Prayer Diary

Salvation and Judgment

Isaiah Chapters 64-66

The book of Isaiah is often regarded as the Bible in miniature. Just as the Bible has 66 books, so Isaiah has 66 chapters. The first 39 chapters reflect the teaching of the 39 books of the Old Testament and the last 27 chapters, from chapter 40 onwards, reflect the teaching of the 27 books of the New Testament. Starting in chapter 40:1 with the words, “Comfort, comfort my people” Isaiah goes on in several subsequent chapters to describe the “Servant of the Lord.” He would be, “despised and rejected by men”, “pierced for our transgressions…crushed for our iniquities” and “the punishment that brought us peace was upon him and by his wounds we are healed.”

In the last chapters of his book, Isaiah has a prophetic vision right through the future, that went beyond the first coming of Christ with his sacrificial, substitutionary death and resurrection, to the rebirth of the nation of Israel prior to the second coming of Jesus. The reality of the modern day nation of Israel in our own generation is a stark indicator of the shortness of time before the return of Christ. Isaiah further foresaw the final great Judgment of all people. Thereafter Isaiah prophesied the final eternal state, where believers will spend eternity in the presence of God and those who chose to rebel against God’s plan of salvation through Christ will be forever shut out in eternal suffering.

Since Isaiah himself lived in a generation, like our own, that had once known and practiced the ways of God but had chosen to forsake them to pursue instead a lifestyle of ungodliness, he knew what it was to preach to a generation indifferent to the call and ways of God. Isaiah knew the reality of heaven and hell and spent the whole of his very long ministry being moved by God to seek to persuade the nation to forsake the self-indulgence of a sinful lifestyle and instead to turn to the God who would save them.

There is a day of salvation, which is now. But it will not last forever. A time will come when God’s patience will run out and the Day of the Lord will occur, as Jesus returns to this earth, this time not as Saviour but as Judge. Jesus often quoted from Isaiah, including the final words of chapter 66 which refer to the final destiny of the ungodly.

As we are aware of the reality of God’s salvation through Christ and final judgment by Christ, like Isaiah, in the time that remains our work is to seek the salvation of all who are willing to respond. And so we pray to that end this month.

1st – Isaiah 64:1-2 Come O God

  1. Lord, we pray that you would manifest yourself in power amongst your people as we desperately need you
  2. We pray for your church, O God, that each of your people would understand how important it is to put you at the centre of everything we do
  3. Help us to seek you with all our hearts, souls, strength and minds, O Lord, so that you can accomplish through each one of us everything you desire to do
  4. Come to our families and be the centre of each family, allowing the children to learn to grow up in the training and instruction of the Lord
  5. Start your work in each us now, O Lord

    2nd – Isaiah 64:3-4 God’s awesome deeds

  6. As we thank you, O God, for every answer to prayer that you have provided for us, even when we were not expecting it, do more we ask
  7. Lord, we believe, but help us in our times of unbelief so that we can always overcome every doubt or fear that would otherwise rob us of seeing your awesome deeds
  8. Give us the courage and the boldness to take you at your word, so that we may see many more of your awesome deeds in our midst
  9. We pray for signs, wonders and miracles to follow the preaching of your Word, to confirm its truth and so to turn many to you, O Lord
  10. Let our church be known as a place that regularly sees God at work in miraculous power and deeds

3rd – Isaiah 64:5 God’s help

  1. Help us daily to remember your ways, O God, so that nothing will hinder you from working fruitfully in our lives
  2. Hear and bring the answer soon to all those we know who have deep needs which they have been bringing to you in prayer, O Lord
  3. Lord, you Word says, ‘Hope deferred makes the heart sick’ so for those we know who have reached that point, step in and help them now
  4. As we pray for all our needs for this day, Holy Spirit guide and lead us to accomplish all you desire us to do today
  5. Help us in our work lives, in our family lives and in our personal lives as we seek to live according to your will, O Lord

