Prayer Diary

Praying through the Apostle Peter’s experiences with Jesus

Extracts from the Gospels

As we follow the life of Peter in these extracts from the gospels, we start to see a man who has a heart seriously searching after knowing his God fully. When his brother Andrew invites him to meet Jesus, whom Andrew has already identified as the Messiah that the Jews were waiting and longing for, Peter at once goes to find out for himself. After his first encounter with the Son of God, whose first words were to give him the name Peter, meaning ‘the rock’, there was no going back. He became a devout follower of Jesus.

His life was changed, not just by the teaching of Jesus, but by his lifestyle, from whom he was to learn how to be a Spirit-filled follower, passionate for the things of God and the spreading of his kingdom on earth. So he observes how Jesus presents the gospel as freedom from sin and confirmed by the evident power of the Holy Spirit operating through him, not just in the synagogues but out in the fields, in people’s homes and on the streets.

He watches as Jesus confronts the powers of darkness who hold people captive and sees how Jesus sets people free from demonisation. He observes how the gospel also releases the power of God to heal all manner of sicknesses. Peter listens as Jesus urges his followers to pray for more harvesters because the harvest is so great and the workers are so few in comparison. He observes Jesus’ compassion for the lost and his passion to reach them with salvation and eternal life. In a different metaphor, Jesus calls his followers to be fishers of men.

We can watch and identify with Peter as he acknowledges his sinfulness before the sinless Christ and wonders incredulously when Jesus invites his disciples to feed the 5,000 with the little that is found among them and then effortlessly performs a creative miracle. His faith rises to stepping out of the boat to walk on water next to Jesus and then it crashes as his rational mind takes over, starting to reason as he sees the natural elements swirling around him.

We can identify with him as his understanding grows to encompass the reality that Jesus is the Christ, the Son of the living God and declaring that to be the case. And then receiving Jesus’ declaration that he would be used by the Lord as Jesus builds his church, which the gates of Hades would not overcome. And yet within a short time, from that spiritual high, we see him allowing himself to be influenced by Satan, in telling Jesus he cannot go to the cross, earning a grave rebuke from the One he had earlier acknowledged to be the Christ, the Lord over all. We take comfort from the fact that Jesus sees us, as he saw Peter, not as he was then, but as the man of mature faith Peter would become.

We see him greatly confused on the Mount of Transfiguration, as he desperately tries to grasp and understand the supernatural dimension of this Jesus of Nazareth, with Peter’s mumblings overridden by the voice of God telling him to listen to his Son, Jesus. He learns from Jesus the need  come with a childlike faith, to walk in a constant state of forgiveness of others and that there is no going back no matter how hard it becomes as a follower of Jesus. In short, we see Peter as a fallible human being just like you and me. And yet we see him learning from his mistakes and failings, his low points and his high points, until finally fulfilling the calling and destiny God had planned for him in his life on this earth.

So, as we pray through his experiences we are asking God to shape us into the people he wants us to be so that we can live and minister in the fullness of the power of the Holy Spirit, flowing through our individual lives and our collective lives as a church, to accomplish what our heavenly Father desires from, and planned for, each one of our lives.

1st - John 1:35-40 - Spending the day with Jesus

  1. Despite busy lives, give us hearts and minds that always desire to spend time with you, Lord
  2. Help us to so organise our lives that we do not neglect time to spend in prayer and with your Word
  3. Holy Spirit, burden our hearts to seek Jesus more and more
  4. Jesus, help us to see you more clearly, love you more dearly and follow you more nearly, day by day
  5. Motivate us to achieve greater things as we understand that, like Peter, you see us, not just as who we are now, but as who we can become and what we can achieve, in Christ

2nd - John 1:41-42 - Peter - the rock

  1. Lord, just as you changed Simon Peter, so work in our lives, that we are also radically transformed, fulfilling our full potential in Christ
  2. Help us deepen our faith to be always solidly grounded on our Rock, the Lord Jesus Christ
  3. Help us each to accomplish the destiny that you have planned for us and that we do not miss it through careless choices
  4. Cause us to be people that others want to come to for advice and counsel because they see our unwavering faith in Christ
  5. Like Andrew, enable us to be people who bring others to Jesus, especially those of our own families

3rd - Mark 1:16-20 - “Come Follow Me”

  1. Help us, O Lord, to make you our first priority and love you with all our heart, soul, strength and mind
  2. Cause us to follow Jesus in having a Christlike character
  3. Help us to follow Jesus in our actions, speech, attitudes and lifestyle
  4. Enable us to follow Jesus by having a deep measure of faith, that pleases you, O God
  5. Empower us to follow Jesus and in his name to heal the sick, cast our demons and see the unsaved accept Christ as Saviour and Lord

