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Prayer Diary for August 2020

Bible Readings and Prayer Points for Individual and Church Spiritual Growth

Bringing hope to the hopeless

Ecclesiastes Chapters 1-6


When people first read through the Book of Ecclesiastes they may be surprised at what they are reading. The thoughts and sentiments seem quite different, even contrary to what we know to be the mind and ways of God as revealed through the other books in the Bible. To be able to understand why this book has been included in the Bible and what God is revealing to us through it, is important to know the context in which it was written.


Ecclesiastes is one of three books by King Solomon, each written at a different stage in his life. His first was the Song of Songs, written when he was young man and deeply in love. The second was the Book of Proverbs, written in his middle age, where he is warning his own son (from his own experience) to avoid the errors that young people can succumb to.


He wrote Ecclesiastes towards the end of his life when he was an older man. It reflects the thoughts of a man who, although given every advantage whilst young – a kingdom, wisdom, power, wealth, peace and security – nevertheless squandered his opportunities and at the end of his life looked back with the disappointment of one who realises that essentially he has wasted his life’s opportunities.


The story of King Solomon is told in 1 Kings Chapters 1-11. He started his life well and as a result God said he could ask for whatever he desired. His unselfish choice of wisdom to be able to govern God’s people well, pleased God who blessed him with every other advantage in life as well. However, his focus began to change. His chief folly was to marry foreign women who did not share his love of the true God of Israel. They pressured him to set up idolatrous shrines to please them. This changed his relationship with God and Solomon backslid.


Although he had wisdom to govern others, he lacked wisdom to govern his own character and life. So after the good early years, although outwardly seemingly successful, his life became inwardly empty as he continued in this backslidden state for much of his later years. Ecclesiastes reflects the thoughts of an old man looking back over a life that missed the most important thing – walking closely with God. Solomon describes his actions as a backslider seeking to fill that void which only God can fill. The book, which reflects very accurately our contemporary society, describes how people seek to fill their spiritual emptiness with anything that life can offer them – and fail.  

We have the Good News of Jesus Christ and our prayers this month are to help us bring this message of hope to a generation that has it all, yet remains without God and without hope.



1st  - Ecclesiastes 1:1-3 Bringing the gospel of hope

  1. We pray for all those we know who are without Christ and have no hope for the future; use us to bring them the gospel of hope
  2. For those we know who are suffering despair because of family situations, help us to encourage them to look to the One who can answer prayer
  3. For any around us who may be contemplating suicide because life seems meaningless to them, lead us to them and give us a word from the Lord especially for their situation, we pray
  4. For any believer we know who is at breaking point because of the strains of life, use us to remind them of your great love for them, O God
  5. Cause us always to remember, O Lord, that the suffering of this present world cannot be compared to the glory that will be revealed in us and to us



2nd - Ecclesiastes 1:4-7 Reaching our generation

  1. Give us the wisdom to be able to present the unchanging gospel to reach our generation in its ever-changing culture
  2. We pray for all our youth, that you would give them the understanding and wisdom to be able to reach their own generation for Christ
  3. Give us the wisdom to be able to use the ever-changing technology to present effectively the Good News of Jesus Christ, we pray
  4. We pray for our children, that they would come to have a real encounter with their God and be able to speak to their own generation about the need to know Christ
  5. May we never dilute our message to accommodate changing fashions but rather know how to adapt our presentation to reach each generation with gospel



3rd - Ecclesiastes 1:8-11 Renewing our strength

  1. Lord, when we feel weary as a result of life’s trials, keep our eyes fixed on the Author and Finisher of our faith so we may have the strength to continue with joy
  2. May our walk with you never grow stale, O Lord, but rather may our relationship with you be refreshed daily
  3. Continue to bring to our remembrance that your compassion never fails and is new every morning, so great is your faithfulness, O Lord
  4. As we meditate on the full blessings of our salvation in Christ, may the joy of the Lord remain our strength constantly, we pray
  5. Cause our hope in you O Lord to renew our strength, so that we may soar like eagles, run and not grow weary, walk and not be faint



