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Pointing people to Jesus

The miracles of Jesus in John’s Gospel


Jesus left his instructions to his church to go into all the world, preach the gospel with signs and wonders following, baptising and making disciples of all nations. How the dying world needs to hear today the good news about Jesus and to see and experience his supernatural power, first in being ‘born again’, as John records Jesus telling Nicodemas and then in being filled with and directed by the Holy Spirit in all areas of our lives.

John tells us quite specifically that he wrote his gospel, “…that you may believe that Jesus is the Christ, the Son of God and that by believing you may have life I his name.” John 20:31. And so the goal of his book is to point people to Jesus by demonstrating that this was no ordinary prophet. Rather Jesus was the eternal Son of God, the living Word, who was Creator of the world he had now come to live in, in human form. John declares he was a living witness of all that Jesus said and did during his ministry here on earth. Therefore what he writes is the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. Therefore, he is saying, read and believe so you may receive the fullness of the eternal life that Jesus came to bring.

There were so many things Jesus did, that John ends his gospel with the words, “If every one of them were written down, I suppose that even the whole world would not have enough room for the books that would be written.” So he carefully selects just some of Jesus miracles, each of which points to a different aspect of the unique greatness of Jesus.

After the first sign of turning the water into wine began the demonstration of his glory which caused his disciples to put their faith in him. John then selects a miracle that demonstrate Jesus’ power could extend anywhere, as he heals the official’s son in John chapter four. No case is hopeless, as is seen when Jesus heals a man crippled for 38 years in Chapter 5.

Jesus is Lord over the laws of physics by feeding the 5,000 and by walking on water in chapter six. His healing of the man blind from birth leads into his declaration that he is the Light of the World, able to bring not just mere physical sight but spiritual sight and light to the world. And in raising Lazarus from the dead in chapter eleven Jesus could demonstrate that he is the Resurrection and the Life.

These miracles or ‘signs’ as John calls them point to the truth and reality of who Jesus is. As we pray this month we are asking God to quicken us to be ones who point others to Jesus, by the power of the Holy Spirit.

1st John 2:1-4 God’s new wine

  1. Lord give us today more of the new wine of your Holy Spirit  
  2. Holy Spirit, refresh us in mind, body, soul and spirit, so that we become radically changed and on fire for God continually
  3. Come, Holy Spirit and take over our lives and our church with a new move of your sovereign power
  4. We pray for a fresh visitation of you, Holy Spirit, to our church in power and we ask you to inhabit the fellowship of your people
  5. Send revival in our midst, O Lord, and may it spread like fire to all around us

2nd John 2:5 Doing what Jesus tells us

 1.  Lord, teach us to be obedient to all that your Word instructs us, simply because we love you

2.   Teach us how to wait upon you, O Lord, so that we may effectively hear the voice of the Holy Spirit guiding us in all we do

3.   Lord, give us the faith to be willing to obey your will even when we do not fully understand all that you are doing

4.   Holy Spirit, help us to learn how to distinguish your voice from our own thoughts and desires, so that we may be certain we are following the leading of the Lord

5.    May our morning prayer each day be: “Speak Lord for your servant is listening.”

3rd John 2:6-8 Filled to the brim

     1.  Move us to earnestly seek you so that we can be ‘filled to the brim’ with you, Holy Spirit

2.  For those of us who may be feeling spiritually dry at this time, motivate us to come aside into your presence, O Lord, to be refreshed by your Spirit

     3.  As we wait on you daily, O Lord, cause us to keep being filled with your Spirit, so that out of the overflow we can minister into the lives of others

     4.  Holy Spirit, help us to allow you to continually work on our character development so that we may demonstrate more and more the character of Christ

     5. Help us never to be satisfied with the spiritual experience we have now, O Lord, but always to be hungering for more of you

4th John 2:9-11 Only the best  

1.  Lord, since you always do things to the standard of excellence, help us always aim to achieve a standard of excellence in whatever we do for you

