Prayer Diary

Living the Life of Faith

– Hebrews Chapter 11


The letter to the Hebrews was written to christians who needed to be encouraged in their new-found christian faith. It had not yet come to the serious position where they had had to lay down their lives for following Christ, but they had experienced persecution to the point of having their goods and possessions confiscated. Some were thinking about turning back to Judaism with its rules and regulations as an easier option.

All through the letter the writer is urging them on to maturity, demonstrating the superiority of the life in Christ who is our great and eternal High Priest and Eternal Sacrifice. His message contains a series of warnings: do not drift away (Hebrews 2:1-4), do not harden your hearts (Hebrews 3:7-12), do not remain as spiritual babies (Hebrews 5:11-14), having once been enlightened, tasted the heavenly gift and shared in the Holy Spirit, do not fall away as there is no other means of salvation (Hebrews 6:4-6), do not keep on deliberately sinning having now known the truth (Hebrews 10:26-31),do not lose heart just because God allows you experience the character-moulding experience of discipline in your life through hardships that God may permit for this purpose.

Instead, look at the examples of the great men of God in the past, whose lives have been recorded in Scripture for our benefit and encouragement. Chapter eleven of Hebrews is the ‘Heroes’ Gallery,’ a chronological list of men from the beginning of time who have demonstrated a faith that pleases God. That faith has been demonstrated in a variety of different ways, since the expression of faith is many-faceted and there are times when we have to experience it in many different forms

By faith some offered great sacrifices to God; others demonstrated faith in their day-to-day lives walking with God; others gave their all to God in faith; others still had to work persistently by faith because they were not seeing any results for a long time.

Some had faith to be led by God, stepping out obediently into the unknown; others were prepared to suffer by faith, not being prepared to compromise their walk with God at any cost. Some saw great miracles happen by faith, whereas others saw nothing of that nature happen at all during their lifetimes, instead they were prepared, by faith, to endure the suffering and deprivation of everything in this lifetime, for the joy of their eternal reward. Some, by faith, were delivered from death, whereas others were prepared to experience, by faith, torture and horrible deaths from which they were not delivered.

As we pray through Hebrews chapter 11 this month, we are asking God to enable us to express our faith in the many different ways that God may require us to do

1st   Hebrews 11:1-2 Certain of what we do not see

  1. Lord, enable us to exercise a faith that always takes you at your word
  2. Give us the ability to go beyond human reasoning and to see in the Spirit what you see, O God
  3. Help us distinguish between human presumption, which will fail and a faith that is certain
  4. Give us eyes to see and ears to hear what you are saying to us, Holy Spirit
  5. Give us the perseverance to endure until we see the fulfilment of the promises you have made to us, O Lord

2nd  Hebrews 11:3 The all-powerful God

     1.   Help us to understand the enormous implications of the knowledge that you, O God, created the universe and all that is in it

     2.   Be magnified in our eyes and our understanding, O Lord, so that we truly understand that with our God all things are possible

    3.   Teach us how to trust in you wholeheartedly, O God, not depending solely on our own wisdom

    4.   Remove all doubts that enter our minds, either from our own unbelief or from the enemy that would cause us not to act in total trust in you, O Lord

    5.   Lord, enable us to live so that we live in the strength of Christ and the Holy Spirit within us and not in our own strength

3rd   Hebrews 11:4 A better sacrifice

  1. May all we give to you, O Lord, be only the very best we have to give
  2. May our spiritual sacrifices of prayer, praise, worship and thanksgiving spring from a heart that desires only to give you the best
  3. May our service and ministry for you be our priority and not merely an afterthought or a token but the best we are able to offer
  4. May our financial giving to you be a spiritual sacrifice and not a token gift
  5. Help us to offer our bodies and our whole lives as living sacrifices to you, O God, which is our reasonable service

4th  Hebrews 11:5 The daily walk of faith

  1. Like Enoch, help us to walk close to you daily, O Lord, in all we do
  2. Help us to bring the fruit of our relationship with you into everything we do, bringing a godly influence to all those we meet each day in school, college and work
  3. Help us to bring godly influence into every area of our family lives, because we walk close to you, O Lord
  4. Give us the desire to be continually drawing ever closer to you and so becoming more Christlike each day
  5. May we be people, O God, about whom it can be said: ‘They please God’

5th  Hebrews 11:6 A faith that pleases God

  1. Give us a faith that can believe the impossible, O God
  2. Give us a faith that can enable us to use the spoken gifts of the Holy Spirit: tongues, interpretation of tongues and prophecy
  3. Give us a faith the can enable us to use the power gifts of the Holy Spirit: healings, faith and miracles
  4. Give us a faith that can enable us to use the inspirational gifts of the Holy Spirit: words of knowledge, words of wisdom and the discerning of spirits
  5. Help us always to stop doubting and believe

