Prayer Diary February

Grieving over our nation’s backslidden state

Lamentations Chapters 1- 5

As the title of the book indicates this book, written by Jeremiah in poetic form, it is a lament. Written after the city of Jerusalem was utterly destroyed by the invading Babylonian armies, who burnt the Temple built by Solomon, all the buildings and then took he city apart stone by stone until it was uninhabitable, Jeremiah was inconsolable.

This epic destruction was all completely preventable. All his life Jeremiah had been warning the Jews to turn away from their lifestyles of sin, sexual immorality and idolatry, which they had copied from the surrounding nations. God had called them to be different - a holy nation, an example and a light to the darkness of the depraved practices of the surrounding nations. But the attraction of sin proved too strong, for too long and Jeremiah’s preaching was ignored.

God had made a covenant with the people in the days of Moses. Its terms were very straightforward: obey me and follow my ways and I will bless you, spiritually and in every area of your physical live and provide protection from all your enemies. Forsake me and my ways, turning to the ungodly practices of the surrounding nations and I will allow you to be overrun by your enemies and your population to be taken into exile in a foreign land.

Because the magnificent temple remained a prominent feature in Jerusalem, the people did not believe God would actually do what he had forewarned by allowing it to be destroyed. They were wrong. God always keeps his promises. He had been very long-suffering with his wayward people and had sent prophet after prophet to warn them of their impending doom if they did not change their ways. One or two kings of Judah had listened, such as Hezekiah and Josiah, but those that followed preferred a lifestyle of ungodliness.

Finally, God’s immense patience ran out and he brought the calamity on them that the prophets, including Jeremiah had warned the people of. The Temple was not a talisman or good luck charm that would ward off danger. Rather it was the place where the very presence of God was manifested in the Holy of Holies. Ezekiel, a contemporary of Jeremiah had seen a vison of God leaving the Temple. Soon afterwards, it, together with the city was destroyed.

Jeremiah, known as the “weeping prophet” was inconsolable, because he knew that if only they had listened to him, even at the last minute before the end came, and repented, God would not have brought that destruction. But they did not.

The lesson for us is that although we live in a generation that has forsaken the One true God, whose ways we once followed, and now choose instead a lifestyle of ungodliness, God’s mercy is such that, even now, if our nation changes and turns back to him, we can yet see him move in revival. But it needs the church to stand in the gap to pray and intercede fervently.

1st   Lamentations 1:1-5 - A people that has forsaken their God

  1. Lord, as a nation we have turned our backs on you, so have mercy on our backsliding and restore the sanity of our nation, we pray
  2. We have elevated the wisdom of man above the wisdom of God and are suffering the social problems as a result, so open the eyes of the spiritually blind to your truth and reality, O God
  3. As politeness, good manners and self-sacrifice are being replaced with foul language, yobbishness and selfishness, turn the tide of evil back, we pray
  4. As our institutions seek to push God and Christians out of a place of influence in our national life, remove the ungodly from positions of power and replace them with men and women who value godliness and goodness
  5. Cause a spiritual hunger to develop in the hearts of new generation that has grown up experiencing only the emptiness of materialism

2nd Lamentations 1:6-11 - Remembering the past blessings of God

  1. There was a time when our nation’s laws were based squarely on Biblical teaching, but now those are being rejected, so Lord, raise up men and women in Parliament, once again, to take a stand for righteousness
  2. As we remember when even non-christians respected the values of Christian teaching even if they did not attend church, turn the tide of wickedness in our nation back and let good once again triumph over evil
  3. As we remember how the BBC was founded on Biblical principles but the media now propagate all forms of ungodliness, shake the media and stem the flow of evil over the airwaves, O Lord
  4. As we remember how a generation ago many people regularly attended church, may the emptiness of our materially rich but spiritually impoverished national life cause there to be a searching after the true riches in Christ, we pray
  5. Shake the older generation out of their complacency and revive their hearts we pray

