Prayer Diary

Correct priorities bring God’s blessing and power

Haggai Chapters 1 – 2

The book of Haggai shows just how much can be achieved and changes brought about with a timely word from the Lord. This prophet ministered for only a few months but his words brought at the right place, at the right time caused a significant shift in the direction of the nation. From a place of great discouragement, he quickly caused the mood of the people to change and to see what was possible if they were willing to take an honest look at themselves, see where they were making mistakes and to make a decision to change.

They had been living in a state of defeat and could not understand why they were not knowing the blessing of the Lord. They were the ones who had returned from the land of Babylon where the nation had been sent in exile for seventy years by the Lord for the prolonged disobedience and ungodly behaviour of their forefathers. They had returned to the ruins of Jerusalem with high hopes of rebuilding the temple and subsequently the city. But after a promising start to the work everything had ground to a halt. With strong enemies all around them, they became discouraged, lost their vision, stopped the work of the God and then started concentrating solely on their own individual affairs. But no matter how hard they tried, nothing seemed to prosper.

God brought Haggai to refocus their vision and gave them his word. The people needed to get their priorities right. If they chose to seek first the work of the Lord rather than their own interests, they would start to experience the favour of God. If they looked after God’s business, God would look after their business, which would include material provisions and financial blessings. They were not to look at the enemies and obstacles around them but to understand God was with them, working for them. If they did that they would not work in their own strength but in the strength of the Lord.

God would make their leader Zerubbabel like the signet ring on God’s finger. In other words God was delegating his divine authority to them to work in the fullness of God’s power. Though they seemed weak, small and insignificant and facing a much larger hostile enemy, God’s power and Spirit would work through them and on their behalf to cause them to succeed.

In the same way, the church today is facing a large and increasing hostile opposition in the land. But Jesus has delegated his authority to go in the power of his Holy Spirit to preach the gospel with healing, signs and wonders. As we seek first his kingdom and righteousness, he will add to us all we need and allow us to move in his Spirit-filled power as he builds his church over which even the gates of hell cannot prevail

1st - Haggai 1:1 Hearing the word of the Lord

  1. Speak to us as individuals, Holy Spirit, and help us discern your voice so that we may act upon it in obedience
  2. Speak to us as a church, Holy Spirit, and may we collectively hear your voice and put into operation everything you tell us
  3. Speak to all the churches up and down the land, bringing a unity of purpose to earnestly seek the Lord and be obedient in seeking to turn our nation back to God
  4. May we discern your voice, so when you are saying, “no” to us we are obedient
  5. In ways they will understand, speak to the leaders of our nation, of the need to change the path of our nation back to the ways of God

2nd – Haggai 1:2 Complacency

  1. Lord, deliver us from every complacent attitude concerning our need to live out your ways and to serve you with all our heart, soul, strength and mind
  2. Give us a sense of urgency, O God, about the shortness of time before your return and of our need to be active for you
  3. Build your church, Lord Jesus, and touch our hearts daily so that we may be available for you to use for that purpose
  4. Lead us into new and effective ways to witness and evangelise to the unsaved so that they give their lives to Christ and become part of your church
  5. Give us a zeal for you, O Lord and the desire to for fulfil your perfect will and destiny in our lives as we make the right godly, daily choices

3rd - Haggai 1:3-4 Wrong priorities

  1. Give us the wisdom to make you our first priority in life so that everything else will fall into its correct place causing us to know your blessing on all we do
  2. May we not be a selfish people when it comes to giving to the work of God, but rather to generously give to your work, O Lord
  3. Bless our finances, our jobs and our businesses, so that out of our financial blessings we may give generously to all aspects of building the Kingdom of God
  4. Teach us to understand that what we do for ourselves has limited value but what we do for you has eternal value and eternal consequences
  5. Build your church in our midst, O Lord, and do not let the gates of hell prevail against us

