Prayer Diary


Living in the Light of Christ’s Return

1st & 2nd Thessalonians


Paul had only been able to stay in the city of Thessalonica for no more than three weeks before being sent away by his friends, who feared for his safety after a mob had gathered to protest at the two men, Paul and Silas, of whom they said, “These who have turned the world upside down have come here too.” Acts 17:6. The city was in uproar following the preaching of the gospel. But what a testimony this accusation was for Paul and Silas as to the extent of the impression they had been making in the area for Jesus.

It was a turbulent time for the two apostles, yet greatly fruitful. Prior to coming to Thessalonica, they had just been beaten and imprisoned and then forced to leave the city of Philippi, again after staying there only a short time. But in both Philippi and in Thessalonica they left behind them strong churches, with whom they stayed in touch by letter.

These two letters to the Thessalonian church were among the first to be written by Paul and indeed amongst the first of the New Testament generally. They deal with end times. The Thessalonians knew about the ‘rapture’, that is, the time when Jesus returns and will catch up all living believers with him from the earth and give them their resurrection bodies. But they had not fully understood the details. They were concerned that those of their number who had now already died would miss out on that experience.

So Paul outlines the sequence of events at the end, just prior to when he returns to earth. That will not happen without first there being a great rebellion against God lead by ‘The man of lawlessness’ or the Antichrist. The power of lawlessness and godlessness will be working powerfully in the world at that time as many refuse to believe the truth and follow a lie, a delusion, so they can continue to live ungodly lifestyles, all initiated by Satan. But at that time Christ will then destroy the Antichrist and his rebellion against God.

The Thessalonians need not be concerned about those believers who had already died because they are already with the Lord. At the return of Jesus, he will come down from heaven with a loud command and the voice of the archangel and the trumpet call of God and the dead in Christ will rise first. After that those believers who are still alive on earth will be caught up together with them and meet the Lord in the air. At this point all believers, those in heaven and those still on earth will all get their immortal resurrection bodies and be forever with the Lord.

So, in the knowledge of the Second Coming of Jesus, Paul encourages them and us to live in the light of Christ’s return to earth. We are, of course, now much nearer to that time and we can witness daily all around us the spirit of antichrist and rebellion against the revealed ways of God. So as we pray through these letters this month we are to keep one eye on the future and the other on our service for the Lord now. Because although we are able to recognise the signs, no one knows the exact date when this will occur

1st  1st  Thessalonians 1:1-3 Serving with faith, love and endurance

  1. Cause our work for you to always be growing ever more effective as our faith deepens day by day
  2. Enable the things we do for you, O Lord, always be prompted not by selfish motives but purely out of our love for you
  3. Cause our labour for you to be such that it produces eternal results, O God
  4. Amid life’s challenges for us living out the christian life, give us a steadfastness of character that enables us not only to endure but to triumph over adversity
  5. Cause our knowledge of all the promises in Christ we are yet to receive, to inspire us with a hope for the future that will sustain us in every experience we go through

2nd 1st Thessalonians 1:4-5 The gospel with power

  1. Lord, so work in us that we are constantly growing spiritually and in our effectiveness, as we exercise faith to allow the Holy Spirit to work through us daily
  2. May we not simply be  a people who can talk, but ones who can walk the life of Christ in power, O Lord
  3. Stir our hearts to regularly wait on you so that your Spirit can work through us in power, we pray
  4. May we draw so close to you, O God, so that when we speak the gospel we see people come under a conviction of sin through the prompting of the Holy Spirit
  5. Help us to minister boldly in the gifts of the Holy Spirit to both non-christians and christians alike

3rd 1st  Thessalonians 1:6-7 Model christians

  1. Lord, give us grace to live out the christian life as examples to all we come in contact with, so that they may follow our example
  2. Cause us to be model christians in our family lives, faithfully putting into practice all your Word teaches us
  3. Lord, help us to be model christians at our places of work, so that unbelievers can see the grace of God in our lives and be drawn to want to know more about Jesus
  4. Help us to be model christians to all our friends, relatives and acquaintances, so that they may truly see Jesus in us
  5. Give us your grace in our dealings with one another so that we may be model christians in all areas of church life, encouraging one another and being a blessing

4th 1st Thessalonians 1:8-10 Active in evangelism

  1. Help us to turn unbelievers to Christ, we pray
  2. May your Word ring out from not only within the four walls of our church but especially in all the surrounding areas and districts, wherever your people are
  3. We pray you would continue to make all the evangelism on the streets fruitful with many giving their lives to Christ and being healed and radically changed
  4. We pray that each one would be blessed and encouraged by numerical growth

that they see through their evangelistic outreaches

  1. In every individual act of evangelism, guide and lead us to those you know are ready to be saved, giving us the right words at the right time, O Lord

