Prayer Diary

Praying through the Apostle Peter’s experiences with Jesus

Extracts from the Gospels (2)

As we continue to pray through the experiences of Peter and follow the ups and downs of his spiritual life as he progresses to the place where he can fulfil his God-given destiny we can continue to identify with those experiences. He watches as Jesus teaches his disciples, by example, how to be very different as a leader. He doesn’t exercise authoritarian rule over them like those in the world but instead washes their feet, showing them that in the church we are to lead others by servant leadership.

We observe Peter acting recklessly in fear and impetuous anger by cutting off the ear of the High Priest’s servant and when under pressure, failing to keep the promises he rashly made. How bitter his weeping when he realises how badly he has let Jesus down, deserting him in his hour of need. But we also see Jesus telling his followers beforehand that Satan has desired to sift them as wheat but our great Intercessor has prayed that they would stand and not fall. Jesus tells his followers to keep watch and pray.

We see how the realisation of the resurrection of Jesus and the power of God exhibited through it, slowly begins to sink into the consciousness of Peter and the other disciples. In time they would learn how through the resurrection of Jesus and his ascension into heaven, he would send the Holy Spirit who would live within each believer, enabling him or her to be channels through whom the Holy Spirit can flow in power – power to change character and power to minister in the gifts of the Holy Spirit.

We watch the disciples toiling away fruitlessly in the fishing expedition they had returned to even though Jesus had already told them their job now and commission was to fish for men and women. Fruitfulness would come only as they abide or remain in Christ, not trying to succeed in their own strength alone. As they follow the instructions of Jesus they fruitlessness turns into an abundance.

We feel for Peter as Jesus asks him three times, “Peter do you truly love me?” and can wonder how we would feel if Jesus asked us the same question. And yet we can be encouraged and motivated by the way we see Jesus helping Peter confront his failure, yet not writing him off, but rather recommissioning him with the words, “Feed my sheep.”

And when Peter asks Jesus what was the future of his friend John, we observe how Jesus teaches him not to focus on what other people are doing but rather to focus solely on what God wants of his life, so he can carry it out.

So as we continue to pray through Peter’s experiences, we are asking God to take us as individuals and as a church from our current starting point, to be able to fulfill the high calling he is calling us to.


1st - John 13:1-11 - Washed by Jesus

  1. Since when we put our faith in you, you wash all our sins away, making us totally clean in your sight, help us live in a way that brings you honour, O Lord
  2. Recognising we need to come to you daily to be forgiven for our failings, please forgive us today for any area of our lives that have fallen short of your standards
  3. Holy Spirit, put a spotlight on any area our lives that you want us to deal with, so we can bring it to our God for cleansing
  4. Holy Spirit, please help us to change from glory to glory, forsaking all that is unpleasing to you.
  5. For all those reading this now who struggle to accept to accept fully the free gift of total forgiveness in Christ, liberate them now

2nd – John 13:12-17 - The example of Jesus (1)

  1. Since your first coming was as a servant and not as a judge, Lord Jesus, motivate our hearts to imitate all your ways
  2. Give us truly the heart of  a servant of God
  3. Holy Spirit, bring to our minds those areas of our lives do not reflect spiritual servanthood and help us to change
  4. Show us, O Lord, how you want us to serve you in ways we are not doing now
  5. Help us to trust you to lift us up and not for us to push our way forward by our own strivings

3rd – John 13:12-17 - The example of Jesus (2)

  1. Holy Spirit, search our hearts right now and reveal to us those areas of our lives that we have not submitted to your Lordship and cause us to repent
  2. Show us in what ways we are not being servants in our own homes, towards our own families, and cause us to change
  3. Show us in what ways we are not being servants in the church and reveal to us now what you want us to do differently from now onwards
  4. Lord, help us to become more and more like Jesus in all our ways, our thoughts, our actions, our words and our ambitions
  5. Help us to say like Isaiah, “Here I am Lord. Send me!” and anoint us now for the task

4th - Luke 22 31-32 - Satan desires to sift you

  1. Lord, open our eyes to the reality of the spirit world and keep us always alert to spiritual attack
  2. Cause us to examine our lives so that we do not allow the devil a foothold through our sin
  3. Keep us walking close to you, O Lord, and to ensure that we always have our spiritual armour on (Ephesians 6:11-18)
  4. Keep us from temptation, O Lord and deliver us from the evil one
  5. When times are difficult, teach us to discern the difference between: the discipline of the Lord, the consequences of our own poor choices and a spiritual attack

