Prayer Diary

Praying for our nation’s revival

Ezekiel chapters 36-38


For some years Ezekiel warned the Jews in Jerusalem prophetically that the city of Jerusalem would be destroyed if they did not repent and turn back to God. They ignored the warning and so Jerusalem was razed to the ground. In these chapters by now the city had already been destroyed and Ezekiel is looking forward into the future, right up to the present time in which we live now.

His famous vision of the valley of dry bones that come together after he follows God’s instructions to prophesy over them, portray the once-dead nation of Israel, coming to life once more and becoming exceedingly powerful. The nation of Israel would be reborn and the land would be occupied once again and be rebuilt.

For the next 2,500 years after this prophecy Israel was not a nation. For a brief period it had some measure of autonomy under the Jewish leaders called the Maccabees. But then the Romans came and conquered the land and, not long after the time of Jesus, expelled all the Jews from the land. It became a wasteland, a place that was neglected and without much population. But in fulfilment of Ezekiel’s prophetic words all that changed in the 20th century and on 14th May 1948 the nation was reborn with its ancient name and has since grown to become a powerful nation once more.

Our generation is the one that is alive to see the fulfilment of Ezekiel’s prophetic words. He went on to prophesy that, in these days, the last days, a coalition of nations from the north including Persia, modern day Iran, would attack Israel but that God would supernaturally protect his people. As we follow the news today and see the hostility of the nations around modern day Israel and hear of their desire to totally destroy its very existence, we can be sure we are truly in the last days. It is quite conceivable that his war could take place at any time now.

As such seeing the reality and truth of God’s prophetic words, the church needs to be awake, alert and as active as any time in its history. Time is short – no doubt much shorter than most would realise. And while it is still day, the church needs to be seeking to pray and act to see the revival of the dead bones of the church in modern day Britain.

God has not changed. He gave Ezekiel the spiritual power to prophesy new life into a dead nation. We have the power of the Holy Spirit within us to help us live for him and serve him. We have access in prayer to the very throne room of the Father through the blood of Jesus. We need to be interceding for a revival in our nation before the time is over and the opportunity lost. And as we pray through theses chapters this month, we are doing just that.

1st  Ezekiel 36:1-4 Prophesy to the land

  1. We speak, in Jesus’ name, the overthrow of the powers of darkness in high places that influence the life of our nation for evil
  2. We speak, in Jesus’ name, the return to Godly values in our national government and  local governments in very part of our nation
  3. We speak, in Jesus’ name, to all the institutions that are part of the fabric of our daily lives in this nation, that all opposition to christian practices would cease
  4. We speak, in Jesus’ name, over all the cities in our nation, that the forces behind crime and violence will be bound
  5. We speak, in Jesus’ name, over all the towns and villages in our nation, that where there is a spiritual barrenness there will be a turning to the Lord

2nd Ezekiel 36:5-7 The nations

  1. We pray for all the nations of Europe, that there will come from the people a rejection of godlessness and a great turning to Christ
  2. We pray for all the nations of Africa, that revival will sweep from north to south and east to west and the nations would know prosperity as they turn to Christ
  3. We pray for all the nations of Asia, that they will see a great revival for Christ in Muslim, Hindu, Buddhist and all other nations
  4. We pray for all the countries in North and South America, West Indies and other islands, that there may be a great move of the Spirit of God in revival power
  5. We pray for Australasia and for all the other island nations of the world to witness a sudden and, new and powerful turning to the Lord of all their peoples

3rd Ezekiel 36:8-12 Fruitfulness

  1. Lord, prosper your church and make it fruitful in terms of the deep spiritual growth of your people
  2. Lord, prosper your church and make it fruitful in terms of the numbers of people turning to Christ and being added to the church
  3. We pray for church growth up and down our land, O God, that people would grow weary of their spiritually empty lifestyles and turn and find you
  4. Lord, we pray that you would make your people fruitful in every area of their work and business lives with a heart of thankfulness to bless your work financially
  5. Lord, we pray for fruitfulness in every area of our family lives, that we would recognise and give grateful testimony to your goodness to us