4th – Isaiah 64:6-7 Sin in our society

  1. Impress on the church in our nation a heartfelt understanding of the need to turn back to you wholeheartedly and to seriously preach the uncompromising Word of God
  2. Our nation has been happy to uphold and promote the ways of unrighteousness, but bring a deep conviction and understanding of the destruction to our society such ways cause
  3. Lord, send into our society a deep feeling of emptiness with materialism that will cause people to sense their spiritual need and turn to Jesus to fill it
  4. Let your kingdom come and your will be done once more in the nation of Britain, we pray
  5. Lord bring revival to our land and start the work in each of  us

5th – Isaiah 64:8-9 The Potter and the clay

  1. As the Potter, Lord take us and mould us in the way you choose, not how we choose
  2. Lord, we surrender to you all those areas of our lives that require you to change, remake and remould
  3. Help us in how to respond to circumstances in life, whether good or bad, realising you use those circumstances to help mould us
  4. Change us, day by day so that we are increasingly being conformed to the image of Christ
  5. Holy Spirit help us not to resist your workings in our lives as you seek to change us, no matter how painful, as we know it is for our good

6th – Isaiah 64:10-11 A spiritual desert

  1. Since many of the churches in our nation are like spiritual deserts, bring the rain of your Holy Spirit to revive them
  2. The nation of Britain has become a spiritual desert land, but send the refreshing waters of a fresh move of the Holy Spirit once again
  3. The places of government, power and authority in our nation have become spiritual wastelands, but move mightily in these places to bring a total spiritual change
  4. As the centuries-old christian heritage of our nation is being dismantled by those who reject God, stop this wickedness, O Lord and turn the tide of  ungodliness
  5. Cause our judges, local government councillors, head teachers and teachers and all others in places of influence to have a change of attitude and a desire to return to Biblical values

7th – Isaiah 64:12 Send revival, O Lord

  1. Holy Spirit, send revival in our churches
  2. Send a major revival across our nation, we pray
  3. Send revival in our national government, local government, schools, colleges, universities and turn them upside down, we pray
  4. Send revival in our church, O God, that ensures we will never be the same again, but only ever on fire for you
  5. Send revival in our individual lives, O Lord that changes us and moves us on with you

8th  – Isaiah 65:1 God reveals himself

  1. Reveal yourself to each of us afresh and let us have a deep encounter with you the living God that will ensure we are never the same again
  2. For all the non-christians we are praying for, reveal yourself to them in saving power
  3. Reveal yourself to those who are seeking after God, but are looking in the wrong places and help us to lead them to the true and living God
  4. For all those we know who are seeking to worship God but are worshipping the wrong god, open their spiritual eyes and save themFor all those we know who once walked with God but have backslidden and no longer do so, let them have a fresh encounter with the true and living God

9th  – Isaiah 65:2-3 An obstinate people

  1. Lord, these verses describe our nation today but have mercy and intervene in our society
  2. Have mercy on our nation for ignoring your Ten Commandments and replacing them with ‘modern’ values and bring our nation back to its senses
  3. As we have replaced the day of worshipping God with a day of worshipping Mammon, bring change, we pray
  4. Lord, we have ignored your command not to murder and instead have made it a ‘human right’ to destroy the unborn but have mercy and bring change
  5. As we have ignored your commandment to uphold the value of the family by not committing adultery but have replaced the family with ‘alternative lifestyles’ bring change, we pray

10th  – Isaiah 65:4-5 God’s hatred of idolatrous worship

  1. Many other gods are worshipped in our land but have mercy and show yourself among us to be the only true God, we pray
  2. We have broken your commandment not to make idols or worship them, yet many idols are worshipped in our land, but have mercy and turn this nation back to you
  3. As your Word forbids the practice of witchcraft, yet it is practiced openly and freely in our land, have mercy and bring change in our nation
  4. Lord, open the eyes of your people to the spiritual reality of what is happening in our nation and shake up all complacency before it is too late
  5. Have mercy on and save all those we know who are involved in any form of occult practice or visiting mediums, fortune tellers, tarot card readers or anything similar