3rd Lamentations 1:12-17 - Weeping over the fall of the nation

  1. As we lament the way Christ is being pushed out of our national life, have mercy on the nation and cause your church to rise up in intercessory prayer to push back the powers of darkness behind the ways of men and women
  2. As we lament the way sharing one’s faith at work is trying to be stifled and christians made to be silent, let good triumph over evil, O Lord
  3. As we lament the way the life of the individual is treated as being of so little value, with mass abortions and move to legalise euthanasia, forgive our nation’s wickedness, O God
  4. As we lament the sexualisation of our youth and children and the encouragement to commit fornication, to the detriment of their physical, emotional, mental and spiritual wellbeing, restore common sense to this nation, O Lord
  5. Holy Spirit put a desire in the hearts of the children in our schools to seek you

4th Lamentations 1:18-22 - Rebelling against the Lord

  1. Have mercy on all ministers who do not preach the gospel or who preach another gospel other than Biblical truth and open their eyes to their error, O Lord
  2. Remove from places of influence all those in authority who undermine the value of marriage and the blessings and stability it brings to individuals, families and the nation and bring a change of attitude in our land, O God
  3. Frustrate the plans of all those in authority who seek to promote other religions but marginalise the truth of the way of Christ, O God
  4. As we lift up to you the wickedness of our nation and the powers of darkness that lie behind it, come in power and destroy the influence of the powers of darkness in our land, O Lord
  5. Keep our hearts from rebelling against you in any matter, great or small, we pray

5th Lamentations 2:1-5 - God’s wrath at a nation’s sin

  1. Since in your anger you allowed the nation of Israel to be overrun and taken captive, may our nation turn back to you before you have no choice but to send judgment on our land, we pray
  2. Since, like Israel, you have given our nation much grace in our backsliding, send a spirit of revulsion over the people in our land at the direction in which our society is heading
  3. Since your Word says, “It is a dreadful thing to fall into the hands of the living God”, may the people of our nation seek and find you now as Saviour, rather than later finding you only as Judge
  4. Lord your Word says, “the fool says in his heart there is no God”, so take away the foolishness from the heart of this nation, we cry
  5. Help us to view all sin seriously so that we are careful to avoid at all times, we pray

6th Lamentations 2:6-11 - Broken altars

  1. Revive all those churches that are dying because the gospel is not being preached, O Lord
  2. Holy Spirit revive all those churches that are prayerless and show them that prayer is their life-blood
  3. Open their eyes to the truth of all those in our nation who are worshipping a god that is not the LORD, we pray
  4. We pray that in all our schools which teach religions rather than the Way, the Truth and the Life, that you would help the children to find Christ and not religion
  5. Restore fully to our homes the time of daily individual and family devotions, we pray

7th Lamentations 2:12-17 - False prophets cover sin

  1. Give every minister in this land a consciousness of the gravity of sin in this nation and the courage to preach the need to turn from sin
  2. Raise up men and women in our Parliament who understand the disastrous effect unbridled sin is having in our nation and give them a desire to bring in righteous laws
  3. Let not the prosperity of our land blind people’s eyes to the seriousness of our condition nor to blind them to the inevitability of God’s judgment on this land if we continue down our current pathway
  4. Lord, may we begin to judge ourselves and make godly changes before you have to step in and visit our land with your judgments
  5. Search our hearts and minds, O Lord, so that if there is any sin within us we may deal with it

8th Lamentations 2:18-22 - Arise intercessors!

  1. As we thank you for all the intercessors and prayer groups all over this land that you are raising up, strengthen and empower them to pull down dark spiritual forces in high places, we pray
  2. Lord raise up men and women all over this land to intercede before you on behalf of our nation and turn back the tide of evil
  3. Give your intercessors dreams, visions and spiritual insights into the invisible realms of the powers of darkness to be able to pray strategically, O Lord
  4. Enlighten your intercessors, O Lord so that they may target in prayer every plan and strategy formed in hell to overcome our nation and your church
  5. Strengthen and increase the numbers and effectiveness of all those engaging in intercessory ministry in our congregation, O Lord

