Prayer Diary

Prophetic Scriptures of Jesus in the Book of Isaiah


Whilst all the prophetic books of the Bible give hundreds of astonishing prophetic words that have come to pass, often hundreds of years later, the book of Isaiah by virtue of its length, scope of subject matter and number prophecies, is often regarded as the greatest of the written prophets, containing the most amazing insights of things to come and in breathtakingly accurate detail. Its inspiration by a God who knows the future is self-evident.

Some see Isaiah as a miniature version of the Bible; it has 66 chapters, like the 66 books of the Bible. The first 39 chapters reflect the 39 books of the Old Testament. Its first chapter deals with the sin that separates from God but with the promise of redemption: ‘Though your sins are like scarlet they shall be as white as snow.’ Isaiah 1:18. A Messiah, ‘Emmanuel’ or ‘God with us’ would be born of a virgin, Isaiah 7:14, who would also be a descendant of David and yet would be ‘Mighty God’ Isaiah 9:6, who will rule over all the earth in peace, bringing death and killing to an end, which would also effect the animal kingdom, changing them from being carnivorous to vegetarians and herbivores.

The last 27 chapters (40-66) reflect the 27 books of the New Testament, with chapter 40 opening with the voice of John the Baptist crying in the wilderness, ‘Prepare the way of the Lord’ just like the gospels begin. And in these chapters Isaiah foretells how the ‘Servant of the Lord’ would come anointed by the Spirit of the Lord. He would be the suffering servant, a ‘guilt offering’ who would be crucified as he was ‘pierced for our transgressions and crushed for our iniquities’ as the sins of the world would be laid upon this blameless, innocent man. He would then be buried in a rich man’s tomb. And chapter 66 concludes with a vision of the new heavens and new earth and the judgment of hell, just like the end of the Book of Revelation.

With the benefit of hindsight we are able to see how the hundreds of prophecies concerning the first coming of Jesus as God’s obedient and suffering servant were fulfilled, confirming the divine inspiration of the Bible. But equally there are many other scriptures in both the Old and New Testament that speak of his second coming in glory. As we look at the world around us and read what the Bible foretells, we can see that day is not far off.

As we pray this month through some these divinely-inspired scriptures about Christ, we are asking God to help make us more like Jesus, into whose image the Holy Spirit wants to mould us. We are also asking God to prepare us and use us for his purposes in these last days. Just as the first coming of Jesus was foretold and happened just like the Holy Spirit-inspired prophets told us, so too will the second coming of Jesus. And Jesus told his church not to be caught off-guard, asleep or unprepared, but rather watching, praying and doing the will of God. So that we will not be ashamed on that day.

1st Isaiah 9:6-7 The Kingdom of God

  1. Almighty God, cause us to draw so close to you that we know your awesome presence amongst us in an ever-increasing measure
  2. Give us divine strategies for evangelism so that we may be led by the Holy Spirit and be fruitful
  3. Bless every area of our evangelism, Lord and may we see many people coming to know Christ
  4. Lord, build your kingdom in our midst and enable us to overcome every attack and strategy from the gates of hell that would come against us
  5. Build you kingdom in our nation, O God and stop the plans of the enemy from making this nation secular and Godless

2nd Isaiah 11:1-2 Enlightened by the Spirit

  1. Lord Jesus, just as the Spirit gave you wisdom and understanding, we pray you would give us the same
  2. Give us wisdom in every area of ministry that we each find ourselves in
  3. Give us wisdom in all our dealings with the unsaved, we pray
  4. Give us the Spirit of counsel and power, we pray
  5. Give us the Spirit of knowledge and the fear of the Lord, we ask

3rd Isaiah 11:3-5 The fear of the Lord

  1. Lord, may we have holy fear of you that causes us to be afraid to sin, knowing that this would grieve you
  2. Teach us what it means to be holy, O God, especially as we live in a fallen world
  3. Each day, Holy Spirit, prompt us to always be led by you and not by our carnal natures
  4. May a righteous fear of the Lord the cause us to always be faithful, in all our actions, thoughts and deed, we pray
  5. In our dealings with people, whether christians or non-christians, may we always be led to make righteous decisions and choices, O Lord

