Prayer Diary

A Closer Walk with God

Psalm 119:1-176

“How can a young person stay on the path of purity? By living according to your word. I seek you with all my heart; do not let me stray from your commands. I have hidden your word in my heart that I might not sin against you.” Psalm 119:9-11. So writes the Psalmist who reveals through this psalm the heart of someone who is hungering and thirsting after the living God. In mind, body, soul and spirit, he longs to have a closer walk with his God, not wanting the godless ways of the world to hinder or hold him back or rob him of the presence of God he so desires.

This is not be something just for young people. Rather everyone who has a personal experience of Jesus’ forgiveness, love and Spirit within them, should similarly have that deep longing to know their God more and more. “I want to know Christ and the power of his resurrection and the fellowship of sharing in his sufferings becoming like him in his death…” wrote the apostle Paul in Philippians 3:10, many years after he had first come to know and serve Jesus with all the signs and wonders of the Holy Spirit in his apostolic ministry. He knew there was always a closer walk with Jesus no matter how long he had known and served him, and he wanted to get to that place. Jesus said that those who genuinely hunger and thirst after righteousness will be filled. Matthew 5:6. The only condition is the spiritual hunger and thirst.

And the writer of Psalm 119 knew that the way to know and understand the character of God, the purposes of God in our individual lives and how to put them into practice in our daily living, was to read, learn, know, love and to live out God’s word as revealed in the Bible. Here we learn a healthy and helpful, righteous fear of the Lord, which is the beginning of wisdom. And as we live daily by the wisdom of God, because his word is hidden in our hearts, we shall know the blessings of God.

It is never easy living in a fallen world system that opposes the values of God, with a fallen nature within us that strives against the righteousness of God’s standards and the hostility of those who have no love for or desire to follow the ways of God. But there is no substitute for living a life with God and knowing his presence and his Spirit in our daily lives. If we exhibit the same zeal as the Psalmist in pursuing our God, his righteous ways and godliness stoked up through is living word burning in our hearts, there is no limit to what the Holy Spirit could do in and through us.

1st - Psalm119:1-8 Seeking God with all our heart

  1. Lord, help us to love you with all our being
  2. Holy Spirit, in our struggle against the sinful nature enable us to make the conscious decision to keep our thought-life in line with your standards
  3. Help us to take time to meditate on your statutes, your values and your standards of thought and behaviour, so we may not depart from them
  4. Help us to be steadfast in our ways so we walk consistently according to your will and not be haphazard in our christian life
  5. Bring us a close sense of your presence today, O God, and if we sense we have fallen short of your standards, as we confess our shortcomings grant us your peace

2nd - Psalm 119:9-10 The young

  1. As we pray for all the children in the church, help us to guide, teach and influence them to grow up in the training and instruction of the Lord
  2. As we pray for all our youth, we ask that you would help and strengthen them in this generation that so openly champions ungodly lifestyles

      3.   Give our young people a passion to read and understand your Word, so that they may know what choices they should make in any and every situation

      4.   Send revival amongst our youth and may they rise up as a radical generation on fire for God

      5.   Holy Spirit, strive with all the unsaved youth we know and bring them to the place of salvation in Christ

3rd - Psalm 119:11-16 Hiding God’s word in our hearts

  1. Give us a passion to read and study your Word and then to put it into practice in every area of our lives
  2. May the Bible not be a book that lies on the shelf but is an essential companion to our everyday lives
  3. Holy Spirit, as we read the Bible bring the scriptures alive to us each time we read and speak to us personally through the Word of God
  4. Strengthen us so that we will always be doers of your Word and not merely readers of it
  5. Make your Word a joy for us to read so that the busyness of life never comes in the way of our spending time with the Bible

 4th - Psalm 119:117-24 Handling criticism

  1. Lord, give us the strength to stand up for you as we live in a society that is becoming increasing hostile to you and your ways
  2. For all those church members who work in environments that are hostile to the gospel, give each one the grace they need each day
  3. For all those in the church who work in challenging work environments, enable them to be the salt and light of the gospel just through their consistent godly character
  4. For all those we know who oppose us simply because we follow Jesus and represent the ways of God, have mercy on them and save them
  5. May we not neglect the assembling of ourselves together but through regular fellowship continue to draw the strength we need for the challenges of daily life

5th - Psalm 119:25-32 Those times when we feel low

  1. Since we know we cannot be on the mountain top all the time, give us grace when we find ourselves in those valley experiences
  2. For all amongst us who are feeling low because of trying circumstances, we pray you would lift them up at this time and encourage their hearts
  3. For those we know who are struggling because of difficulties in their home lives, help them rise above the situation
  4. For all those we know who are struggling because of difficulties in their work situation, encourage their hearts and turn the situations around
  5. In the times we feel low, help us to meditate on the exceedingly great and precious promises you have given to us who follow Christ