9th Lamentations 3:1-6 - The cry of the righteous in the darkness

  1. Because our land is spiritually very dark, we cry to you to lift the blanket of oppression on our land and rise up letting the light of your presence move across our nation
  2. We take authority in Jesus’ Name over the powers of darkness that blind the eyes of unbelievers in our community and command them to release these captives so they may believe and be saved
  3. We take authority in Jesus’ Name over all the unclean spirit powers of immorality in our community and we command they take their hands off them so they may repent and turn to Christ
  4. We take authority in Jesus’ Name over all the spirit powers behind lawlessness in our community and command them to flee this area
  5. Help us to pursue righteousness, O Lord, in every area of our lives and work

10th Lamentations 3:7-11 - When the heavens are as brass

  1. Lord, when prayer seems like hard work, give us the grace to persevere until we see a breakthrough
  2. Just as Elijah prayed seven times before the answer for rain arrived, may we continue to pray and not give up, O God
  3. Just as Abraham continued to intercede for the righteous people in Sodom and you listened to him, O Lord, may we prevail in prayer even in the darkest of situations
  4. Just as Daniel was told that his prayer had been heard the moment he started to pray even though the answer did not arrive until much later, help us to pray with the faith that believes you hear the moment we begin to intercede
  5. Help us to keep asking, seeking and knocking until we see you open the door in answer to prayer, O Lord

11th Lamentations 3:12-21 - The trials of the righteous

  1. Lord, give your people strength and grace when we are mocked for our faith in the living God
  2. Help us, O Lord, in the midst of trials and difficulties to use the occasions to be a testimony of our living faith in you
  3. We pray you would strengthen and help each brother and sister in Christ who we know is suffering right now for their faith in Christ, O Lord
  4. Lord, in the midst of trials and difficulties help us always to remember that you will never leave us nor forsake us and may we therefore always be filled with triumphant hope
  5. Cause the trial we face to strengthen us, not defeat us, O Lord,

12th Lamentations 3:22-24 - Great is God’s faithfulness

  1. Since our nation has not yet come under your full judgment because of your great love and compassion, O Lord, rescue the people of this land from sin and judgment, we pray
  2. Lord our nation has passed through some dark years spiritually and things seem to be getting darker, but we pray for the dawning of a new ‘morning’ of the presence of God  in our nation’s life
  3. This nation has been graced with many revivals in its history over the centuries and we desperately need one now O Lord, so in your faithfulness come and visit us again
  4. We wait upon you, but we know time is short, so strengthen us to keep praying until we see you break though in our nation, O God
  5. Since you are always faithful to us, help us always to be faithful to you, O Lord

13th Lamentations 3:25-30 - Waiting for God’s salvation

  1. Lord give us the grace and patience to wait for answers to prayer, remembering that you often have to work in other areas first in order to make the conditions right
  2. Give us a continuing determination to keep praying and at the same time believing your answer is on its way, O Lord
  3. Lord, teach us when we need to be loudly crying out to you in intercession and when you want us to wait quietly on you in prayer
  4. Knowing that you are not willing that any should perish, keep us in expectant hope for the salvation of each person we pray for, O God
  5. As we pray for people’s salvation, cause to keep on and never give up until we see them give their lives to Christ

14th Lamentations 3:31-36 - The compassion of God

  1. Have compassion on all the men of our nation, O Lord, turning their thoughts and their hearts to their Creator who alone can save them from eternal death
  2. Have compassion on all the woman of our land, O Lord and let them seek and find the One who alone can meet their deepest needs
  3. Have compassion on all the youths of our land, O Lord and rescue them from the destructive nature of the society we live in, causing them to come to know their God
  4. Have compassion on all the children in our land, O Lord and let them find Christ before a wicked society leads them astray
  5. Since your compassion for the lost is greater than ours, O Lord, give us a heart like yours for those who do not yet know you

