Prayer Diary

Walk with God and reach out to the lost

The 2nd and 3rd letters of John and the letter of Jude

As John was the only one of the 12 disciples not to die a violent death but survived into his 90’s, he was around long enough to witness the problems experienced by the next generation of christians after the death of the apostles. Amongst those problems was the infiltration of the church by teachers of false doctrines, twisting the teachings of Jesus and seeking to draw believers away from the truth. Keep closely walking in the truth, he urges. And to know the truth we need to be familiar with the Bible.

Already self-seeking leaders were rising up in churches, whose main concern was using their position to pursue of their own interests rather than the spiritual nurture of the flock of God. Men like Diotrephes who lorded it over the congregation, preventing them from having godly visiting speakers who might expose his true nature and instead sowing division.

In addition, Jude writes to warn believers of the deceptive nature and intentions of those who pretend to be followers of Jesus but who instead bring a perversion of the gospel. Those who taught that God’s grace enables them to live in sin and to practise sexual immorality. No doubt they taught that God will forgive anything we ask, so it is all right to live in sin. Or, perhaps, another distortion, that was based on a twisted interpretation of Paul’s teachings, that if the benevolent nature of God’ grace is demonstrated in forgiving our sin, then the more we sin the more God’s grace is seen increasing! As Paul responded to this falsehood in Romans 6:1-4 the true believer dies to sin and does not seek to live in it.

Jude warns of the increasing godlessness of the world we live in and of its corruptive pull. Keep your eyes on the prophetic words that came as early as Enoch, the seventh generation from Adam, thousands of years ago, who foretold the second coming of Christ in power with his angels and church, this time not as Saviour but as the Judge of all who are ungodly.

In the last days there will be a multiplication of those who will scoff at the idea of the coming of Christ, because they want to live a lifestyle of ungodliness. But God has judged angels, cities and individuals in the past and will do so for all when Christ returns. So seek to contend always for the truth and to live according to it, not letting ourselves be spotted by the corruption of the world.

Jude ends by encouraging us to do two things. First regarding ourselves: keep ourselves in the most holy faith, pray in the Holy Spirit, remain in God’s love and wait patiently for Christ’s return. And at the same time, for others, reach out to them with the gospel by being merciful to those who doubt and saving them by snatching them from the eternal fire.

1st - 2 John 1-3 Living in the truth

  1. Lord, make us powerful witnesses to all we come into contact with as we live out the truth of the gospel, simply by following a godly lifestyle
  2. In all the daily choices we have to make in all areas of our lives give us the strength and determination, Holy Spirit, to always choose to stay true to the ways of Christ
  3. We pray that you would anoint us afresh daily, O Lord, so that we can effectively bring the truth of the gospel to the unsaved and see them give their lives to Christ
  4. In a society where standards of honesty are declining, give us the opportunities to stand up, make a difference and bring change to the communities we live and work in
  5. Send revival in our church, our borough, our city and our nation, O Lord

2nd - 2 John 4-5 The ancient command to love

  1. Lord, may all people know we are your disciples by the love we show one another
  2. Give us a love for the lost, O Lord, so that we may do all we can to see them saved
  3. Give us a love for those we work with, O God, and the opportunities to demonstrate the love of God to them
  4. Give us a an ever deeper love for you, O Lord, that draws us closer to you and makes us more like you
  5. Give us grace with those we find difficult to love and help us reach out even to them, we pray

3rd - 2 John 6 Walking in obedience

  1. Lord, cause us to remember that our love for you is shown first and foremost by obedience to your commands
  2. Keep our feet from slipping, O Lord, and our lives from backsliding, we pray
  3. As we pray for all in the church who are backsliding, restore them, O Lord
  4. Cause us to remember your ways and to walk in them every day of the week and not just on Sundays, O God
  5. Turn our nation, which has walked away from obeying your ways, back to you once more, O Lord

4th - 2 John 7 Beware of deceivers

  1. Help us always to discern spiritual truth from error, Holy Spirit, so none of us may be misled by heresy
  2. As we pray for all those we know who are following false religions believing that will take them to heaven, open their spiritual eyes, O Lord and set them free
  3. We pray for all those we know who are followers of cults, asking you would give them a revelation of salvation by faith in Christ alone
  4. Keep us from being deceived by the ways of the world that would seek compromise and the watering down the Word of God, we pray
  5. May your church rise up in power, O Lord to overcome the spirit of antichrist in our nation

5th - 2 John 8-9 Don’t lose what you have

  1. Help us to hold on firmly to the knowledge and experience we have in Christ and not to allow ourselves to be led astray
  2. May our lives and our service for you, Lord Jesus, be motivated only by our love for you and by no other motive
  3. May our knowledge of you, O Lord, only ever get deeper and closer, never loosing what we have already received
  4. Stir up within us the gifts of the Holy Spirit, we pray, and may we not allow the flames within us to die down
  5. May we not lose any rewards by becoming cold or indifferent, that would otherwise have been given to us by you, O God

