Prayer Diary

God’ Word to the Nation

Isaiah Chapters 61-63

When Jesus was growing up in Nazareth, being taught how to read and write through the Old Testament scriptures, even as a young boy, we see he had a deep grasp of word of God. Isaiah’s words must have been ingrained in his mind during his growing years, waiting for the time he would step out into the ministry he had come to earth to fulfill. The book of Isaiah, in many ways, is a complete summary of all the teachings in the Bible concerning God’s plan of salvation, regarding sin, the need for repentance, God’s provision of a Saviour who would die for the sins of the world but rise again from the dead. It covers heaven and hell, the creation of the eternal new earth and heaven where God’s presence among his people will be forever.

Of all the prophets, Isaiah had the most profound and detailed insight into the coming of God’s Messiah, whose virgin birth he foretold seven hundred years before the event. Jesus would have been familiar with all Isaiah’s prophetic words. These included the detailed description of the Saviour suffering on the cross for the sins of the world and being buried in a rich man’s tomb as recorded in Isaiah 52:13 through to 53:12. He was fully aware this was his purpose for coming into the world and his destiny, which he had willingly embraced even before leaving the glory of heaven to come to be born, not in a palace but in a stable.

So familiar with Isaiah’s prophecies was Jesus, that he choose this passage from Isaiah 61:1-2, to launch his ministry to Israel and the world, as he proclaimed, “The Spirit of the Sovereign Lord is upon me, because the Lord has anointed me to preach good news to the poor. He has sent me to bind up the broken hearted, to proclaim freedom to the captives and release from darkness for the prisoners, to proclaim the year of the Lord’s favour.” By so doing Jesus set out his mission, which he powerfully modelled in both word and action and which he then delegated to his followers to continue.

He fearlessly, yet compassionately, preached the good news. The Kingdom of Heaven was near and people needed to repent of their sins. He was God’s Saviour of the world and the only Way, Truth and Life through whom anyone could come to God the Father. He demonstrated that was who he said he was, namely God’s Son, by his miracles, signs and wonders among the people, with his resurrection of the third day being his ultimate vindication.

As we pray through the prayer points this month, we are asking God to help us continue the mission of Jesus, just as he instructed us to do.

1st – Isaiah 61:1 Anointed by the Holy Spirit

  1. Fill us afresh this day, Holy Spirit, with an anointing that will overflow into the lives of others
  2. Give us the opportunity today and each day to share the good news of Jesus Christ with those who are spiritually poor
  3. Give us hearts of compassion to minister by your grace to those around us who are broken-hearted and need to know the Good Shepherd
  4. Give us the opportunities, by ministering the power of the gospel, to set free those who are captive to various bondages
  5. For those around us in spiritual darkness, give us divine appointments and opportunities to lead them into the Kingdom of Light

2nd- Isaiah 61:2 Proclaiming the Word of the Lord

  1. Give us the courage to preach the whole gospel; total forgiveness for the repentant sinner and the punishment of God for those who die in their sins
  2. As we pray for your favour, O Lord, on all we seek to do for you, guide us by your Holy Spirit
  3. We pray for your divine favour on all the ministries in the church so that we may be fruitful because we are following the leading of your Holy Spirit
  4. Give us a heart for the lost, for the needy and for those in trouble, enabling us to help meet their need
  5. Help us always to walk faithfully in your ways so that we may know divine favour on all we do

3rd-  Isaiah 61:3 Destinies changed

  1. Since you are a God who is able to change people completely, help us to see change in people’s lives as you work though us to minister to them
  2. We pray for a powerful move of God in the church that causes men and women to truly repent and so be radically changed
  3. We pray for the presence of God to be heavily amongst us whenever we meet together, such that it brings a great conviction of sin
  4. So move amongst us in your power, Holy Spirit, that ordinary lives will become extraordinary
  5. If any of us are not in the right position in life that you want us to be, show us what to do, when to act and give us the courage and faith to walk into your destiny for our lives

