Elim Bible School in Tanga was started in the 80’s. The students are trained up and equipped and sent out to plant churches throughout the country. ECC supports the work via a monthly donation to support the College principal and administrator.


Kenya - Kisumu


Christ’s Ambassadors Gospel Outreach Ministries – C.A.G.O.M.

CAGOM was established in 2005 by Moses Otieno and Chris Matthews (Member of ECC).

ECC are seeking to bring CAGOM under its wing and to become an Elim Global Partner.



Aanu is our new missional project in Nigeria at Old Aged Pensioners (OAPs).

Our mission is to witness God’s love to this group of people who are often disadvantaged and in need of love and practical assistance. Our mission is to provide a shoulder for them to lean on by helping them to meet their practical needs with a view to releasing them from oppression.