Prayer is a vital part of our spiritual walk with God. It is how we reach out to him in times of trouble and times of thanksgiving.

ECC has had a vision to pray for a powerful move of God, that impacts our communities and our nation. We want to see people break free from bondages that have kept them from living a full life. We believe this is so important that in 2002 our Prayer Centre was setup. Since that time this has ensured that we are live 24hours a day, giving continuous prayer and having unbroken contact with God.

Praying the Bible

Prayer Diary for June 2020

Bible Readings and Prayer Points for Individual and Church Spiritual Growth

Ambassadors for Christ

Daniel Chapters 1-3

The book of Daniel falls into two distinct parts. Chapters 1 to 6 record more of the experiences of Daniel and his friends, whilst chapters 7 to 12 focus more on his prophecies concerning the future.

Daniel lived most of his life outside his native Israel, having been one of the early captives who were taken from Jerusalem to Babylonia by Nebuchadnezzar. Although an immigrant, he rose to high office and consequently to a place of great influence. Because he lived a long life, he served in several administrations, outliving their rulers. Yet each subsequent king saw the value of retaining Daniel in a position of power, where he was a very positive influence for God

The early chapters of Daniel explain why it was this man rose to such a position of prominence and authority despite being a foreigner in a very different culture to his own. The reason, we see, was all to do with his relationship with God. From a young age his faith and his passion for God shaped his attitudes and his actions. He must have had some very godly parents to have moulded him to be able to take such a strong stand for the ways of God when separated from his parents through consequences of war.

God showed him and his three friends divine favour as they refused to indulge in the excesses of the court of the most powerful kingdom on the earth at that time. Instead of being influenced by others, despite the overwhelming pressure to conform to the standards around them, they instead became influencers of others.

Daniel rose to the position of Prime Minister of the world’s most powerful nation. Most of his time would have been taken up with the affairs of state. Although he was in such an influential position, he never allowed it to become the most important thing in his life; God and his devotion to God always took the first place. God placed Daniel in that position to accomplish the work of God through him.

In the same way God wants each of us to be in positions of influence throughout every area of the society we live in. We may find that much of the time is spent in the affairs of daily work, but our primary role is be ambassadors for Christ in those places, influencing others around us by a quietly determined stand to always live by the standards of the God we know personally and to whom we would seek to point others. As we pray through the early chapters of the book of Daniel we are asking God to enable us to be significant ambassadors for Jesus.

1st   Daniel 1:1-2 Overcoming spiritual defeat

  1.  Lord in those times when outward circumstances are not going well, give us strength and help us to turn to you, not from you, during such experiences
  2. When we are experiencing spiritual defeat because we have fallen short of your standards, O God, give us the grace and honesty to acknowledge it
  3. If we need to repent or amend our ways to be restored back to a place of spiritual strength, help us to do so right now, O Lord
  4. If any unforgiveness in our hearts is the cause of any failure to progress spiritually, help us to deal with it, Holy Spirit, we pray
  5. Help us to learn from our mistakes, O Lord, so that you can cause all things to work for good in our lives


2nd  Daniel 1:3-5 Training to serve the King

 1.   Holy Spirit, teach us in our seeking to be good servants of the King of kings, we pray

 2.   Holy Spirit, give us the wisdom to understand that we need to root and ground ourselves firmly in the word of God in order to be effective ministers for Christ

 3.   Cause us, Holy Spirit, to do our best to present ourselves to God as ones approved, workmen who do not need to be ashamed and who correctly handle the Word of truth

 4.   Holy Spirit, give us the wisdom to know our spiritual and practical strengths and to use them for maximum benefit in the Kingdom of Christ

 5.   Holy Spirit, give us the wisdom to know our weaknesses so that we do not cause any hindrance in your work or be a stumbling block to others