6th   Hebrews 11:7 Working in faith

  1. Like Noah building the ark, give us a faith, O Lord, that continues day after day, without doubting and despite opposition
  2. When it is going to take a long time to see our vision come to reality, give us the faith to keep working tirelessly towards reaching that goal
  3. Give us persistence in faith when we will not achieve our goals quickly
  4. Teach us the value of waiting on you and for you, O Lord, having a faith that can wait in expectancy
  5. Give us a vision of the work you have called us to and the faith to carry it out to completion, we pray

7th  Hebrews 11:8-10 The faith of Abraham

  1. Give us a faith that is prepared to step out in obedience to your call, O God
  2. Just as Abraham was willing to leave all behind, help us not to so love what we have that it becomes an obstacle to stepping out in faith
  3. Lord, help us to make an effective difference as we live  in this world effectively without it influencing our walk with you
  4. Guide our footsteps through life, we pray and may we know when you are telling us to stay put and when you area telling us to move forward
  5. Keep our eyes fixed on the finishing line of life, O God, so that we do not become entangled with the temporary things that would seek to distract us

8th   Hebrews 11:11-12 Believing the impossible

  1. As we pray for those we know who are as yet unsaved, may we pray believing that God can save those who have even the most hardened hearts
  2. As we pray for the sick, cause us to have a faith that can believe for healing in for every situation
  3. As we pray over financial situations, give us a faith that can see miraculous releases of finance that brings glory to you, O God
  4. As we pray for seemingly impossible situations in our lives or the lives of others, help us pray with a belief that sees the breakthrough
  5. Cause us to pray with the earnest belief that our nation can turn wholeheartedly back to God

9th  Hebrews 11:13 Persevering in faith

  1. Although we live in an ‘instant’ generation, help us to learn the spiritual principle that answer to prayer is often not instant
  2. May the trial of our faith result in it being shown to be genuine, bringing praise to you, O Lord
  3. When you require us to go through seasons of testing, O God, give us the grace and perseverance to endure, so that we may come out at the end the far stronger
  4. Cause us to remember, O Lord, that the wilderness is usually your preparation ground for greater and more effective ministry
  5. Give us patience to endure, O Lord, knowing that, when you act, you are never too early nor too late

10th  Hebrews 11:14-16 A faith that looks beyond the present

  1. As we reflect on your sacrifice, Lord Jesus, make us a people of vision who are not bogged down by present circumstances but who have faith to see better things ahead
  2. Like you, Jesus, help us to be a people who can see what is not, as though it is and to be able to pray the vision into reality
  3. As we experience smaller answers to prayer, may that build our faith to believe for ever greater answers, we pray
  4. Put a yearning in our hearts, O God, for more of you so that we can believe for, and pray towards, seeing and experiencing greater things from you
  5. Lord, may we never be ashamed of you, so that you may never be ashamed of us

11th  Hebrews 11:17-18 Giving our all to God in faith

  1. Lord, as Abraham, like you, was prepared to give up his most treasured possession at your request, may we hold back nothing from you, no matter how dear it is to us
  2. Lord, as we lay at your feet all our ambitions, may only that which is line with your will for our lives endure and take away that which is not
  3. Lord, we recognise we are only stewards of what we possess, we surrender all we own before you, so teach us to use or to give only according to your will
  4. As we bring our jobs and businesses to you O Lord, use them and use us totally in accordance with your perfect plan and will, we pray
  5. Take our lives and let them be consecrated wholly to you, O God

12th Hebrews 11:19 Total trust in God    

  1. On this resurrection day, as Abraham believed that if Isaac died he would have to be raised from the dead in order for God’s promises to be fulfilled through him, give us such a faith also
  2. Teach us to be able to pray: ‘The Lord gives and the Lord takes away; blessed be the name of the Lord’
  3. Teach us to trust you when we really do not understand what is happening, O Lord, knowing that in all things you work for the good of those who love you
  4. Lord we believe, but help and strengthen our faith us when we slip into times of unbelief
  5. Cause there words of yours find fruitful ground in our spirits, Lord Jesus: “Everything is possible for him who believes.”

13th  Hebrews 11:20-21 Blessing others

  1. Lord, we pray that you will bless, guide and give wisdom to those who rule over us
  2. We pray for the Queen and royal family that you would bless and help them, causing them to desire to walk in your ways
  3. Cause our government and all members of parliament to have proper discernment between right and wrong, good and evil, so that they may pass just laws, O God
  4. Bless all our local councillors with a wisdom that enables them to run well our local authorities with their responsibilities, O Lord
  5. We pray that you would bless all the churches in our borough enabling them to fulfil the purpose you have called each one to, O Lord

