Prayer Diary

Live in victory by staying true to the faith

The 1st Letter of John

What a difference can take place when a person gets to know Jesus and the transforming power of the Holy Spirit in our lives as we grow in the ways of God as revealed through the Bible. John’s life is such a story of how radically a person can be changed when impacted by Jesus. From being self-centred and prejudiced to becoming the disciple of love

The brother of James, who together with their father ran a prosperous fishing business based in the north at Lake Galilee that appears to have traded as far as Jerusalem in the south, he responded immediately to the call of Jesus. The two brothers left the business and followed Jesus all through his three and a half years of ministry.

The process of change in their lives was less swift, however, with Jesus dubbing them ‘the sons of thunder’ on account of their fiery tempers. Their self-seeking ambitious nature remained prominent right through those years, with their mother seeking to persuade Jesus to put one of her sons on Jesus’ right hand and the other on the left, when Jesus became ruler of the world. No doubt they were prominent in the discussions between the 12 disciples that Jesus had to rebuke, even during the Last Supper, concerning which of them was the ‘greatest’.

Asked by Jesus whether they could bear the ‘cup’ of suffering that Jesus would endure, they both confidently said, ‘Yes.’ And yet they, along with the other disciples were noticeably absent at the crucifixion of Jesus. For James, he was the first of the 12 to die a violent death when Herod had him beheaded. By contrast, John would live a long life, into his 90’s but which included suffering in exile on the island of Patmos in his old age because of his preaching of the gospel.

What a different man he became, as his letters show. His passion now was to persuade believers: Don’t let the world contaminate you but continue to walk in the truth! Don’t be deceived by the spirit of antichrist so prevalent in the world. Reject all deceptive and false teachings. Although we are not perfect and there is forgiveness on the occasions we sin when we ask for it, strive not to sin because a sinful lifestyle is incompatible with one who claims to know and love God. Love for God is demonstrated by obeying his commands

And, he emphasises, above all walk in love. A person who truly loves God will love others, especially their brothers and sisters in Christ. Failure to love others in this way whom we can see, reveals there is no true love for God whom we cannot see. In a world where the spirit of antichrist is prevailing and growing, live for Jesus, which will enable us to live victorious lives. Then we can be a powerful force for good and for God in this increasingly dark world.


1st - 1 John 1:1 – Proclaiming the Word of Life

  1. Lord, give us a greater boldness to proclaim the truth about Jesus
  2. May our lifestyles naturally proclaim our faith and trust in Jesus even when we are not speaking, O God
  3. Anoint every sermon, inside and outside every church building, that proclaims the truth of the gospel with a power that causes people to give their lives to Christ
  4. We pray that every week we will see people convicted of sin and turned to Christ as they hear the gospel
  5. Let there be a spiritual “tsunami” of power sweep across our nation, O Lord, as your people rise up to proclaim the good news of Jesus Christ

2nd - 1 John 1:2-4 – Sharing our experience of Christ with others

  1.   Help us to share our faith effectively with our unsaved families, O Lord

     2.   Give us wisdom as we share our faith, O God, and may we be sensitive to the leading of your Holy Spirit in each situation

     3.   Help us to be effective witnesses at our places of work, O Lord, even when it is naturally not easy or is an environment hostile to the gospel

     4.   Fill us with your joy, O God, which is the fruit of the Holy Spirit, even in times of trial, and may our godly joy be infectious

     5.   Enable us to have the joy of seeing others accept Christ and their lives being blessed as a consequence, we pray

    3rd - 1 John 1:5-6 - Walking as children of light

  1. Lord, keep us from walking in sin, we pray
  2. Help us not to conform to the pattern of this world but rather to be transformed by the renewing of our minds
  3. Help us to guard our lips, O Lord, so that our words may always be worthy of one who is a child of God
  4. Help us to guard our emotions, O God, so that we are in control of  them and they are not in control of us
  5. Lead us not into temptation but deliver us from evil, O God