4th- Isaiah 61:4-5 Renewing the nation

  1. O Lord, restore the honour of your name in our nation
  2. Cause our nation that has been ruined with years of ungodliness to be rebuilt once more on the principles of godliness
  3. We pray that a weariness of the fruit of sin in our land, will sweep over the nation and give the people a yearning for a change for the better
  4. Raise up in our Parliament men and women who see the moral and spiritual ruin of our nation and take a stand for righteousness
  5. Answer the prayers of your people praying up and down our land for the spiritual revival of our nation, O Lord

5th – Isaiah 61:6 Priesthood of all believers

  1. May we not neglect the priestly privilege of offering the spiritual sacrifice of prayer, but rather to regularly use that privilege
  2. Help us not be so busy that we fail to remember that we are on this earth to be ministers for you and help us to be effective in living for you
  3. Having our privilege of being able to come boldly before the throne of God through the blood of Jesus Christ, we now bring before you all the unsaved we know, praying you would save them
  4. Cause us to remember that we are all ministers for Christ, and to live our daily lives accordingly
  5. Bless your people financially, O Lord, not merely for personal gain, but so that your work may be financed fully as you desire

6th – Isaiah 61:7 A double portion

  1. Lord, teach us to carefully follow all your ways so that we may receive a double portion of your divine favour on our lives
  2. We pray for a double portion of your divine favour on your church, O God, on the work within the discipleship cells and on all ministries being carried out in accordance with your will
  3. We pray for a double portion of your blessing on our families, O God
  4. We pray for a double portion of your blessing on our jobs and businesses
  5. We pray for a double portion of your blessing on all the areas of witnessing and evangelism we are involved in

7th – Isaiah 61:8-9  Blessed by the Lord

  1. We pray that  your kingdom will come and your will be done on earth just as it is in heaven, and that we will be blessed by witnessing you doing marvellous things in our land
  2. We pray for your blessing on all the brokenness in our society, that the people of our nation will seek the Lord while he may be found
  3. Help us to be peacemakers to all those around us by the power of the gospel, bringing people to reconciliation with God and with other people
  4. As we pray for all the sick amongst us, them let them be blessed by the healing touch of God no matter how serious the situation
  5. Let your divine power increase mightily upon all the work of the Prayer Centre, causing a multiplication of amazing miracles as intercessors pray for all manner of situations

8th – Isaiah 61:10 God’s salvation

  1. As we thank you, O Lord, for your free unmerited favour that enables us to be saved and adopted into the family of God, give us the joy of seeing others receive your salvation
  2. We pray you would continue pouring out your Spirit on all the countries of Africa and so bringing millions to Christ
  3. We pray for your salvation in the all the countries of the continent of Asia, that millions would know the joy of finding Christ
  4. Cause the revivals now taking place in some countries South of America to spread from country to country and city to city throughout North and South America
  5. Lift the veil of darkness from the eyes of the people in all the countries of Europe and cause them to experience your salvation in their millions, O God

9th – Isaiah 61:10 God’s righteousness

  1. As we thank you for the righteousness of Christ with which we are clothed, cause us to live in accordance with our status as the children of God
  2. Lord see if there is any wicked way in us so that, by your Spirit, we may cause it to be removed from our lives
  3. Holy Spirit, so work within us that others can see as we are being changed to become more and more like Christ
  4. In our thought lives, we pray you would help us to overcome every thought and temptation that would lead us away from the righteousness of Christ
  5. Holy Spirit, so move upon those in your church that there is the desire for each one to want to be continually changing to be conformed to the image of Christ

10th – Isaiah 62:11 Fruitfulness

  1. Lord, help us to develop daily every aspect of the fruit of the Spirit, helping us realise that you will use the trials of daily life for that purpose
  2. Help us Lord to exhibit the grace of God in our lives in our day-to-day activities and in so doing be effective witnesses to others
  3. We pray for fruitfulness of spiritual growth and evangelism in our discipleship cells, seeing each  growing more spiritually mature and evangelising non-christians
  4. As a church we pray for fruitfulness in each of our evangelistic endeavours, enabling us to see many saved and added to your kingdom
  5. Lord build your church through us and may the gates of hell not prevail against us

