Prayer Diary

God’s Power Redeem a Fallen World

Genesis Chapters 4-11

These chapters recount another historical event that took place on this earth, namely a world-wide flood that covered everything that covered all the earth, wiping out all land-based living creatures including the human race. Only one family and two animals of each kind were preserved through a large ocean-going wooden vessel, called an ark. This was God’s judgement on a world which had become so corrupt that, “The Lord saw how great the earth had become and that every inclination of the thoughts of his heart was only evil all the time.” Genesis 6:5

There is ample evidence all over the world today that verifies the flood of Noah’s day. These include the vast quantities of coal, which are the remains of the widespread forests that covered the earth at that time and which were buried under the mud and sand of the flood turning the wood to coal. The huge oil and gas reserves are the product of the decay of millions of creatures whose decomposed remains, under pressure, formed these reserves. The many fossils of all manner of creatures, some of which are still known to us and some, like the dinosaurs, which have become extinct, were suddenly killed and buried under layers of silt and sand to remain preserved in the fossilised state we find them today. Evolutionists try to explain these by saying they were laid down over millions of years. But the flood of Noah explains the reality, a story preserved in the memory of diverse cultures all over the world

Many may try to dismiss the Book of Genesis as containing mere fables since it suits their purpose to reject God and therefore seek to have no accountability for living a sinful life. But they do so at their peril. As Peter forewarned us when he prophesied in 2 Peter 3:3 “First of all, you must understand that in the last days scoffers will come, scoffing and following their own evil desires. They will say ‘Where is this ‘coming’ he promised? Ever since our fathers died, everything goes on as it has since the beginning of creation’ But they deliberately forget that long ago by God’s word the heavens existed and the earth was formed out of water by water. By these waters also the world at that time was deluged and destroyed. By the same word the present heavens and earth are reserved for fire, being kept for the day of judgement and destruction of ungodly men”

God is not mocked. His Word is always true. When he said the world would be flooded the scoffers ceased to laugh when it happened. God has said Jesus will come again and that there will be a Day of Judgment for all. Many may dismiss it and mock. But they too will find to their peril that God’s Word is true.

During this month, as pray through Genesis chapters 4 to 11, we will be praying, amongst other things, for them to come to know Christ

1st Genesis 4:1-4 - Acceptable offerings to God

  1. Lord convict us so that we always only ever bring to you our very best and not our second best
  2. Prompt us today and reveal to us what you want us to give to you and do for you that would be pleasing in your sight
  3. Lord may the words that we speak, no matter who we are speaking to, always be acceptable to you
  4. Lord may the things that we do, whether at home, at work, in the community, in church or anywhere else, always be pleasing to you
  5. May we daily offer up to you our bodies as living sacrifices which is our reasonable sacrifice

2nd Genesis 4:5 – Unacceptable offerings to God

  1. Forgive us the times when we have made you lower in our priorities than first of all and change our hearts and priorities, we pray
  2. Lord forgive us the times when our words have not been acceptable for one who is an ambassador for Jesus Christ and help us to change
  3. Lord, forgive us the times when our actions have not been acceptable for one whose life should be a testimony to Jesus and help us not to do so again
  4. Whatever we do for you, O Lord, may it be done with the right motives of the heart and not for our own selfish motives
  5. Whatever we do may we always do for the glory of God

3rd Genesis 4:6-7 – Sin crouching at your door

  1. We pray for our minds, O Lord, that you would enable us to have mastery over every sinful thought
  2. Make us very aware of our weakest points so that we may always be on guard that we do not sin in those areas of our lives
  3. Help us, in our anger, not to sin, O God, but to keep ourselves under control
  4. In accordance with your Word, O Lord, when we become angry with someone, enable us to resolve the situation before the sun goes down
  5. May we know the righteous anger of God at sin and as a consequence be motivated to do all we can to right things that are wrong