6th - Psalm 119:33-40 Turn our hearts towards your statutes

  1. Holy Spirit, so work on the hearts and lives of every believer in the church that you bring great conviction to those who are luke-warm and set all our hearts on fire for God
  2. Where there is sin in our individual lives, Holy Spirit, convict our consciences and cause us to totally turn from it
  3. Turn our hearts from selfish gain and instead cause us to seek first the Kingdom of God and his righteousness
  4. Turn our eyes away from worthless things and instead guide us to do all the things that will enable us to fulfil your plans for our lives on a daily basis
  5. Send revival in our church, O Lord, and start your work in me

7th - Psalm 119:33-40 Turn our hearts towards your statutes (2)

  1. As we pray for our nation, so move in the hearts and lives of those who govern us that they will stop passing laws that directly oppose your revealed will
  2. Turn the hearts of the people of this nation back to you once more, O God
  3. As we pray for the heart and soul of our nation which is being stolen by the powers of darkness, in your mercy rescue this nation before it is too late
  4. We take authority over all the wicked spirits in high places that are bringing this nation to spiritual ruin and we cast them down in Jesus’ name
  5. Take away the disgrace over our nation which is caused by our turning from the ways of your Word, O God

8th - Psalm 119:41-43 God’s salvation

  1. Lord, for any of us in deep and desperate trouble at this time and who are crying out to you for help, save them out of their troubles
  2. For those we know who are in financial difficulties, give them wisdom on how to be good stewards of their finances and grace to help them out of their difficulties
  3. We pray you would save all the unsaved husbands of those in the church
  4. We pray you would save all the unsaved wives of those in the church
  5. We pray you would save all the unsaved children and parents of those in the church

9th - Psalm 119:44-45 Walking in freedom

  1. As we pray for all in the church who are still bound by unhelpful or ungodly habits they cannot break, cause them to seek help so you can set them free
  2. Cause us to realise that when we choose to carefully walk in your ways in all we do, we can know a freedom in God that is totally liberating
  3. For those amongst us who are bound by ungodly emotions, Holy Spirit help each of us to develop the fruit of the Spirit
  4. For those amongst us who are bound by unforgiveness, Holy Spirit help each one to exhibit the agapé love of Christ which loves the unlovely and undeserving
  5. Whenever we feel inhibited or bound by unworthy thoughts cause us to remember that it is for freedom that Christ has set us free

10th - Psalm 119:46-48 Speaking the words of God

  1. Give us the opportunities each day, O Lord, to be witnesses for you
  2. Give us the opportunity to witness about Christ to people in significant places of power and influence
  3. As we pray for all those in place of high government, give opportunities to your people to effectively witness to them with the gospel
  4. As we pray for all those in power in our local authorities, give opportunities to your people to witness effectively to them about the gospel
  5. Give your people strategic opportunities to bring the gospel powerfully and effectively to the police, head teachers, teachers, National Health authorities and all other public bodies

11th - Psalm 119:49-56 God’s promises

  1. We pray over every prophetic word you have given to us individually and ask that you would bring them to fulfilment in our lives
  2. We bring before you Lord, every prophetic word you have spoken over our church and pray that you would bring each one to fulfilment
  3. As we seek first your kingdom and your righteousness, add to us all the things that we need at this time, we pray
  4. As we humble ourselves before you, raise us up into positions of godly influence according to your promise
  5. Lord as we draw near to you, draw very near to us, as your Word says that we may know a fresh touch of the hand of God on our lives

12th - Psalm 119:57-64 Promising to obey God’s words

  1. Lord, since you have given your all to us we now re-consecrate our lives to you
  2. As we now surrender our all to you, may we never deviate to the right or the left but remain on the straight and narrow road
  3. Holy Spirit help develop within us faithfulness as the fruit of the Spirit, towards God and towards others
  4. Lord, we resolve never to be influenced by the ways of this world but instead to be an influencers of others for righteousness
  5. Holy Spirit continue to work within us to keep our minds and hearts focussed on the ways, values and commands of God

13th - Psalm 119:65-72 Good judgment

  1. Lord, enable us to be as wise as serpents yet as gentle as doves
  2. As Solomon asked for the ability to make wise and sound judgments give us also the discernment to make wise and godly choices in every aspect of our daily lives
  3. Since sound judgment is made by basing our decisions according to your Word, bring Scriptures to our remembrance as we need to make significant choices
  4. Keep us from backsliding because when we do we will make wrong choices and then have to suffer the consequences
  5. Give us the grace to always make the right choices even when that draws criticism from the unsaved