4th - 1 John 1:7-10 - True fellowship and confession of sins

  1. Lord, forgive us for all that we have done wrong, whether open or hidden sins, so that we may not be in bondage
  2. As we bring the sins of our nation before you, O Lord, forgive this nation for every act of wickedness that comes from turning away from you, and heal our land
  3. We pray for an ever-deeper bond of fellowship between your people, O Lord, that is a powerful witness to the presence of God amongst us
  4. Bless and anoint every discipleship cell and group within the church by causing the bonds of fellowship to grow ever more deeper, we pray
  5. May all lukewarmness in your church disappear, O God, and your church rise up in revival power in this land

5th - 1 John 2:1-3- Living in obedience to Christ

  1. Keep us from being nominal Christians, O Lord, and instead ignite the fire within us so that we live passionately for Christ
  2. Cause us to remember your words, O God, that ‘to obey is better than sacrifice’ and to act accordingly
  3. Cause us to remember your words, Lord Jesus that if we love you we will obey your commands and to remain obedient
  4. Help us to read your Word regularly so that we become more and more familiar with your ways and how you want us to live
  5. Give us grace in the hour of temptation, O Lord,  that we may not fall

6th - 1 John 2:4-6 - Matching our actions with our words

  1. Cause us always to remember, O Lord, that on this earth we are ambassadors for the King of kings and so represent you in a way that pleases you
  2. Remembering your words, Lord Jesus, that it is ‘by their fruit you will know them’ may the fruit of our lives be godly and Christ-like
  3. May our actions always be more powerful than our words, we pray
  4. Keep us from being a resounding gong and a clanging symbol and instead may we demonstrate the fruit of agapé love
  5. Help us, O Lord, always to “walk the talk”

7th - 1 John 2:7-11 - Right relationships

  1. As we examine our hearts, Holy Spirit, reveal to us anyone we may need to forgive so that we can do that right now and so not remain in darkness
  2. We pray for all the families in the church that have relationship problems between them, asking you to bring forgiveness and reconciliation, O Lord
  3. As we pray for any members in the church who are out of right relationship with each other, bring healing and reconciliation, O God
  4. Lord, so far as it depends on us, may we live in peace with those we come into contact with
  5. As we remember your Word, O Lord that  ‘love covers over the multitude of sins,’ may we minister to one another out of agapé love

8th - 1 John 2:12 - Praying for children

  1. Lord, suffer our little children to come unto you and find the reality of you in their childhood years
  2. Watch over and guard our children, O Lord, especially from the pernicious ways of the world they are growing up in
  3. Lord, we pray that the innocence of our children will not be corrupted by the world around them, but give them the ability to discern right and wrong, good and evil
  4. We pray that our children will grow to be strong in the Lord and fearless witnesses for the truth about Jesus
  5. Bless, help and anoint all who work with our children, O Lord, especially those who teach them the Word of God

9th - 1 John 2:13 - Praying for fathers

  1. We pray for all the fathers in the church, asking you to give them the wisdom they need to fulfil the role you desire of them, O Lord
  2. We pray that all the fathers in the church would know how to order their priorities and get the right balance between work, family and ministry
  3. For all those fathers in the church who are struggling spiritually, we pray that you would ignite within them a fresh fire.
  4. Cause all the fathers in the church to be good spiritual leaders in the home and good role models to their children
  5. We pray you would save all the non-christian fathers we know and that they may know the joy of forgiveness of sins and eternal life

10th - 1 John 2:14 - Praying for young men

  1. Stir up all the young men in the church, O Lord, with a passion for God
  2. Fan into flames the Spirit within them and help them move in all the gifts of the Holy Spirit, O God
  3. Guard our young men from being beguiled by the ways  and the attractions of the world, we pray
  4. Lead our young men into divinely arranged marriages with godly women who together can serve God in power and effectiveness, we pray
  5. Help our young men to become passionate soul-winners for Christ of their own generation, O Lord