4th - Haggai 1:5 Give careful thought to your ways  

  1. Teach us to number our days carefully, to consider our ways and make whatever changes you require us to make
  2. Lord, as we give careful thought to our ways today, if there is any sin in our lives help us to deal with it quickly and decisively
  3. Teach us your ways and show us your will for our lives today and every day, keeping us from straying from your perfect will in all that we do
  4. As we submit our thoughts, attitudes, desires and plans to you, O Lord, help us to discard anything that falls short of your standards
  5. As we consider our words and our actions, past and present, convict us, Holy Spirit, of anything that grieves you

5th - Haggai 1:6 When the blessing runs dry

  1. When we enter a season of barrenness, give us the spiritual discernment to know whether the reason is because we are out of your will, or if it is a season of testing
  2. If we are in a place where the blessing has run dry because of our own foolish actions, help understand, repent and be restored back into fellowship with you
  3. If the blessing has run dry because you are allowing us to go through a season of trial, help us to rise to the occasion and come out much stronger
  4. May we be able to say like the apostle Paul, ‘I have learned the secret of being content in any and every situation, whether living in plenty or in want’
  5. Give us a heart that is always able to pray: ‘The Lord gives and the Lord takes away, blessed be the name of the Lord’

6th - Haggai 1:7-8 Do the work of the Lord

  1. May our words, our attitudes and our actions always be such, O Lord, that you are honoured in all that we do
  2. Having put our hands to the plough, may we never think of looking back, much less turning back
  3. Having been saved by your grace alone, O Lord, may our lives demonstrate our faith in you and love for you by all our acts and service for you
  4. Cause us to work out our salvation with fear and trembling, realising that it is you, O God, who works in us to will and to act according to your good purpose
  5. Help us to so live our lives here on earth that when we stand before you we will hear your words, ‘Well done good and faithful servant’

7th - Haggai 1:9 Building the kingdom of God

  1. Holy Spirit, as we wait upon you, reveal to us the gifts that you have given each of us, so that we may use them to maximum effect for your kingdom
  2. We surrender every practical gift that we have, O Lord, and consecrate them and all our ways unto you
  3. We surrender every charismatic gift to you, O Lord, and pray that we might use them powerfully, effectively and unselfishly for you and your kingdom
  4. Make us effective servants for you and not merely pew-fillers who think only of our own needs
  5. We pray that every member of our church will be stirred to be active in their service for you in seeking to extend your Kingdom

8th - Haggai1:10-11 The nation suffers when God’s people are neglectful (1)

  1. Lord forgive your church when we have been silent and neglectful, saying nothing as our nation has been sleep-walking to its own self-destruction
  2. Lord, the tide of evil has arisen across our land because the church has remained silent so stir up your people and radically change us from the inside out
  3. As children starve from a famine of the Word of God in our nation help us, as your people, to mobilise to bring change to our society before it is too late
  4. When we have neglected to pray for the leaders of the churches and of the nation and backsliding has occurred, forgive us, open our eyes and change our focus
  5. Call your church to arms for the spiritual battle, since millions of people in our land are heading for hell because too few people are reaching them with the gospel

9th - Haggai 1:10:11 The nation suffers when God’s people are neglectful (2)

  1. Forgive us for our times of prayerlessness and place a burden on your people for powerful intercessory prayer
  2. Forgive us, O Lord, when the church has been content to be inward-looking, neglecting your command to fulfil the Great Commission and cause your church be fully obedient
  3. Lord have mercy on the families of this land where there is discord, violence, break-up and divorce
  4. Have mercy on those of our nation who are addicted to drugs, alcohol, gambling or cigarettes helping us to point them to you who can set them free completely
  5. Cause us to lead to Christ all those all whose lives are empty because they do not have any knowledge of or hope in God

10th - Haggai 1:12 Obeying the voice of the Lord

  1. Cause us to remember that ‘obedience is better than sacrifice’ and so always be careful and willing to be obedient to our God
  2. Give us ears that truly hear your voice and a willingness to act upon what you tell us, O Lord
  3. May be we be doers of your Word and not merely listeners only
  4. Cause the fear of the Lord to increase amongst your people so that we may live close to you and so be effective instruments for you to use
  5. We pray that when unsaved people come into our meetings there would be such a presence of God that they will immediately be convicted of sin and seek salvation