2.  In all our daily activities in our places of work or study, help us always live to the best of our ability as ambassadors for the King of kings

3.  May our roles as sons, daughters, fathers, mothers, husbands and wives always be lived out in such a way that we are seeking to excel in these roles, O Lord

4.  In our places of work, help us, O Lord, to do all our work as though we are working for you, Lord Jesus, and so excel in all we do

5.  In our service, our ministries and our giving to you, O Lord, may we not hold back but always seek to give you the best we can

  5th John 4:43-47 Remembering all Jesus has done

1.    Lord, cause us never to forget that we are saved by your grace alone and that our lives should be lived out in a way that constantly reflects that grace

2.    When we pass through times of doubts for whatever reason, help us to recall what you have done for us in the past and so be encouraged to believe for the future

3.    Give us the opportunities to share our testimonies of all you have done for us to others who do not yet know you and so see them saved

4.    Help us to grow and mature such that every time we see you do something in our lives, O Lord, it becomes the springboard to believe for even greater things next time

5.    Make us a grateful people, O Lord, who never forget your involvement in our lives, but can rejoice even when we are experiencing times of trial

6th John 4:48-50 Taking Jesus at his word

  1. We pray that signs and wonders will always follow the preaching of your Word
  2. Lord give us the simple faith to believe your Word and as a consequence see many significant answers to prayer
  3. Lord, give us the confidence to pray for the sick and see them healed in Jesus’ name
  4. Lord, we believe, but help us in those moments when we are tempted to doubt
  5. Speak to us Holy Spirit through your Word and may we use it as the living sword that you intend it to be

7th John 4:51-54 All his household believed

1.  As we pray for all members of our immediate family who have not yet come to faith in Christ, save them, O Lord

2.  We bring before you all the unsaved husbands of the women in the church, asking you touch their hearts causing them to give their lives to Christ

3.  As we pray for all the children of believers in the church, who have not yet given their lives to Christ, help these parents see their children come to Christ

4.  For the unsaved parents of those in the church, cause them to give their lives to Christ, we pray

5.  For any wives of husbands in the church who do not yet know the Lord as her personal Saviour, touch her heart and cause he to be saved, O Lord

8th John 5:1-6 Long-term sickness

1.    Lord, for all your people we know who are suffering long-term sicknesses, help them in their time of need and may they be conscious of your presence near them

2.    We pray that in all our healing meetings we would see an ever-increasing release of faith and power to see long-term sicknesses healed

3.    We pray for a faith that will see creative miracles of healing for those who need them

4.    We pray that we would regularly see people getting out of wheelchairs and walking in Jesus’ name

5.    We ask you, O God who can do all things, that the miraculous will continue to be normal in the life of the church

9th John 5:7-10 Legalism and an unbelieving heart

     1.    Lord, deliver us from an attitude of religious legalism that shows a lack of compassion to those in need

2.    Help us always to look at people through the eyes of Christ and not only see the outward

3.    Draw us nearer to you each day, Lord Jesus, so that our relationship with you may continually be growing stronger and deeper

4.    Quicken our faith so that we not only have compassion for those in need but the desire to meet their needs also

5.    Make us people who are not merely ‘Sunday christians’ but live for you seven days a week

10th John 5:11- 15 – Sharing our testimonies

1.    Enable us to see your hand in the everyday aspects of our lives, O Lord, and to remember to give you thanks and glory each day

2.    Give us opportunities each day to be able to tell something of what you have done for us or mean to us

3.    Cause our lifestyles in all that we do, continue to be a silent, but eloquent witness to the reality of Christ within us

4.    Help us to be examples, guides and mentors to others who are able to see Christ within us

5.    Remove any spirit of timidity within us and instead give us a Holy Spirit boldness to share the good news about Jesus

11th John 6:1-4 Miracles attract a crowd

1.    Lord we thank you for every answer to prayer we have seen and pray for miracles to be increasingly commonplace amongst us