3rd   Daniel 1:6-8 Resolving not to be defiled

  1. Give us the same resolve as Daniel and his friends, O Lord, to resist any temptation to compromise with the ways of the world
  2. Help us to consecrate our minds, O God, so that our thoughts are always in line with yours
  3. May the ambitions and the motives of our hearts always be submitted to your will, O Lord, and so in line with your perfect plans for our lives
  4. Cause us to be determined to ensure that our bodies remain fit to be called ‘temples of the Holy Spirit’ and remain undefiled
  5. Like Daniel and his friends give us the boldness to stand up for Biblical values and say ‘no’ whenever necessary, O Lord


4th  Daniel 1:9-10 God’s favour

  1. Show us favour in our places of work, O God, not only so that we are blessed but also so your favour may be seen to rest on those we work with
  2. In our jobs, careers and businesses, lead us to those positions of work where we can, not only earn our income, but be in a place of influence for Christ also, we pray
  3. Through the standards we maintain and the values we live by, may we be powerful witnesses at our places of work even without opening our mouths
  4. Show your people divine favour, O Lord, so that we find ourselves in every high place of influence in our society
  5. As Daniel demonstrated, may we see the reality of seeking first the Kingdom of God so that we will then see everything else needed being given unto us, we pray


5th  Daniel 1:11-16 Preparing to be tested

  1. Cause us to understand, O God, that it is not only the devil who may test us, but that you do so also, so give us the wisdom to know the difference
  2. We know that you test us, O Lord, in order to move us on to greater responsibilities for you, so give us the grace to pass the tests each time you send them
  3. Day by day, may we grow healthier spiritually, O Lord, as we walk carefully in all your ways
  4. Give us the wisdom to carefully look after our bodies and not to abuse them, O Lord, remembering that you have created as physical as well as spiritual beings
  5. May we have the maturity to see times of testing as a positive thing that can help us grow in Christ, rather than simply merely complaining


6th   Daniel 1:17 Spiritual gifts

  1. If we have not yet been baptised in the Holy Spirit and using spiritual gifts, as we wait upon you now, we ask us to fill us with your Spirit, O Lord
  2. Help us to use wisely the spoken gifts of tongues, interpretation and prophecy, we pray
  3. Give us the faith to move in the power gifts of healings, miracles and faith, we pray
  4. Inspire us to use the revelation gifts of words of knowledge, words of wisdom and the discerning of spirits, we pray
  5. When our dreams are from you because you are wanting to speak to us in dreams, O God, help us wait on you for their correct interpretation, we pray


7th  Daniel 1:18-21 None equal to God’s people

  1. Help us to be model citizens of the country we live in, O Lord, as a witness to the higher laws and standards that we follow as your ambassadors
  2. In all our places of work, school and college, O God, may we excel in trustworthiness and diligence
  3. In all the work we do, may we excel in godly wisdom, so that we always make good choices in each decision we need to make, we pray
  4. According to our faithfulness and trustworthiness, promote your people to positions of influence and power, O Lord that can bring righteous change to our communities
  5. As we faithfully put you first and abide by your righteous standards, may your people become the head and not the tail in all areas of society, we pray


8th   Daniel 2:1-6 Sorcery

  1. Lord deliver us from the schemes of evil one, we pray
  2. Give us the wisdom to shun anything that has anything to do with the ways and works of the powers of darkness, O Lord, so that we give the devil no foothold
  3. May we not be tempted to use manipulation to get our own way, but always to be sincere and to trust in you, O God
  4. Recognising that greater is he who is within us than he who is in the world, may we fear no evil but learn how to use the authority Christ has bestowed upon us
  5. As we remember to humble ourselves before you, O Lord, may we resist the devil and see him flee from us


9th  Daniel 2:7-11 Agents of the enemy

  1. Help us to shun the works of the enemy in all its subtle forms
  2. Give us the discernment to realise when the devil or his agents appear as angels of light, so that we are not deceived, we pray
  3. Make us as wise as serpents but as harmless as doves, O Lord
  4. Convict us Holy Spirit, so that we may not allow our minds to be filled with images from the media that have no place in the life of a follower of Christ
  5. May we keep a firm dividing line in our lives, O Lord, between right and wrong, good and evil - a line that we are careful not to cross