11th - Haggai 1:13 I am with you

  1. May your promise that you will never leave us nor forsake us bring us confidence instead of fear
  2. Knowing your presence with us at all time, make us bold in our witnessing and proclamation of the gospel
  3. Give us the courage to pray for the sick in confident belief that you are able to answer prayer
  4. In times of despair or in times of need, may we encourage ourselves in the Lord, remembering that you are no more than a prayer away
  5. Strengthen our feeble arms and weak knees, O God, causing us to march into every spiritual battle, knowing we can come out victorious as you are by our side

12th - Haggai 1:14-15 Stirring up the spirit within

  1. Stir up our spirits within us, O God, so that we may not have a spirit of timidity but of power and love and self-discipline
  2. If we are growing weak or growing cold, stir up the zeal for the Lord within us to achieve new things in God that we have never achieved before
  3. Renew our minds and renew our spirits, O God, so that we may live in the power and strength of your Holy Spirit
  4. Make us like Caleb, who had “a different spirit” to the others and so was able to see God’s victories in his life
  5. Teach how to live daily in the Spirit and not just in the flesh

13th - Haggai 1:14-15 United in God’s work

  1. Help your people to be united in spirit so that you may flow through us in power
  2. Give us a common purpose and vision that is perfectly in line with all you want to do in us and through us, to seek your will and not our own individual desires
  3. Prosper the work of our hands and anoint our service for you so that together we may accomplish your plans for your church
  4. Give us the hearts of servants so that our desire is for your glory and not our own individual concerns
  5. Show us each individually where we fit into the corporate work of your church and help us to fulfil our part diligently

14th - Haggai 2:1-3 Remembering the former things

  1. Cause our hearts to be encouraged as we thank you for every blessing and answer to prayer that we can recall
  2. May  the remembrance of your blessings to us in the past motivate us to actions now
  3. As we recall your answered prayers in the past may it serve to give us faith to believe for greater answers in the present and the future
  4. Lord, may we never get discouraged with our present circumstances but keep our eyes focused on the future and on your unfailing promises
  5. Give us a powerful vision for the future, O Lord and the determination to live in a way that sees it fulfilled

15th - Haggai 2:4 Be strong 

  1. We pray for your strength in all our spiritual leaders, helping each one always to stand boldly for the truth
  2. We pray you would fill the hearts of all our discipleship leaders with encouragement to stand strong in the Lord
  3. We pray that all those who teach our children and youth may continue to minister in the power and strength of the Holy Spirit
  4. We pray that each member of the church would have the courage in their hearts to always stand for the truth of the gospel in every circumstance
  5. Let your church rise up in the power and strength of the Holy Spirit, exercising an influence on our nation far beyond its size

16th - Haggai 2:5 Relying on God’s Holy Spirit

  1. Holy Spirit, we ask that you would anoint us afresh again today and renew our minds for every task you have for us
  2. Holy Spirit, teach us how to love so that we do not hinder your operation in our lives, but rather allow you to be working through us at all times
  3. Teach us when to speak and when to remain silent and when we do speak, give us the words that incorporate your wisdom
  4. Enable us to learn how to be led of you, Holy Spirit, and to do so ever more effectively
  5. For each of us who are struggling to know your will for our lives, Holy Spirit, help us to wait upon you and receive your divine revelation

17th - Haggai 2:6-7 Shaking the nations

  1. Shake our nation, O God, and cause its people to fear and take note
  2. Shake the Islamic nations, O Lord, and cause them to turn to Christ
  3. Shake those nations that see themselves as “post-christian” and cause them to see the magnitude of their mistake
  4. Shake those nations that have never seen a visitation of God or revival and turn them spiritually upside down
  5. Shake all the nations in this world in these last days and send a world-wide revival and may we see it and participate in it, O Lord