2.    Since miracles confirm the truth of the Word of God and thus a means by which people can be saved, help us to believe for constant confirmation in this way

3.    Make us a people whose hearts are so in tune with you, O God, that you are easily able to work amongst us in power

4.    Cause there to be a total unity of heart, mind and spirit amongst us as your people, so that you, Holy Spirit, may flow as freely among us

5.    Rise up in our midst, O Lord, and let your presence be evident to all as you draw all people unto yourself

12th John 6:5-9 Feeding the people

1.    Lord, cause us your people to always be overcomers so we can be in a position of strength and thus able to minister effectively to others

2.    Bless your people, O Lord, so that out of what we have, we can give generously, as you direct us

3.    We pray that you will bless and provide for all those of your people who are seeking jobs so that we can always be in a position to give

4.    Bless the businesses of those in the church so that they provide jobs for others and also be a witness of your hand on those who serve you

5.    Guide and lead us, Holy Spirit, to those you would have us help financially and may we be obedient to your promptings

13th John 6:10-13 Good stewardship of our resources

1.    Help us to appreciate all that you have blessed us with, O God, and may we always be a thankful people

2.    Cause us to remember to seek your guidance, O Lord, when we have to make financial decisions, so that we may make them with wisdom

3.    Teach us the need to give generously to your work, O Lord, in tithes and offerings, not holding back out of a false sense of economy

4.    Give us the wisdom not to waste the resources you give us so that what we have will stretch much further and be more effective

5.    May we never forget your words, Lord Jesus that it is more blessed to give than receive

14th John 6:14-15 Resisting the desire to manipulate God

1.    When we come to you in prayer, keep us from the temptation of telling you what you should do, rather than seeking your perfect will for every situation

2.    In every area of our lives, Heavenly Father, may it not be our will, but your will that is done

3.    Give us the spiritual discernment to distinguish between prayers motivated by selfish desires and prayers prompted by your Holy Spirit, we pray

4.    Holy Spirit, reveal to us as individuals, your plans and purposes for each part of our lives, so that we can always pray in line with the will of God

5.    Place on our hearts those things you have us intercede before you about, the things you want to do in answer to godly prayer, O Lord

15th John 6:16-17 When situations seem dark 

  1. We bring our nation before you, O Lord, and pray that you would lift the darkness of the evil spiritual forces that are at work in these lands
  2. We come against the spirits of lawlessness and selfishness at work in our nation and bind them in Jesus’ name
  3. We come against the spirits of unbelief and the spirits of antichrist at work in our nation and bind them in Jesus’ name
  4. We come against every spirit of immorality that is at work in our homes, schools, colleges, places of work and in society generally and bind them in Jesus’ name
  5. We come against the spirits of religion that would blind the eyes of those seeking a true relationship with God through Jesus Christ and bind them in Jesus’ name

16th John 6:18-21 Overcoming fear

  1. Lord, when circumstances are raging around us that we do not understand, help us to remember you will never leave us nor forsake us in any situation
  2. For those of us who are facing very difficult situations in their work place, we pray for a breakthrough that will bring blessing instead of anxiety
  3. For those of us who are troubled by family situations, we pray that you would hear the cries of your children and bring a resolution
  4. As we pray for those among us troubled by financial concerns, give each one wisdom in handling their finances and a breakthrough where one is needed
  5. For those we know who are troubled by unnecessary or unnatural fears and anxieties, bring them to a place of deliverance and of knowing the peace of God

17th John 9:1-3 Our lives to glorify God

  1. Cause us to remember, O Lord, that you can be glorified in our lives through trials as well as through blessings
  2. Teach us to discern which difficulties in our lives are sent by the powers of darkness and which are those allowed by you, O Lord, so we know exactly how to pray
  3. Cause us to be like Paul and Silas, whose joy in the Lord was such they could continue singing, even though they were beaten and put in prison
  4. Teach us the secret of always looking, not at our problems or trials but to you, O Lord, as the One who is able to deliver us from them all
  5. In my life Lord be glorified today