5th 1st Thessalonians 2:1-3 Bearing insults for Christ

  1. We pray you would strengthen and bless each one who suffers insults and hardships at their place of work simply because they believe in Christ
  2. Strengthen and encourage each one in the church who experiences opposition at home from unsaved family members because they follow Christ, we pray
  3. Cause opposition to the gospel to make your church grow from strength to strength, we pray
  4. Stop the folly of our Parliament in seeking to pass any further anti-christian laws and frustrate such plans, O God
  5. Despite any growing opposition to the gospel message, cause your church to rise up in greater effectiveness in fruitful witnessing to the spiritually lost, O Lord

6th 1st Thessalonians 2:4-6 Accountable to God

  1. May we never seek to be men-pleasers, O Lord, but only God-pleasers
  2. As you have entrusted us with your gospel, O God, may we faithfully pass it on to others in all its fullness
  3. As we remember that one day we will each stand before you to give an account of our christian lives, Lord Jesus, may this encourage us to serve you faithfully
  4. May we always serve you out of a sense of joy, O God, and not merely out of duty
  5. Help us so to serve you, O Lord, such that one day we will hear you say to us, “Well done good and faithful servant”

7th 1st Thessalonians 2:7-12 Living lives worthy of the God

  1. Help us, O Lord, in our daily experiences to live lives worthy of the name of Jesus
  2. Let us be ones who are always seeking to encourage one another despite any shortcomings we see in them
  3. In a sinful world, give us your strength, Holy Spirit, to walk in holiness
  4. Give us strength of character, O Lord, so that we may live in Christlikeness even in the most difficult of circumstances
  5. May we always live to please you, Heavenly Father, and not just ourselves

8th 1st Thessalonians 2:13-16 Suffering for the gospel’s sake

  1. Lord, we bring the suffering church around the world before you and pray you would help, strengthen and encourage all who are suffering for Christ’s sake
  2. We pray you would help in their time of need all muslin converts who suffer for accepting Christ, so that they do not forsake Christ
  3. Help all believers in their suffering, O Lord, in countries where cruel regimes kill and persecute believers simply for accepting in Christ;
  4. For the families of the tens of thousands who die each year around the world for following Christ, comfort them in their distress and meet their every need, O God
  5. Have mercy on those with governments that persecute your people, O Lord and raise up in their place new governments that will allow freedom to follow Christ

9th 1st Thessalonians 2:17-20 Satan’s opposition

  1. Give us the wisdom to foresee and understand the plans and traps of the enemy so that we do not walk into them, O Lord
  2. We take authority over every plan of the enemy to thwart God’s purposes for the numerical and spiritual growth of the church and bind them in Jesus’ name
  3. We come against every plan of the enemy over the lives of individuals in the church and command them to be frustrated in Jesus’ name
  4. We rebuke in Jesus’ name, every plan of the enemy to hinder revival in the church
  5. We rebuke in Jesus’ name, every evil plan of the enemy against our nation and pray you would rise up O Lord and let your enemies be scattered!

10th 1st Thessalonians 3:1-5 The ministry of encouragement

  1. Lord, since discouragement is the enemy’s favourite weapon against us, keep our eyes firmly fixed on Jesus
  2. For all those amongst us who are feeling discouraged in their spiritual lives at this time touch them and quicken their spirits, we pray
  3. For all those amongst us who are feeling discouraged because of problems in their family lives, give them a breakthrough in this area, O Lord
  4. For all those who are discouraged because of a work situation or because of lack of employment, bring a change in their circumstances as they cry out to you
  5. Motivate each of us make a conscious effort to follow the example of Barnabas and become ones who are always encouraging others

11th 1st Thessalonians 3:6-10 Interceding for others

  1. Though the spirit may be willing often the flesh is weak, yet make us people of prayer, O God
  2. Raise up intercessors from our midst, O Lord, who can pull down all the spiritual strongholds of the enemy arrayed against your church
  3. We bring all our prayer ministries before you, O Lord and ask that you strengthen our resolve to continue to wrestle in prayer continually
  4. We pray for all the unbelievers we are in regular contact with, O Lord, that you would open their eyes and save them
  5. For all those in any and every position of leadership in the church, strengthen and encourage them to greater fruitfulness, O God

12th 1st Thessalonians 3:11-13 Growing in love and in spiritual strength

  1. Lord, cause our love increase and overflow for each other
  2. Lord, cause our love increase and overflow for all other people
  3. For all new believers in our midst, we pray that you would help them overcome the draw of the world and instead to grow in the love of Christ
  4. For all those in our midst who are feeling weak at this time for whatever reason, cause the love of the fellowship around them to put them back on their spiritual feet
  5. Cause our spiritual roots to go down ever deeper, O Lord, so that we will never be shaken, no matter what may happen

