Testimonies of Supernatural Healings Today

Testimonies of Supernatural Healings Today

Melrose Mackay - Divine Healing of Aggressive Breast Cancer
Melrose shares her powerful testimony of how God miraculously healed her from a rare and aggressive form of breast cancer.


Grace Ezewuzie - Divine Healing of a Prolapsed Uterus 
Grace's dramatic testimony of how God healed her of incurable fourth degree prolapsed uterus

Candice De Aguiar - Divine Healing of Sciatica Pain
Listen to Candice's testimony of how only God could have supernaturally healed her severe sciatica pain.

Barrington King - Divine Healing of Back Pain
Hear Barrington's testimony of how he miraculously experienced the healing touch of Jesus.

Linda Lewis - Divine Healing of Arm and Neck Pain / Delivered from Smoking
Linda's two-in-one testimony of how God instantly healed her untreatable arm and neck pain, and also freed her from her smoking addiction. 

Amsale Berhanu - Divine Healing of Knee Pain
Hear Amsale's powerful testimony of how Jesus' touch healed her from a tear in her left knee, swollen feet and severe back pain.

Sia Bona - Divine Healing of Long-Term Leg Pain
Sia shares her testimony of how Jesus healed her of constant leg and knee pain from a childhood injury.

Jennifer Thorpe - Divine Healing of Back and Neck Pain
Listen to Jennifer's testimony of how the healing power of Jesus relieved her of back and neck pain.

Marisa Testa - Divine Healing of Severe Allergy 
Marisa shares her testimony of how God supernaturally healed her of a severe allergy she had been struggling with for 20 years.