4th Isaiah 11:6-9 Peace and harmony

  1. Lord, since your Kingdom is one of total peace and harmony, mould our characters so that we may be worthy citizens of the Kingdom of heaven even now
  2. We pray that you would enable us to be in control of our tempers and not be the cause of strife
  3. As the body of Christ, help us make every effort to keep the unity of the Spirit through the bond of peace
  4. Lord, cause us to always have the self-control to think first before we speak so that we do not become the cause of disharmony
  5. Lord, use us as servants who will help to fulfil your Word so that one day “the earth will be full of the knowledge of the Lord as the waters cover the sea”

5th Isaiah 11:10-16 Under the Lord’s banner

  1. Lord, may we never be ashamed to declare in any and every situation that we belong to Jesus
  2. We pray you would cause the Church of Jesus Christ in our nation up and down the land to rise up unashamedly and openly, upholding the principles and values of the Bible
  3. Anoint our every outreach to the nations of the world, O Lord and may we see many saved and discipled
  4. As we pray for all our missionaries as they take the gospel to the nations, give them the joy of seeing many turn to Christ
  5. We pray that you would anoint our online services and all other the christian broadcasting programmes on radio and satellite T.V. drawing people in all nations to Christ  

6th Isaiah 42:1-4 The Servant of the Lord

  1. As  Jesus was anointed while on this earth with the fullness of the Holy Spirit, anoint us as your servants, O God, with the fullness of your Spirit
  2. Give us, O Lord, the same servant-heartedness that is demonstrated in Jesus, so that you may use us in power, unhindered by any selfish ambition
  3. Give us the grace to rejoice when others are   doing better than ourselves and to bless them, O God
  4. As servants of Christ keep our eyes fixed on the importance of our purpose in life, so that we will not be discouraged, we pray
  5. As servants of the Lord, may your will and not our personal ambitions, be our priority, O God

7th Isaiah 42:5-6 Called as a light to the gentiles

  1. We pray for our work in the Philippines, O Lord, that you would continue to add many to the church as they hear the gospel and give their lives to Christ
  2. We pray for our work in Nigeria and Tanzania, O Lord, that you would continue to show your grace to the people there and save them
  3. We pray for our work in Nepal, O God, that you would continue to open the eyes of believers, save them and enable more churches to be planted
  4. We pray for our work in Japan, Lord, that you would multiply the number of people getting saved and new churches planted
  5. We pray for our works in India and Guyana that you would continue to save unbelievers, build up and encourage the churches there

8th Isaiah 42:7-9 Setting the captives free

  1. Lord, as we pray for all those we know who are bound in sin and sinful habits, open their eyes to the saving power of Christ that they may be set free
  2. As we pray for those we know who are sick in body cause the power of Jesus to heal them now
  3. For all for those we know who are troubled in their thought life, we pray that you would help them break every bondage and release them, O Lord
  4. We pray for all those who are struggling against the powers of darkness and generational curses over their lives and we break that power in Jesus’ name
  5. As we pray for our nation that is bound in the grip of sin and unbelief send your Spirit across our land to shake the people and turn them back to you, O God

9th Isaiah 50:1-3 A nation in rebellion

  1. Have mercy on our nation for its numerous sins, O Lord and look favourably upon us once more, we pray
  2. Forgive our nation for promoting the worship of gods that our forefathers never knew, O God
  3. Forgive our national leaders for seeking to push you out of schools, hospitals and other public places and reverse the harmful consequences of these ungodly actions, we pray
  4. Have mercy on our nation for the way that the sanctity of life is being undermined and raise up men and women to protect the weak and vulnerable, O Lord
  5. Cause the clear gospel of salvation to start ringing out around the nation once again, we pray, with no power of darkness able to prevent it