4th Ezekiel 36:13-15 God’s enemies silenced

  1. Lord, cause all those in our nation who seek to impose a godless, atheistic agenda in our schools, colleges and universities, to be frustrated in every attempt
  2. We pray for our hospitals that God’s people will have a freedom to honour Christ without fear of reprisals
  3. We pray for all your people who work in all our national institutions, that the forces that seek to silence them will be thwarted themselves
  4. We pray that all those who promote ungodly lifestyles in the name of freedom, will find that people see the harm that it causes and turn away from it
  5. Rise up in the midst of our nation, O Lord, and silence those who seek to claim the soul of our nation

5th Ezekiel 36:16-21 Honour God’s name

  1. Lord, forgive your church for years of compromise with the world, we pray, and cause our hearts to burn for you
  2. May we honour your name, O Lord, by ensuring our actions in all we do are uncompromisingly Godly
  3. Teach us to fear your name, O Lord, so that we are always careful to honour you
  4. Teach us the difference between honouring you with our words but not with our actions, O God, so we may not fail you
  5. May we learn to hallow your name, O Lord, by living as your ambassadors at all times

6th Ezekiel 36:22-23 God’s holiness demonstrated

  1. Lord, for the sake of your great name, demonstrate your power and presence amongst us, we pray
  2. Help us to draw closer to you, O Lord, so that you may display your power through us
  3. In all we do and in all we think, enable us to be holy, as you, O God,  are holy
  4.  Holy Spirit, breath afresh upon us and stir our hearts to seek our God more and more
  5. Holy Spirit, bring to our minds anything within us that runs contrary to your holiness and help us to change, we pray

7th Ezekiel 36:24-26 A new heart and a new spirit

  1. Lord, renew within us a new heart and mind that only ever desires to draw closer and closer to you
  2. Lord, renew and refresh our spirits, we pray, so that we may scale new heights in our relationship with you
  3. For all those in the church who are not yet baptised in the Holy Spirit, give them the desire to ask and the patience to wait on you until they receive, O Lord
  4. Give us a keen sense of what is pleasing and unpleasing in your sight, O Lord, so that our desires may always be Godly
  5. Help us to grow spiritually daily, so that we do not remain as spiritual infants but become mature in the Lord

8th Ezekiel 36:27-28 Led by the Spirit

  1. Lead us this day, Holy Spirit, and guide in all that we do, so that all may be done in accordance with your will
  2. Cause us to understand the God-given plan for our individual lives and cause us to make the right choices to ensure we fulfil our God- given destiny
  3. For all those seeking a marriage partner, guide and lead them to the right person, we pray
  4. For all those seeking a job, career or profession, O Lord, guide them to what you have planned for their lives
  5. In all our service for you, O God, guide us in each ministry you have called us to and give us the courage and wisdom to begin to step into it effectively

9th Ezekiel 36:29-30 God’s prosperity

  1. Lord, we pray that you would prosper our jobs, homes and families and cause Christ to be firmly and clearly at the centre of each of our homes
  2. Lord, we pray that you would prosper our discipleship groups and their leaders and that through them many will find Christ and grow strong in spiritual maturity
  3. Lord, we pray for every activity of witnessing and evangelism, that you would prosper all we do, enabling us to lead many to Christ
  4. Lord, we pray that you would prosper our children and youth, causing them to become great witnesses for Christ to their own generation
  5. Lord, prosper your church spiritually and send us an abundance of men and women seeking after Christ and an abundance of signs and wonders in our midst