10th  Daniel 2:12-16 Time to wait on God

  1. Teach us the utter necessity of taking regular time to wait on you, O God
  2. When we are puzzled and perplexed, give us the realisation that we can wait on you, O Lord, to receive answers in our time of need
  3. May seeking your face to guide our decisions be part of our daily routine and not just when we are in times of trouble, we pray
  4. Teach us to hear and know your voice, O Lord, and to distinguish it from our own thoughts or those of the enemy
  5. As we wait on you, O Lord, speak to our hearts and minds, we pray


11th  Daniel 2:17-18 The need for intercession

  1. Impress upon our hearts, O God, the power and effectiveness of intercessory prayer
  2. Raise us up as effective intercessors, we pray
  3. Though prayer, enable us to identify and to pull down every spiritual stronghold that stands against us
  4. Help us how to wrestle not against flesh and blood but against the rulers, authorities, powers and spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms
  5. Through prayer, make us overcomers, O Lord


12th Daniel 2:19-21 God overrules 

  1. Encourage our faith as we remember you are omniscient and know all things past, present and future, O Lord
  2. Strengthen our resolve to pray in faith as we remember that you are omnipotent, O God, and can do all things
  3. May we not be discouraged when we see wickedness in those who are in high places of our society, remembering that you can uproot and cast down
  4. Give us the wisdom we need to be wise in God, we pray
  5. Give us the knowledge we need, O Lord, to be spiritually discerning


13th  Daniel 2:22-23 Revelation from God

  1. As we take time to wait on you by reading your Word, O Lord, give us a continuous and fresh revelation of yourself
  2. As we wait on you, O God, reveal your will and purpose for our individual lives and give us the wisdom to act upon it
  3. As we take time to wait on you, O Lord, give us insights into situations that we would otherwise not know, that we can use for your purposes
  4. As we wait on you, O Lord, reveal plans and strategies of the enemy so that we can prevail in intercessory prayer
  5. May we always remember to thank you in gratitude, O God, for every answer to prayer


14th  Daniel 2:24-28 Saving others

  1. Make us conscious of the terrible plight of the unsaved, O Lord, so that we may be moved to intercede for them and be witnesses to them
  2. Give us continual boldness in speaking out the gospel, confident that the message we bring is from God
  3. Use us, O Lord, to see others saved and giving their lives to Christ
  4. In Jesus’ name we take authority over every power of darkness that seeks to hinder the work of God in our church and bind their powers
  5. Cause many in the area of our influence to turn from the world and the prince of this world, and turn to Christ, we pray


15th  Daniel 2:29-30 God’s mind revealed

  1. Lord, let us be people whom you can trust sufficiently to reveal your mind to us for the purpose of using us for your service
  2.  Keep us close to you, Holy Spirit, so that we may be continually learning from you the mind of Christ
  3. Lord, help us to use the spiritual gift of a word of knowledge in situations when you want to speak through us to another person
  4. Lord, help us to use the spiritual gift of a word of wisdom when you want us to speak your words into the life of another person
  5. Lord, enable us to use the revelation gift of discernment of spirits to help us in spiritual warfare


16th Daniel 2:31-35 The triumphant Kingdom of Christ

  1. As we remember that the battle is not ours but the Lord’s, help us not to battle in our own strength, O God
  2. As we are reminded that your Kingdom will conquer all, O Lord, may it encourage and strengthen us to persevere through all trials
  3. As we are reminded that you raise up and cast down kingdoms, may it strengthen our resolve to intercede until we see significant changes in our society
  4. Your Kingdom come, your will be done on earth as it is in heaven, O God
  5. Use us, O Lord, to help build your church knowing that the gates of hell cannot prevail against it