14th - Psalm 119:73-77 Our life a witness for God

  1. Cause us to remember that we are ambassadors for the King of kings and to be “on duty” at all times
  2. Cause the unsaved to seek out our counsel, in our workplace or other places, so that we may direct them in the pathways of God
  3. Help each of us to grow in wisdom and maturity so that we are able to help, guide and direct those who are new or young in the faith
  4. May we live so close to you, O Lord, that at any part of the day we can know you guiding us to speak to people whose hearts are open to the gospel
  5. Help us to walk in all the power and anointing of the Holy Spirit and the gifts of the Holy Spirit

15th - Psalm 119:78-80 Handling persecution

  1. Lord, help us to stand firm in our faith even under the most difficult circumstances
  2. We pray for those who persecute us and release them from all resentment and anger, forgiving them now
  3. Give strength and grace to christians in lands where they are in such difficult times of trial, being tortured, imprisoned and killed simply for following Jesus
  4. Cause the gospel to continue to spread in great power and effectiveness in the underground churches across those countries where there is great persecution
  5. For all christians in our country who are losing their jobs or being persecuted for their faith in Christ, cause their circumstances to turned around for good

16th - Psalm 119:81-88 Waiting on God

  1. Cause us to remember that because you know all things, you are never too late and are never too early, so give us grace while we wait for you to answer
  2. May we never give up on you Lord simply because your answers do not come as quickly as we would want but instead may we use the opportunity to grow spiritually
  3. In all the busyness of life, may we take the time needed to wait on you, O Lord, so we do not die spiritually of spiritual malnutrition
  4. For those amongst us who are on the point of giving up, visit them O God and meet their every need
  5. Lord, as we wait on you and for you, may we find you in ever newer and deeper ways

17th - Psalm 119:89-96 God’s faithfulness

  1. Lord help us always to remember that you are a God who does not change and who cannot lie and forgive us when we doubt your Word
  2. Lord, when we have been unfaithful to you, forgive us
  3. Holy Spirit, help develop within us faithfulness as part of the fruit of the Spirit
  4. Lord, enable us to be people who are known as ones who can always be trusted in every area of life and so in that way be good witnesses for you
  5. Lord, may we be true to you and continually be living witnesses to the truth of the power of Jesus Christ to change lives

18th - Psalm 119:97-100 Meditating on God’s Word

  1. Give us the wisdom and self discipline to ensure we spend time each day reading your Word
  2. When we have times of relaxation may we not watch things or do things that would grieve you, Holy Spirit, but rather what is in line with the Word of God
  3. Holy Spirit, give us spiritual understanding as we read the Word of God
  4. When we listen to the Word of God being preached or taught, open the eyes of our understanding to learn and remember your ways, O Lord
  5. Give us a love for the Word of God so that we read out of excitement and passion and not merely as a duty

19th - Psalm 119:101-104 Not departing from God’s ways

  1. Develop within us a deep passion for your Word, we pray
  2. May we so take control over our will that do not slip and fall into sin
  3. Cause us to realise the importance of being accountable to others and so seek out the company of other believers, especially in discipleship groups
  4. Holy Spirit, speak directly into our spirits and hearts so that all through the day we may be in tune with your leading
  5. Holy Spirit, help us to keep our consciences ‘fine tuned’ so they remain highly sensitive to your voice

20th - Psalm 119:105-112 A lamp and a light

  1. Guide us, Holy Spirit, in any important decisions we need to be taking at this time about the direction of our lives
  2. Guide and direct all those who need to make significant decisions relating to their work or businesses, O Lord
  3. Show your perfect way by guiding, leading and directing all those in our families who need to make choices about education or universities
  4. Holy Spirit, for all those you are calling into particular ministries, guide, lead and confirm your calling
  5. If we need to make important decisions right now but are going in the wrong direction, speak to us directly and through circumstances so we choose correctly

21st - Psalm 119:113-120 Praying for those who reject Christ

  1. Lord, as we contemplate the destiny of those who die unsaved, may you quicken within us a passion to see the lost saved
  2. As we pray for all the evangelism that takes place by individuals in the church, anoint them and may we continually hear testimonies of people being saved
  3. Give divine strategies to all our discipleship group leaders and their groups, for winning the lost, that cause many to be won to Christ
  4. Move in ever increasing power that sees people saved, healed and lives transformed by Christ during all the evangelism that takes place on our streets
  5. Send revival in the church so that at every service, whether Sunday or mid-week people are saved, healed and lives transformed

22nd - Psalm 119: 121-125 Ensure your servant’s wellbeing

  1. As we continually pray for the needs of others, just now we bring our own personal needs before you asking you meet our needs this day
  2. For those among us who are sick and need healing, touch them now and heal them, O Lord
  3. For those amongst us who are struggling financially at this time, give them the breakthrough they need
  4. For those amongst us who are struggling with relationship problems, bring a breakthrough for them at this time
  5. For those amongst who are struggling spiritually for whatever reason, draw close and minister to them