4th - Ecclesiastes 1:12-15 Lifting the burden of sin

  1.  O Lord, bring to our mind any ways that we are not walking close to you so that we may ensure nothing will hinder our effectiveness as your ministers
  2. Lord, we pray for your presence to be so strong in our meetings that all who come in will be conscious of their sin before a holy God and cry out to you to be saved
  3. Make us fruitful in every opportunity we have for evangelism on the streets, in our schools, colleges a, places of work, homes and neighbourhoods, we pray
  4. We pray that our discipleship cells will be places where friendship evangelism is effective, enabling many to know sins forgiven through Christ
  5. Send revival in our midst, Holy Spirit, that will bring conviction of sin, a turning to Christ and a radical change of lifestyle of countless people



5th - Ecclesiastes 1:16-18 Seeking true spiritual wisdom

  1. Lord we pray for those we know who are very clever and knowledgeable and whose intellect gets in the way of their receiving salvation by faith in Christ alone
  2. Give us the discernment to distinguish between worldly wisdom and the true wisdom of God, so that we are not deceived, we pray
  3. Lord, you have said that if we lack wisdom we should ask of you; give us your wisdom for each day
  4. We pray for those we know whose eyes are blinded by the ‘god of this world’, that you would lift the veil and give them the wisdom to seek salvation
  5. As we continue to read your Word, O Lord, give us a wisdom that will make us effective as we work day-by-day in the world



6th - Ecclesiastes 2:1-3 No satisfaction without the Lord

  1. Give us the wisdom not to seek pleasures or satisfaction outside of you and your revealed will, O God, since it will surely bring only harm
  2. For those we know who struggle with the problem of alcohol, help us to show them how Christ can set them free from every bondage, we pray
  3. We pray for the youth of our nation who find the need to seek satisfaction in binge drinking; help us to reach them with the liberating gospel of Christ
  4. For those around us whose lives are so empty they seek satisfaction in drugs, use us to show them the greater satisfaction of being the temple of the Holy Spirit
  5. May our lives be a living witness to all we meet on daily basis of the joy and satisfaction that comes from knowing Jesus, we pray



7th - Ecclesiastes 2:4-8 The emptiness of worshipping possessions

  1. Keep us free from the love of money, O Lord and instead help us to gain it and use it wisely as good stewards of all you entrust to us
  2. May our trust always be in you, O God, and not in what we own or possess
  3. Help us to always have our priorities in the right order, O Lord, with our continuing relationship with you always first
  4. Whilst it is needful to work to earn our income, may our jobs never become more important to us than you, O Lord
  5. Make us a people who are not only seeking to gain but who are always willing to give, with possessions not having a hold over us



8th - Ecclesiastes 2:9-11 The emptiness of fame

  1. In a world that is seeking instant fame, teach us, O Lord, that worldly fame counts for nothing in your eyes
  2. Cause us to remember, O Lord, that if we first humble ourselves before our God  in due course you will lift us up
  3. May our desire always be to be considered great, not in the eyes of the world, which is fleeting, but in the eyes of our God which counts for eternity
  4. Lord, may we become well known to all who know us for the fact that we seek to live like Jesus
  5. For those amongst us whom you raise up in this world to places of great influence, may each have the wisdom to use that position wisely and profitably for you, O God



9th - Ecclesiastes 2:12-14 The folly of omitting the Lord from life

  1. Keep our minds constantly focussed on you, O Lord, in all we do, knowing that you will help us in any and every situation in life
  2. When everything is going well in our lives, O God, may we not be tempted to forget you, even for a moment
  3. Teach us day by day how to grow closer to you, O Lord, so that we may become more influential on those around us
  4. As we are surrounded by people who do not have Christ in their lives, give us opportunities to share the hope that comes through the gospel of Christ
  5. Make us effective in bringing the message of Christ to lost and dying generation, O Lord