4th Genesis 4:8- Deceit

  1. Lord guard our hearts and our motives so that we may not speak or act out of deceit
  2. Create in us a pure heart, O God, and renew a steadfast spirit within us
  3. Holy Spirit, teach us to recognise your voice so that we may not be mislead from thoughts that come from our own human fallen nature and not from you
  4. Lord, your Word says ‘the heart is deceitful above all things and beyond all cure;’ so help us guard our hearts and minds
  5. We take authority over any spirits of deceit working in our church and rebuke them now in Jesus’ name

5th Genesis 4:8 – Murder

  1. For the streets of our cities where murder is taking place, we pray you would have mercy on our nation and bring us peace from violence
  2. We pray for all our young men in the church that you would keep them away from the influence of gang culture and violence
  3. We pray for all our young women in the church that you would use them as examples to others of how the peace of God can operate in a person’s life
  4. Let your peace, which passes all understanding, be our experience no matter what people or adverse circumstances come into our lives
  5. We take authority over every spirit of violence effecting the lives of any within our church and rebuke them now in the name of Jesus

6th Genesis 4:9 - My brother’s keeper

  1. Lord, help us to remember at all times that we are our brother’s and sister’s keeper and give us the grace to always look out for one another’s needs
  2. For those we see who are in need and we have the ability to help them, give us generous hearts and spirits to do so, O God
  3. For those in the church who are currently out of fellowship with one another,  give each the grace to seek forgiveness and restoration, O Lord
  4. For all the prodigals who have gone out from the church we pray you would speak to them, Holy Spirit, restore them and change their hearts completely
  5. Holy Spirit touch and set on fire for God, all those in the church who are spiritually lukewarm

7th Genesis 4:10-16 – God’s punishments

  1. Lord, since we know you are a God of justice who must punish all wrongdoing, as well as being a God of love, cause us always to walk humbly in the fear of God
  2. May our knowledge of the punishment of unbelievers motivate us to intercede with passion for the lost
  3. Cause our knowledge of your righteous judgments, prompt us to seek to bring the lost to salvation in Christ
  4. Keep us in the church from being compromised by the ways of the world, so that our witness and spiritual power is not diminished
  5. Help us to constantly monitor and examine our hearts, removing any sin or unforgiveness that would remain a barrier between you and us

8th Genesis 4:17-22 – Straying from the marriage ideal

  1. Lord, we thank you for the institution of marriage and pray that our government will actively seek to uphold and strengthen marriages in our nation
  2. We pray that as a nation we will begin to realise more and more the strength and necessity of marriage as a foundation for any stable society
  3. We pray for all cohabiting couples and ask that you would cause them to commit themselves to one another by a covenant of marriage
  4. We pray that as a nation our society would see the folly of unbridled sexually promiscuity and turn back to the Biblical values of chastity outside of marriage
  5. We pray for all we know who are suffering as a consequence of marital breakdown to find peace and comfort in the presence of Jesus

9th Genesis 4:23-24 – Revenge

  1. Lord, help us to remember that you have said that it is for you to avenge and not for us and forgive us when we have taken matters into our own hands
  2. Bring to our remembrance any person we need to forgive and help us right now to release them from our resentment
  3. We pray for any non christians who have mistreated us, that you would bless them and cause them to come to know Christ as Saviour and Lord
  4. We pray for any who have mistreated us who are christians, that you would forgive them, cause them to change and bless them
  5. Lord, in those times when we have been mistreated may our testimony be a good witness to the character of Jesus within us

10th Genesis 4:25-26 – God’s comfort for loss

  1. We pray you would comfort the hearts of any we know who are currently mourning the loss of a loved one
  2. Lord, in any and every situation where we suffer loss of any kind, strengthen our faith to able to say, “The Lord gives and the Lord takes away, blessed be the name of the Lord”
  3. As we thank you Lord for the comfort we find in our relationship with you, please meet our every need each day
  4. For any we know who are grieving because the loss of employment and financial hardships, we pray you would bless them and give a good replacement
  5. For all those we know who have recently come back to the Lord and are grieving for their wasted spiritually, restore to them the years the locusts have eaten