6th - 2 John 10-11 Discernment

  1. Give us the spiritual discernment to know when those we are seeking to help are genuine or just seeking to deceive us, O Lord
  2. As we talk and witness to people guide us by the gift of discernment, we pray, so that we may be effective and not deceived by others
  3. As we pray over specific individuals and situations, give us the discernment to understand when the problem is in reality the working of evil spirits, so we are not deceived or overcome
  4. Help us to discern your timing in all situations, O Lord, thereby knowing when to speak and when to remain silent
  5. Help us to discern the difference at all times, O God, between your voice, the devil’s voice and our own imaginations

7th - 2 John12-13 Complete joy

  1. Lord, may we know the joy of the Lord that springs from our unchanging relationship with you in any situation no matter what our circumstances
  2. For all those in the church who are struggling spiritually at this time, we lift them up before you and pray that you will make their joy complete, O Lord
  3. For those in the church whose hearts are burdened because of strained relationships within the family, give them the strength and the joy of the Lord to resolve all differences, we pray
  4. As we bring before you, O Lord, all our widows, widowers and others who have lost loved ones and are still grieving, comfort them with your presence, we pray
  5. Give us the joy of knowing that we are fulfilling the destiny you have for each of us and the joy of effective service for Jesus

8th - 3 John 1-2 Healthy in body and soul and circumstances

  1. As we pray right now, O Lord, heal all those of us who are sick in body
  2. As our ministry teams and evangelistic teams pray for people on the streets, continually anoint them with healing power to see sick bodies healed, O Lord
  3. For all those amongst us suffering from mental sickness, depression or oppression, deliver them into full health and strength, we pray
  4. For those amongst us who are struggling with negative or adverse circumstances and whose faith is wavering as a result, strengthen and comfort them, we pray
  5. Save souls in our home, on the street, in our places of work and in the church, O God, we pray and help us each of us to accomplish it

9th - 3 John 3-4 Faithfulness

  1. Lord, teach us to be faithful to you in all circumstances even when it is difficult
  2. Lord, may we be people who can be trusted to keep our word at all times
  3. May the unsaved people that we live and work amongst realise that we can always be trusted and as a result seek out our counsel and advice, we pray
  4. Lord, for the times we have let you down please forgive us and help us to maintain a testimony that brings glory to you
  5. Lord give us the joy of seeing our natural children and our spiritual children continually walking in the truth, we pray

10th - 3 John 5-6 Hospitality

  1. May our homes to be places of refuge and blessing for all who enter in, O Lord, because the Spirit of God and the spirit of love and hospitality are present
  2. Give us open and generous hearts, O God
  3. Prosper all those who open their homes for discipleship cells, O Lord and may they know your hand of blessing upon all they do
  4. We pray for all the discipleship cell leaders that you would encourage their hearts and prosper their lives as they serve as undershepherds of Jesus
  5. Bless all those who provide hospitality in the church or who are engaged in any of the servant ministries that are so needful and refresh them also, we pray

11th - 3 John 7-8 Supporting God’s workers

  1. Lord as we pray for all the missionaries our church is supporting, make them fruitful in their service for Jesus and meet their every need
  2. We pray that in those countries where our missionaries are working they may see more churches planted, more people saved and healings, signs and wonders
  3. We pray for our missionaries, that you would keep them safe from all harm, whether from people or from insects or accidents, O Lord
  4. As we pray for those in the church who are involved in any and every aspect of evangelism, let them see a great response as they share the good news of salvation
  5. We pray for all our pastors and elders, O Lord that you would help them accomplish all that you desire of them

12th - 3 John 9 - Overcoming the spirit of Diotrephes

  1. Lord, keep us from having a spirit like Diotrephes who always placed himself first in everything
  2. We pray that the spirit of unity would always be displayed in all areas of the church as the Holy Spirit is given full reign in our midst
  3. We take authority over every spirit that would seek to cause disunity in the church and we bind them and command them to leave our midst
  4. For any in our midst that may be minded to cause divisions, O Lord, we pray you will convict them and bring them to repentance before they begin
  5. Give us humble servant-heartedness in all we do, we pray, O Lord

13th - 3 John 10 - The fruit of ungodliness

  1. Lord we take authority over any attitudes that would seek to manifest themselves that are like those of Diotrephes and pray they would never be seen in our midst
  2. Keep our lips from gossip, we pray
  3. Convict us when we are wrong, Holy Spirit and give us the grace to admit it
  4. Search our hearts O Lord and keep us from wilful sins, we pray
  5. Cause us to co-operate more and more with you, Holy Spirit, to develop the fruit of the Spirit and the character of Christ in our lives, we pray