11th - 1 John 2:15 – 17 - Not loving the world

  1. We pray that as individuals and as a church we would not be deceived by the world or attracted by its temptations but rather be godly influencers of others
  2. Give us a correct attitude towards possessions, O Lord; may we keep a loose hold on them and be people who freely give
  3. As we live and work in the world during the week, keep us strong in our christian testimony in all we think, say and do as true ambassadors of Christ
  4. Keep us from an ungodly love of the world, O Lord, but stir up within us a love for all those who are lost in this world
  5. Move in revival power in our backslidden society, O Lord and help each of us to be powerful agents for change as we move in the power of the Holy Spirit and the message of the gospel

12th - 1 John 2:18 -19 - The spirit of Antichrist   

  1. We pray for our nation, O God, that your church would rise up and push back the influence of the spirit of antichrist in our land
  2. As we pray for all your people in their places of work who are persecuted for sharing their faith, help them overcome the spirit of antichrist there
  3. As we pray for all the laws coming out of the European Union that have an anti-christian bias, move on the hearts of the lawmakers to halt such laws, O God
  4. We pray for all the laws coming out of our Westminster Parliament that have an anti-christian bias and ask you would raise up your people within the Houses of Parliament who will uphold you ways
  5. Make your church strong, O Lord, in the face of persecution

13th - 1 John 2: 20 - The anointing from God

  1. As we thank you for the Spirit of God within each born-again believer, help us to move in the power of that anointing each day, we pray
  2. Anoint our minds, our lips and our actions afresh this day, we pray as we daily dedicate our lives to you, O God
  3. For all those seeking the baptism in the Holy Spirit, as they wait on you fill them, O Lord
  4. Holy Spirit, we ask that you would continually distribute your gifts amongst your people to that we can grow more and more effective in our witness for Jesus
  5. Anoint your church in this nation, O Lord, to rise up in power and be an effective voice for change

14th - 1 John 2:21-23 - Praying for those who reject Christ

  1. We pray for all those we know who are Muslims, that you would reveal the true nature of the Person of Jesus Christ, O Lord
  2. We pray for all those we know who are Hindus, that you would reveal Christ to them as Saviour, O God
  3. We pray for all the atheists and agnostics we know, O God, that the veil would be removed from their mind and they would understand the need to be saved by Christ
  4. We pray for all the Sikhs, Buddhist, and Jains we know, O Lord, that they would come to know Christ as Saviour
  5. We pray for all those involved in New Age activities, that they would come to know Christ as the Way, Truth and Life and only way to the Father

15th - 1 John 2:24-25 - No backsliding

  1. Keep us strong in you at all times, O Lord
  2. Help us guard our minds and our thoughts, O God, to remain consecrated to you
  3. Keep us in times of temptation and let our feet not slip, we pray
  4. Prompt us to action, Holy Spirit, if we are neglecting our time with God
  5. We pray for all we know who have backslidden asking you would restore them, O Lord

16th  - 1 John 2:26-29 - Growing in Christ

  1. Keep us from being led astray by others, O Lord
  2. Enlighten us, Holy Spirit we pray, as we daily read and meditate on the Word of God
  3. Help us today, O God, to grow a little stronger than we were yesterday and to keep growing in the Lord daily
  4. Help us to grow in and develop the anointing you have already given us, O Lord
  5. Teach us your ways, O God, as we spend time in prayer and with your Word helping us to grow in wisdom and understanding of the things of God

17th - 1 John 3:1-3 - Children of God

  1. Thank you Father that through faith in Christ we become your children and help us to live openly as children of God
  2. Give us opportunities daily to be the salt and light in this world that you call us to be
  3. Holy Spirit help us to be open to allow you to work through us and to be obedient to your leading, we pray
  4. We pray that the fruit of the Holy Spirit may become increasingly evident to the others that we live and work with, and cause them to be drawn to Christ as a result
  5. Heavenly Father, help us not to let you down