10th Ezekiel 36:31-32 Turning from sin

  1. Lord, we bring your church before you throughout this land, asking you would have mercy for every failing, compromise and faithlessness and send revival
  2. Lord, as we bring the national leaders of our nation before you and pray for your mercy in leading us away from God and down a pathway of sin, send revival
  3. Have mercy on those parents in our nation, who have neglected to teach their children the pathway of righteousness and rescue the lost generations, we pray
  4. As we bring before you the institutional, moral corruption that pervades our schools, colleges and universities, rescue us from our iniquity, we pray
  5. Lord, by your Spirit, turn our nation from celebrating sinful lifestyles, as it does at present, back to desiring what is right in God’s eyes

11th Ezekiel 36:33-36 Restoring the cities

  1. We bring our capital city of London before you, O Lord praying you would send revival from north to south and from east to west
  2. As we bring all our major cities to you, O God, revive the churches and let there be a new turning to you, we pray
  3. We take authority over every spirit of violence, corruption and lawlessness over the streets of our cities and bind them in Jesus’ name
  4. We take authority over every spirit of poverty that blights the lives and hopes of people and bind them in Jesus’ name
  5. We pray for all the towns and villages of our nation, O Lord, praying you would turn the spiritual deserts back into fruitful spiritual gardens

12th Ezekiel 36:37-38 Filling God’s house

  1. Fill your church to overflowing as people turn and flock to know their God, we pray
  2. For all the churches in our area, we pray for a move of the Holy Spirit that will fill them with men and women seeking and finding Christ
  3. We pray for children and youths to be drawn to Christ by your Spirit, O Lord, who seek and find answers in the church
  4. Fill your church with your Holy Spirit, O God, and may we be overflowing
  5. Fill your church with those who are not merely converts, but rather disciples, we pray

13th Ezekiel 37:1 God’s hand upon us

  1. Lord, touch us afresh today, we pray
  2. Lead us by your Spirit today, O God
  3. Place your finger on any part of our lives that you want to bring to our attention that needs change, O Lord, and give us the humility to do so
  4. For all among us who need emotional or spiritual strength, this day, touch them and strengthen them, we pray
  5. Lord we need you, so open our minds to receive from you today as we prayerfully read from your Word

14th Ezekiel 37:2-3 A nation spiritually dead

  1. Lord, as our nation is dying spiritually, rescue the people of this land, we pray
  2. Lord, many doubt that our nation can be spiritually strong once again but prove them wrong, we ask
  3. Lord, since many of the churches in our land are dying, do a miracle in our nation, we pray
  4. Break the strong grip that the powers of darkness have over our land, O God
  5. Restore faith and determination in your church throughout this land, O Lord, to fight against the wickedness that is seeking to triumph

15th Ezekiel 37:4-6 Breathe on our nation

  1. Breathe new life into your church in this nation, O God
  2. Breathe new life into your people, O Lord, and give them the motivation to expect great things from their God
  3. Breathe your breath of life on all the institutions of our national life, O Lord, blowing away the corrupting influence of sin and immorality
  4. Breath on our Parliament, O God, and let a fresh breath of righteousness sweep through the corridors of power
  5. Breath on us, O God so that we may be continually growing to conform more and more to the image of Christ

16th Ezekiel 37:7-8 Revival of a nation

  1. Give your church the vision to see and understand the unlimited power of God to bring a total change of heart and direction to our nation
  2. Cause us to be inspired by your Spirit to prophesy revival over our nation, O Lord
  3. Help us to see things as you see them, O Lord, not what is but what can be, through your Spirit
  4. Let every believer in your church, O Lord, start to experience the fullness of life that Jesus came to bring them
  5. Send every spiritual gift into your church, Holy Spirit, and give us the faith to use all those gifts powerfully and effectively for the extension of the Kingdom of God

17th Ezekiel 37:9-10 A vast army

  1. Cause the spiritually dead in our nation to come alive, O God
  2. Turn around the exodus from the churches, O Lord, and make it into a mass return as your church forsakes compromise and preaches the fullness of the Word of God
  3. Put the desire for God into the hearts of the children, Holy Spirit, and cause them to seek and find Christ
  4. Cause the hearts of youth to remember their Creator during the time of their youth, so that they can live lives in effective service for Christ
  5. Turn the hearts of hardened adults and cause them to melt before the love of their Saviour Jesus Christ

