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Prayer Diary for October 2020

Bible Readings and Prayer Points for Individual and Church Spiritual Growth


“Praying the prayers and desires of Jesus”


  Extracts from the gospels


This month we to look at aspects of the prayer life of the One who shows us the importance of prayer and how pray – Jesus himself. If Jesus, who always remained sinless and an example of perfect humanity as God always intended it to be, found it necessary to make prayer his priority, how much more should we?


There was something so different about the way Jesus prayed that his disciples asked him. “Lord, teach us to pray” Luke 11:1. God has paid a great cost to enable us, who are sinful people, to be redeemed through our faith in Christ and so be able to come boldly to the Source of all being and power. “Therefore, since we have a great High Priest who has gone through the heavens, Jesus the Son of God, let us hold firmly to the faith we profess. For we do not have a high priest who is unable to sympathise with our weaknesses, but we have one who has been tempted in every way, just as we are – yet without sin. Let us then approach the throne of grace with confidence, so that we may receive mercy and find grace to help us in our time of need.” Hebrews 4:14-16


Jesus is the High Priest through whom we have immediate and unrestricted access into the very presence of God. Jesus is also the One who modelled a life of prayer to those around him, so that we can understand how to pray, when to pray and what to pray for, in ways that are effective and fruitful. The disciples saw and understood the connection between the prayer life of Jesus and the amazing impact he had on all around him – it was one of the things that marked him out as so different from others. And yet it was something the disciples knew instinctively that was a possibility for them to emulate, so they too could walk in the power of God.


What is Jesus doing now having ascended into heaven? So essential is the life of prayer that the Bible shows us Jesus is continuing his intercessory ministry even now “Who is he that condemns? Christ Jesus, who died – more than that, who was raised to life – is at the right hand of God and is also interceding for us. Who shall separate us from the love of Christ?” Romans 8:34-5  The Bible also tells us, “Therefore he is able to save completely those who come to God through him, because he always lives to intercede for them.” Hebrews 7:25


This month, as we take some aspects from the prayer life of Jesus and from the things he said or experienced about prayer, we are following in the footsteps of the disciples as they asked him to show them how to pray. We see Jesus in intimate conversation with the Father. We see him rejoicing in prayer to the Father as he sees his disciples moving in the power of the Holy Spirit. We see his guidelines on what to prioritise and ask for in prayer as he gives us a model prayer. We overhear him praying his great High Priestly prayer before he goes to the cross. We observe him in prayer as he goes through the greatest crisis and test of his life at the cross. And we ask, “Lord teach us to pray,” so that we can move effectively in the presence and power of God.



1st – Luke 3:21-22 – An open heaven

  1. O Lord, teach us to walk in your ways so that as we pray we may experience an open heaven in our lives.
  2. As we seek you in prayer, O Lord, let your Holy Spirit come upon us afresh with a new infilling.
  3. As we pray and intercede daily for revival, grant an open heaven over our church, O God
  4. As prayer comes up to you in the discipleship groups, grant an open heaven over the non-believers prayed for.
  5. May our lives be such that you can say of each of us, “with you I am well pleased.”



2nd – Luke 6:12, Mark 1:35 – Time with God

  1. However busy our schedules may be O Lord, give us the wisdom to make time to pray.
  2. Let your peace, which passes all understanding be ours as we wait in your presence in prayer.
  3. Let our children in the church be able to see their parents regularly in times of prayer with you Lord and so learn to make prayer an intimate part of their lives, we pray
  4. Teach us that if we are always too busy to pray, then indeed we are too busy.
  5. Teach us how to talk to you in prayer at all times and in all situations with all kinds of prayers



3rd – Luke 10:17-21 – Thanks for the ministries of others

  1. Lord, we give you thanks for the person who first told us about the Gospel and led us to salvation in Christ – bless them and make them fruitful, we pray
  2. Thank you Lord, for those in your church who can do some things much better than we can – increase your anointing on them, we pray
  3. Thank you Jesus that you have given us your delegated power – give us the wisdom, understanding and courage to use it well
  4. Thank you for all our leaders of our discipleship groups and all other ministries – increase their abilities and giftings.
  5. Help us never to be jealous or envious at the spiritual giftings of others – but rather to always thank God for them.



4th – Luke 11:1 – Teach us to pray

  1. O Lord, let prayer become to us as natural as breathing.
  2. Help us to pray in times of blessing and in times of hardship, we ask
  3. Lord, when we pray may we learn to be persistent and never give up.
  4. Cause us to remember that you are more willing to answer prayer than we are to offer it, O Lord.
  5. Lord, we know we need to pray but teach us to pray, we ask.