10th Isaiah 50:4-5 A faithful servant

  1. Give us your words to speak daily, O Lord, in any and every situation of our lives and places of work
  2. Help us guard our daily time with you and your Word, O God, so that we can always bring to mind what the Bible teaches, for every situation we find ourselves in
  3. Give us listening ears and a perceptive mind to hear when you speak to us, Holy Spirit, we pray
  4. Keep us from ever knowingly being disobedient, O Lord and forgive us when we have been so unintentionally
  5. Teach us your ways and give us willing hearts to faithfully carry them out, we pray

11th Isaiah 50:6-8 Never flinching from following God’s ways

  1. Lord, since you have said that in this world we will have troubles, help us in our times of trials, we pray
  2. For those believers who are close to us who are going through a season of trial, sustain, comfort and strengthen them, we pray
  3. We pray for all believers in those countries where they are persecuted simply for following Christ asking you would protect, sustain and comfort them
  4. Help us to grow spiritually during our times of trials and thereby recognise the benefit that comes from them
  5. Make us strong, O Lord, so that we can withstand all that the devil may throw against us

12th Isaiah 50:9 God’s help

  1. Help us today, O Lord, in all our daily tasks, so that we may do everything as unto you
  2. For all those amongst us who have problems within the family, we pray that you would help them and give them the grace and wisdom to resolve them
  3. We pray for your help in our workplaces, schools and colleges, O Lord, so that we would always seek to excel in all we do
  4. Help us to be good ambassadors of Jesus Christ at all times, we pray
  5. Thank you, O Lord, that you have saved us in Christ Jesus from condemnation and may our grateful service to you be a pleasing sacrifice in your sight

13th Isaiah 50:10-11 Obeying the Word of God

  1. Holy Spirit, we ask that you would constantly bring to our remembrance the Word of God so that we always obey the ways of the Lord
  2. Cause us always to remember that to you, O God, our obedience is better than our sacrifice
  3. Give us a godly fear of the Lord that causes us to shudder at the thought of being wilfully disobedient, we pray
  4. Reveal to us in our daily times of devotion anything in our lives that is not conforming to your will, O Lord, and give us strength to change
  5. May we learn to trust in you more and more, O Lord and less and less in ourselves

14th Isaiah 51:1-2 The example of Abraham

  1. Give us a trusting heart in you, O Lord, like Abraham who was prepared to leave all behind on the strength of your promises to him
  2. Help us believe every promise in your Word, O God and always have the courage and faith to act on them
  3. As you multiplied the descendants of Abraham whose belief in you was credited to him as righteousness, so too multiply in our church those who accept Christ
  4. We pray that you would multiply the number of children and youth in our church who turn to Christ, O Lord
  5. Multiply the number of believers up and down our land, O Lord, and fill the churches to overflowing with those seeking and finding Christ as Saviour

15th Isaiah 51:3-4 God’s Word going forth

  1. For everyone in the church who is spreading the gospel through witnessing to others, give them the joy of seeing people respond and accept Christ, O Lord
  2. We pray for an anointing with power for the application of your Word in our discipleship groups, O God
  3. We pray for all the teachers and classes in our children’s ministries, that the Word of God will remain in their hearts and produce good fruit
  4. We pray for the preaching of God’s Word in our Sunday and mid-week services, that it would always accomplish the work in power, that you, O Lord, desire of it
  5. As laws operate to suppress the Christian witness in our nation, cause the gospel, O God, to be preached in power all throughout our nation, both in word and actions

16th Isaiah 51:5-6 God’s salvation

  1. Cause us to see people saved in the church this week and every week, O Lord
  2. We pray for the salvation of all members of our families who have not yet accepted Christ that they may know you soon, Lord Jesus
  3. We pray for the salvation of many men and women in key places of authority and influence in our land, O Lord
  4. We pray for the salvation of many men and women who are Members of Parliament or local councillors, O God
  5. We pray for the salvation of many who are teachers, in the media, in sports  or other places that serve as role models