11th Genesis 5:1-3 – A son in this own likeness

1.  Lord may we be able to say with the apostle Paul, “Follow my example as I follow the example of Christ”

2.  We pray you would help all the parents in our church to raise their children in the ways of the Lord, by the children seeing the example of Christ in their parents

3.   We pray for all the older men in the church that each one will be able to demonstrate the likeness of Christ in mentoring the younger men

4.   We pray for all the older women in the church that each one will be able to demonstrate the likeness of Christ in mentoring the young women

5.   Lord, help each of us to so grow spiritually that we will be able to be mentors of others helping them to grow in the likeness of Christ

12th Genesis 5:28-32 – Noah, a righteous man

  1. As we thank you Lord Jesus that we have a righteousness that come from God through our faith in Christ, may we never abuse your grace
  2. Help us, O God, always to have the courage to be able to make a stand for righteousness in this fallen world in which we live, no matter the cost
  3. Lord may we be known for and may our testimony be, like that of Noah, that we stand out as being different, because we live for Jesus
  4. O Lord, may we be known as individuals who bring comfort to others through our words and actions because of our relationship with God
  5. Give us opportunities today, heavenly Father, to bring help, encouragement and comfort to someone you want us to minister to

13th Genesis 6:1-4 – God’s Spirit

  1. Holy Spirit we need you to continually move upon us and enable us to move in the power and might of the Spirit of God
  2. We pray for the baptism in the Holy Spirit to be experienced in greater measure among all the men, women, youth, boys and girls in our church
  3. May there be a greater release of the gifts of tongues, interpretation, prophecy, words of knowledge and wisdom, discernment of spirits, faith, miracles and healings, amongst all your people
  4. May we see greater and greater signs and wonders as we go out on the streets witnessing and praying for the sick
  5. Anoint our times of corporate prayer so that there may be a release of ever more powerful moves of your Holy Spirit wherever your people minister

14th Genesis 6:5-7 – Man’s evil heart grieves God

  1. Keep us from grieving you, Holy Spirit
  2. As we pray for the fallen sinful world in which we live, O Lord, raise up your people in every nation, tribe and tongue to bring a witness of the gospel of Christ
  3. Strengthen all our missionaries and make their service for you fruitful in advancing the kingdom of God
  4. We pray for our own nation that you would turn back the tide of evil that floods our land and bring revival
  5. Help us today to share the gospel with someone who does not know you and to lead them from the kingdom of darkness into the kingdom of light

15th Genesis 6:8- Favour in God’s eyes

  1. Lord, your divine favour is priceless, worth more than all that this world could give, so may your favour be upon us daily we pray
  2. O God, we pray for your divine favour towards our church, that you would open doors of evangelism, growth and revival
  3. Lord, we pray for your divine favour on the churches in our borough, that you would open doors of evangelism, growth and revival
  4. Look with divine favour on our nation, O God, pardon our iniquity and turn the hearts of the inhabitants of these islands back to their God
  5. In our prayer meetings guide our prayers, so that we may pray in accordance with your perfect will and so see the divine favour of God in answer to prayer

16th Genesis 6:9-12 – Corruption and violence

  1. We pray for the streets where we live, O Lord, that the forces of corruption and violence would be quelled
  2. We pray for all the drug pushers in our area, that you would intervene to stop their activity and have mercy on their souls
  3. We pray for all the prostitutes in our area that you would save them and deliver them from such a degrading lifestyle
  4. We pray for all those in our area who live a lifestyle of crime, that you would stop their activities and cause them to turn to you
  5. We pray for all police officers in our area, that you would cause them to act effectively and justly and see a reduction of crime