11th  – Isaiah 65:6-7 God’s judgment

  1. Lord, our nation deserves your judgment for turning away from you but have mercy and turn the nation back to you before it is too late
  2. As we confess our own sins and ask you to forgive us our trespasses, as we forgive those who trespass against us, change us and work through us in power as your servants
  3. We confess the sins of our fathers in this nation and pray for your mercy and forgiveness, O Lord
  4. As we confess the sins of your church, O Lord, forgive the apathy, the compromise with the ways of the world and the lack of obedience to your Word and revive your church
  5. Send revival to our nation, O Lord, and bring a spiritual hunger for you that leads to a total change in our society for good

12th  – Isaiah 65:8-9 Raising up people of God

  1. Lord, take whatever good you see in each of us and multiply it greatly for your service
  2. Help us to crucify every aspect of our old nature that is still prominent and allow your Holy Spirit to develop the character of Christ within us
  3. Bring to maturity the gifts that are already latent within us but have not yet grown, so that we may use them for you
  4. Lord, take the talents that we already have but are not using effectively for you and help us deepen our spiritual desire to give our best
  5. Take our lives and let them be consecrated Lord to you

13th – Isaiah 65:10 Rest in God

  1. We pray you would save all those who attend church but as yet do not have a personal relationship with you through faith in Jesus, and help them to know you personally
  2. For all those we are witnessing to who believe as long as they do more good things than bad then they will be all right with God, break their pride and save them through faith 
  3. For all in the church who are struggling with balancing time of home life, work life and spiritual life, give them wisdom in planning and the ability to rest in you, O God
  4. For all those we know who are suffering from long-term sickness and are questioning God, help them to trust you completely and help them rest in you
  5. May the peace of God which passes all understanding be our daily experience, no matter what circumstances we may experience, we pray

14th  – Isaiah 65:11-12 God’s hatred of occult practices

  1. For all those we know who regularly engage in occult practices, open their eyes to the reality of what they are doing and save them
  2. For all those engaged in the occult who are praying to their evil spirits against the churches, we bind their power in Jesus’ name
  3. As we bind, in Jesus’ name, the power of every attempt by those engaged in the occult who are seeking the breakup of christian marriages, bring their attempts to nothing, O God
  4. As we bind, in Jesus’ name, the power of every attempt by those practising the occult to bring harm to, division of and closure of churches, frustrate every attempt, O Lord
  5. For all your children, O Lord,  who are the object of witchcraft by those who would seek to harm them, watch over and protect them continually

 15th  – Isaiah 65:13-15 God’s judgment on those who practise the occult

  1. Lord, for all those who attend churches but who still have connections with the occult or secret societies, open their eyes and cause them to repent and turn to Christ before it is too late
  2. For all in the church who are still consulting horoscopes or other ways to discover their “future”, have mercy and open their eyes Holy Spirit to just who they are consulting
  3. Lord if we have any idols in our lives, speak to our hearts and may we get rid of them now
  4. We pray that you would frustrate and bring to nothing every plan and strategy from the powers of darkness against any member of our church
  5. Frustrate every wicked plan and strategy against your church from the powers of darkness and instead enable us to move in the power of the Holy Spirit to an ever greater degree

16th  – Isaiah 65:16 Past troubles forgotten

  1. For all those we know who have been experiencing times of problems with their children, bring relief, a change in circumstances and a joy that causes past troubles to be forgotten
  2. We pray you would give a breakthrough to all those we know who have been struggling with job situations or lack of employment
  3. Bring healing in mind and soul, to all we know who have been through painful family break ups
  4. As we pray for all those we know who have been bereaved and still struggle with the loss, bring healing, O Lord
  5. Set free by the power of your Holy Spirit, all we know who are bound by addictions, bringing them into a life of peace and liberty in Christ

17th – Isaiah 65:17-18 New creation

  1. Lord, help us keep in mind the glorious future for the believer, so that we do not get discouraged  in this present life
  2. May the knowledge we have of the future glory really motivate us to do all we can for  you, O Lord
  3. Knowing the glory that lies ahead, O God, help us not to become so fixed on the things of this world so that our focus is not on you as the most important aspect of our lives
  4. Lord, help us to remember that we brought nothing into this world and will take nothing when we leave it and teach us to labour for that which is eternal
  5. Lord, teach us to invest in this world, more and more of the talents you have given us, so that the fruit we bear will last for eternity