14th - 3 John 11 - The right actions

  1. May our walk with you be such that we are good role models for others to follow, O Lord
  2. May we be able to say with the apostle Paul, “Follow me as I follow Christ” knowing that those who follow our example would never be led astray
  3. Keep us, O God, whether we are young or old, from being influenced in our thoughts or actions, by the ungodly
  4. Teach us to always follow the pathway of truth and righteousness, O Lord, even when it is painful
  5. Deliver us from the attitude of compromise, O Lord, and instead may we never fear to take the right decisions

15th - 3 John 12 - A good reputation 

  1. May our witness at our places of school, college or work be such that no matter if people dislike our God, they cannot truthfully accuse us of wrongdoing
  2. Lord, give your people such good favour with the world that they are promoted to positions of significant influence in secular workplaces
  3. Raise up men and women from your church, O Lord, who will be like Daniels, Josephs and Esthers, prominent in places of local and national government
  4. Raise up teachers and lecturers in places of influence over the up-and-coming generation, O Lord to influence them for righteousness
  5. Raise up your people in all forms of media, O God, that their godly opinions and actions will have a major influence on many

16th - 3 John 13-14 - God’s peace

  1. Lord, we pray that no matter what circumstances we may be going through, we would always experience your peace which passes all understanding
  2. Anoint us daily to be ready to bring the unsaved into the experience of knowing peace with God through faith in Christ Jesus
  3. In all our dealings at home and at work give us the grace to be the peace makers that you have called us to be
  4. Give us the right words in season and out of season that will bring comfort to the broken-hearted, we pray, O Lord
  5. May the God of peace soon crush Satan underneath our feet

17th - Jude 1-2 - Called, loved and kept by God

  1. Cause us to remember constantly, O Lord, that we have been called to walk in the ways of Christ and to become like him
  2. May your love so overwhelm us, O Lord, that it overflows from within us, out to others and blesses them also
  3. Keep us from doubts, fears, temptation and the lies of the enemy that he may place in our minds, we pray
  4. In our times of trial, struggle, disappointments and grief, keep us from the thought of ever giving up on you, O Lord
  5. Lord we thank you that no person, demon, circumstance or situation will ever be able to pluck us from your hand and may we never doubt your love for us but remain strong in you

18th - Jude 3 - Contend for the faith

  1. In an age where there is much apostasy in the church, help us to always speak and preach the uncompromising Word of God
  2. In an age where there are increasing attempts to silence the true teaching of the Bible give us boldness to always contend for the true faith
  3. In an age where other religions are seeking to promote their message, help us to demonstrate the truth of the gospel by the power that accompanies it
  4. Let your church rise up across this land in power, proclaiming the full undiluted gospel of Jesus Christ, O God
  5. Build a people of power, O Lord, who can turn back the tide of evil in our nation

19th - Jude 4 - Wolves in sheep’s clothing

  1. Lord, for any in our midst who are really wolves in sheep’s clothing, reveal them for their true intentions before they do harm, we pray
  2. For those in our midst who give an outward show of spirituality but who are in reality living a life of secret sin, reveal them and cause them to turn to you in repentance, O Lord
  3.  For any in our midst who appear to be following the Lord but who are still practising the occult, reveal them and cause them to repent, O God
  4. As we pray for those in our midst who profess Christ but who continue to choose to walk according to their sinful natures, bring them to repentance, O Lord
  5. Lord, save us from having a form of religion but denying the power of Christ

20th - Jude 5 - Praying for unbelievers

  1. Lord, give us a compassion for the lost that moves us to do all to see them saved
  2. Lord, give us an understanding of hell and the destiny of the lost that will ensure we are never complacent in carrying out the Great Commission
  3. Lord may we never be so engrossed with our own personal lives and needs that we loose sight of the desperate plight of the unsaved and fail to seek their salvation
  4. Make us soul-winners, O God, no matter how much we may feel unequal to the task
  5. Use us today, O Lord, to rescue someone from a lost eternity

21st - Jude 6 - Spiritual warfare

  1. Open our eyes to the spiritual battle that is taking place in the realms around us, O Lord, and keep us constantly alert to every attack of the enemy, we pray
  2. Keep us free from anything that would give the devil a foothold in our lives, O Lord
  3. We take authority in Jesus’ name over every evil spirit that would seek to hinder the work of the Lord in our church
  4. We take authority in Jesus’ name over every wicked spirit that would seek to blind the eyes of unbelievers in our midst and we command them be set free to believe in Christ
  5. As we pray for all those who are ministered to in our deliverance meetings, bring complete freedom in Christ, O God

