Prayer Diary

God’s warning to the nation

Ezekiel Chapters 33-35

Ezekiel lived at a very distressful time in the life of his nation. The people, whilst paying lip-service to God, were engaging in the immoral practices of the followers of Baal and their pagan activities. Prophet after prophet had been raised up by God to warn the people that by forsaking the true and living God, to engage in these wicked practices of the pagan religions around them, they were breaching the covenant they had made with God as a nation. The penalty for this, set out clearly under the Old Covenant through Moses, was to be overrun by their enemies and taken into exile.

God’s mercy was so patient that he waited for many years to give the people an opportunity to respond to the message of his prophets. But they did not. So, as a warning, God sent the Babylonians to take captive some of the people from Jerusalem - the aristocracy - which included Daniel and his three friends. That did not cause the people to change. So God sent the Babylonians once more to take into captivity more of the Jews, this time including Ezekiel.

From his enforced new home in Babylon, Ezekiel was raised up by God to warn the Jews that the city of Jerusalem would be totally destroyed if the people did not repent and turn back to God. At the same time Jeremiah, who was still living in Jerusalem was prophesying a similar message. The prophets were ignored and so about ten years after Ezekiel was taken to Babylon, king Nebuchadnezzar marched his armies back once more and this time totally destroyed the city of Jerusalem, including the temple built by Solomon and reduced everything to rubble. He then took virtually all the nation into exile.

Shortly afterwards Jeremiah wrote his book of Lamentations expressing his utter sorrow at the needless fall of the city caused by the hardness of the people’s hearts against their long-suffering God. The people would experience, just as Jeremiah prophesied, 70 years of exile before being allowed back home to begin the process of rebuilding Jerusalem and the nation. They learned the lesson and never went back to following the idolatry of paganism.

We live in a similar generation. Our nation once held the Bible and the moral laws of God in high esteem. But, like the Jews of Ezekiel’s day, now prefer the immoral ways of the followers of the religion of secular humanism that takes its values, or lack of them, from its theory of evolution that excludes God, the Bible and the moral values based in it.

As a result our society is on the pathway to destruction. God is patient and will allow time to repent and turn back to him but his patience has a limit. This month, as we pray through Ezekiel’s prophetic words, we are asking God to turn our backsliding nation back to him before it goes too far and is the time for repentance is over


1st  Ezekiel 33:1-6 Heeding God’s warning

  1. Help us to continually walk in the righteous fear of the Lord, which is the beginning of wisdom
  2. Keep us from becoming complacent, O Lord, so that we never treat your Word and your ways with anything other than 100% seriousness
  3. Holy Spirit, we ask that you would help us work out our salvation with fear and trembling
  4. When you speak to our conscience, Holy Spirit, cause us to respond in obedience without hesitation
  5. Give us ears to hear and eyes to see all that you want to reveal to us, O God

2nd Ezekiel 33:7-9 The watchman

  1. Lord, you have revealed your truth to us, so guide us to those you would have us speak to with the message of salvation
  2. May our lives and characters be so like Christ that even when we are not speaking, our actions may be a witness to others of the truth and the power of the gospel
  3. Give us a Holy-Spirit boldness to be witnesses and ambassadors for Christ, O Lord
  4. Keep us from unconsciously absorbing the values of this world, O God, even though we need to be mixing with those who share this fallen world’s values
  5. Use us to bring others out of condemnation, into the forgiveness and freedom in Christ

3rd Ezekiel 33:10 The sins of the nation

  1. Have mercy on this nation, O Lord, which has turned so far from your ways and bring godly change
  2. Cause our government to recognise the destructive nature to our society of our nation’s acts of godlessness and to bring strong leadership for godly change
  3. Break the scales over the eyes of the people of our nation, O Lord, and cause them to begin to desire to see a change in the destructive selfishness that marks our society
  4. Shake our nation, O Lord, in a way that will cause many to see the foolishness of rejecting the Biblical values that so much of our nation’s heritage was built upon
  5. In your great mercy, send revival to this land once more, O God

4th Ezekiel 33:11 God’s heart for the lost

  1. We give you thanks, O Lord, because you are a God of love who has gone to the greatest extent to give repentant sinners the opportunity to be saved
  2. Heavenly Father, give us a heart of love for the lost like yours
  3. Show us, Holy Spirit, what we can do to reveal the love of God to those who are currently bent on self-destruction through rejecting God’s way of salvation
  4. Give us words of wisdom, Holy Spirit, that will speak directly into the spirits of those we share the gospel with
  5. In our speaking to people who are living ungodly lifestyles, may love always prevail over judgment