18th – Isaiah 65:19 No more crying

  1. As we pray for the broken-hearted in our church, be their strength and may we, the family of God, help sustain them in their time of need
  2. Give us divine appointments to be able speak, the right words at the right time to those who need Christ, so that we may see them experience the joy of salvation
  3. We pray for the manifest presence of the Holy Spirit in our midst that causes sinners to deeply repent in tears and then to experience the everlasting joy of salvation in Christ
  4. We pray for all the unsaved family members and friends over whom tears are being shed in desperate prayer for their salvation and save them now, O Lord
  5. Bring repentance, changed lives and an end to tears for all parents in our midst whose hearts are broken over their children and husbands and wives whose hearts are broken because of problems in the marriage

19th – Isaiah 65:20 Divine health in the kingdom of God

  1. Lord, we bring ourselves before you and pray that you would give each of us divine physical health and that we would use it to fully serve you
  2. We pray that you would also give us divine mental health no matter what the pressures and the wisdom to be good stewards of our bodies and minds
  3. We bring before you all those in our midst who have long-term ailments and sicknesses and pray for your healing touch on their bodies
  4. We pray you would heal all those we know who are suffering from depression or other forms of mental problems
  5. Thank you for every testimony of healing in answer to prayer and we pray for more and more of such healings in our midst

20th – Isaiah 65:21-23 Children blessed

  1. For all the children in our classes on Sundays who do not yet know Jesus as personal Saviour and Lord, bring them to the place of accepting Christ
  2. We pray for the spiritual growth of all those children who do know Jesus as Saviour and Lord, that they will grow from strength to strength in their relationship with Jesus
  3. As we pray for all these children in their all-round development at school and in the home, raise them up to become mighty men and women of God
  4. As we pray for all those who teach the children in church and thank you for their sacrifice and commitment, bless them and their families also, O Lord
  5. We pray for all the outreaches to children and pray that many children will be saved

21st – Isaiah 65:24-5 God’s answers

  1. Draw us so close to you, O Lord, that we know how to pray with the mind of Christ and so see powerful answers to prayer
  2. Cause us to walk with you as Enoch did and may we see you answering needs even before we have time to pray
  3. As we pray for the salvation of our unsaved family members, hear our prayers, O Lord  and lift the spiritual veil from their eyes
  4. Lord, since you love people to a far deeper extent than we can, save dramatically those who may not even realise at this time that they even need you
  5. Save our nation, O Lord, even though at this time it does not even realise the dire plight it has fallen to

22nd – Isaiah 66:1 God’s power

  1. Creator God, you are powerful above all things, visible and invisible, so help us to open our understanding to you total omnipotence
  2. Help us not to limit you in our minds but rather let our faith stretch to seeing you do the impossible in all kinds of situations
  3. In your power turn back the tide of evil sweeping our land, O God
  4. Visit your church with a new visitation of salvations, healings, signs and wonders, we pray
  5. By your power, change us from the inside out, upside down and on fire for you

23rd – Isaiah 66:2-4 Trembling at God’s Word

  1. Holy Spirit quicken the Word of God to us as we read it and speak to us directly so may we be quick to respond to what you say to us
  2. Forgive us when we have treated your Word or commands lightly and change our attitudes, we pray
  3. Help us to work out our salvation in fear and trembling, as your Word exhorts us to do, O Lord
  4. We pray for such a presence of you, Holy Spirit, whenever your people meet together, that you would bring a conviction of sin that causes people to want to follow Christ unconditionally
  5. When we preach, teach or share the truth of your Word, let the power of your Word cause those listening to be convicted by you, Holy Spirit

24th – Isaiah 66:5-6 Blessed are those persecuted for the Lord’s sake

  1. We pray for all those we know who are persecuted by their family members because they follow Christ and encourage their hearts and strengthen them
  2. We pray that all those in the church who have come out of other religions and accepted Christ, but are being persecuted for that decision will have the grace to grow spiritually
  3. As we pray for those we live amongst who would want to know more about salvation in Christ but are afraid of their own communities, find a way for them to be saved, O Lord
  4. As we pray for christian satellite TV programmes that are beamed in countries otherwise closed to the gospel, cause many to find Christ in the privacy of their own homes
  5. As we pray for the persecuted church of today right around the world, and bring all those who face death for believing in Jesus, be their strength and shield in times of adversity