17th  Daniel 2:36-38 Praying for rulers

  1. We pray for those who rule over us, knowing that authorities, even though they are unbelievers, are established by God to restrain evil
  2. We pray for the Queen and royal family, that they would provide stability to our nation and a good influence on our society
  3. We pray for all the political parties who have Members of Parliament or local councillors, that you would give them wisdom to pass Godly laws, O Lord
  4. We pray for our Prime Minister and government that you would cause them to do what is right in your eyes, O God
  5. Give our rulers the insight to see that by abandoning the values of the Bible our society is on the road to ruin and cause them turn back, O Lord


18th   Daniel 2:39-43 Wars and divisions

  1. Lord Jesus, since you have told us that wars will characterise the days before you return, keep our eyes on you, as we now look up, realising that our redemption draws near
  2. We pray you would have mercy on all the refugees and the innocent who suffer whenever there are national power struggles and may they find you in their hour of trial, O Lord
  3. We pray for those nations currently experiencing civil war and that you would bring an end to their conflicts, O Lord
  4. As your Word shows your concern for widows, help those, we pray, who are widows through war
  5. As we pray for children and orphans of war, have mercy on them, O God and provide for their needs


19th  Daniel 2:44-45 Setting up the indestructible Kingdom of Christ

  1. May each of us have willing hearts to labour towards the extension of your Kingdom, O Lord
  2. Knowing that each of us is in a unique circle of family, friends and acquaintances, help us to fulfil your will, O Lord in reaching others for Christ
  3. Cause us to recognise our God-given gifts and talents and to use them fruitfully for the extension of your Kingdom, O God
  4. We pray for each church and church leader in our locality, O God, cause each one to be used for your glory
  5. Bring revival to our church, our borough, our city and our nation, O God


20th  Daniel 2:46-48 Being in positions of influence

  1. We pray that each one in the church will see their importance as ambassadors for Jesus in their places of school, college, work and neighbourhoods and act accordingly
  2. Put your people in all different places of influence in our society, O Lord, from the humblest to the highest positions, to act as salt and light
  3. We pray that you would raise up your people to positions of high office and political influence, in order to effect godly change in our society
  4. Place your people in all areas of teaching: schools, colleges and universities, to help bring about godly change
  5. Raise up your people to the House of Commons and House of Lords, to help bring effective change in our laws for righteousness


21st   Daniel 2:49 Seeking the advancement of others

  1. Help us to be a people, O Lord, who place a priority on the advancement of the Kingdom of God over and above our own personal advancement
  2. Let us be a people, O Lord, who rejoice in seeing the advancement of one another, even in areas where we are not advancing
  3. Help us to see the gifts and talents in others and to encourage them to progress further in them, for the benefit of your Kingdom
  4. Cause us to realise, O God, that as we seek first your Kingdom and righteousness, preferring one another above ourselves, you will provide us with all we need
  5. Raise up from amongst us every gift, talent and ability that can be used collectively to see the advancement of the Kingdom of Christ


22nd   Daniel 3:1-3 The idols of this world

  1. Holy Spirit, reveal to each of us anything in our lives that acts as an idol, so that we can remove it
  2. Lord, we thank you for our jobs, careers and businesses, but may they never become more important than you in our lives
  3. We thank you, O God, for the finances with which you bless us and enable us to live, but may they only ever be our servant and not our master
  4. Keep us from making idols out of hobbies, pursuits and interests, we pray
  5. Help us to love you with all our heart, soul, mind and strength, O God


23rd Daniel 3:4-7 The forces that come against believers

  1. Help us to realise at all times, O Lord, that greater is the One within us than the devil who is in this world
  2. Enable us at all times to humble ourselves before you, O God, to resist the devil and see him flee from us
  3. Open our eyes, O Lord, to see and understand the spiritual battle we are in as believers, but also to understand the power we have to overcome
  4. Keep us close to you, O Lord, so that the devil may never gain a foothold into our lives and so bring us down
  5. Give us wise and discerning minds, O Lord, to understand the plans of the enemy of our souls