5th – Matthew 6:9 – A Heavenly Father

  1. Thank you that you are not just our God, but are a Father to all who are in Christ; may we grow in understanding as to what that truly means.
  2. May we be “like father, like sons” and “like father, like daughters” as we reflect your character in all we say, think and do
  3. Let not familiarity with you cause us to become complacent in our spiritual walk, but may we always hallow and revere you and your name, we pray.
  4. In times of trial, cause us to remember that we are heirs of our Father jointly of all that belongs to Christ, we pray, so that we can endure current temporary difficulties
  5. Thank you for our eternal inheritance, as sons and daughters of the living God; cause us to be generous in all our ways.



6th – Matthew 6:10 – Your will be done on earth

  1. Let your Kingdom come into the lives of those we pray for, so that they may be born again, O Lord
  2. Let your Kingdom come into the lives of those we witness to and pray for in our  discipleship groups; save them, we ask
  3. Have mercy on our nation and turn the hearts of the people back to you, O Lord.
  4. Let our rulers begin to see the folly of overturning our nation’s laws that have been based on your Word, we pray
  5. O God, let your church rise up in our nation and start to be more influential as “salt and light”.



7th – Matthew 6:11 – Our daily bread

  1. Thank you, O Lord, that you meet our needs; supply today to those of us who have an urgent financial or physical need.
  2. For those of us burdened by debt, give us the wisdom and desire to live a debt-free lifestyle, we pray
  3. We bring our most pressing need before you today; help us and provide, we ask.
  4. Provide for and bless all those organisations around us who are providing humanitarian aid to the hungry and dispossessed, we pray
  5. Teach us to be as generous to others as you are to us, O Lord.



8th – Matthew 6:12 – Forgiveness

  1. Heavenly Father, forgive us all our sins and give us the strength to avoid repeating them.
  2. We forgive and release from our resentment, right now all those who have hurt us.
  3. We forgive and release right now any member of our families who has offended us.
  4. We forgive and release right now any member of the church who has ever offended us.
  5. We forgive and release right now any and every non-Christian who has or continues to offend us.



9th – Matthew 6:13 – Deliverance from evil

  1. Guard our lips from evil at all times, O Lord.
  2. Help us to put a guard around our thoughts and keep them from evil, we pray.
  3. Enable us to guard our actions from all evil O Lord.
  4. Give us wisdom, O Lord, to avoid situations that will cause us temptation.
  5. Keep us safe from all dangers seen and unseen and from every attack of the evil one, we ask.


10th – Matthew 18:19-20 – Praying together

  1. Put the desire in our hearts to gather with others to pray and intercede, O Lord, we ask.
  2. Give us a total unity in the Holy Spirit, so that as we pray together, it will be done.
  3. Cause our families to pray regularly together – husbands and wives, parents and children and be united in our spirits and in the Holy Spirit, we pray.
  4. Cause all those who pray together in our prayer meetings and over the telephones in the Prayer Centre to see miraculous answers, we ask.
  5. Cause all those who pray together in the discipleship groups, to see miraculous answers.



11th – John 15:1-8 – Remaining in Christ

  1. Lord, we need you every hour of the day; help us keep our eyes on you at all times.
  2. Cause us, O Lord, to remain in you and for your words to remain in us.
  3. Enable us to be fruitful in every area of our lives - physical, spiritual, domestic, financial, social and ministry, we pray.
  4. Guide us to pray according to your will, O God, so that we may see answers to prayer.
  5. May we bring glory to you, O God, in all areas of our lives, we ask.



12th – John 17:1-3 – Eternal life

  1. Lord, we pray for each of our family members who do not know you, that you would save them and give them eternal life.
  2. For each of our work colleagues who do not know you, we pray you would open their hearts to receive Christ and have eternal life.
  3. For those we know who may be religious, but as yet do not know you personally, we pray you would give them eternal life.
  4. For all those we know who are trusting in their good deeds to get them to heaven, O Lord, save them and give them eternal life.
  5. For those we know who profess to be atheists, save them and let them know the truth of eternal life, we pray.



13th – John 17:4-5 – God’s glory

  1. Lord, may our lives reflect Jesus and so bring you glory at all times.
  2. Thank you for the glorious future that will be ours for all eternity in your presence; may such knowledge radically change our lives in the here-and-now
  3. Lord, bring your glory to the streets whenever we are able to go out to witness, to share the gospel and pray for the sick.
  4. Let this church be known for the miraculous and so bring you glory, we pray.
  5. When you give us success in any form of ministry, may we always be careful to give all glory to you, O Lord.


14th – John 17:6-8 – God’s Word

  1. Cause us to spend time regularly reading your Word and grant us understanding Holy Spirit, we ask.
  2. Let us not be only readers of and listeners to your Word, O God, but diligent doers of it also.
  3. Anoint our lips and minds as we share your Word with others, that they may too believe and obey your Word, we pray.
  4. Cause your Word to be foundational to every decision and action we take, so that we may not stray from your ways in all we do.
  5. Give us new insights into your Word daily, Holy Spirit as you enlighten our minds and spirits, we ask.