10th - Ecclesiastes 2:15-16 The certainty of death

  1. Lord, our life on this earth is brief so may we use the time we have profitably at all times so that we do not have regrets later on
  2. Since we are God’s workmanship, created in Christ to do good works which you, O Lord, have prepared in advance for us to do, help us to fulfil our life’s destiny
  3. We pray for all our family members who have not accepted Christ; use us to lead them to Christ while they still have time
  4. One day, Lord Jesus, we will stand before you to give an account of our christian lives; may we live to hear your words, “Well done good and faithful servant”
  5. We pray for any believer we know who has a fear of death; may they learn to trust totally in all your promises, O God and so be set free



11th - Ecclesiastes 2:17-21 Working for that which will endure

  1. Lord, you have a special plan in life for each of us, so as we wait on you may we know it and fulfil it and so complete the mission in this life you give us
  2. We pray for all the leaders in the church of ministries and departments that you would use them for your glory
  3. We pray for all those involved in teaching in the church that they will sow seeds  producing a harvest that will endure for eternity
  4. We pray for all those involved in administration and all other areas of essential practical work in the church; bless their hands and use them for your glory
  5. We pray for every area of evangelism that it would produce a harvest that will last for an eternity



12th - Ecclesiastes 2:22-26 Blessings from God

  1. Lord, as we seek first your Kingdom and righteousness, we pray that you would add to us everything we need
  2. We pray that you would bless your people with good jobs and successful businesses, out of which we can be a blessing to others also
  3. We pray for your blessings on our families, O God, that we would see them all come to Christ and prosper in this lifetime
  4. We pray for the blessings of godly relationships, O Lord
  5. We pray for your blessings on the church, O Lord, that we may see your work multiply



13th - Ecclesiastes 3:1-4 Working according to God’s plans (1)

  1. Lord, your timing is crucial, teach us how to wait on you so we know when to act and when not to
  2. Lead us to those people, O Lord, who have reached the point when they are ready to be born again and give us the joy of leading them to Christ
  3. Knowing there is a time to die help us to redeem our time and make the most of every opportunity, we pray
  4. Give us wisdom, O Lord, in our working lives and in church ministries to know when to begin new ventures and when to close down those no longer fruitful
  5. If we are in a time of weeping, comfort our hearts; if we are in a time of laughter may we be an encouragement to others, we pray


14th - Ecclesiastes 3:5-8 Working according to God’s plans (2)

  1. As we lay our plans before you, O Lord, show us when we are in your will and must wait patiently and when we are not and should seek a change of direction
  2. Give us the wisdom to know when and how to speak the truth in love to mend broken relationships, we pray
  3. Give us the wisdom to know when to speak and what to say and when it is better to hold our tongues and remain silent, O Lord
  4. Teach us always, O Lord how to love both believers and unbelievers and teach us also how to hate sin
  5. May we always be alert and battling against sin within us, the ungodly systems of this world that seek to attract us and the powers of darkness that seek to destroy us



15th - Ecclesiastes 3:9-15 Eternity in the hearts of men

  1. Since each person has knowledge of life after death implanted in their heart, but often chose to ignore it, help us, Holy Spirit, to intercede for their blindness to be lifted
  2. We bring all our intercessory ministry before you, O Lord, asking that you will make us increasing effective in praying people into your Kingdom
  3. Give us a heart to pray, O Lord, until we see a mighty breakthrough in the unsaved coming to know Christ as Saviour
  4. Teach us to pray aright, O God, so that our prayers may be specific, totally in line with your will and so fruitful,
  5. Make us as effective in our intercessory prayers as Elijah, who was a man just like us



16th - Ecclesiastes 3:16-22 The Day of Judgment

  1. Lord, may we walk humbly before you, fulfilling your will so that when we stand before you we will not be ashamed
  2. Teach us to see sin with the same gravity that as you see sin, O Lord and avoid it at all costs
  3. May the knowledge of the certainty of  a Day of Judgment motivate us to reach the lost for Christ
  4. We pray for all those we meet on a regular basis who are not yet saved; create opportunities for us to engage them in conversations about eternity
  5. Give us the compassion for the lost that you have, O Lord, so that we can understand their plight seek to reach them for Christ