11th – Isaiah 62:1 Not remaining silent

  1. Lord, help us not to remain silent in our witnessing for you, but give us wisdom to know when to speak and what to say
  2. As we continue to pray for our city until we see a change in the spiritual climate, Holy Spirit move in power in London to turn back unrighteousness and turn people to you
  3. May we not cease to pray for our nation, O Lord, until we see a dramatic change for the better in the spiritual climate
  4. As we pray for all the churches up and down the land, raise up bold and godly leaders who will speak with godly wisdom and cause the voice of the church to he heard and listened to
  5. Grant success to all those Christian organisations in our nation who are working tirelessly to seek to turn back the tide of evil

12th – Isaiah 62:2 The nations will see your righteousness

  1. We pray that your church in all the nations of the world still ruled by communism will expand in power and change the countries from the inside out
  2. In all those countries where Christians are persecuted simply for following Christ, give them strength, causing your church to become strong
  3. In the countries that have been historically Christian but which have turned away from you in recent years, cause your church to arise turning the people back to righteous ways
  4. Holy Spirit, move mightily and open up to the power of the gospel, all those nations which forbid the preaching of the gospel and the opening of churches
  5. Cause all those people groups on earth who have not yet heard the gospel even once, to hear the good news through individuals, TV and radio

13th – Isaiah 62:3 A testimony to God

  1. Lord help your church to understand the depth of love you have for us and may that understanding cause us to serve you with all our hearts
  2. Help us to be the ambassadors for Christ that you have placed us here to be, O God
  3. Let our lives be living testimonies to others of the power of Christ to change people, and to live lives that overflow with the of joy and peace of the Lord
  4. Keep at the forefront of our minds the indescribable blessings of the eternal life you have given us, so that we may never grow spiritually cold and backslide
  5. Let our faith in you Lord, be strong and continue to be our strength and our hope despite all that may happen

14th – Isaiah 62:4 God’s favour

  1. We pray for your divine favour on our daily lives, to make us be the fruitful ministers for Christ you have called each of us to be
  2. Lord, grant your divine favour upon your church, so that we may achieve all that you desire us to achieve, through good circumstances and bad
  3. We pray for your divine favour upon our families so that they would be strong and therefore be instruments that you can use to extend your kingdom
  4. Cause your divine favour on our lives to help us accomplish the Great Commission in the power of the Holy Spirit to evangelise, disciple the nations, heal the sick and deliver the demonised
  5. We pray for your divine favour upon our nation to turn back the tide of evil that is sweeping our land and instead cause the righteousness of the kingdom of God to take its place

15th – Isaiah 62:5 God’s joy

  1. May we truly experience daily the joy of the Lord as our strength, in every situation, no matter what may come our way
  2. Heavenly Father, give us the joy of leading someone to Christ today
  3. Lord, give us the joy today of doing something that will prove to be a blessing to someone, especially if they do not deserve it
  4. Increase within us, or restore to those who have lost it, the ever-present joy of our salvation in Christ
  5. Help us to understand and seek after the joy of the Lord, which comes through our relationship with God, rather than seeking after happiness which comes only from our present experiences

16th – Isaiah 62:6-7 God’s watchmen

  1. Lord, for all in the church who you have called to intercessory prayer, strengthen and equip them in power
  2. Raise up in our church, O Lord, more and more people who are burdened to intercede for our city and our nation
  3. Give each of us a burden to pray for the state of our nation and for a turning from evil back to God
  4. Show each intercessor the areas of spiritual warfare you want them to engage in, and through them demolish spiritual strongholds of darkness
  5. Raise up across our nation intercessors in every church, village, town and city who will cause the clouds of darkness over our nation to be repelled

17th – Isaiah 62:6-7 Constant in prayer

  1. May we give you no rest until we see the fruit of our prayers for the revival of our nation
  2. For all those in the church who allow the busy-ness of life to rob them of their time of prayer with you, restore to them that time, we pray
  3. Lord teach us to pray, fully understanding the power of prayer and the necessity of prayer
  4. Lord give us the determination to engage constantly in spiritual warfare in prayer until we see the victory
  5. In accordance with your word, we pray for the peace of Jerusalem, O Lord, asking for your kingdom come