15th Lamentations 3:37- 42 - Examine our ways

  1. O Lord, we ask your forgiveness for every compromise with the world that has weakened the christian witness in this nation and pray for your church in this land
  2. We ask for your forgiveness for not speaking up more forthrightly each time ungodly laws have been introduced into our society and ask for your boldness
  3. Forgive the complacency of your church, O Lord, which has been asleep while the enemy has been highly active in taking people captive to sin and wake us up
  4. As we ask your forgiveness for times of lukewarmness towards you and the gospel, in our individual lives and in the life of the church, fan the flames within us
  5. Help us to desire to grow more Christlike each day and to have the determination to do so

16th Lamentations 3:43- 48 - The people are destroyed by sin

  1. Since you are a God of love, but also a God of righteousness who must punish unrepentant sin, open the eyes of your church to the depths of sin our nation has plummeted to that we may fear the consequences and earnestly intercede for it
  2. Open the eyes of our politicians and the people of this land, O Lord, to the destruction caused by unbridled  sexual freedom
  3. Open the eyes of the politicians and inhabitants of this land to the destruction caused by freely allowing the traditional married family to breakdown
  4. Open the eyes of our politicians and people of this land to the destruction caused by allowing lawlessness to proliferate
  5. Holy Spirit, bring back a conviction of sin upon the people of this nation, we pray

17th Lamentations 3:49-51 - Persistent prayer

  1. Lord, when we fail to see the changes we desire to see in our society, as we intercede, may we sow with tears
  2. Give us a faith that can see the end result even when outward circumstances seem to say the opposite
  3. Give us a heart that grieves over the sin of our nation O God, and desires to see rapid change
  4. As we stand in the gap for a wicked and sinful generation hear the cries of your people on behalf of this nation, O God
  5. Holy Spirit, help us to pray without giving up, we ask

18th Lamentations 3:52- 56 - God hears our cries

  1. As we thank you, O Lord, that we can come boldly to your throne, knowing you are not deaf to those who seek you in believing prayer, act on our deepest cries
  2. For all those we know who are struggling in their christian lives, help them to grow strong, we pray
  3. As we pray for all churches up and down this land that are struggling to grow, turn their situations around, O Lord
  4. For all christians who feel intimidated, marginalised or persecuted at their places of work, we pray you would turn their situations around, O Lord
  5. Bring revival to our nation, once more, O God

19th Lamentations 3:57-60 - Perfect love casts out all fear

  1. Since fear is the opposite to faith, cause our faith to be strong, O Lord
  2. Lord, may we never fear to make a stand for righteousness
  3. Lord, give us wisdom as we speak, but may we never fear to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth of the gospel
  4. May we never give the devil a foothold in our lives, O Lord, but keep us from every plan of the enemy, we pray
  5. Fill us with your boldness at all times, Holy Spirit we ask

20th Lamentations 3:61-66 - The future of the wicked

  1. Lord, cause us to remember the destiny of those who reject Christ, and burden our hearts to pray for their souls
  2. Since you are righteous and just and must punish sin, use us to reach those you know will be responsive to the gospel, we pray
  3. Save our family members and friends who currently do not know you, O Lord
  4. Save our work colleagues who currently do not know you, we ask
  5. Cause us to see many unsaved people come to know Christ, in our meetings, on the streets and through our personal witnessing, we pray

21st Lamentations 4:1-5 - Spiritual wealth alone has lasting value

  1. Teach us the value of true spiritual riches, O Lord, so that we may seek after the wealth that endures for ever
  2. May we ensure that our material possession are only ever our servants and never our masters
  3. Help us to seek first the Kingdom of God and your righteousness, so that we may experience all good and necessary things being added to our lives by your great hand, O Lord
  4. Give wealth to those of your people who have the right heart to handle it well and who will use it for the furtherance of your Kingdom, we pray
  5. Teach us how to give, O Lord