18th - 1 John 3:4-6 - No continuing in sin

  1. Lord help us to choose daily not to sin
  2. For those in the church we know who are bound by habits that are sinful, we pray that you will set them free, O Lord
  3. Send revival in our personal lives, O Lord, such that we are transformed by your power and are able to bring transformation into the lives of others
  4. As we pray for our Parliament and all who govern us, sweep through the corridors of power Holy Spirit, bringing a transformation of our nation back to godliness
  5. Sweep through the city of London and through our country, Holy Spirit, in a revival power that will cause every church to be full to overflowing

19th  - 1 John 3:7-10 - Don’t be led astray

  1. We pray for your church, O Lord that you would keep each one from being led into temptation but deliver us from evil
  2. We pray for all those in the church, asking you would keep each one from being draw back into the world and its ways
  3. Help us to guard our thoughts at all times, O Lord, so that we may not stray from your ways
  4. Help us to choose our friends wisely, O God, so that we may influence them for good but not they influence us for bad
  5. May we not neglect our daily times of devotion we you, O Lord, but keep close to your presence

20th - 1 John 3:11-15 - Brotherly love and the world’s hatred

  1. Help us to grow more and more in the ‘agapé’ love of God and our ability to demonstrate such love to all others
  2. Enable us to deal with the criticism that comes simply because we belong to Jesus and cause us to stand firm
  3. We pray for all in the church who find it hard at their places of work because they are following Jesus, asking you would encourage and strengthen themy
  4. Help us to make every effort to keep the unity of the Spirit through the bond of peace, O Lord
  5. For any among us who need to deal with unforgiveness, give them the grace this day to release all who have hurt them, O Lord

21st - 1 John 3:16-20 - Practical love

  1. Lord, may our lives be lived sacrificially for you
  2. May we learn to live lives sacrificially for others also, we pray
  3. Give us hearts that are always open and generous to those in need who are in our ability to help, O God
  4. Prompt us, Holy Spirit and give us the grace to go the extra mile whenever you require us to do so, we pray
  5. When we give to others by action or materially may we always do it with a cheerful heart, O Lord

22nd - 1 John 3:21-24 - Led by the Spirit within us

  1. Teach us how to allow you to live more evidently in us and we in you, O God
  2. For all those who have seasons of doubt about their relationship with you, O God,

           cause your Spirit within them to banish all such doubts

  3. Lead us, Holy Spirit, in every significant decision that we need to make in every    aspect of our lives, so that we do not stray from your destiny for our lives
  4. We commit this day and every day into your hands, O Lord, asking you would help us fulfil your purposes for our lives for this day
  5. Lead us today, Holy Spirit, to someone you want us to talk to about Jesus

23rd - 1 John 4:1-3 - Test the spirits

  1. Holy Spirit, give us the ability to discern what is of God and what is not so that we may not be led astray or deceived, we pray
  2. For all those we know who are in cults, open their eyes to the truth, O God
  3. For all those we know who are or have been involved with the occult, help them to see the reality of what they are doing and give their lives to Christ
  4. Help us to know your Word, O Lord, such that we are not deceived by falsehood
  5. Help us to stand firm at all times in the face of the spirit of antichrist that is seeking to grow stronger in our nation

24th - 1 John 4:4-6 - Greater is he who is within you

  1. Help us, O Lord, to know and understand the full extent of the power of Christ that already lives within us and to use it effectively
  2. For all those in the church who are imprisoned by feelings of worthlessness help them understand who they are in Christ, we pray
  3. Give us the desire to earnestly seek the gifts of the Holy Spirit and then to use them effectively, we pray
  4. Rise us up and enable us to move in the spiritual power your have already placed within us, we pray
  5. Help each of us to seek your spiritual gifts, O God and to step out in faith starting to use them