17th Genesis 6:13 - God’s destruction of the wicked

  1. Lord, may our knowledge that there is a Day of Judgement cause us to be diligent in reaching the unsaved for Christ
  2. Help us to redeem our time and use it wisely for you, O Lord, knowing that time is short
  3. Holy Spirit, we ask that you move across the face of the whole earth convicting many of sin before it is too late
  4. Since we know what it is to fear God, like the apostle Paul, may we seek to persuade people of the truth of the gospel
  5. As we thank you Lord for your promise of a new earth and a new heaven that you will create in total perfection, may we serve you now while we have time

18th Genesis 6:14-17 – Working in faith and obedience

  1. Give us a faith like that of Noah, who believed in the face of opposition and mockery of those he lived amongst
  2. Give us the same persistence in our faith as Noah had that we will press on and on without growing weary or giving up
  3. As Noah obeyed you without question, give us receptive hearts to be totally obedient to the whole of your Word and your will in every area of our lives
  4. Cause us to remember and to act upon your Word which says “to obey is better than sacrifice”
  5. Lord reveal to your church the things you plan to do so that we might be effective in our service for you

19th Genesis 6:18-22 – God’s Covenant

  1. As we thank you that you are a covenant-keeping God who can be totally trusted, keep us from ever doubting you
  2. As we thank you for the New Covenant in Christ’s blood that washes away our sins and saves us keep our feet on the paths of righteousness
  3. As we are perfectly safe and secure, not in an wooden ark, but in the hand of Almighty God, let any of our hearts that are troubled be at rest
  4. Holy Spirit teach us not to strive but instead to allow you to do your perfect work through us as we willingly give you opportunity
  5. Since we are saved by grace through faith in Christ, may we always live as befits our status as sons and daughters of God

20th Genesis 7:1-10– Noah did all that the Lord commanded him

  1. Lord, keep us from having any other gods but you
  2. Keep us from worshipping any idol
  3. Keep our mouths from misusing your name or using your name in vain
  4. Help us always to worship you with other believers each week
  5. Help us to honour our parents as you require of us

21st Genesis 7:10 – Noah did all that the Lord commanded him (2)

  1. Lord, keep us from becoming like the world, so we do not participate in the murder of the unborn
  2. Keep us from adultery or any form of sexual promiscuity
  3. Keep us from any form of theft no matter how small or seemingly insignificant
  4. Keep our tongues from telling lies or giving false testimony
  5. Keep us from coveting what does not belong to us

22nd Genesis 7:11-24 – The awesome might of God

  1. Lord when you speak to nations through natural disasters such as flooding, cause the nations to turn to you and be saved
  2. Lord, when you visit nations with earthquakes, let them be the means of turning the hearts of many to you so that they may be saved
  3. Lord, when you visit the nations through volcanic eruptions, may many see the frailty of life and cry out to you to be saved
  4. Lord when you visit nations through drought, may they cry to you, find you as Saviour and see your mercy in sending rain
  5. O God, demonstrate your might to the nations that they may see there is only one true God and that Jesus Christ is the only mediator between God and man

23rd Genesis 8:1-5 – God remembered Noah

  1. Lord remember us, your servants, and make us effective and powerful in our desire to see people come to faith in Christ
  2. For all those of us who have been crying out to you in prayer for certain issues for a long time, remember and answer prayer, O Lord
  3. For the lonely among us who have been crying out to you in prayer for a godly husband or wife, hear their prayer, O Lord
  4. Remember those of your churches who cry out day and night for the revival of our nation and answer prayer, O God
  5. Thank you Lord that you have said that your eyes watch and you ever hear the cry of the righteous

24th Genesis 8:6-14 – The dove

  1. As the dove is a symbol of peace, may your peace which passes all understanding guard our hearts and minds in Christ Jesus
  2. As the dove is a symbol of the Holy Spirit, may you fill us anew to overflowing this day, O Spirit of the living God
  3. Holy Spirit touch us today and help us grow stronger in the fruit of the Spirit of

love, joy and peace

  1. Help us to grow stronger in the fruit of the Spirit of patience, kindness, goodness
  2. Help us to grow stronger in the fruit of the Spirit of gentleness, faithfulness and self-control