14th  Hebrews 11:22 A faith that believes for the future

  1. Keep our eyes focussed on eternity, O Lord, so that we are never overwhelmed by the affairs of today
  2. As we understand the great future that awaits us for all eternity, may it help us in live the present with great energy, perseverance and faithfulness towards you, O Lord
  3. For every promise or prophetic word you have given us, help us to hold on to them with a faith that sees them outworked in our lives
  4. Help us to realise, O God, that as we remain close to you, our future can only ever get better and better and so, in everything, to know your peace and contentment
  5. O Lord, help us to be better people today than we were yesterday and better still tomorrow, as inwardly we are being renewed day by day

15th  Hebrews 11:23 Faith that defies fear

  1. Make us strong as we continue to grow in the grace of Jesus Christ, we pray
  2. Since your Word says that perfect love casts out all fear, enable us to draw closer to you, O Lord and understand the depths of your love towards us
  3. May we understand clearly the omnipotence of your power, O God and the limited power of Satan and the powers of darkness, so that we may not fear
  4. When our circumstances seem overwhelming, O Lord, give us a faith that always defies all fear
  5. Give us the grace for every situation, O God, as we realise that courage requires being strong in the face of fear so that we can be overcomers

16th Hebrews 11:24-26 Choosing Christ, not sin

  1. Teach us to understand what are the true riches we have in Christ, as opposed to the world’s riches, which are fleeting
  2. Like Moses, may we be prepared to suffer disgrace for the sake of Christ rather than enjoy the temporary treasures of this world
  3. Help us to remember, O Lord, that we have the highest of all callings, to be ambassadors in this world for the King of kings
  4. Help us always to make the right choices before you, O God, even if the world seeks to pressurise us to act differently
  5. Teach us to lay up our treasures in heaven, O Lord, where moth and rust do not destroy and where thieves do not break in and steal

17th  Hebrews 11:27 A faith that sees the invisible

  1. Give us a vision and understanding of you, O God, in all your power and glory, so that we can always put the things of this life in true and proper perspective
  2. Give each of us a vision of what you would have each of us do with our lives, O Lord, so that we may fulfil the destiny you have called each of us to
  3. Help us to see the vision you have called us to as a church, O God, so that each of us may fulfil our part in all that you want to do both now and in the future
  4. Give us a faith that can envisage you moving in revival power amongst us and in our nation, O Lord and a passion in prayer that will see it come to pass
  5. Like Isaiah, may we see you high and lifted up, O Lord, in a way that causes us to respond and say, “Here I am, send me”

18th   Hebrews 11:28 Obedience in faith

  1. Teach us an obedience, O Lord, that causes us to do your will no matter what the consequences
  2. In our schools, colleges, places of work and businesses, may we never be tempted to cut corners but always to do things in a way that is honourable because we follow Christ
  3. May we obey your simply command to love you with all our heart, soul, strength and mind, O God
  4. May we obey your simple command to love our neighbour as our self, O God
  5. When things get difficult around us, may we always put obedience to you as a priority, O Lord, rather than sacrificing our faith on the altar of expediency

19th  Hebrews 11:29 Faith that overcomes all obstacles

  1. Help us not to look at the obstacles in our lives, O Lord, but to the God who can overcome all obstacles
  2. Even though our faith feels like the size of a mustard seed, may we use it to move mountains, O Lord
  3. We take authority in the Name of Jesus over all powers of darkness that would seek to hinder and oppose the work of God in our individual lives
  4. We take authority in the Name of Jesus over all powers of darkness that seek to hinder and oppose the work of God in and through our church
  5. Lord we pray with the psalmist, “Let God arise and his enemies be scattered!”

20th  Hebrews 11:30 Faith that hears God’s directions

  1. Give us ears to hear what the Spirit is saying, we pray
  2. May we come before you each day, Holy Spirit, asking you to lead us in all we will be doing that day
  3. Help us to listen to and recognise your voice, Holy Spirit, so that you are able to speak to us at any time about anything you want us to do, we pray
  4. May we trust in you, O Lord, with all our heart and lean not on our own understanding, in all our ways acknowledge you so that you may make our paths straight
  5. Speak Lord for your servant is listening!

21st   Hebrews 11:31 Bringing the gospel to sinners

  1. Help us always to realise, O Lord, as we look at others, that there, but by the grace of God, go we
  2. Give us a compassion that, whilst not accepting the sin, nevertheless loves the sinner no matter how far they have fallen
  3. Help us see many people coming in true repentance of sin and giving their lives to Christ, we pray
  4. We pray for all our discipleship groups that each one may be able to effectively evangelise and bring others to Christ
  5. We pray for all our street evangelism, that those who are spoken to may always have open hearts to listen to and respond to the gospel, O Lord