18th - Haggai 2:6-7 God’s house filled with glory

  1.  Holy Spirit, come with a new visitation to your church which will see it filled with your glory
  2. As individual temples of the Holy Spirit, may our lives be so close to Christ that the glory of the Lord in us is evident to those around us
  3. Let there be a new move of the Spirit in our midst that will bring glory to Christ and a harvest into the Kingdom of God
  4. Lord remove from your church everything that prevents your glory being manifested and may we not resist your promptings to change
  5. Put the burden on our hearts to wait upon you ceaselessly in prayer until we see your house filled with your glory

19th - Haggai 2:8-9 All belongs to the Lord

  1. Remembering that each of us is created by you and for you, O Lord, we surrender our all to you
  2. We surrender our lives, our will and our ambitions to you, O God and whatever is not in line with your will cause us to change
  3. As we consecrate all our worldly goods to you, O Lord, teach us to be good stewards of all we own
  4. As we bring our families before you, teach us to remember that they belong to you and may our attitudes always be right towards them
  5. Give us a heart like Abraham, who was prepared to offer up to you his dearest possession, knowing he could trust you completely

20th - Haggai 2:10-11 Remembering God’s law

  1. Since we are saved by your grace through faith, may we never seek to abuse that great privilege by ungodly ways
  2. May we always abide by your law of love, O Lord
  3. As your commandments are written on our hearts, O God, may we adhere to your will closely at all times
  4. Keep us diligent readers and studiers of your Word, so that we may become ever more familiar with the law of love
  5. Help us remember that we always have a continuing debt to repay, which is the continuing debt to love one another and so make us generous givers

21st - Haggai 2:11-12 No second-hand holiness

  1. Help us to maintain hearts that are pure and holy, O Lord
  2. May our actions not be tainted by the desires of our old nature, but rather may they follow those of our new spiritual nature
  3. Lord, if we are depending on others for our spiritual lives, help us to stand on our own two feet
  4. May we not remain spiritual babies requiring only spiritual milk, but cause us to grow into mature spiritual adults feeding on the solid food of your Word
  5. Give us the determination, to not only grow in spiritual maturity but also to become spiritual fathers and mothers to others

22nd - Haggai 2:13 Avoiding defilement

  1. Although we live in a fallen world and are surrounded by ungodliness, keep us from sin, O Lord
  2. Help us to guard our hearts and minds from every attack of the enemy and for each of us who is struggling today in their thought life, help them to overcome
  3. Give us the wisdom not to frequent or even visit those places that would tempt us to sin
  4. Keep our eyes from seeing and watching anything that brings us defilement either in mind, body, soul and spirit
  5. As we live and work in an ungodly world give us the wisdom to draw strength from those who would encourage us in the ways of holiness

23rd - Haggai 2:14 Unacceptable offerings to God

  1. Let all we do for you, O Lord, be with the right attitude, so that it may be acceptable to you
  2. For any who are experiencing unforgiveness in their hearts and as such it is a hindrance to their relationship with you, help them to release it
  3. When we say or do something in your name but in reality we are promoting our own interests, forgive us so that our spiritual offerings to you may not be unacceptable
  4. When we offer up prayers and spiritual sacrifices to you, O Lord, but we are out of relationship with other brothers and sisters in Christ, convict us of our need to put things right
  5.  Give us pure hearts, sincere motives and selfless actions in all that we do, so that we do not grieve your Holy Spirit

24th - Haggai 2:15-19 Weighing up our actions and God’s blessing

  1. Whenever we speak or act may we give careful thought to the consequences and effects of our words and actions so that they may be pleasing to you
  2. Lord, as we remember all that you have done for us in the past, may it give us a confidence and a stronger faith to believe for greater things now and in the future
  3. We pray for your blessing upon all our witnessing and evangelistic activities so that many may receive your blessing of eternal life and a relationship with you
  4. We pray for your divine favour on all the children and youth in the church so that they rise up to become mighty men and women of God
  5. Bless our nation by visiting us with a new move of your Holy Spirit in revival power, we pray