5th Ezekiel 33:12-13 No backsliding

  1. Keep our eyes firmly fixed on Jesus, the Author and Finisher of our faith, we pray
  2. When we pass through times of trial, keep us from fainting, falling or failing, O Lord
  3. For those who are struggling with issues which keep them in bondage, help them today to make the decision to call on you to break free totally, we pray
  4. Give us the strength to persevere when times are difficult and to cast all our cares upon you, Heavenly Father, for you care for us
  5. When everything is going well in our lives, O Lord, let not our blessings cause us to become complacent and so take our eyes off you, but rather keep us fully focussed

6th Ezekiel 33:14-16 True repentance

  1. O Lord, forgive us this day our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us
  2. Lord, since you know the secrets of everyone’s heart, forgive us today for all our secret sins and cause us to turn away from them
  3. If we are not fully on fire for you forgive us, O God, and breath afresh upon us as we seek to fan into flames the spiritual fire within us
  4. Lord, if we are taking the wrong direction in any area of our lives, reveal it to us so that we may repent and turn our lives around
  5. Lord, if as a church we are taking the wrong direction in any area, reveal it to us so that we may repent and change to the direction you would have us go

7th Ezekiel 33:17-20 The righteous judgment of God

  1. Lord as you are righteous and true, teach your ways of justice in every area of life, we pray
  2. Lord your Word tells us to examine ourselves in order to bring self-discipline, so that you do not need to discipline us, so teach us to do so effectively, we pray
  3. Speak to us each day, Holy Spirit, by putting your finger on any area of our lives that is unpleasing to you, and cause us to change
  4. Knowing that the perfect justice of God requires the eternal punishment of sinners, may such knowledge motivate us to be serve you tirelessly, O Lord
  5. Realising that your ways are not our ways and your thoughts are not ours, but higher, O Lord, may we never question your will but simply be obedient

8th Ezekiel 33:21-22 No longer silent

  1. Like Ezekiel, O God, may we experience your hand upon us so that we may speak your words
  2. Keep us from being silent when we should be speaking up for the truth, we pray
  3. We pray for your church in this nation that it may no longer be silent in the face of wickedness but speak up for the ways of God
  4. We pray for our own church, O Lord, that we may never fail to preach the uncompromising truth of your Word
  5. Raise up prophetic voices in our nation, O Lord, with individuals in places of significance who will have the attention of leaders, institutions, and society

9th Ezekiel 33:23-26 The all-seeing God

  1. Lord, cause us to remember that you are a God who sees all things, good and bad, so that we may be careful to live according to your values
  2. Lord, help us to remember that you are a God who knows all things and search our hearts today, rooting out all that is unpleasing to you
  3. Lord, help us to remember that you are an all-powerful God and enable us to believe that all things are possible for you
  4. Lord, keep us from relying on our own strength, but rather teach us the anointing that comes when we rely wholeheartedly on you
  5. Lord, since you are a God of justice, in our dealings with others, help us to act justly

10th Ezekiel 33:27-29 A wasted land

  1. Lord, have mercy on our land which is being wasted by unbelief and cynicism and turn our nation around, we pray
  2. Lord, our young people are being led to ruin by being taught godless evolution, so rescue this generation, we pray
  3. Our young people are being led to ruin by encouragement to be promiscuous, so rescue them from such destructive forces, we pray
  4. Lord, we pray that our nation would once again refocus its eyes away from the material here-and-now, to spiritual matters that are of eternal importance
  5. Rescue our land from the wicked powers in the spiritual realms that seek its destruction, we pray

11th Ezekiel 33:30-32 Doers not hearers only of God’s word

  1. Lord, may we be doers of your Word and not hearers only
  2. Cause us to be like the people the apostle Paul spoke to at Berea who “examined the scriptures every day”
  3. Deepen our understanding of your Word, O Lord, so that we may always be able to explain your Word to others
  4. We pray that as we listen to God-inspired sermons and put their principles into practice they may help us to grow more like Christ
  5. Holy Spirit, continually bring to our remembrance all the things we have read in your Word when we need to act on them

12th Ezekiel 33:33 Being the mouthpiece of God in our generation

  1. Lord, cause us to be your mouthpieces to the generation in which we live
  2. Lord, help us in our schools, colleges, places of work and neighbourhoods, to be witnesses for Christ
  3. We pray that you would give us divine appointments each day and also to all those who go out on the streets witnessing, helping us to lead many to Christ
  4. We pray for all our discipleship cells, that you would help them to be places where we can motivate one another to be witnesses for Jesus
  5. Give us your courage, O Lord, to be a people who are wise in our words and ways and yet bold in our service for Christ