18th John 9:4-5 Time to work for Jesus

  1. Whilst it is ‘day’ and we still have the opportunity, help us always to make the most of the time we have now to bring glory to God
  2. Lord, as we commit this day into your hands, may we achieve this day, all that you desire us to do
  3. Since you have called each of us to serve you according to our own unique circumstances and in our unique way, help us to wait on you to understand fully all you would have us to do
  4. Help us stay focussed on the most important thing in life which is to be your ambassadors not wasting our time and opportunities in a frivolous way or on frivolous things
  5. Cause us to start each day by asking you: ‘What would you have me do for you today Lord?’

19th  Isaiah 52:13-53:6  Good Friday

  1. Thank you Jesus, that you came to this earth not to be served but to serve and give your life as a ransom for many
  2. We thank you Lord that you were willing to suffer the rejection of those you had come to save, so that we would not be rejected by God
  3. We praise you that you took up our infirmities and carried our sorrows and were willingly afflicted by God to save us from our sins
  4. We thank you, Lord Jesus, that the punishment that brought us peace was borne by you on our behalf
  5. We are forever grateful that our iniquity was carried by you and now as far as the east is far the west so far are our transgressions removed from us

20th  Isaiah 53:7-12  The Suffering Saviour

  1. Thank you Lord Jesus, that you were willing to come to save us, even though you knew in advance everything you would have to suffer
  2. Lord, at the cross, ‘we may not know, we cannot tell what pain you had to bear, but we believe it was for us you hung and suffered there.’
  3. We are grateful that, through the cross, we have been justified; declared ‘not guilty’ by God because of what you have accomplished for us
  4. Thank you that your sacrifice was for men and women from every nation
  5. We give you praise, honour and glory for who you are and what you have done for us and for everything in the future you will do

21st  Mark 16:1-20  He is Alive!

  1. Thank you, Lord Jesus that you broke the power of sin, death and the devil and overcame by your resurrection from the dead
  2. As we thank you for the authority you have entrusted to your church, may we take up full the challenge of the ‘Great commission’
  3. Help us to use your authority to see signs and wonders following the preaching of your word, as a lifestyle
  4. Give us the boldness to pray for the sick in any and every situation that you lead us
  5. Release amongst us the outpouring of your Spirit and every spiritual gift that can be used effectively in evangelism

22nd John 9:6-7 Going where we are sent by Jesus

  1. As you have commissioned each of us to go and spread the good news of Christ, dispel any traits of disobedience in us, we pray
  2. Give us the courage we need to be obedient to your promptings, O Lord, remembering that we can do all things through Christ who gives us strength
  3. We pray that those among us who you are calling to specific ministries but who are ignoring or resisting your call to help them to be obedient
  4. We pray you would prosper the work of our missionaries who are serving overseas and make their labours fruitful for your Kingdom
  5. Give the joy of seeing fruit for their labours and people giving their lives to Christ to all those who go out on the streets each week to evangelise

23rd John 9:8-12 Now I see

  1. Lord open our eyes to the fullness of all we can achieve as individuals in this lifetime, with the presence of the Holy Spirit within us
  2. Cause to understand the potential inside each one of us because we have the Holy Spirit within us; and give us the faith to ask and believe for great things from you,
  3. Help us to understand that we are capable of operating in the gifts of the Holy Spirit and give us the desire to do so, we pray
  4. Give us a fresh vision of yourself, Lord Jesus, which will inspire us to reach the full potential in Christ that you have made possible for each one of us
  5. Give us the faith to see that which is not yet, as though it is; and the persistence to pray it into being, O Lord