24th Daniel 3:8-12 Making a stand for righteousness

  1. Give us the boldness to always make a stand for righteousness, O Lord
  2. Keep us from compromise in any form, we pray
  3. Holy Spirit, give us clear understanding between right and wrong, righteousness and unrighteousness, we pray
  4. Through outliving godly values may we be known as individuals who always make a stand for the truth and righteousness, we pray
  5. As we go through this life, may we always keep the cross before us and the world behind us, O Lord


25th Daniel 3:13-15 Resisting evil

  1. O Lord, may we not fear the anger of the ungodly
  2. Help us to be a people who choose to be mistreated along with the people of God rather than enjoy the pleasures of sin for a short time
  3. Help us to realise that disgrace for the sake of Christ is of greater value than the temporary benefits of conforming with the ungodly, we pray
  4. Give us the strength to say “no” when we need to and the wisdom to explain why, O Lord
  5. Cause us to remember, that through our God we can always triumph over evil


26th Daniel 3:16-17 Faith in God

  1. Give us a faith that can believe you for the impossible, O God
  2. Give us also a faith that always pleases you, O Lord
  3. Help us, at all times, O Lord, not to look at our circumstances but the God who can change our circumstances
  4. When we are seeking an answer to prayer in a difficult situation, Holy Spirit, enable us to distinguish between God-centred faith and man-centred presumption
  5. As we experience smaller triumphs of faith cause us to grow further in faith, rising to ever-greater challenges


27th Daniel 3:18-23 Suffering for Christ

  1. Help us to understand, O Lord that you do not always deliver us from every trial and there are times when we need to suffer for Christ
  2. When the heat of affliction is strong in our lives, give us the grace not to flinch from wholeheartedly following Christ
  3. May we remember, O Lord, that the sufferings of this present world are not worthy to be compared with the glory which we will one day experience
  4. If we are suffering as a result of our own mistakes and misjudgements, give us the grace to acknowledge it and repent, we pray
  5. In our suffering for Christ may we nevertheless experience that supernatural peace and joy, which is the fruit of the Spirit


28th Daniel 3:24-25 Christ in the midst

  1. Cause us to realise, Lord Jesus, that no matter what we are experiencing you are always right there with us, so we may not be discouraged
  2. In any and every trial we may be experiencing right now, sustain us and help our attitude to be one of witnessing to our faith in Christ through our trial
  3. Knowing that it is your presence within us and not how we may be feeling at the time, help us to continually move in the power of your Holy Spirit
  4. May your manifest glory be present in each of our meetings, Lord Jesus, with your power to save the lost, heal the sick and radically change lives
  5. Be present amongst us, Lord Jesus, in such a powerful way that we see you bringing continuous revival in our midst


29th  Daniel 3:26-27  Servants of the Most High God and the power of our testimony

  1. May we always realise that we are here to live as servants of the Most High God, and may we always act accordingly
  2. Help us to use effectively and wisely the power and authority you have delegated to us as your church, Lord Jesus
  3. Help us to realise the power of our testimony to change the lives of others, O Lord
  4. Give us opportunities to naturally share our testimony, O God, and to lead others to you.
  5. When you answer our prayers, may we always be quick to thank you Lord and to tell others of all that you have done


30th  Daniel 3:28-29 Spreading the gospel

  1. Impress on us, O Lord, the importance of spreading the gospel in the time that remains available for us to do so
  2. Help us to use each of the gifts you have given to every one of us, to effectively spread the gospel of Christ
  3. Holy Spirit, we ask that, that you would guide and lead us in all our evangelistic outreaches so that we may be fruitful in all we do
  4. We pray for all our discipleship groups, that you would anoint them, O Lord, to be effective in all their different ways of outreach
  5. We pray for all our evangelistic services, O Lord, may we see many coming to  repentance and the knowledge of Christ