4th -  Mark 1:21-28 - Overcoming spiritual opposition

  1. Because you have already defeated the devil and all the powers of darkness, triumphing over them by the cross, help us walk daily as overcomers
  2. Since we do not wrestle against flesh and blood but against the powers of this dark world, cause us to be careful to put on all our spiritual armour
  3. Lord, keep us close to you, so that we will always be able to stand our ground firmly.
  4. Cause our faith to be such that at all times it will be a shield to extinguish all the flaming arrows sent by the evil one
  5. Keep our eyes fixed on you, O Lord and not on the things the devil may be doing around us to distract us or pull us down

5th - Mark 1:29-31 - Healing the sick

  1. Help us to break any fear when it comes to praying for healing the sick and instead to pray boldly in faith believing
  2. We pray for those we know who are sick and command healing for their bodies now, in the name of Jesus
  3. Raise up more and more of your people who have the boldness to step out in faith and use the charismatic gifts
  4. We pray for the release of all your charismatic gifts: prophecy, tongues, interpretation of tongues, words of wisdom and words of knowledge
  5. We pray for the release in your church of the gifts of discernment of spirits, faith, healing and miracles for your glory

6th - Mark 1:32-34 - Driving out demons

  1. Lord, cause all those in the church who need deliverance to be set free
  2. Restore to your wider church the understanding and need for the ministry of deliverance and the desire to minister in that area
  3. Enable us to be constantly faithful to the words of the “Great Commission” to drive out demons and so see people set free
  4. Let your church rise up, wise, powerful and successful in all warfare against the powers of darkness
  5. We pray for our missionaries in places particularly exposed to spiritual attack asking you would watch over and keep them at all times

7th - Mark 1:35-39 - Jesus and prayer

  1. Lord Jesus, teach us to understand that if you needed time to pray, then we do even more so
  2. Help us to start each day in prayer with you, O Lord, before the busyness of the day begins
  3. Despite how busy we may be, enable us to give prayer the priority it requires
  4. Move over your church, O Lord, removing all apathy, slumber and neglect and draw us to pray
  5. Lord, give us hearts and spirits that meditate upon you and your Word, day and night

8th - Matthew 9:35 - 10:2 - Workers for the harvest field

  1. Heavenly Father, please continually raise up more workers from amongst us to send to your harvest field
  2. Give us a compassion for the crowds who have not yet found the true God, that motivates us to ‘go’
  3. Save the lost in all our personal areas of influence, O Lord
  4. Give us ears to hear what you are saying to us, Holy Spirit, in every opportunity for witnessing or evangelism
  5. Here we are, O Lord, send each of us

9th - Matthew 10:3-10 - Preach the message

  1. Surprise us, O Lord with the opportunities, you give us to share the gospel with those who do not know you
  2. Lead us specifically to those whose hearts are open to receive the gospel message, we pray
  3. Cause us to remember Holy Spirit, that it is you who enables people to be born-again and not the cleverness of our arguments
  4. Give us the wisdom we need with each individual we share Christ with
  5. Help us to know when to speak and when it is wise to stay silent and instead let our lifestyle be a witness for Christ

10th - Luke 5:1-7 - “Because you say so, Jesus”

  1. Teach us, O Lord, that obedience to your Word always brings blessing
  2. Help us to trust and obey you even when we do not understand
  3. Enable us always to be able to pray, “Not my will but your will be done, O Lord.”
  4. Cause us to remember and act upon your Word that says, “Obedience is better than sacrifice.”
  5. Lord, search our hearts and reveal to us any areas of our lives where we are not being obedient to you and help us to change

11th - Luke 5:8 - Sinfulness

  1. Bring conviction on your church, O Lord so we always see sin with the same seriousness that you do
  2. Lord, when we realise we have fallen short of your standards and your glory, forgive us and help us move forward stronger
  3. Help us daily to crucify our old nature and keep it crucified
  4. As we acknowledge your sinlessness, O Lord, help us to strive to become more like you
  5. As we thank you for the transforming power of the cross, transform our lives daily, to become effective servants of Christ.