18th Ezekiel 37:11-13 Renewed hope

  1. For those in our midst experiencing hopelessness for any reason, renew their experience with the living God
  2. For those amongst us who, because of overwhelming circumstances, are having a crisis of faith, touch them afresh Holy Spirit, we pray
  3. For those amongst who are feeling mental oppression or depression, renew their hope for the future and their joy of the Lord, we pray
  4. For those amongst us who have allowed circumstances to cause them to backslide, restore them to their closeness to you, O Lord
  5. Keep our eyes fixed on the finishing line, O God, so that we do not let any momentary trouble cause us to stumble or fall

19th Ezekiel 37:14 God working through us

  1. Holy Spirit anoint us afresh this day, we pray, and cause us to grow daily spiritually stronger
  2. Holy Spirit, so work within us that day by day our characters become more and more conformed to the image of Christ
  3. Holy Spirit, lead us to those places, including schools, colleges, jobs and accommodation where you want us to be an influence for Christ
  4. Guide our thoughts, our decisions and our actions, Holy Spirit, in a way that enables you to fulfil the destiny you have for each of us, we pray
  5. Help us, Holy Spirit, to live in this world, without living as though we were of this world, we pray

20th Ezekiel 37:15-17 Unity in God’s house

  1. Lord, unite us together by your Spirit in the genuine love of Christ
  2. For any amongst us who are out of fellowship with a brother or sister in Christ, bring reconciliation, we pray
  3. Teach us to understand the power of forgiveness, that it helps both us and those we forgive
  4. For any who are holding on to unforgiveness and are struggling to let go, help them to do so Holy Spirit, we pray
  5. As we join in ever-closer unity, Holy Spirit we ask that your anointing would flow ever stronger through us

21st Ezekiel 37:18-19 Praying for Israel

  1. We pray for the government of Israel that you would help them to look to you to know what to do, O Lord and not to their own wisdom
  2. In the midst of the dissentions in the land of Israel protect the innocent on both sides of the conflict, we pray
  3. We pray for the peace of Jerusalem, O God, as your Word encourages us to do
  4. Open the eyes of the orthodox Jews to realise that their Messiah has already come, and his name is Jesus
  5. We pray for all who live in the land of Israel, Jews and Arabs alike, that you would cause them to come to know Christ as their Saviour

22nd Ezekiel 37:20-23 The re-gathering of the Jews

  1. Lord Jesus, as you re-gather the Jews from around the world to their ancient homeland in preparation for your return, open their hearts to the gospel, we pray
  2. As we pray for all the Arab christians in the land of Israel, bless them and use them mightily to bring many others living in Israel to know Christ
  3. As we pray for all the Messianic Jews who have come to know Christ as their Saviour, bless their churches and multiply them, O Lord
  4. Cause the eyes of all the Jews we meet to be opened and for them to realise that Jesus Christ is their promised Messiah
  5. As the time draws near in these last days for the final conflict in Israel, cause us your church to be alert, active and fruitful whilst there is still time to be witnesses for Jesus

23rd Ezekiel 37:24-26 The second coming of Christ

  1. Lord, let your kingdom come and your will be done on earth as it is in heaven
  2. Cause us to be effective ambassadors for Christ at all times, so that we may hasten the day of the Lord’s coming
  3. Cause us to seek the gifts of the Spirit and to use them wisely and effectively to manifest your power on earth, O Lord
  4. May we be like the five wise virgins, O Lord, who were ready and prepared for the coming of the bridegroom and keep us filled with the oil of your Holy Spirit
  5. In these last days before you return Lord Jesus, bring a revival in our hearts and in your church that will impact our neighbourhood, our city and our nation, we pray