18th – Isaiah 62:8-9 God’s provision

  1. Keep us conscious that you are a God who is able to supply all our needs according to your glorious riches in Christ Jesus
  2. Lord, give us today all the spiritual things we need and out of our abundance may there be an overflow into the lives of those around us
  3. Give your church all the material things we need and out of the financial overflow to give to you in order to further the work of your kingdom
  4. Lord, prosper the work of all your people working around the world who are demonstrating the love of Christ through humanitarian works
  5. For those nations devastated by drought or floods, have mercy on them, provide their needs and let them find you as the only true God and Provider

19th – Isaiah 62:10 Prepare the way of the Lord

  1. Lord help us to fulfil everything you have called us to do in order to prepare the way for your coming
  2. Cause each of us to see the urgency of reaching our own generation in the time that remains before you return, Lord Jesus
  3. Holy Spirit, reveal your divine strategies in all areas of ministry
  4. Show us daily your plan and purpose for our lives in every detail, so that we are guided to accomplish everything you want us to do, O Lord
  5. We pray: Even so, come Lord Jesus!

20th – Isaiah 62:11 Proclaiming to the nations

  1. Lord, for all the missionaries working in Muslim countries, prosper their work and give them favour to lead many to Christ
  2. For all missionaries working in areas hostile to the gospel, give them grace, keep them safe and make them fruitful, O God
  3. We pray that millions will hear the gospel going out through satellite T.V. programmes and be saved in their homes
  4. For all the christian radio stations that are proclaiming the gospel, give them continued favour with authorities and make their ministries fruitful, O Lord
  5. We pray that you would cause all short-term missions going out to be profitable for the extension of your kingdom

21st – Isaiah 62:12 Redeemed and holy

  1. Lord forgive us for our shortcomings and help us to walk in the power of your righteousness
  2. Lord, so grant us your favour so that people will seek us out to hear the word of God from us and help us to use every God-given opportunity to witness for you
  3. Let us be a people who are known to be men and women of God who can bring the healing power of Christ to the sick, glorifying yourself through us
  4. Lord, let not one seat in our church be empty but fill every seat with people thirsting after knowledge of the living God
  5. Cause the church in our nation no longer to be spoken of by the world as “deserted” but rather let them be astonished by a revival that causes millions in our nation to seek and turn to God

22nd – Isaiah 63:1 Mighty to save

  1. As we thank you for our great salvation through Jesus, teach us to live and walk in the power of Christ, working out our salvation with fear and trembling
  2. We pray for your mercy to save all our unsaved family members
  3. Have mercy on all our friends and neighbours who do not know Christ save them, we pray
  4. We bring all our work colleagues before you who are unsaved, O God praying for their salvation
  5. Give us wisdom in how to witness to people so that we can be effective in bringing people into your kingdom

23rd – Isaiah 63:2-3 God’s wrath

  1. Cause us to remember, O Lord that your Word teaches the everlasting punishment of the wicked and may such knowledge cause us to have a passion to reach the lost
  2. We pray that you would speak to and save all those we know who are caught up in sexual sin
  3. We pray for all those we know who are enslaved to drugs to turn to Christ to set them free, physically, mentally and spiritually
  4. As we contemplate the righteousness of God which makes hell a necessity for sinners, cause us to ensure our own house is fully in order, O Lord
  5. As we see the rise of evil around us, O Lord, may it stir up the spiritual fire within us, so we can seek, by all means, to rescue men and women

 24th – Isaiah 63:4-5 Working for God

  1. Lord, you have placed us where we now are, so reveal to us all you would have us do for you in our current situations
  2. Holy Spirit, as your church help us to be always be listening to you so that we hear and act as you lead, thereby being successful in all we do
  3. Prosper and bless every avenue of evangelism that takes place, causing us to see many people truly won for Christ and following faithfully in his ways
  4. We pray for the hand of God to touch every area of discipleship in the church, that more and more people would become transformed and passionate about becoming like Christ in every way
  5. Lord, take our hands, minds, ambitions, desires and lives as we offer them now as a living sacrifice unto you for you to have your way and your will in us