22nd   Hebrews 11:32 Imitating men of faith

  1. Lord Jesus, as we remember your example of selfless sacrifice on the cross for the salvation of others, give us the grace to be growing more like you day by day,
  2. Help us to take up our cross and follow you, Lord Jesus
  3. As Samson was physically strong when the Holy Spirit came upon him, make us spiritually strong as we allow you, Holy Spirit, to work through us
  4. We pray you would give us a heart like David, who despite his faults, wholeheartedly desired to walk in all your ways
  5. Give us the boldness of your prophets of old, O Lord, who fearlessly spoke out for you no matter what the consequences were

23rd  Hebrews 11:33 Overcoming faith

  1. In the Name of Jesus, help us to conquer and overcome the kingdom of darkness all around us, O Lord
  2. Through Christ, help us to build your Kingdom, O Lord, seeing it extending in every direction
  3. Help us always to act justly, we pray
  4. Enable us to have such a faith in you, O Lord, that we can see the mouths of our enemies silenced without our having to do or say anything
  5. May we always rise above our circumstances, O Lord, never letting our circumstances overwhelm us

24th Hebrews 11:34 Finding strength through faith

  1. Thank you Lord Jesus, that what your enemies thought was your weakness proved to be the strength of God, in the resurrection from the dead
  2. Thank you that through the cross you disarmed the powers and authorities making a public spectacle of them, triumphing over them by the cross
  3. Teach us daily how to rely not on our own strength, O Lord, but on yours
  4. May your strength be demonstrated through our weakness, O Lord
  5. Cause us to be overcomers and to triumph in every spiritual temptation and battle, we pray

25th Hebrews 11:35 Suffering in faith

  1. As a church, O Lord, help us to move to that place where we can believe to see the dead raised, for your glory
  2. Help us to realise, O Lord, that you do not always take us out of difficulties and when you do not, help us to bring you glory through them
  3. Give us the grace to endure those trials you would have us undergo, O God
  4. Give us the wisdom and the discernment to understand when we are suffering because of our own misjudgements or actions and the humility to seek your forgiveness
  5. Give us the wisdom and understanding to be able to know when the enemy is attacking us or when it is you are allowing us to go through trials, so that we know how to respond

26th  Hebrews 11:36-7 Faith to face ridicule, persecution and death

  1. Lord, as we pray for all those believers in other countries today who are facing persecution and death simply for following Jesus, give them your grace
  2. As we pray for all our brothers and sisters in jail around the world today because they have refused to compromise their faith in Christ, help and sustain them and their families
  3. As we pray for all believers who live in Muslim, communist or totalitarian states where their faith in Christ is suppressed, give them the grace to live for you in hostile conditions
  4. As we pray for all Muslim converts to Christ who face death as a consequence, enable them to endure and overcome to the end, O Lord
  5. In all those areas of the world where believers are constantly under the threat of violent persecution, help them and may their example be a great witness to their enemies

27th Hebrews 11:38 In this world but not of it

  1. Teach us how to live effectively in this world, bringing godly change without being compromised, we pray
  2. So that we do not become discouraged, cause us to remember that in the Kingdom to come, there will be those who are last now but who will then be first and the first shall be last.
  3. Help us to remember that we are citizens of the Kingdom of heaven, which is where our true value lies
  4. Cause us to be people of influence, O God, bringing your Kingdom to others
  5. Enable us to move in all the power of the gifts of the Holy Spirit, bringing the Kingdom of God to this fallen world

28th  Hebrews 11:39 Commended for faith

  1. May we value our walk with you far above anything else we have in this life, O God
  2. In all we do, may we do it as unto you, Lord, to please you and not simply to please others
  3. Help us to work out our salvation with a wholesome fear of the Lord, that trembles at the thought of committing sin, we pray
  4. Teach us the importance, necessity and value of servanthood, O Lord
  5. May we so live, O Lord, that one day we will hear you say to us, “Well done, good and faithful servant”

29th   Hebrews 11:40 God’s plans for our lives

  1. Help us to realise, O Lord, you have a perfect plan for each of our lives that requires us to make the right freewill choices to see it implemented
  2. Give us the wisdom and the discernment we need to be able to make those right choices throughout our lives in each and every situation, O God
  3. If we are currently not in your perfect will for our lives, forgive our mistakes and guide us onto the right pathway now, we pray
  4. Help us to keep walking on the straight and narrow path even when we cannot seen the end of our situations
  5. May you Kingdom come and your will be done in our lives today

30th   Hebrews 11:40 Striving for perfection

  1. Thank you Lord, that in Christ, we shall one day be made perfect
  2. Whilst we still live with our sinful nature as well as our new spiritual nature, give us the desire to change to become closer to the nature and character of Christ
  3. Through things that we do and say, change us today, O Lord, to become a little more like Christ
  4. Help us so that, forgetting what is behind and straining towards what is ahead we can press on towards the prize for which you, O God, have called us heavenward in Christ Jesus
  5. Lord Jesus, help us to see you more clearly, love you more dearly and follow you more nearly, day by day