17th - Ecclesiastes 4:1-3 Human corruption

  1. Lord, we bring before you any corruption in those who govern our nation, towns and cities; expose what may be there so that our nation may not suffer
  2. For any corruption in all the institutions that are a part of our national life, we pray that it may be exposed and rooted out
  3. For any corruption in our places of work and business, reveal it that it may be ended, we pray
  4. For any amongst us who are being unfairly treated at work or by institutions, we pray that you would help them to receive justice, O Lord
  5. Turn the hearts of our people back to you, O God and restore to our nation the values that come from Bible



18th - Ecclesiastes 4:4-8 Working as servants of God

  1. Show each of us individually the work you would have us do for you, O Lord and help us to do it faithfully and effectively
  2. Lead us into those places of employment or business where we can be most effective for you, O God, making the difference you want us to make
  3. We pray for your church, O Lord, that you would promote many to places of influence in all areas of work, business and society
  4. Make us a people who always work hard and with integrity in the world as a testimony  that brings you glory, O Lord
  5. Make us a people who always work hard in the church and in every ministry you have called us to do, knowing that our labour in the Lord will never be in vain



19th - Ecclesiastes 4:9-12 Christ in the midst

  1. As a cord of three strands is not easily broken, we pray Lord Jesus, you will be in the centre of our relationships
  2. Lord Jesus, be at the centre and the focus of every activity in the church, helping us to bring you glory in all we do
  3. We pray for every married couple in the church that you would be the third strand of their relationship making it unbreakable
  4. We pray for every man and woman in the church seeking a romantic relationship; guide them in their choices and be at the centre of their decisions, O Lord
  5. Be at the centre of every decision that we make concerning all matters of day-to-day life, Lord Jesus, so that we always make wise choices



20th - Ecclesiastes 4:13-16 Seeking the wisdom of God

  1. Give us your wisdom in seeking where to work, so that we are led not just by our desires but by where you want to strategically place us, O God
  2. We pray for all the parents in the church; give each the godly wisdom necessary in everyday matters concerning their children
  3. We pray for your wisdom, O Lord, in all our daily responsibilities at our places of work, college or school; guide us in all we do
  4. As a church, O Lord, give us your wisdom to know the correct plans and strategies for the hour, we pray
  5. We pray for your wisdom in the ministries that we are each involved with that all we do may be fruitful



21st - Ecclesiastes 5:1-3 Guarding our steps and our mouths

  1. Help us to guard our steps, O Lord, so that we never stray from the narrow pathway no matter how difficult circumstances may become
  2. Keep us in regular fellowship with the saints of God letting nothing cause any breach in our communion with you, O God or one another
  3. Teach us to think before we speak, we pray, so that we do not regret words that once spoken cannot be unspoken
  4. Teach us to think before we act, O Lord, so that we act out of wise thought and not hasty or emotional reaction
  5. As the God of all heaven and earth, may we respect you unfathomable greatness and walk humbly before our God, appreciating our relationship with you



22nd - Ecclesiastes 5:4-7 Keeping our word

  1. Cause us to be honest at all times, O Lord, as the trustworthy people you want us to be
  2. When we make commitments or promises, may we not break them easily but honour our word, just as you always honour yours, O God
  3. May we value our integrity, O Lord, as true servants of the Most High God
  4. If we know we may be unable to keep a commitment give us the wisdom not to  make it in the first place rather than letting others down
  5. Forgive us if we have made promises to you, O Lord, that we have not kept; teach us how to make amends and be faithful in future



23rd - Ecclesiastes 5:8-10 Good stewards of our wealth

  1. Give us a healthy attitude towards money, O Lord, seeing it as a means to an end and not an end in itself
  2. May we give you our tithes and offerings, O Lord, faithfully and cheerfully with thankful hearts
  3. May we spend and save our money wisely, O God, using it in a way that pleases you
  4. Give us generous hearts, O Lord, helping others to the best of our ability
  5. We pray you will raise up from amongst your people more who are blessed with wealth for the purpose of a ministry of giving