 5th - Matthew 26:31-35 - Rash promises

  1. Lord, keep us from the pride that blinds us to our own weaknesses and shortcomings
  2. Develop within us the integrity of character that is the hallmark of a true follower of Jesus
  3. Let us be those people whose ‘yes’ always means ‘yes’ and our ‘no’ always means ‘no’
  4. Holy Spirit, convict our consciences so that we always keep our word even if it hurts to do so
  5. May the promises we make be only those that are wise and ones that are led of your Spirit

6th - Matthew 26:36-38 - Keep watch

  1. Lord, so deepen our relationship with you that we know your thoughts and feelings
  2. Thank you for the privilege of being able to spend time in your presence in prayer and may we not neglect or abuse that privilege
  3. Lord, teach us to pray
  4. Help us to prioritise all we need to do so that we do not neglect our time in prayer with you
  5. Show us each day how you want us to pray and what you want us to pray for

7th - Matthew 26:39-45 - Not my will but your will

  1. As you submitted fully to the Father’s will and laid down your life for our sakes, Lord Jesus help us to imitate you
  2. Forgive us for any selfishness that we continue to exhibit and help us to submit our wills to the will of God
  3. O God, just as Jesus fulfilled the perfect destiny for his life by submitting to the Father’s will, help us to do the same with our lives
  4. Father, help us to trust you fully so that we are willing to surrender totally to your will for our lives
  5. We pray now O Lord, “Not my will but your will be done in my life.”

8th - John 18:1-11 - Put your sword away

  1. Lord, forgive us when we react with anger that comes from our old fallen nature and help us to change
  2. Holy Spirit, develop within us our new spiritual nature that thinks and acts like Jesus
  3. Bring to our remembrance any people we have hurt by our anger and give us the grace to now seek their forgiveness
  4. Help us to experience the truth of the verse that says, ‘A gentle answer turns away wrath, but a harsh word stirs up anger’.
  5. For our battles, help us always to rely on the Sword of your Spirit, that is, the Word of God, and not on the strength of our anger

9th - John 18:12-18 - Denying Jesus

  1. Lord, forgive us for those times we have denied you with our words and help us to change
  2. Lord, forgive us when our actions have been a denial of our Christian testimony and give us renewed courage
  3. Give us the strength and the grace to make a stand for the truth of the gospel no matter how hard it may be
  4. Help us this day to share the good news of the gospel with someone
  5. Holy Spirit, make us bold, strong and courageous and may we continually keep being filled with the Spirit to overflowing

10th - Luke 22:50-53 - Compassion towards our enemies (1)

  1. Lord, give us your grace and compassion, even towards those who seek our harm
  2. Teach us not to harbour feelings of revenge in our hearts but to do good to those who mistreat us
  3. We release from our resentment and anger, right now, all those who have hurt us
  4. We give to those who have hurt us, the free gift of forgiveness for everything they have done
  5. Enable us, by forgiving others, to receive our own inner healing and your total peace

11th - Luke 22:50-53 - Compassion towards our enemies (2)

  1. Give us hearts of pity towards those who resort to violence, as we pray now for those we know who are like that asking you would change them by your Spirit
  2. Help them and save all those we know who openly reject Christ, O Lord
  3. Give us the right words that bring healing to those who are lost in sin and do not know the ways of Christ
  4. Give us the faith, confidence and boldness to pray for the sick and to see them healed
  5. Lord, help us, like you, always to render good for evil

12th – Luke 22:54-62 - Peter wept bitterly

  1. Lord, teach us the true nature of the ugliness of sin so we always  avoid it
  2. May we never regard sin lightly, but when we fail, to bring it all to you in true repentance
  3. Holy Spirit, we pray for your moving over your church to bring a deep conviction of sin and a genuine repentance
  4. Help us to feel how you feel about the sin of our nation, O Lord, so that we may weep in repentance and intercession for a nation that has lost its way
  5. Move in revival power through your church, O Lord, turning many from sin to Christ

13th – Mark 16:1-7 – Go and tell Peter

  1. Since you know what really lies in our hearts, not only the bad but also the good, help us to grow in the good
  2. Since you know the future of each one of us and do not write us off when we fail, encourage us to seek your perfect will for our lives
  3. Lord, as we reflect on the times we have failed you, search our hearts and show us the parts within us that you want to make stronger in the future
  4. Teach us that without you we are nothing, but with you, you can achieve much through each of us
  5. Holy Spirit, help us to understand who we are in Christ, so we can move forward in his victory and not remain stuck in our own defeat