24th Ezekiel 37:27-28 Praying again for the nations of the world

  1. As we pray for all the nations of Europe, save them, O Lord
  2. As we pray for all the nations of Africa, save them O Lord
  3. As we pray for all the nations of Asia, save them, O Lord
  4. As we pray for all the nations of North and South America and the West Indies, save them, O Lord
  5. As we pray for all the nations of Australasia and all other island nations, save them, O Lord

25th Ezekiel 38:1-3 Praying for the nation of Russia

  1. Lord, your Word foretells that Russia will invade Israel in the last days, so in these final days, move in revival across the nation of Russia, we pray
  2. Lord, we thank you for all those in Russia who are turning to Christ and keep the door of opportunity for the preaching of the gospel there wide open, we pray
  3. For all those who have lived under atheistic communism, open their hearts now to find their Creator through faith in Christ
  4. As we pray for the orthodox church in Russia, sweep through the outward trappings of religion and bring a genuine move of the Holy Spirit in their midst
  5. We pray for all the Evangelical and Pentecostal churches that have begun in Russia in recent days and bless and prosper them and make them fruitful, O Lord

26th Ezekiel 38:4-6 Praying for Iran, Ethiopia, Sudan and Libya

  1. As we pray for the ancient country of Persia, now called Iran and thank you for the many Muslims who are turning to you in that nation, cause many more to do so
  2. We pray for every satellite christian T.V. programme that is being watched in Iran and use such programmes to turn many to Christ
  3. As we pray for Ethiopia, open the eyes of the Muslim people there and turn them to Christ
  4. As we bring Sudan before you, O God, sweep through that Muslim nation with a supernatural revival power
  5. We pray for the ancient country of Libya to be filled once again with the sound of people responding to the gospel, as it was in the years after Christ

27th Ezekiel 38:7-13 The forewarning in Scripture

  1. Lord, teach us to take every warning in your Word seriously
  2. We pray that as we read the warnings in your Word, O God, we may live in the righteous fear of the Lord
  3. As we read in your Word, not only about heaven but also about hell, may it serve to motivate us to be serious in being witnesses for Christ
  4. As your Word forewarns us as believers that we must not be complacent or negligent in our spiritual lives, teach us to remain close to you at all times, O Lord
  5. As we see the Day of the Lord approaching, cause us to look up, knowing that our redemption is drawing near

28th Ezekiel 38:14-16 Nations intent on war

  1. Lord, for all the nations that will prepare to attack Israel, move now in their populations to save many before it occurs and while it is still a time of peace
  2. We pray for all those nations currently at war or in civil war and cause them to bring their conflicts to an end, O Lord
  3. As we pray for all the innocent people caught up in the conflicts of war today, help them find you and be sustained by you, O God
  4. Lord, as we see the signs all around us of the last days, keep us close to you day by day
  5. May your church not fear the conflicts to come that your Word has forewarned us about, O Lord, but to trust you at all times

29th Ezekiel 38:17-22 God’s omniscience

  1. Lord, because we understand that you know all things before they happen, keep us from worrying about the future, we pray
  2. Lord, you know what our individual futures hold, so give us the wisdom to seek you to discover it and seek to live it out
  3. Lord, if we are not currently in your perfect will in any area of our lives, show us now and help us move into that perfect will
  4. Because you know all things, Holy Spirit, help us bless others with words of prophecy, words of wisdom and words of knowledge, we pray
  5. Since you know our hearts, search us O Lord, and show us how we can change to be more conformed to your will, we pray

30th Ezekiel 38:23 God’s manifest glory

  1. Lord, manifest your glory in our individual lives and in our homes as we put you first in all things
  2. Lord, manifest your glory in the church, with signs wonders and miracles, accompanying the preaching of your Word
  3. Lord, manifest yourself in our discipleship groups, moving in power through the leaders and group members in all spiritual gifts
  4. Lord, manifest your glory on the streets as the gospel is shared and save, heal and radically change the lives of those we minister to, we pray
  5. Bring glory to yourself in your church, Lord Jesus, by visiting us and inhabiting the church with the revival power and the manifest presence of the Holy Spirit