24th  John 11:1-4 Trusting God in times of trial

  1. Lord, when things happen to us that we do not understand, help us to remember that you do understand and help us to keep our faith in you
  2. Cause us to remember, O Lord, that how we handle our personal trials can be a powerful witness to those watching us who do not know you
  3. Cause us to remember that ‘desert’ experiences, if we react to them  properly, are often the preparation for a new season of ministry in the power of the Holy Spirit
  4. Cause us also to remember Lord, that trials are often the means you use to refine and deepen our faith, which brings glory to Jesus
  5. Bring us to the place, O Lord where we can say with Job, ‘Though he slay me yet will I trust him’

25th  John 11:5-10 Walking in the light

  1. Lord, cause us to walk daily in the power and anointing of your Holy Spirit
  2. In our daily activities at work, at home or in the community, may the presence of Jesus within us cause us to be astonished at people’s favourable reactions
  3. Give us the faith and courage to use the gifts of the Spirit each time you provide an opportunity for us to do so, O Lord
  4. In every evangelistic activity, whether outside or inside the church cause us to see people hearing the gospel, giving their lives to Christ and being added to the church
  5. We pray that we will hear more and more testimonies of the power of Christ manifested amongst us as the church rises up in the power of the Holy Spirit

26th John 11:11-16 Courage in times of adversity

  1. Give us your courage at all times, O Lord, so that we do not fear man
  2. Since the fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom, give us a healthy respect for you, O God, which will ensure we are not afraid of man
  3. As we wait on you, O Lord, draw us close to yourself, so that we may know a fresh experience of your perfect love, which casts out all fear
  4. Give us an increasing understanding of your power and strength O Lord, so that we know how your presence in us enables us to triumph over every adversity
  5. Inspire us with David’s words when faced with overwhelming odds: ‘With your help I can advance against a troop; with my God I can scale a wall’

27th John 11:17-19 Mutual encouragement

  1. Cause us to understand always, O Lord, the ever-necessary and powerful ministry of encouragement that we should each be continually ministering to others
  2. Give us the grace to be able to desire the advancement of others before that of ourselves and to rejoice when others are blessed
  3. Help us to see the strengths in one another and to encourage the full potential of those strengths in our brothers and sisters
  4. Teach us the Biblical principles of ‘body ministry’ which enables each of us to bring our own special giftings to the church for the good of all
  5. Help us to spot the signs when someone is feeling low, even if they are saying nothing, and to speak words of encouragement to them that will strengthen them

28th John 11:20-26 The Resurrection and the life

  1. Cause us to walk in the power of the resurrection life in Christ, overcoming everything that the Devil may seek to throw against us
  2. Give us a boldness in prayer and an anointing that regularly sees serious sicknesses disappearing from suffers as they experience the resurrection power of Jesus
  3. We pray the church of Jesus Christ across our land will start to rise up in the resurrection power of Jesus
  4. Cause the power of Jesus to be released through the churches to overcome the powers of darkness sweeping our nation, O God
  5. We pray that we will see astonishing miracles, even with the dead being raised in Jesus’ name

29th John 11:27-35 Empathy

  1. In a world where we can be very busy and focussed on our own concerns, soften our hearts, O Lord, and enable us to see as you see
  2. Cause us to be able to feel for those around us who are suffering, O Lord, so that we can minister effectively to them both in prayer and practically
  3. Give us eyes to see those who are hurting and the desire to bring them to a freedom in Christ and to peace of mind
  4. May we not be too busy that we fail to see the needs of those you bring to us but give us the mind of Christ in each situation
  5. Bring to our attention those you would have us intercede for, O Lord, those for whom you know our prayers will make a difference

30th John 11:36-44 New life in Christ

  1. Lord, give us the anointing to be continually seeing people from all backgrounds being led to a new life in Christ
  2. We pray for all new believers in our midst that you would help them to grow strong to become solid disciples of Christ
  3. For each one of us who is seeking the baptism in the Holy Spirit, as they wait upon you, O Lord, grant them a powerful life-equipping experience
  4. For those amongst us who are feeling spiritually weary or tired, refresh them and renew their spiritual life in Christ
  5. Help us never to stop growing spiritually but rather to be continually hungering and thirsting after a deeper experience of you, O God



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