14th – Luke 24:1-12 - Revelation of resurrection power (1)

  1. Make us continually grateful for the new life that comes through our relationship with the resurrected Christ
  2. Help us to fully grasp the power of that new life that comes through our relationship with you and cause us to grow spiritually
  3. When you rose from the dead and ascended into heaven you sent your Holy Spirit so help us move in the power of your Holy Spirit
  4. Holy Spirit, we invite you to change us by that same resurrection power
  5. Father fill us with your Spirit whom you have given to us through Jesus, so his influence overflows from us to others

15th – Luke 24:1-12 – Revelation of resurrection power (2)

  1. Reveal to each of us and help us understand the power we have received by virtue of being made children of God
  2. Lord, let your resurrection power that defeated sin, enable us to constantly put to death our tendency to sin
  3. Lord, let your resurrection power that defeated the devil, so work through us that we live in victory over the powers of darkness
  4. Let us not give the devil a foothold in our lives and thereby be robbed of your power in our lives
  5. Let God arise and your enemies be scattered!

16th – John 21:1-5 – Fruitless toil (1)

  1. Lord, cause us to remember that we can achieve nothing of eternal value in our own strength, no matter how talented we are
  2. Reveal to us those things that we are currently doing that are motivated by our own ideas but are not your ideas and show us what we need to change
  3. Unless we abide in you, O Lord, we will bear no fruit so teach us to abide in you
  4. Lord, may we never sacrifice our calling on the altar of ambition
  5. Teach us to recognise when there is a difference between the ambition of our natural desires and the calling and direction of God on our lives

17th – John 21:1-5 – Fruitless toil (2)

  1. Lord, reveal to us every area of church life where we are labouring fruitlessly because we are not acting by the leading of your Spirit
  2. If our ambitions coincide with your desires for our lives, then prosper the work of our hands
  3. If our ambitions do not coincide with your desire for our lives, then show us the direction that you want our lives to take.
  4. As we now surrender our lives and our futures to you, give us the courage to make changes where changes are needed
  5. As we pray for your church O Lord, reveal to us how we can be fruitful in every area of ministry

18th – John 21:6-9 – The Lord in our midst (1)

  1. May we never lose sight of the fact that you are always with us, Jesus so that we need fear nothing
  2. Teach us to live with the realisation that you are with us always and for all our thoughts, speech and actions to influenced accordingly
  3. May we live so close to you as individuals that people can see we are different and that your divine favour is upon us
  4. Lord Jesus, if there are any parts of our lives we have still not surrendered to your lordship, we repent and do so now
  5. Help us to be good stewards of the power and authority you have delegated to us, neither neglecting it nor abusing it

19th – John 21:6-9 – The Lord in our midst (2)

  1. Lord, as a church, may we never be like the church at Laodicia, at whose door you were standing, knocking to come in
  2. Jesus, be Lord of this church in all areas and at all times
  3. May we live so close to you as a church that we are known as a church where the presence of God dwells
  4. Lord, be so manifest in our midst that we always see you moving in revival power
  5. Rise up amongst us, Lord Jesus, take your place, exercise your will and fulfil your plans and desires for this church, to bring you glory

20th - John 21:10-14 – A miraculous catch (1)

  1. Lord, make us successful fishers of men and women
  2. Thank you for those we see saved, but turn the trickle into a stream and then into a river
  3. Cause us to remember that we cannot save anyone, but give us your wisdom and anointing to be used to lead others to Christ
  4. As we pray for all the unsaved members of our family, help us to lead them to you, O Lord
  5. We pray for all our unsaved friends and work colleagues asking you would help us to lead them to you

21st – John 21:10-14 – A miraculous catch (2)

1.   Lord, make your church a place where all are fishers of men and women

2.   Give us, as a church, a catch of ‘fish’ so great only you will be able to help us handle it

3.   Help us to prepare ourselves for those unsaved people that you give to us, so we can properly care for them as they get saved

4.   Holy Spirit, show us your strategy for evangelism at this particular time and this particular place, so we may be successful

5.   Show us where and how to cast our nets, O Lord, so we may always be fruitful in evangelism

22nd – John 21:15-16 – Do you truly love me? (1)

  1. Lord, help us to love you with all our heart
  2. Lord, help us to love you with all our soul
  3. Lord, help us to love you with all our mind
  4. Lord, help us to love you with all our strength
  5. Lord, help us to love you with every fibre of our being

23rd – John 21: 15-16 – Do you truly love me? (2)