23rd - Psalm 119:126-128 Time for you to act O Lord

  1. Lord, rise up in our nation and turn back the tide of evil sweeping over our land, we cry
  2. Right now cause your church up and down the length and breadth of the nation to stop being on the defensive but to rise up in the power of the Holy Spirit
  3. As evil is sweeping over our nation raise up your banner against it we cry, O God
  4. Infuse your church with a fresh anointing and power from you, Holy Spirit, to bring change to our communities
  5. Build your church now in our nation, O Lord, and let not the gates of hell stand against it

24th - Psalm 119:129-135 Make your face to shine upon your servant

  1. We pray for your blessing over our families, O God
  2. We pray for your blessing over our jobs, businesses and careers, O Lord
  3. We pray for your blessing over all the ministries we exercise in the church and outside the church
  4. We pray for your blessing over our future, so that we may each find, know and walk in your perfect destiny for our lives
  5. We pray for your blessing on our church Lord Jesus, that you would rise up in power in our midst and always be seen to be the Lord of all we are and all we do

25th - Psalm 119:136 God’s laws not obeyed

  1. Forgive your church in our nation for not standing up to the sin of the nation but standing by while ungodly laws are introduced
  2. Forgive your church in our nation for not being aggressively evangelistic but instead leaving the people ignorant of the gospel and to die in their sins
  3. Forgive our nation for turning its back on you, thinking it knows better and bring it to its senses
  4. Forgive our nation and bring it to its senses for turning its back on the family and promoting alternative lifestyles that break up the foundation of national life
  5. Forgive our nation and bring it to its senses for systematically breaking the Ten Commandments and enshrining such action in the laws of our land, we cry

26th - Psalm 119:137-139 Zeal

  1. As Jesus was zealous for the things of God give us a zeal and a passion to live for Jesus
  2. Give us a zeal to win the lost for Christ
  3. Give us a zeal to be filled with the Holy Spirit and to move in the gifts of the Holy Spirit
  4. Give us a zeal to want to change our nation and the communities we live and work in
  5. Give us a zeal to fulfil the Great Commission to go into all the world, preach the gospel, make disciples, heal the sick and cast out demons

27th - Psalm 119:140-144 Trouble and distress

  1. Since you have promised that we will have trouble in this lifetime, cause us to remember, that you have overcome the world and are with us to the end of the age
  2. As we pray for all the widows and widowers in the church O Lord, draw near and comfort them
  3. As we pray for all the single parents in the church, help and strengthen them in all that they need to do
  4. For all the parents in the church who are having difficulties with their children, give them patience and wisdom as they seek to raise their children in God’s ways
  5. For all those in the church who are seeking a husband or wife but have not yet found the right person, guide and lead them to the one you have chosen for them

28th - Psalm 19:145-152 Effective prayer

  1. Give us the self-discipline to ensure we spend time regularly with you in prayer, whether in the early morning, daytime or at night
  2. Teach us to pray with a faith that causes our prayers to be powerful and effective
  3. We bring all the prayer ministries in the church before you, O Lord, and ask for an increasing anointing to see many miracles and answers to prayer
  4. We pray for all our meetings in church or in homes, that the miraculous in all its forms will become increasingly seen
  5. As we continue to regularly pray, may we see an open heaven over the church that banishes all opposition from the powers of darkness and causes the church to flourish

29th - Psalm 119:153-160 More prayer for the unsaved

  1. O God of compassion, have mercy on the lost and enable us to bring many to Christ
  2. Give us divine appointments to be able to witness to the unsaved just at the time they are ready to hear and receive the gospel
  3. In addition to those invited to the church, draw people to the church by your Holy Spirit so that they may be saved
  4. Raise up more christians in positions of authority and power throughout our nation, O Lord and through them bring change to this nation
  5. Raise up more christians to work in the media and bring back godly values in those places, O God

30th - Psalm 119:161-168 Praying for rulers

  1. As we pray for our Queen and thank you for her life and her trust in you, preserve her life for a long time, O Lord
  2. As we pray for the heir to the throne, endow him with a godly wisdom and let him see the importance of walking closely in the fear of the Lord
  3. We pray that our government may they choose to govern out of a sense of what is right before God and not simply to chase votes
  4. We pray for all the political parties to see the wisdom of following God’s ways and the folly of following a humanistic approach to life
  5. Raise up many more christians to work in all aspects of politics and in all the political parties that they may bring a godly influence and change

31st - Psalm 119:169-176 Overflowing praise to God

  1. Lord, we praise and thank you that no matter what happens on this earth you remain firmly in control and will have the last word
  2. We thank you for Jesus and the salvation and eternal life we have received through him
  3. We thank you for every prayer you have answered and for the great encouragement we have received from testimonies to answered prayer
  4. We thank you God for every miracle we see of salvation, healing and lives transformed by the power of the Holy Spirit
  5. Thanks be to God for his indescribable gift of Jesus Christ!

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