13th 1st Thessalonians 4:1-2 Living in order to please God 

  1. Keep our focus always on you, O Lord, so that no matter what we may choose to do or choose not to do, it will always be pleasing to you
  2. In our minds and our thought lives, O God, help us not to allow the enemy to capture our thoughts but instead to think on those things that are acceptable to you
  3. Holy Spirit, we ask you to convict us in all those areas of our character that need to grow more like Christ and we ask for your help to conform us into his image
  4. May our testimony with the unbelievers amongst whom we live and work be one that is pleasing to you, O Lord
  5. Thank you for the spiritual growth we have experienced thus far, O God, but help us to live for you more and more

14th 1st Thessalonians 4:3-8 Living pure lives

  1. We pray that each of us may flee sexual immorality and have the wisdom how to avoid temptation
  2. For any in our midst currently caught up in sexual immorality, convict them, O Lord, and give them the grace and the strength to live a life pleasing to you
  3. For any in our midst caught up in adultery, convict them of sin and turn them to righteousness, we pray
  4. For all those struggling with temptations with pornography, help them overcome and find deliverance, we pray
  5. Cause us to fulfil our calling to live, not an impure life but a holy life, we pray

15th 1st  Thessalonians 4:9-12 Earning the respect of all

  1. So far as it depends upon us, O Lord, may our ambitions be to live a quiet life, free from personality clashes with others
  2. Help us, Holy Spirit, to mind our own business and not to be busybodies
  3. Bless the work of our hands, O God and help us always to do the work with which we earn our living, with all our hearts and concentration
  4. Help us to win the respect daily of those outside the family of God, so that you may receive the glory, Lord
  5. As we submit ourselves to you, O Lord, in our dealings with the unbelievers of this world enable us to be the head and not the tail

16th 1st Thessalonians 4:13-18 Living in the expectation of the rapture

  1. Keep our eyes fixed on things eternal, O Lord, so that we do not become entangled with the affairs of this world
  2. Teach us to number our days, O Lord, and to use each one profitably, remembering that we do not know how long we have left on this earth
  3. Since you have revealed the future to us prophetically, O God, may it cause us not to worry as the world worries, about all that is happening around us
  4. Prompt us to read your Word regularly, carefully and prayerfully, O Lord, so that we may learn of all the things you have told us about the future
  5. Lord, as the early church used to greet one another, we now use the same word to pray ‘maranatha’ - come Lord Jesus!

17th 1st Thessalonians 5:1-11 Living as children of the light

  1. Lord, we are not in darkness, therefore stretch us daily to ensure that we live as children of the light
  2. In all our ways, attitudes, thoughts, daily lives and spiritual lives let us not be like those who are asleep, but rather alert and self-controlled
  3. Keep us from the folly and negative consequences of the abuse of alcohol, we pray and give us wisdom
  4. Cause us to work out our salvation with fear and trembling, never forgetting the amazing grace of God in saving us from the consequences of sin
  5. Show us today, O Lord, who we can help to build up emotionally and spiritually and thereby help them on the road to holiness

18th  1st Thessalonians 5:12-13 Respecting leaders in the church

  1. Lord, help all our pastors to fulfil the onerous but worthy calling you have placed on their lives
  2. Lord, give all the elders in the church your wisdom to govern the church well
  3. As we bring all our men, women and youth discipleship cell leaders before you, O Lord, bless and anoint their sacrificial service for you
  4. As all the leaders and teachers in our children’s work and in our youth work labour for you, give them the joy of seeing those they teach develop spiritually
  5. For all those in every other position of leadership in the church, we pray that you would make them fruitful in their labours and blessed in their personal lives

19th  1st Thessalonians 5:14-18 Pray and give thanks continually

  1. Lord, keep us from idleness both in the work we do for a living and in the work we do for you and instead keep us diligent
  2. Lord, may your joy, which is the fruit of the Spirit and not dependent upon outward circumstances, shine through in our lives no matter what may happen
  3. Holy Spirit, we ask that you would cause us to be people of continual prayer
  4. Help us always to see the positive in every situation or in every person, O God, so that we will always be giving you thanks at all time and in all things
  5. Deliver us from the spirit of revenge, but rather cause our hearts to be generous to forgive

20th 1st Thessalonians 5:19-28 Spiritual gifts

  1. Stir up your Spirit within each believer, O Lord and may we live in the passion of the Spirit’s fire
  2. For those not yet baptised in the Holy Spirit, as they wait on you and ask, fill them and give them a boldness to witness and a desire to seek more gifts of the Spirit
  3. Speak to us in words of prophecy, O Lord, both as individuals and as a church and may we live obediently so that we can see them fulfilled
  4. Deliver us from false prophecies and give us discerning hearts to know truth from error, we pray
  5. Direct our steps at all time, O Lord, to avoid evil but instead to enable you to sanctify us through and through