17th Isaiah 51:7-8 Don’t fear the persecution of men

  1. Give us boldness at all times, O Lord, to always stand up for the gospel and for truth
  2. May we never compromise our speech or our actions out of fear of others, we pray
  3. Help us, O Lord, to be people who influence others and not ones whom others influence
  4. For those we know who have come to Christ out of other religions and are suffering as a consequence, help them to grow strong, we pray
  5. For those who find it difficult to witness in their places of work because of the anti-christian work culture, give them wisdom and the unquenchable radiance of Christ 

18th Isaiah 51:9-14 The Almighty God brings joy and comfort

  1. Fill us afresh with the joy of the Lord this day, we pray
  2. Turn any mourning we may be experiencing for whatever reason into dancing this day, O Lord
  3. For those feeling heavy burdened, touch them today and help them cast all their burdens onto you, Lord Jesus, for you care for them
  4. For all those we know who are grieving through the loss of a loved one, comfort them today, O Lord, in the way only you can
  5. For all those looking for jobs or promotion or setting up their own businesses, bless them and provide their needs, we pray

19th Isaiah 51:15-16 God’s words in our mouths

  1. Lord, let no distraction keep us from spending regular quality time reading and understanding your Word
  2. As we read your Word, Holy Spirit, enlighten our minds and our understanding, leading us into all truth, we pray
  3. Help us to speak your Word, O Lord, in season and out of season
  4. Enable us to do our best to correctly handle the Word of God, as a good workman for God
  5. Keep our tongues from speaking anything other than what is pleasing to you, O Lord

20th Isaiah 51:17-20 Rise up, O church

  1. Lord, encourage your church and fill each of your people with the unshakable belief in the triumph of Christ over all the powers of darkness
  2. Give each believer a vision of all that he or she is capable of doing in this world through the power of Christ within them
  3. Cause your church to always be on the offensive and not on the defensive, O Lord, taking ground from the enemy and not conceding it
  4. Let your church understand the power of God that is already within each believer and may we each start using it to the full potential
  5. Help each one of us to fully understand who we are in Christ so that we can always overcome the temptations and attacks of the evil one

21st Isaiah 51:17-20 Rise up, O church (2)

  1. Lord, cause all the men in the church to rise up in power and be influential leaders in all areas of church life and ministry
  2. Lord cause the women in the church to rise up in power, moving effectively in all the gifts and ministries of the Spirit
  3. Lord, cause the youth in the church to rise up and be influencers of their own generation
  4. Lord, cause all the children in the church understand at a young age the need to know Christ, walk in his ways and build their lives on him as a foundation
  5. Lord, breathe your Spirit into every denomination in this land, causing each to rise up in the power of the Holy Spirit and preach the gospel of truth

22nd Isaiah 51:21-23 God’s enemies defeated

  1. We take authority over the spirit of unbelief in our nation and cast it down
  2. We take authority over the spirit of Mammon and all that causes selfishness in our nation and cast it down
  3. We take authority over the spirit of lawlessness in our nation and cast it down
  4. We take authority over any spirit behind the breakdown of the family in our nation and cast it down
  5. We take authority over the spirit of antichrist in our nation and cast it down

23rd Luke 1:1-10 Zechariah and Elizabeth

  1. As Zechariah and Elizabeth were found upright in your sight, may that be our testimony also, O Lord, we pray
  2. As we pray for all husbands and wives, help them in the important task of raising children in all the ways of the Lord
  3. For all the married couples in our midst who are praying for a child, answer their prayer,  O God
  4. For those who having been praying for a long time for a particular issue and have not yet seen the answer, give them a breakthrough now, O Lord
  5. We bring all the elderly folk in the church and pray that you would bless and help and sustain them at all times and bless them this Christmas time, O God

24th Luke 1:11-24 John the Baptist

  1. Like John, O Lord, may we be people who will be a joy and a delight to those we live and work with, because we are living like Christ
  2. Like John, we pray we may we be people who turn other people to the Lord
  3. Like John, may we live in the power and anointing of the Holy Spirit
  4. Like John, may we be prepared to let Christ increase in our lives and our own selves decrease
  5. Like John, we ask, O Lord, that we may we each discover and pursue the destiny for this life that you have planned for us