25th Genesis 8:15-19 – Saved by the ark

  1. As we thank you Lord that the ark is but a shadow of the safety that we now find in the cross of Jesus help us to live as people changed by the cross
  2. Recognising that we are nothing and have nothing outside of Christ, forbid it Lord that we should boast, save in the cross of Christ our God
  3. Holy Spirit, please keep the cross of Christ at the forefront of our minds so that we may be prompted to serve you from a sense of deep gratitude
  4. Lord, give us boldness to preach the message of salvation through the cross without in any way watering it down to please our hearers
  5. Help us to surrender our all at the foot of the cross, so that we may live and move in the power of Christ and not in our own strength

26th Genesis 8:20-22 – Worshipping God

  1. O God, give us hearts that continually long to seek you in prayer rather than neglecting our time with you
  2. Make us powerful in prayer O Lord, so that we may pull down spiritual strongholds and see mountains moved
  3. So move over our church, O God, that more and more people are burdened to seek you in prayer and worship
  4. As we daily spend time with you in worship and prayer O Lord, may we grow to know you more and become increasingly effective in our service for you
  5. For all those in the church who are too busy to pray, speak to their hearts Holy Spirit and  help them see their need to spend more time with you

27th Genesis 9:1-7 – God’s blessings

  1. O God, we cry out for your blessings on our church asking you would pour out your Spirit upon every department like petrol upon a fire
  2. Pour out your blessings on our Sunday and mid-week services O Lord, so that your power and might may be continually manifested
  3. Pour out your blessings on our discipleship cells and meetings in the homes, so that you would bring each one to life in the power of your Spirit
  4. Pour out your blessings on our children and youth meetings and cause each boy, girl, young man and young woman to be touched by the Pentecostal fire of God
  5. Pour out your blessings on all our evangelism and street work, O Lord and enable us to function in the same anointing as the church in the Book of Acts

28th Genesis 9:8-17 – The Sign of the rainbow

  1. As the rainbow reminds us of your mercy, we pray for all the Muslims we know and come into contact with understand Jesus as the Son of God and Saviour of mankind
  2. Have mercy on all the Hindus and Sikhs we know and meet and reveal Jesus to them as the Saviour of all mankind
  3. For all the Buddhists we know and meet, reveal Jesus to them as the one and only way of salvation
  4. For all the atheists and agnostics we know and meet, open their spiritual eyes to enable them to know there is a God and that through Jesus they may be saved
  5. For all those who live for materialism only, show them the reality of the eternal world and of their need to put their trust in Jesus now

29th Genesis 9:18-29 – Falling into sin

  1. Give us the wisdom, O Lord, not to abuse alcohol, but rather to remain sober in body and spirit
  2. Forgive our society O Lord, which sees nothing wrong with sexual sin and open the eyes of those who govern us to the damage such behaviour has on our society, that there may be change
  3. We pray that the general public would grow tired of the lewd and foul language and behaviour on our television screens and start to clamour for a change
  4. Turn our society’s heart away from the tolerance of scenes of nudity and pornography that are increasing appearing on the television
  5. Turn the hearts of the younger generation away from the example of their parents’ generation and cause them to have the wisdom to see the deceit behind sexual permissiveness

30th Genesis 11:1-9 – Mankind’s universal rebellion

  1. Lord have mercy on all those who live in the continent of Europe and turn them back to you
  2. Lord have mercy on all who live in the continent of Africa and may they all hear the gospel and turn to you
  3. Cause those populations of the Americas, North and South and the Caribbean islands to turn their hearts to you, O God
  4. Have mercy on all the populations in the continent of Asia and may they hear the gospel and turn to Jesus as their only Lord and Saviour
  5. For Australasia and all the island nations, may none fail to hear the gospel and in your mercy save their nations, O Lord