21st 2nd Thessalonians 1:1-4 Growing in faith, love and perseverance

  1. Let our experience be that our faith is growing more and more, and to recognise that this often happens during times of trial, O Lord
  2. Make us into persevering people, O Lord, who never give up but always press on, holding on to every promise of God
  3. Cause us to keep our eyes on the finishing post of life and so to press on in Christ regardless
  4. Enable us to grow in knowledge of your Word and in all spiritual wisdom, O Lord
  5. In all spiritual understanding cause us to be adults and not children, we pray

22nd 2nd Thessalonians 1:5-10 Praying for the unsaved

  1. For those who make our lives difficult because they do not like what we stand for in Christ, save them so that they may be delivered from judgement
  2. Help your people you understand the seriousness of the state of our nation and of the shortage of time before you return so that we can labour for God while it is still day
  3. Lord, hell is an awful reality so may the knowledge of the destiny of the unsaved cause us to renew our resolve to pray for their salvation
  4. Lord, stir up and release in the church all those to whom you have given a special gift of evangelism and may they see many give their lives to Christ
  5. Have mercy on our nation, O Lord, and send a great move of your Spirit to turn this nation back to you

23rd 2nd Thessalonians 1:11-12 Praying for the church

  1. Lord, may we be counted worthy of your calling by seeking the mind of Christ and putting it into practice
  2. We pray that every strategic plan that you have for our church we may discern through prayer and be active in bringing it into being
  3. Be glorified in us, O Lord, by our being fruitful in bringing people to Christ, teaching them to grow in discipleship and releasing them into every form of ministry
  4. Be glorified in our midst, Lord Jesus, through our worship, our godly lifestyles and the move of your Spirit in power both within and outside the church
  5. Make us a people who are prepared to boldly take the Word of God to the world, stepping out in faith, power and exercising the gifts of Holy Spirit

24th 2nd Thessalonians 2:1-8 Resisting the spirit of Antichrist

  1. Give us eyes and ears that can discern the spiritual reality of what is happening in our nation and in the world and to see that we are living in the time of the rise of the Antichrist
  2. Help us to stand steadfast against all the ungodly practices that the spirit of Antichrist is bringing into every area of our society
  3. As things grow more and more difficult for believers and for practising the gospel, make us firm, bold and unrelenting in our passion to live and spread the gospel, O God
  4. Help us to use each day as an opportunity to serve God and not to waste our time on that which is frivolous
  5. Empower your church to take our stand against the spirit of Antichrist, we pray

25th 2nd Thessalonians 2:9-12 Discerning the works of the Evil One

  1. Keep your people from being deceived when the arguments of the ungodly are deceptively reasonable, so that we do not stray from righteousness
  2. We pray you would guard and keep from all harm all your people who are under attack from witchcraft or any other form of the powers of darkness
  3. For all those whose troubles are caused by the need deliverance, give them understanding and set them free in our deliverance meetings, we pray
  4. Keep your people from being beguiled by those whose true source of power or knowledge is the occult, and instead  give them understanding, Holy Spirit
  5. Equip your church, O Lord, with the knowledge, courage and boldness to overcome demons and to set the captives free in Jesus’ name

26th 2nd Thessalonians 2:13-17 Living out our calling

  1. As ones who have been chosen according to the foreknowledge of God, may we live up to the high calling you have placed upon each one of us, O Lord
  2. What we have learned from those who have taught us the things of God, may we pass on faithfully to others
  3. Just as we were saved when someone spoke to us the word of the gospel, give each of us opportunities to share the gospel with others
  4. Let us shine as lights for Christ in this increasingly dark world, O Lord
  5. May our lives act as the salt you have called us to be, O God, bringing spiritual flavour to the lives of those who have no hope beyond the grave

27th 2nd Thessalonians 3:1-5 Deliverance from the Wicked One

  1. Deliver us from the hands of wicked men and women, O Lord and be a protection around your people
  2. Be a shield around all your people, in every school, college and workplace, O Lord
  3. Deliver us from any and every attack by the powers of darkness, we pray
  4. Guard your church from every divisive plan of the enemy to bring division, O Lord
  5. Since you alone are the One who can read the hearts of men and women, direct our hearts, O Lord, that we may be pure in your sight

28th 2nd Thessalonians 3:6-18 Working hard as unto the Lord

  1. Cause us to live for you with all our heart, mind, soul and strength O Lord, as worthy servants of God
  2. In all our labours in our places of work, enable us to always give 100%, as we do everything as unto you
  3. May we never tire of doing what is right even when circumstances are difficult or discouraging
  4. May the peace of the Lord himself fill each of us with peace at all times and in every way
  5. Lord, since you have said you will never leave us nor forsake us, may we be conscious of your presence at all times and so be encouraged

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