25th – Isaiah 66:7-9 The rebirth of Israel

  1. Lord we marvel at how this prophecy was fulfilled on 14th May 1948 when the modern state of Israel was literally ‘born in a day’ and thank you for being an awesome God
  2. We pray you would have mercy on the populations of all those nations seeking the destruction of Israel and open their eyes to the reality of what their leaders are doing in opposing you
  3. Lord, though you have fulfilled your prophetic word in bring to birth Israel once again, still the Israelis have not accepted you, so open their eyes to their true Messiah – Jesus
  4. Just as you have brought about the physical rebirth of Israel, we pray for the spiritual rebirth of Israel as the your Word prophesies, O God
  5. As we pray for the government of Israel, open their eyes to the truth that Jesus is their true Messiah

26th – Isaiah 66:10-11 Praying for the peace of Jerusalem (1)

  1. Lord, we pray for the peace of Jerusalem
  2. For all the messianic Jews living in Israel, who have accepted Jesus as Saviour, help them as their share the gospel with fellow Jews and bring a great harvest by their labours
  3. Prosper the outreach of all missionaries working in Israel, we pray
  4. As we pray for the nation of Iran, the biblical country of Persia, thank you for the many getting saved there and bring a greater outpouring of your Holy Spirit in salvation
  5. As we pray for the nation of Saudi Arabia, cause the spiritual and human barriers to the preaching of the gospel there to be removed completely so that the nation may be saved

27th – Isaiah 66:12-14 Praying for the peace of Jerusalem (2)

  1. Lord, you love all peoples and we pray you would show your mercy and your salvation to all the descendants of Abraham, both Jews and Arabs
  2. Give a visitation of yourself, O God, to all the Palestinian people, especially those who desire to see the destruction of Israel, so they may understand who Jesus is and turn to him
  3. As we pray for the Syrian nation, bordering Israel, show your mercy and bless their people with the move of your Holy Spirit amongst their population
  4. As we pray for the nation of Egypt, bordering Israel and ask that the prophecies of blessing in the last days will be their experience, turn the nation to you, O God
  5. We pray you would visit in revival power the population of Jordan, bordering Israel, O Lord

28th – Isaiah 66:15-16 God’s judgment coming

  1. Have mercy on our capital city and turn the population to you before it is too late, O God
  2. Send a powerful visitation of the Holy Spirit upon our Parliament and change their direction down the pathway of ungodly laws, before your judgment must fall on our nation
  3. Lord, since you can easily shake the financial edifices in our nation, cause many to look away from the  worship of Mammon, to the worship of the true and living God
  4. As many in our nation fall into depression requiring medication, let them turn to the living God for help, we pray
  5. As you allow natural disasters to hit nations all around the world, may those nations turn to you in their distress, O Lord

29th – Isaiah 66:17-19 God’s glory proclaimed among the nations

  1. Lord, in these last days, send a visitation of your Spirit and let your glory be seen in all of Europe
  2. Visit the whole of the continent of Africa, including the Muslim north, in all the power of the Holy Spirit to cause a great revival in these last days
  3. Sweep through every country in the continent of Asia in great revival power, O Lord, turning them to yourself
  4. From Canada to the south of Argentina, move in mighty power to bring revival to all the countries of the Americas and its neighbouring island nations, O God
  5. For Australasia and every island nation around the world, sweep over them all in revival before it is too late, O Lord

30th – Isaiah 66:20-24 The rebellious

  1. Lord, since hell is a real place for those who reject Christ, may that knowledge help us to be wholehearted in our service for you
  2. Help us to fulfil every aspect of the Great Commission so that those currently rebelling against God have the opportunity to know the truth
  3. Holy Spirit, cause the eyes of the spiritually blind to be opened as we witness to them of the saving power of Christ
  4. Help us not to be afraid to preach the whole truth of the gospel, including everlasting punishment of the unrighteous, with wisdom and compassion, O God
  5. Help us, Lord, not to become complacent in our Christian lives, but to examine ourselves to ensure we are not walking outside your will