to make full use of them no matter how great or small we may think they are
  4. Motivate us as we remember there awaits for every believer a glorious eternity in the presence of the perfect King of all kings and his eternal joy
  5. Strengthen us by the remembrance that you have triumphed over every one of your enemies and will rule in righteousness, joy and peace forever and ever

31st Luke 11:24-26 – Combatting evil spirits

  1. On this Hallowe’en night guard the hearts and minds of children who have been allowed by their parents to participate in activities this evening
  2. We bind in the name of Jesus, the power of evil spirits operating in our streets this evening
  3. Cause many people have an encounter with the risen Christ this evening rather than with evil
  4. Watch over your church this evening protecting it from any curses uttered against it
  5. Rise up O Lord and pull down every stronghold of evil in our area.

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