12th - Luke 5:9-11 - Fishers of men

  1. Help us to love the lost like you love the lost, O Lord
  2. Raise up continually from among us, witnesses, evangelists and missionaries, we pray
  3. Make all the missionaries we know fruitful as they labour for you, O Lord
  4. Prosper all aspects of the work of evangelism in our church, by individuals and discipleship cells, we pray
  5. Teach us how to allow your Spirit to work through us to become effective fishers of men, we pray

13th - Matthew 14:13-21 - You feed them

  1. Lord, cause the people of our nation, who have so lost their way, to realise they need the spiritual food of your Word
  2. As we read your Word, open our minds to understand and remember it so that we may feed the spiritually hungry around us
  3. Give us the same compassion for the poor that you have and give us generous hearts to help those in need
  4. Give us open hearts to give to the work of missions, who labour among the poor and needy to give physical and spiritual nourishment
  5. Lord, in comparison with most of the world we have plenty, so guide us by your Spirit to where you want us to give

14th - Matthew 14:22-26 - Overcoming fear

  1. Lord, cause our relationship with you be so close that your perfect love casts out all our fear
  2. Deepen our trust in you, O Lord, so that we may not succumb to needless fear or worry
  3. Enable us always to act positively in the knowledge that “greater is he who is within us than he that is in the world.”
  4. Lord, you have told us not to be worried or anxious, so forgive us when we sin  in this area and help us to become more trusting of you
  5. We take authority right now over any spirit of fear troubling us or any amongst us and command it to leave now in Jesus' name!

15th - Matthew 14:27-30 - Walking on water

  1. Lord, help us to truly understand and act in the knowledge that with God all things are possible not just in the Bible times, but right now
  2. Cause us live out the truth of the words that “I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength”
  3. In times of storm, teach us to keep our eyes fixed on you and not on the storm raging around us
  4. Lord, help us to exercise the faith within us, even if it is as small as a mustard seed, so we see your hand of power
  5. Lord, cause us to grow in faith, in order to exercise the gifts of your Holy Spirit more and more

16th - Matthew 14:31-36 - Why did you doubt?

  1. Lord, forgive us the sin of unbelief and help us always to believe you at all times
  2. Help us guard our minds against our old nature putting doubts into our minds about anything you have said in your Word
  3. Help us guard our minds against doubts put into our minds by enemy spirit powers
  4. Enable us daily to put on the spiritual armour of God and to take our stand effectively
  5. For any mountains in our lives right now, O God, we command them to be removed right now in Jesus' name

17th - Matthew 16:13-15 - You are the Christ

  1. Since you are Lord over all, help us submit totally to you so you can be glorified in our lives
  2. Expand our minds, Holy Spirit, to understand the greatness, the power and the glory of our God, so we can trust without question
  3. Enable our minds to understand and act upon the fact that Jesus has delegated his power to us, his church and so to go boldly in his name
  4. Since Christ is God and he gave his all for us, cause us to hold back nothing of ourselves from you, O Lord
  5. Rise up in our midst, Lord Jesus, and let your glory shine in your church

18th - Matthew 17:16-20 - I will build my church

  1. Lord, as we grasp that you build your church, not us, but you choose to work through us, help us to be ready, prepared and available to you
  2. As we thank you that all around the world you are building your church like never before, do not pass us by, O Lord
  3. Help us grasp the full extent of the authority you have delegated to us so that we may use it and not neglect it
  4. Help us to take every opportunity to allow you to build your church through us, Lord Jesus
  5. Rise up in the UK, restore and build your church here once again in this nation

19th - Matthew 16:21-33 - Never Lord!

  1. Lord, help us never to say “no” to you
  2. Give us the wisdom to see when our words, actions or attitudes give a door of opportunity to the devil and give us the wisdom to change
  3. Keep us close to you, O Lord so that we may keep our minds on the things of God and not on the things of men
  4. Give us the humility to realise when we are being a stumbling block to you or others, O God, and the grace to change
  5. May our promises to you, O Lord, only ever be “yes” and “amen”

20th - Matthew 16:24 - Take up your cross

  1. Lord, you never promised the Christian life would be easy, so help us to take up our cross daily and follow you
  2. Help us to remember that you discipline those you love, so that we may accept your discipline, without complaint
  3. Lord, just as carrying heavy weights cause muscles to grow strong, use the burdens of life that beset us, to cause our spiritual muscles to grow strong
  4. May everything we do, Lord Jesus, be an expression or following you
  5. Holy Spirit, help us to deny ourselves and to learn to put God and others before ourselves.