22nd - Jude 7-10 - Sexual immorality

  1. Have mercy on our nation, O God, that worships at the altar of unfettered sexual immorality
  2. Have mercy on our children, O Lord, and keep them from being influenced by the ungodly examples and teaching from all forms of media
  3. Raise up a new generation, O God, that will turn away from the excesses of the generation of their parents, having understood the destruction to society caused by sexual immorality
  4. Turn the minds and understanding of our lawmakers from their obsession with laws about sex and sexuality, O Lord
  5. Help us guard our lives from the pernicious influence of the world’s sexual promiscuity and idolatry, we pray

23rd - Jude 11-13 - The error of Balaam

  1. Keep us from loving money more than we love God and so falling into Balaam’s error, we pray
  2. Keep us from trying to manipulate God when we don’t get our own desires and so falling into Balaam’s error, we pray
  3. Keep us from the error of Balaam, O Lord, who turned to the occult when God would not grant him his desires
  4. Keep us from turning to sinful ways to get our own way and thereby falling into the error of Balaam
  5. Keep our hearts pure in your sight even in the midst of disappointment, O Lord

24th - Jude 14 - The Lord’s return in judgment

  1. Lord Jesus, let your kingdom come and your will be done on earth just as it is in heaven
  2. Lord, we pray for all those who yet do not know Christ, that you would move in great revival power before you come when there will be no further opportunity for them to be saved
  3. Have mercy on our nation, Lord Jesus, before you return in judgment and turn the people back to you
  4. Give us a passion to reach the lost in these last days, we pray
  5. May we be constantly ready for your return, Lord Jesus, not distracted but ever watchful, prepared and active in service for you

25th - Jude 15-16 - The Day of Judgment

  1. Have mercy on all those we know who are living ungodly lives with no thought for God and save them before it is too late, we pray
  2. We pray for all those of other religions we come into contact with that you would help them find the true Way to the Father and save them, O Lord
  3. We pray for all nominal christians we know; save them, O Lord
  4. As we pray for all those who know christianity as a religion, but have not experienced the saving power of Christ, save them, O God
  5. As we pray for all we come in contact with who are seeking a spiritual experience but are looking in the wrong places, save them O Lord

26th - Jude 17-18 - Scoffers

  1. Knowing there are none in hell who do not believe in God, we pray for all those we know who currently mock the idea that there is a true and living God
  2. We pray for all who are deceived by the lie that that the world came about by chance and life formed by evolution and open their eyes before it too late, we pray
  3. For those who live and work around us who mock our faith in Christ, may the power of our witness and testimony cause them to change their minds, O Lord
  4. For those around us who have no thought for God and live purely for the pleasures of this world, shake them with a powerful, divine encounter with the living God, we pray
  5. Have mercy on all those in the media who delight in mocking Christ and scoffing at the faith of Christians and bring change in all forms of media we pray, O Lord

27th - Jude 19 - No divisions

  1. Watch over your church, O God, and keep us from those who would seek to cause division amongst us
  2. Give us the grace to be peacemakers in any and every situation, O Lord
  3. Expose all in your church, O Lord, whose spirits are divisive and who would seek to bring schism and friction, so that the saints may not be deceived or led astray
  4. Cause us, when necessary, to accept being wronged, rather than to insist on our “rights” and so cause division, O God,
  5. Help us not to have so high a regard for ourselves that we cannot be the first to apologise and so diffuse any potential source of friction or division, we pray

28th - Jude 20 - Praying in the Holy Spirit

  1. When we come to you in prayer, O Lord, help us to pray in spirit and in truth
  2. Keep us from selfishness when we pray, O God, but always to pray according to your will
  3. For those of us who not yet baptised in the Holy Spirit, as we wait on you now fill our mouths with words of heavenly origin, we pray
  4. For those of us who have let the flames of the Spirit die down within us, cause us now to be stirred up and re-ignited with a divine flame, we pray
  5. Overwhelm us with your presence as we come sincerely before you in deep and earnest prayer, O Lord our God

29th - Jude 21-23 - By all means save some

  1. Give us the grace always to witness to people with the expressed love of Christ, we pray
  2. Give us a heart of mercy, O Lord, towards the unsaved that will motivate us to seek to win them to Christ
  3. Help us to snatch some from entering the very fires of hell, O Lord, by giving us divine appointments with those whose time on earth is shorter than they realise
  4. Give us the wisdom when we are witnessing, O Lord, to know when to speak of God’s love and when to speak of God’s wrath in order to win them for Christ
  5. In our witnessing for Christ, may we always hear from and be guided by the Holy Spirit so that we may be fruitful in our service for God

30th - Jude 24-25 - No falling away

  1. Keep us falling from your grace, O Lord
  2. May the fear of the Lord ensure not only that we walk in wisdom but also that we never backslide even for a moment
  3. Lord, keep us from wilful sin and teach us the wisdom to be able to keep from unintentional sin
  4. May we daily be transformed from glory to glory as we seek to be imitators of and ambassadors for Christ
  5. Help us to renew our minds, O God, that we think like you and so come more and more to know the mind of Christ