  1. Search our hearts, O Lord, and reveal to us the honest measure of our love for you
  2. Holy Spirit, help us in our weaknesses and cause our love for Jesus to grow stronger and stronger
  3. For those of our neighbours we fail to love as ourselves, we now repent and ask for you to give us the grace to love them
  4. We forgive and release all those people now who have hurt us, so we can begin to love like Jesus
  5. Help us now to love our brothers and sisters in Christ whom we can see, so that we can then love you, O God, whom we cannot see

24th – John 21:15-16 – Do you truly love me? (3)

  1. Lord, for the times our love for you is weak or when our words and actions let you down, help us to resolve to express our love for you through our lifestyles
  2. Cause us to be a church where all people can see and sense the love we have for one another and for you
  3. As a church, continually show us creative ways how to put love into action, in a way that glorifies you
  4. Give us a genuine and infectious love for all people, of every background, temperament, class, personality that helps them come into wholeness in Christ
  5. Teach us to love the lost and to demonstrate it by carrying out the ‘Great Commandment’ to reach all people

25th – John 21:17- Feed my sheep (1)

  1. As we pray for all the new Christians coming into our midst, help us to feed them and bring them to maturity
  2. We pray that you would guide the leaders of all the discipleship cell groups to ensure all the members mature in the Word of God
  3. Cause all our children and their Sunday class teachers to grow and mature in the Word of God
  4. Cause all our youth and their leaders to grow into maturity by the Word of God
  5. Cause all the adults in the church to grow in the Lord through the Word of God

26th – John 21:17 – Feed my sheep (2)

  1. We pray you would guide, empower and anoint all those who preach and teach in the church to bring the very words of God
  2. Anoint all the discipleship cell leaders in their ministries week by week
  3. Help us to be disciplined enough to be continually feeding on the Word of God, so that we are growing in knowledge and wisdom daily
  4. Help all the parents in the church to teach their children from the Word of God
  5. Cause the times of devotions in the families in the church to be regular, dynamic, powerful and effective.

27th – John 21:18-19 - Follow me! (1)

  1. Teach us, Lord, to follow you in all our ways
  2. Lord, help us to be doers of your Word and not just hearers only
  3. Cause us to be led by your Spirit and not be like the Pharisees, who kept the letter of the law but did not follow the spirit of the law
  4. Teach us the way of humility, so that in your time you can raise us up
  5. Help us crucify our old nature so that our desires are always to walk in the Spirit and follow Jesus in everything

28th – John 21:18-19 – Follow me! (2)

  1. Give us the patience to wait on you Lord until we have learned your will for each of our lives
  2. Help us to follow you in the pathway of servanthood
  3. Help us to follow you in the out-living of the fruit of the Spirit; love, joy, peace, patience, kindness goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control
  4. Help us to follow you in the exercise of the gifts of the Spirit: tongues, interpretation, prophecy, words of knowledge and wisdom, discernment of spirits, faith, healings and miracles
  5. Help us to follow you in perfectly fulfilling the Father’s will for each of our lives

29th – John 21:20-25 – God’s will for others (1)

  1. We pray that your grace would be sufficient for the persecuted church throughout the world in their time of need
  2. Bless Christians who are rich in this world’s goods to enable them to be a blessing to others out of their material blessings.
  3. Bless all Christians who are poor and may their spiritual blessings outweigh their material poverty
  4. Help all Christians we know who are carrying heavy burdens of one sort or another and also help us to help them
  5. May we always be able to say: “The Lord gives and the Lord takes away. Blessed be the name of the Lord”

30th – John 21:20-23 – God’s will for others (2)

  1. Lord, we pray you would prosper and bless the lives of each our brothers and sisters in Christ
  2. Keep us from being envious of the lot of others but rather to be content with the lot you have given each of us
  3. For those of our brothers and sisters in Christ who are struggling to find your will for their lives, we pray you would help and guide them till they find it
  4. Give us wisdom to be able to give wise and godly counsel to those who seek our advice
  5. Help us to hear your voice saying, “This is the way, walk in it”

31st – John 21:24-25 - True testimony

  1. Lord, help each of us to be a true and living testimony to the life-changing power of Jesus Christ
  2. We pray you would continue to do dynamic signs and wonders amongst us as a continuous testimony to your power and the truth of your Word
  3. Give us the courage to take you at your Word and to step out in faith, so we continually have testimonies, on a daily basis, of what you are doing
  4. Lord move in revival power among us so that men and women may see and hear the testimony of a true and living God
  5. May our church be known as a place of the miraculous, where people can find the true and living God and continually see his presence and power in our midst