22nd Lamentations 4:6-11 - God’s punishments

  1. Since our nation is trying your patience with its wicked ways, in your great mercy turn the people back to you before you are forced to judge this nation, O God
  2. You did not spare Sodom and Gomorrah for their sexual sins and you are a God who does not change, so have mercy on our nation, O God, before it is too late
  3. Lord, for those with eyes to see, you are already starting to shake this nation so cause the people to wake up before sleepwalking to disaster
  4. May we see a great harvest of souls while there is still the opportunity for salvation, since your Word clearly shows us that there is a coming Day of Judgment
  5. May our understanding of hell, motivate us to spread the good news of your love to all who currently do not know you, O Lord

23rd Lamentations 4:12-17 - A true prophetic voice needed

  1. Lord, let your true prophets rise up with a clear voice to the churches and to the nation, we pray
  2. Lord, silence the mouths of all those who misrepresent you, your Word and your ways, especially those who do so from the pulpit
  3. Lord, may each one of your people be the authentic voice of God to this generation dying in its sins, in which we live, we pray
  4. Frustrate the plans of those in our nation who try to deliberately suppress the truth and deny the existence of a Creator God
  5. Cause you church to regularly study your Word, so we can live out and bring to others, all the ways of God

24th Lamentations 4:18-22 - Days are numbered

  1. Lord, the time is shorter now than when we first believed, so help us to use each and every day profitably for you
  2. May we plan as though we will remain here for a long time, yet live as though each day were our last, O Lord
  3. Since you know the length of the life of each person, give us ‘divine appointments’ to witness to those whose days are short, we pray
  4. In the light of the knowledge that we will be here on earth for a limited time only, help us to keep all we do, say and think in the right perspective, O Lord
  5. Help us not to squander our time but to use profitably for you all the days you have allotted to us

25th Lamentations 5:1-5 - Remember us O Lord

  1. Remember the height from which this nation has fallen, O Lord, and in your mercy restore us back to you
  2. Remember, O Lord, that we are fallen creatures and in your mercy open the eyes of those in this land which are blinded by the enemy
  3. Remember, O Lord, how many of our forefathers went from these shores all over the world to take the gospel and raise up more men and women to take their place
  4. Remember each member of the younger generation in our land, who has not had handed down to them the Biblical teaching by their forefathers and save them, O Lord
  5. As you see the yoke of wickedness the powers of darkness have inflicted on this backslidden nation, have mercy and break that bondage, we pray

26th Lamentations 5:6-10 - The sins of the fathers

  1. Forgive the sins of our forefathers and cleanse our land, O Lord
  2. Forgive the generation that passed laws that undermined the family by making divorce easy and marriage of little worth and bring change, we pray
  3. Forgive the generation that passed laws to make it possible, easy and acceptable to kill off our unborn children on a horrific scale, and turn the tide, O God
  4. Forgive the generation that has separated the study of science from faith in God and sought to make man his own god and master and bring change, O Lord
  5. Remember those many people who went from these shores as missionaries, giving up their lives and may their sacrifice bring a spiritual harvest in this their backslidden own land

27th Lamentations 5:11-16 - The national consequences of sin

  1. Lord, we as a society we are reaping in the grave consequences of our sexual sins, so have mercy and send a revival, we pray
  2. As a society we are paying for our sins by the rise of lawlessness in our midst and disrespect for all authority, so come Holy Spirit and change our nation, we pray
  3. Our children and youth are suffering as the result of society’s breakdown caused by the folly of our ways as a nation, so have mercy, O God, and bring a change in people’s hearts
  4. Lord, depression and despair are now common among people of all ages as God has been excluded from our national life, so in mercy move once more in this nation
  5. Cause the consequences of a life without God to bring the younger generation to  turn from the excesses of their parents’ generation, to you, O God

28th Lamentations 5:17-22 - Renew us, O Lord

  1. Renew our minds and our thinking, O God, creating a new spirit within this nation
  2. Renew our attitudes, our values, our aspirations, our goals and our desires, O Lord
  3. Renew your church by a new outpouring and infilling of the Holy Spirit in our individual lives and in every church up and down the land, we pray
  4. Renew our spiritual lives, our personal devotions and our family devotions, O Lord,
  5. Send revival to our church, our borough, our city and our nation, O Lord and start your work in me