25th Luke 1: 26-38 Faithful servants

  1. Thank you for your faithfulness, Lord Jesus, in fulfilling every detail of the plan for our salvation
  2. Give us, O Lord, a heart like that of Mary, where we can always say, “May it be to me as you have said”
  3. Give us a heart like Joseph, O Lord, where we will always want to do the right thing and not react in anger
  4. Bless each of our family members this day and our fellowship together
  5. As we pray for all those who may be on their own today, bless and help them and bring them to our remembrance to be a blessing to them today

26th Luke 1:39-45 The blessings of believers

  1. Thank you, O Lord, for all the blessings that come from belonging to Jesus
  2. Thank you for the joy of the Lord which comes not from our circumstances but from our relationship with you
  3. Thank you Lord, for the joy of knowing our sins are forgiven in Christ and we have eternal life
  4. Thank you Lord for the blessing of godly friends and families
  5. Thank you Lord for the blessing of fellowship with the people of God and draw us closer to you and to one another, we pray

27th Luke 1:46-56 The joy of being used of God

  1. May our lips and our lives glorify you, O Lord, both this day and every day
  2. Thank you Lord for every occasion when you have been able to use us for your purposes
  3. Thank you Lord for every occasion when we have been able to share with another something of the gospel and our relationship with you
  4. Lord, we bring our lives before you again this day and ask that you would use us for your glory
  5. Holy Spirit, show us the will of God for our lives, both on a daily basis and for the future, we ask

28th Isaiah 52:1-6 God’s name mocked

  1. Lord, we pray that the way we live our lives will never give unbelievers the cause to mock our God because of any hypocrisy in our testimony
  2. As we pray for those we know who openly reject the existence of God, have mercy on them and open their eyes
  3. As we pray for the media, which allows our God to be mocked, shake them Lord and bring a shift in their attitudes and programmes
  4. Cause a fear of the Lord to return once more to our nation, O Lord, and for people to see the folly of rejecting their Creator
  5. We pray for all those we know whose faith is in a god other than the true and living God and save them we pray

29th Isaiah 52:7-10 Proclaiming the Good News

  1. We pray once more, O Lord, for daily opportunities to share Jesus either in word or in deed
  2. As we pray for all gospel programmes that are being sent out daily by online services and satellite T.V, cause many who would otherwise not hear the gospel to hear, understand and believe
  3. For all gospel programmes being broadcast via radio, use them mightily to bring people in all countries to Christ, O Lord
  4. As we pray for all international evangelists who are faithfully proclaiming the gospel to millions, use them to sweep many into the Kingdom of God, we ask
  5. As we pray for all the local pastors and evangelists in every nation who are faithfully proclaiming the gospel, help each one to build the local churches, O God

30th Isaiah 52:11-12 Separated from sin

  1. As we live in this world but not of this world, keep us from sin, we pray
  2. Give us the wisdom to see in advance any situation that may bring us into compromise so that we may avoid it
  3. Holy Spirit, may we allow you daily to speak to our hearts and minds so that you can reveal to us anything that we should separate ourselves from
  4. Give us clean hands and a pure heart, O Lord, so that you can use at any time
  5. We pray you would help to break the influence over the lives of all those in the church struggling with sin which they are finding it hard to separate from

31st Isaiah 52:13-15 Jesus raised up and exalted

  1. Lord Jesus, as we give you all honour and glory in our lives and in our church be high and lifted up in our midst
  2. Be exalted in your church through our living our lives in a way that brings you glory, O Lord
  3. Be glorified in our homes, O Lord, as we make you Lord there
  4. Be glorified in our church meetings, O Lord as we seek to give you the pre-eminence
  5. Be glorified in our midst, O Lord, as you save and heal people and cause their lives to be completely changed around for God, we pray