25th - 1 John 4:7-12 - Knowing God

  1. Draw us ever closer to you day by day, O Lord to see you more clearly, love you more dearly and follow you more nearly
  2. Cause us to know Christ and the power of his resurrection and the fellowship of sharing in his suffering and so becoming more like him
  3. Holy Spirit, help us to know you more intimately and learn how to be obedient to your leading and to the using the gifts of the Spirit
  4. Rise up in our midst, O Lord and may all in our church know you in revival power
  5. Move in our communities, O God, in a great revival so that many around us are touched by your Spirit, transformed and come to know you as Saviour and Lord

26th - 1 John 4:13-16 - Living in Him

  1. Spirit of God, do your work within us to change us more and more into the image of Christ, we pray
  2. Day by day may we be continually experience being filled with your Spirit, O God
  3. Cause us to be a good testimony today and every day to the saving work and grace of Jesus Christ in our lives, we pray
  4. Use us today, O God, to cause someone to acknowledge that Jesus Christ is the Son of God and so be saved
  5. Lord, let your love shine out through us today and so be a blessing to others

27th - 1 John 4:17-21 - The Day of Judgment

  1. O God, cause us to live in the fear of the Lord so that on the day we stand before you to give an account of our christian lives we will not be ashamed
  2. For all who know you O God, but are backslidden, give them a renewed fear of the Lord and turn their lives around
  3. As we pray for all those of our family members who are not yet saved, save them O Lord
  4. We pray for all our work colleagues who are not yet saved that you would save them, O God
  5. Give us divine appointments, O God, so we may speak to those who are seeking you and may they find you, we pray

28th - 1 John 5:1-5 - Victory through our faith

  1. Cause us to allow the power of the Holy Spirit within us to always overcome the power of temptation
  2. For those believers we know who have been discouraged by words or by circumstances, let the faith within them rise up to enable them to be overcomers, we pray
  3. Help us, O Lord, to triumph over all adversity by the power of the Spirit within us, we pray
  4. For those in the church who are struggling against oppression of the powers of darkness, enable them to overcome by the power of their faith, we pray
  5. We take authority over every situation that would seek to discourage us or bring us down, O Lord and pray that such circumstances would instead cause us to grow stronger

29th - 1 John 5:6-12 - Our testimony

  1. May the testimony of our lives be a silent yet powerful witness to the reality of Christ within us, we pray, O Lord
  2. Give us the right words at the right time, O Lord, that will speak powerfully into the lives of those you want us to minister to
  3. Give us opportunities to share our testimony with others, we pray and may it be anointed by your Spirit to touch their very souls
  4. May your grace touch us so frequently, O God, that we will continually have new testimonies of your goodness and grace
  5. Help us, heavenly Father, to live as citizens of the Kingdom of heaven in a way that is unambiguous to all

30th - 1 John 5:13-17 - Heard by God

  1. Give us clean hands and a pure heart, O Lord, that so that we can always approach your presence with confidence
  2. Cause us to approach you in prayer, our Father, not half-heartedly or with doubts but in faith
  3. Teach us to pray according to your will, O Lord, so that our prayers may always be effective
  4. May we learn to walk close to you, O God, so that we learn to discern the will of your Holy Spirit directing our prayers
  5. We believe, O Lord, help us in our times of unbelief!

31st  1 John 5:18-21 Safe from the Evil One

  1. May we not walk in the counsel of the wicked or stand in the way of sinners or sit in the seat of mockers, but rather delight in your law, O Lord and meditate on it night and day
  2. Keep us like a tree planted by streams of water, which yields its fruit in season and whose leaf does not wither, prospering all we do
  3. Watch over our ways, O Lord and keep us safe from the Evil One
  4. Cause us to break every habitual sin in our lives and live righteously in your sight, we pray
  5. Keep us from any and every form of idolatry and instead always have you as our first love and first priority in our lives, O God