24th - Ecclesiastes 5:11-12 Focussing on needs not wants

  1. Teach us how to learn how to be content with what we have whether we have much or little, O Lord
  2. May we find our satisfaction in you, our God, and not in the temporary goods of this world
  3. Help us to distinguish between our needs and our wants, O Lord, knowing that you will provide the former but not necessarily the latter
  4. Teach us how to live one day at a time, O Lord, as you taught to pray ‘Give us this day our daily bread’
  5. Help us to learn the truth of your words, Lord Jesus, that it is more blessed to give than to receive



25th - Ecclesiastes 5:13-17 Leaving a legacy that endures

  1. Cause us to live for you and for others and not only for our own interests, O God, so that we leave our own godly mark on this world
  2. Show us how you want us to make our own unique individual impression on this world which will have lasting effects
  3. Help us to give our money in a way that produces an enduring difference by sowing into the work of your Kingdom, O Lord
  4. Make us people whose characters and lives leave a lasting impression on others, helping them to change to become more Christlike
  5. Help us to lead others to Christ and so leave a legacy in their lives that will last for eternity



26th - Ecclesiastes 5:18-20 Walking in our God-given destiny

  1. Lord, reveal your purpose in each of our lives so that we do not go through life aimlessly, but achieve your purposes
  2. For all our youth who are considering further studies, guide their thoughts to help them prepare to their life’s work that you are calling them to, O God
  3. For those among us who are looking for a job or to change jobs, guide them specifically to the place you would have them be in at this time, we pray
  4. For those among us considering setting up their own business, guide them specifically concerning time, place and activity, O Lord
  5. Show each of us the ministries you have called us to do inside and outside the church, so that we can fulfil your purpose for our lives



27th - Ecclesiastes 6:1-2 Learning to give to others

  1. Make us a people who are always willing to share what we have, O Lord
  2. Make us good stewards of all the possessions you enable us to acquire, O God
  3. Give us the faith to act on your words, Lord Jesus, “Give and it will be given unto you…”
  4. Give us the faith to regularly bring our tithes into the church and may they in turn be the cause of great fruitfulness in the advance of your Kingdom, we pray
  5. On top of our tithes, make it possible for us to make gifts and offerings that help the advance of the gospel of Christ in all manner of ways, we pray



28th - Ecclesiastes 6:3-6 Making the most of our life’s opportunities

  1. Lord, we have only one opportunity at this life, so help us to live it well for you
  2. For those amongst us who have made a bad start in life, help them to start anew, knowing that in Christ we can do all things well
  3. May we seek your guidance for each day to make the most of each day’s opportunities
  4. Help us to make the most of the talents you have given us, O Lord, so that they may be used for your glory
  5. Give us your courage, O God, to take the steps of faith you desire us to take



29th - Ecclesiastes 6:7 True satisfaction

  1. Keep our eyes on you, Lord, the only one who can truly meet all our needs
  2. For any we know who are in bondage to ungodly habits, enable them to break free, we pray
  3. Holy Spirit, fill us afresh daily with your presence, we ask
  4. Give us a passion to read your Word, O Lord, to truly understand all your ways
  5. May our lives be filled with the passion of serving Jesus and a result know life’s fullest satisfaction



30th - Ecclesiastes 6:8-11 What man is, has been known

  1. Lord, you know everything about us and still love us; keep us secure in your love
  2. Forgive us for all our sins, O Lord, and help us avoid repeating our mistakes
  3. You know our full potential, O God; with your help may we fulfil our full potential for you in this world
  4. If we are not yet aware of the giftings you have placed within us; reveal them to us so that we may start to use them, we pray
  5. May our lives be such that we may truly be known as sons and daughters of the living God, we pray



31st - Ecclesiastes 6:12 The good and the bad

  1. Keep our eyes fixed on you, O Lord, so we fulfil your good plans for our lives
  2. We pray for all those who are seeking spiritual experiences through occult practices; open their eyes to the reality of the fallen spirit world, O God
  3. We pray that your church will arise in a demonstration all the full power of the Holy Spirit which is the true spiritual power that the devil seeks to counterfeit
  4. As people seek supernatural powers and experiences to satisfy their inner spiritual void, may we the church enable them to find in Christ what they are seeking for
  5. We bind in Jesus name all the spirits of the powers of darkness that are operating on our streets and neighbourhoods