25th - Haggai 2:20-21 Believing in the power of God (1)

  1. Let your Word come to our nation one more time, O Lord, before it is too late and cause many to believe in Christ in these last days
  2. Sovereign Lord and Creator of all the universe, help our small minds to grasp the height, depth and breadth of your power, so that we have a faith that moves mountains
  3. Help us to keep praying in faith for all our unsaved loved ones until they accept Christ as saviour
  4. Lord, we believe, but help us in those times when doubt and unbelief start to enter our minds
  5. Lord, draw us so close to you in prayer we can believe that the evil in our nation will be turned around and the people turn back to you

26th - Haggai 2:20-21 Believing in the power of God (2)

  1. We take authority over every enemy spirit that is operating in or over the lives of those in the church and command them in Jesus’ name to be set free
  2. Cause us to see a rising number of people giving their lives to Christ and great growth in the church
  3. Let every member of the church have a fresh vision of the greatness of your being and power that will cause them to rise up in a greater effectiveness for you
  4. Give us such a conviction and belief in your power, O Lord, that we can pray intercessory prayers that open doors for people that have been shut for years
  5. Give us such a conviction in prayer, O God, that puts to flight our spiritual enemies in high places

 27th – Haggai 2:20-21  The fall of those who oppose God

  1. Break the power of the teaching of evolution in our nation, O Lord
  2. Help us to see many Muslims to you, O God
  3. Cause us to see many Sikhs and Hindus come to Christ
  4. Cause us to see the eyes of many atheists open to the reality of  Christ
  5. Bring down the spiritual powers that operate in our nation, and bring godly change, O Lord

28th - Haggai 2:22 Earthly rulers

  1. Lord we know all authorities lie in your hands so in accordance with your Word we now pray for all those who rule over us
  2. We pray for our Queen and that each of the royal family would come to know you as Lord and Saviour and use their position of influence for your purposes
  3. We pray, by whatever means, you would put the fear of the Lord within our national government and its ministers giving them wisdom to govern
  4. We pray that our mayor and local councillors may govern with fairness and wisdom
  5. We pray that many of your people would be elected to positions of local and national government and so be salt and light in the most needed of places

29th - Haggai 2:23 Using the power delegated by God (God’s signet ring) (1)

  1. Because you have delegated to us your power, help us not to be deceived by the devil into thinking we cannot do great exploits for you
  2. Cause our minds to understand the magnitude of the power you have delegated to us and give us the faith to exercise it
  3. Give us an anointing to share the good news of Christ with a conviction that causes those we speak to, to get saved
  4. Cause our prayer meetings to become ever more powerful, to the pulling down of all spiritual strongholds that may come against, inhibit or hinder your church
  5. Give us the boldness we need to fearlessly fight the good fight and to overcome every strategy of the enemy

30th - Haggai 2:23 Using the power delegated by God (God’s signet ring) (2)

  1. Give us the boldness and the faith to pray expectantly for the sick and see them healed
  2. May we see miracles in answer to prayer, the dead raised, the blind see and the deaf hear
  3. Give us the gift of discerning of spirits, Holy Spirit, so that we may discern angels and demons, and the motives in human hearts
  4. May we operate naturally in the gifts of words of knowledge and words of wisdom for the saving of souls and the furtherance of your Kingdom
  5. Help us to so use your delegated authority, O Lord, that we may take significant territory from our spiritual enemy and see the victory in the earthly realm 

31st - Haggai 2: 23 Chosen by God

  1. As we thank you for your mercy and grace that  chose us before the foundation of the world to be conformed to image of Christ, make us more Christ-like
  2. Lord, since we have been chosen for a purpose, help us to be effective witnesses for Christ at all times
  3. Help each of us to know your destiny for our lives and seek at all costs to fulfil it to its maximum potential, we pray
  4. Lord, since you have a unique purpose for each local church in fulfilling your kingdom plans, cause us together as a church accomplish your desire through us
  5. As part of your body, cause each of us individually not to neglect what you would have us do as our contribution to the life and work of your church, O Lord