15th – John 17:9-10 – Praying for the church

  1. We pray for every part of your church in the U.K., that you would visit every denomination with a powerful revival, O Lord.
  2. We pray for our national church – the Church of England, that Godly men and women will make a bold stand for righteousness.
  3. We pray for the suffering church – all those believers around the world who are persecuted for following Jesus – protect them and give them strength.
  4. We thank you for every part of the world where your church is in revival; fan the flames even more, O Lord.
  5. We pray for all believers we know whose faith is weak and who are struggling; strengthen their spirits, O God.



16th – John 17:11 – Coming to the Father

  1. Thank you Lord that we shall one day be with you and be like you; may such knowledge cause us to live dedicated lives for you.
  2. Teach us, O God, to live in the light of the Day of Judgment.
  3. For those believers who fear death – give them your total peace and understanding, we pray
  4. Thank you for the certainty, that through faith in Christ, we know where our eternal future lies and may it help us overcome all trials.
  5. Help us, Holy Spirit, to share and bring that same future certainty to all those around us who are currently lost and hopeless.



17th – John 17:12 – Safe in Christ

  1.    Thank you Lord that we are totally safe in your hands: cause us not to fear.
  2. Help us to trust you at all times and not to waste time and energy in needless worry, we  pray.
  3. Thank you that the Word of God is always fulfilled; teach us to treasure and it and act   on your Word.
  4. Cause us to remember your promise when you said, “I will never leave you or forsake   you” and give us strength in all situations.
  5. Help us to remember we are eternally safe in your hand so that we can always live over and above our circumstances, we pray.



18th – John 17:13-14 – Joy

  1. May the joy of the Lord sustain us through any and every circumstance, we pray.
  2. Keep at the forefront of our minds, O Lord, the eternal joy that awaits us, so we may put present trials in their true perspective.
  3. Help us to live in this world without being tainted by the ways of the world, we pray
  4. O Lord, give us the strength to live in this world as ambassadors for the King of kings.
  5. Let the love and joy of Christ shine out from us towards those who may dislike us simply because we follow Jesus, we pray.



19th – John 17:15-19 – In the World but not of it

  1. Lord, as you have put us in this world, help us to know your will for our lives and our church and to fulfil all the plans you have for us.
  2. Teach us how to live in this world, in such a way that we are positive role models to those around us who do not yet know Christ.
  3. Protect us from every wicked plan of the enemy against ourselves, our children, our families and your church, we pray.
  4. As you have sanctified us O Lord, give us the grace to live lives that reflect the standards of holiness you desire in us.
  5. We take authority over and bind every wicked spirit that would seek to bring harm, division, confusion or deception to the church.



20th – John 17:20-23 – Prayer for new christians

  1. Help us to share with others how they can have the same relationship with you that we enjoy, O Lord
  2. We pray for all those in the church who have recently given their lives to Christ, that you would protect them from the enemy who would seek to turn them back.
  3. Help all new christians to settle into discipleship groups and to grow to become strong in the Lord.
  4. Let us see new believers constantly being baptised in the Holy Spirit, in the church and in the discipleship groups.
  5. Watch over each discipleship group and over the church and cause there to be a deep and total unity at all times, we pray.



21st – John 17:24 – The glory of God

  1. Heavenly Father, we thank you that, in Christ, you will change us, one day, to total perfection.
  2. Help us, even now, to reflect the glory of Jesus in every aspect of our daily lives.
  3. May our daily choices and decisions be ones that bring you glory, O Lord.
  4. Let the words of our mouths and the meditation of our hearts be acceptable in your sight, O Lord.
  5. Glorify yourself in our midst through the gifts of the Holy Spirit being used throughout the body of Christ, we pray.



22nd – John 17:25-26 – Making God known

  1. O Lord, let our lives be open books that show others the reality of you in our lives.
  2. Let your presence, Holy Spirit, be felt deeply amongst us whenever we meet to worship you and that others may always sense and feel your presence.
  3. Bring a conviction of sin upon the unsaved as they meet with us, and let them turn to you, O Lord.
  4. Rise up in our midst, O Lord and reveal yourself to a spiritually needy nation, who may then see their need to be saved.
  5. Have mercy on our nation, O God and cause there to be tiredness with ungodly law so that the nation turns back to you, we pray


23rd – Matthew 26:36-39 – Your will, not mine

  1. Help us always to choose your will and ways O Lord even, if it takes us down a difficult pathway.
  2. For all those of us currently experiencing grave trials, give them the strength to endure until their breakthrough comes, we pray.
  3. Let us not get discouraged in times of difficulty, but to remember that such experiences provide the opportunity for spiritual growth.
  4. Enable us to be mature enough to pray,“not my will, but yours be done.”
  5. Give us willing hearts to encourage one another whenever we see others struggling, O God.