25th – Isaiah 63:6 God and the nations

  1. Lord Jesus keep us thankful that you came to save the world and us
  2. We thank you this day, O God, for your indescribable gift of Jesus
  3. As we give gifts to others to day, may we give to you our all
  4. Cause many unbelievers who attend church today just because it is Christmas, to hear the gospel and be saved
  5. Just as you gave your best to us, O God, help us to give our best to you

26th – Isaiah 63:7 Witnessing to the goodness and kindness of God

  1. Lord we acknowledge with grateful thanks and confess that you are good and your mercy endures forever
  2. Lord, let us be quick to share with others testimonies of your intervention in our lives, so that unbelievers can be challenged and believers may be encouraged
  3. Give us faith to believe and courage to act in order to see you do amazing things amongst us that will turn people’s eyes to you, causing them to believe truly God is in our midst
  4. Since you have will never leave us nor forsake us, in our times of trial help us always to see your goodness and kindness that is still at work in our lives, so that we may not become discouraged
  5. For those who have been waiting a long time for an answer to a particular prayer, cause them to begin to see a breakthrough now at this time

27th – Isaiah 63:8-9 God’s protection

  1. Lord, we pray for your protection from all the plans of the evil One towards our church
  2. Lord, watch over and guard our families, keeping them in the will of God
  3. We pray that you would protect our nation from the onslaught of evil that has been unleashed across our land
  4. As we take authority in Jesus’ name against all the forces of lawlessness, violence and vice in the streets of our cities, drive the evil from our streets O God!
  5. Move amongst the generation now growing up, Holy Spirit, to turn their eyes from the emptiness of materialism to the fullness of the life in Christ

28th – Isaiah 63:10  Grieving God’s Spirit

  1. Holy Spirit, teach us to be sensitive to your promptings and quick to respond when you convict us of anything that causes you to grieve because of us
  2. May we not grieve you, Holy Spirit by failing to use the charismatic gifts you have given us, but rather cause an increase in the use of prophecy, healings, words of knowledge, faith and miracles
  3. Reveal any sin in the midst of your church that is causing you to grieve, Holy Spirit, and deal with anything that would hinder you moving in our midst
  4. Holy Spirit, you must be grieved by apathy and double-mindedness in your church, so wake us up, shake us up and set us on fire with a passion for God
  5. Holy Spirit, as you grieve over great the sin of our nation, rise up in mercy and cause there to be a turning back to you by this nation that is unprecedented in our history

29th – Isaiah 63:11-14 Visit us again God

  1. You have visited our nation with revival many times in the past, so do it again in our time, O God
  2. Holy Spirit manifest yourself in power once again in our midst, to save, heal, deliver and change the lives of many
  3. We pray for such a manifestation of the presence of God that we will see people regularly crying out to God repenting of sin
  4. Let your presence be so powerful amongst us, O God, that signs, wonders and miracles will be and remain commonplace amongst us
  5. Quicken our spirits and send us out in the power of your Holy Spirit, we pray

30th – Isaiah 63:15-16 We need you, O God

  1. Lord, we were nothing and can do nothing without you, so help us live as the princes and princesses you have made us
  2. Lord, help us to remember that our every breath and our every heartbeat belongs to you, so teach us to number our days, living each day profitably for you
  3. Holy Spirit, since we need you in all that we do today, guide and direct us in everything
  4. Holy Spirit, teach us to value your presence and to include you in everything we do
  5. In times of trial, give us strength as we always remember that you have said you will never leave us nor forsake us

31st – Isaiah 63:17-19 Wandering from God’s ways

  1. Lord, for all those children led astray by books on witchcraft, thinking it is merely a bit of fun, open their eyes to the truth of such evil  
  2. Have mercy on all who are practising the occult today, causing them to see the folly of seeking after evil spirits that will lead them to destruction
  3. For all those of your people who have consulted mediums and fortune tellers in the past and are still suffering adverse consequences, prompt them to seek you for deliverance
  4.  If we have strayed from you in any way this year, forgive us and cause us to walk closer to you this year
  5.  As we end one year and look forward to the next, fill us with the desire to seek you for greater things to come