21st - Matthew 16:25-28 - He will reward each person

  1. As we remember that one day we will each stand before you to give an account of our Christian lives, keep us vigilant, O Lord
  2. Whether you have given us one talent, two talents or five talents, help us to use them wisely and faithfully in your service, we pray
  3. We pray that all Christians we know who are backslidden will be restored again to being on fire for you
  4. Lord, keep us praying until we see you manifested in our midst in all your glory
  5. Lord, let our lives be lost in you, so that you may use us to the full extent of your desire

22nd - Matthew 17:1-4 - The Mountain top

  1. As the mountain top represents the place of meeting with God, give us our own “mountain top” experiences
  2. In the same way Moses was instructed on the mountain top, in our quiet times with you, by your Spirit, show us your will
  3. As Elijah saw the fire of God fall on Mount Carmel, let your fire descend on us to purify and to empower
  4. As Elijah heard your still small voice on Mount Horeb, may our spirits always be open to hear the Holy Spirit's voice
  5. Show your glory in the midst of your church, O Lord, and your power to save, heal and do all kinds of miracles

23rd - Matthew 17:5-13 - Listen to my Son

  1. Give us ears to hear what you are saying to us, Holy Spirit and what your word to us is today
  2. Give us ears to hear what you are saying to your church, Holy Spirit and give us the desire to act upon it
  3. Speak to us daily through your Word as we read it, we ask
  4. Speak to us through words of prophecy, we pray
  5. Holy Spirit, speak directly into our spirits and help us discern your inner voice

24th - Matthew 17:24-27 - Paying taxes

  1. Lord, since it is your will that we pay our taxes, though it may be difficult at times, help us to do so honestly and without complaint
  2. We pray you would give to those who govern us at a national level, wisdom as to how to spend our taxes beneficially
  3. We pray you would also give wisdom as to how to spend our taxes beneficially to those who govern us at a local level,
  4. We pray for our national leaders and government that they may govern justly.
  5. We pray you would guide the lives of our Queen, the royal family and the members of the Houses of Parliament and the decisions and the laws they pass

25th - Matthew 18:1-14 - Like little children

  1. When it comes to trusting you and your Word, O God, give us the faith and innocence of a child
  2. Help us to humble ourselves like a child, so that you will be able to raise us up for your glory
  3. Lord, if we are carrying doubts, cynicism or unbelief, enable us to cast them off and simply trust you
  4. We do believe Lord but please help in any of our unbelief
  5. Never let us reach the point where we cease to learn from you, but make us always hungry for you and your Word

26th - Matthew 18:15-21 - Where two agree

  1. Lord, for each one of us who is out of fellowship with a brother or sister in Christ, convict them and cause the unity of the Spirit to be restored
  2. Lord bring a total, complete and powerful unity to your church, that will enable you to do awesome things through us
  3. Lord, as we pray for the revival of your church in this nation prepare us for a visitation of God
  4. Convict our hearts of any disunity we may be guilty of that would hinder a move of your Spirit
  5. Lord Jesus, refine us, your church, so that you may take your place amongst us, and be seen manifestly at work in your church

27th - Matthew 18:21-22 - Constant forgiveness

  1. Give us hearts that are compassionate and quick to forgive, dear Lord
  2. Holy Spirit, bring now to our remembrance any person we need to forgive right now so we may do so
  3. Holy Spirit, if we are holding grudges, reveal it to our spirits and enable us to let them go
  4. We forgive and release now any person who has ever hurt or wronged us asking you would bless them in Jesus’ name
  5. Help us not to keep an account of wrongs done to us or a record of how many times we have forgiven, we pray

28th - Matthew 18:23-35  This is how my Heavenly Father will treat you

  1. Heavenly Father, if we are out of fellowship with you through unforgiveness, please forgive us and help us release that person
  2. Help us to discern the differences between the devil troubling us and you, Heavenly Father, disciplining us
  3. Help us to discern the difference between your discipline and the consequences of us making poor choices
  4. We pray that you would help all families we know where relationships are strained and forgiveness is needed to be given, O Lord
  5. Help all those of our friends or work colleagues where forgiveness is needed to be given to give it, O Lord.

29th - John 6:60-65 - A hard teaching

  1. Lord, help us never to choose the easy path of compromise but always the narrow path of following your Word.
  2. May we never stop preaching the message of the cross, the need for repentance and salvation, just because some people are offended by the gospel
  3. In every pulpit up and down our land where your Word is fully and faithfully preached, O Lord, may it accomplish everything you desire
  4. We pray you, Holy Spirit would visit with fire and bring radical transformation to those churches in which the Word of God is not fully believed or preached 
  5. May we never water down your Word, O God, but always to share the gospel, the whole gospel and nothing but the gospel

30th - John 6:66-71 - No turning back

  1. Having known and accepted you, Lord Jesus, God forbid we should ever turn back
  2. Lord Jesus, we believe you are the Holy One of God, so enable us to live as those whose bodies are temples of the living God
  3. For those we know who are struggling in their Christian lives, strengthen them and help them move forward, we pray
  4. Help us discern true believers from those who have an outward appearance of spirituality only, so that we may not be led astray.
  5. Lord, to whom can we go but you, for you alone have the words of eternal life so help us live lives of thankfulness