24th – Matthew 26:40-46 – The body is weak

  1. Keep us disciplined so we do not neglect the times we need to spend in your presence, O Lord.
  2. Highlight to each of us our weaknesses and give us the desire and the will to deal with them, we pray.
  3. Take away any spiritual lethargy that we may have, O Lord and cause us to grow in spirit.
  4. For those who profess Christ but are in habitual sin, shake them up, wake them up and bring repentance to their lives Holy Spirit, we ask.
  5. Lord, let us encourage one another and spur one another on to live righteously.



25th – Luke 23:26-34 – The spiritually blind

  1. Lord, have mercy on the leaders of our nation who pass laws contrary to your will – forgive our nation’s sins.
  2. Have mercy on those in the theatres, cinemas and T.V. who openly mock your ways and standards; forgive them and bring change, we pray.
  3. Forgive your church as it has stood by and watched our nation’s morals decline: let your church rise up in the power of your Spirit, O Lord.
  4. Forgive those across the world who kill Christians, believing they are pleasing their god; open their eyes to the true God.
  5. Let the power of forgiveness that is seen in your people be a powerful witness to turn others to Christ, we pray.



26th – Luke 23:35-43 – With Jesus

  1. Thank you Lord for the certain expectation of being with you for eternity that comes when we accept you as Saviour.
  2. Lord, help us to remember you so that you are in our thoughts continually; be Lord of everything we do and change us.
  3. Knowing your Word can be totally trusted, help us to trust you daily with every aspect of our lives, O God.
  4. Let us live on earth with the power of your Spirit working in us and through us, we ask.
  5. We bless you with grateful hearts for the joy that awaits your children in heaven; let us radiate that joy to others, we pray.



27th – Matthew 27:45-50 – Loneliness

  1. Thank you Lord that we will never be God-forsaken; may such security give us peace at all times.
  2. When our circumstances seem bleak, help us to remember you are only a prayer away at all times, Heavenly Father.
  3. For those we know who are experiencing bereavement, may they know the supernatural comfort of your presence at this time, we pray.
  4. For those amongst us who are feeling lonely, may they find blessing in fellowship and discipleship groups.
  5. For those we know who are in depression or with thoughts of suicide, bring comfort through your Spirit and through the Godly encouragement of others, we ask.



28th – Luke 23:44-46 – Committing ourselves to God

  1. Lord, we commit all our ways, plans, desires and ambitions into your hands; help us to surrender all.
  2. We commit our jobs into your hands; lead and guide us at all times in this area, we pray.
  3. We commit our families and relationships into your hands; let your divine favour rest upon them, O Lord.
  4. As we walk in your ways, O Lord, may your divine hands rest continually upon all we do.
  5. Our bodies, souls, spirits and all of our lives, we commit into your hands, O God.



29th – John 19:23-27 – The single

  1. Lord, bring comfort to the widows in our midst and provide all their needs, we pray.
  2. Bless the single parents, especially if they are struggling in raising their children and give them rest, we ask.
  3. Bless those who are separated or divorced and heal the broken and wounded hearts we pray.
  4. Bless and help all our older members and reward them in their latter years, for their service to you O Lord.
  5. Let all the children in our church learn to respect those who have raised them and know your blessings on their lives that flow from that.



30th – John 19:28-30 – It is finished!

  1. Thank you O God, for the finished work of Christ on Calvary and for taking our sins away; may our lives continually reflect our redeemed nature
  2. May we so live our lives that we accomplish all that you desire us to do
  3. Show us clearly what you would have us to do for you, O Lord, so that we may fulfil all your purposes for us.
  4. Teach us to abide in you, O Lord, so we may be fruitful at all times.
  5. Help us to labour diligently for you our God while it is still day time and while we still have the opportunities.



31st – Luke 10:18-19 Defeating powers of darkness

1.        We pray for all those who are seeking spiritual experiences through occult practices; open their eyes to the reality of the fallen spirit world, O God

2.        For the parents of all children who may be involved in ‘trick or treat’ tonight we pray   that you cause them to understand that the powers are real and destructive

3.        We pray that your church will arise in a demonstration all the full power of the Holy Spirit which is the true spiritual power that the devil seeks to counterfeit

4.        As people seek supernatural powers and experiences to satisfy their inner spiritual void, may we the church enable them to find in Christ what they are seeking for

5.        We bind in Jesus name all the spirits of the powers of darkness that are operating on our streets and neighbourhoods this evening


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