13th Ezekiel 34:1 The word of the Lord came

  1. Speak to us Lord and give us ears to hear all you are saying to us
  2. Cause us to be diligent students of your Word, Holy Spirit and give us spiritual insight into all we read
  3. Lord speak to us and through us, in words of prophecy, words of wisdom and words of knowledge
  4. Speak to us through dreams and visions, O Lord, and give us the spiritual wisdom and insight to interpret them correctly
  5. Speak to us and through us with words of godly counsel, that will bless and uplift, we pray

14th Ezekiel 34:2-6 Caring for the sheep

  1. Cause your church in our dealings with one another, to be those who can build up, encourage and strengthen your people
  2. We pray for all who are in roles of leadership within the church to give them the love and wisdom to fulfil their work for you fruitfully
  3. We pray for all those of your people who are straying from you, O God, and from the safety of fellowship to help us encourage them back to full commitment
  4. We pray you would strengthen the sick and infirm amongst us and help us to encourage them in their time of need
  5. Raise up to positions of leadership those who have a love for God and a heart for people, we pray

15th Ezekiel 34:7-10 Praying for leaders

  1. Lord, speak to those individuals that you have called to serve you in different positions of leadership and give them the courage and grace to fulfil the role you have called them to do
  2. Encourage all our leaders in their work and make them fruitful in all they do, O Lord
  3. Give to all our pastors and elders your vision, guiding their footsteps and helping them fulfil your will, O Lord
  4. Encourage all our discipleship cell leaders in their work and as they seek to be a blessing to others, bless them in their faithfulness, we pray
  5. Give to all our teachers and leaders of departments and teams in the church the joy of seeing fruitfulness from all their labours, O God

16th Ezekiel 34:11-12 A heart like God’s

  1. Give us a heart like yours, O Lord
  2. Give us the same vision for your church and for the lost that you have, O God
  3. Give us the same motivation for ministry that we see in you, Lord Jesus, when you were on the earth
  4. Give us a faith that can move mountains, O Lord
  5. Anoint us with power to accomplish your will in us, O God

17th Ezekiel 34:13-16 Praying for the Jews

  1. Lord we pray for all the Jews throughout the world to open their hearts to the gospel and cause them to come to know their Messiah
  2. We pray that the constant troubles in the land promised to Abraham will be used by you, O Lord, to turn the Jews to Christ
  3. We pray for all the Arabs living in Israel who do not know Christ, that you would save them, O God
  4. From the atheistic Jews on one side to the ultraorthodox Jews on the other, open their eyes to the truth that they are saved through faith in their Messiah, Jesus Christ
  5. As we see prophecies being fulfilled before our eyes in Israel today and know your coming is soon, Lord Jesus, may it inspire us to greater service for you

18th Ezekiel 34:13-16 Praying for the Jews (2)

  1. Lord, as your Word encourages us to do, we pray now for the peace of Jerusalem
  2. Cause the veil in modern day Israel to be lifted from their eyes so that they may see the truth that Jesus is their Messiah, O Lord
  3. We pray for all who are today suffering in the Promised Land, Jew and Arab alike to bring them to peace by individually knowing Christ as their Saviour
  4. We pray you would help all the messianic Jews in Israel, who have accepted Christ as they witness to others about the truth of Jesus
  5. We pray for all the christian Arabs in Israel to help them as they spread the gospel, O Lord

19th Ezekiel 34:17-19 Preaching the uncompromising truth

  1. Lord, as our society seeks to marginalise and restrict the influence of your Word keep us unswerving in our determination to never water down the message of the gospel
  2. Give us both a boldness for Christ in our places of work and also a divine favour upon our lives with those over us, we pray
  3. In all the messages preached on Sundays, in mid-week meetings, on the streets and wherever else we are, anoint us in power, O Lord
  4. In all our ways in our places of work, may we always speak and act according to your godly standards, we pray
  5. As we share your Word with others, cause us to be fruitful as we see many saved and discipled for Christ

20th Ezekiel 34:20-26 Rain from heaven

  1. Send the rain of your Spirit upon us, O Lord, refreshing and strengthening us for the work of God
  2. For any of us who are feeling spiritually weak at present, refresh us, O Lord
  3. Rain down in all our services, Holy Spirit, bringing a fresh sense of your presence and power, we pray
  4. Rain down upon our families afresh, Holy Spirit, bringing an ever closer sense of your presence in our family lives
  5. Rain down afresh on our work and business lives, Holy Spirit, bringing a fresh reality of your presence in those areas

21st Ezekiel 34:27 Breaking bondages

  1. For all those we have been praying for who are not yet saved, save them, O Lord
  2. For those in the church who are in bondage to certain sinful or unhelpful habits, give them the willpower to seek you to break free completely, we pray
  3. For those in the church who have financial burdens, give them the grace and wisdom to break free, O Lord
  4. For those of our families who are in bondage to destructive ways of life, hear our cries, O God, and cause them to repent and come to you
  5. As we pray for all who are under the effects of any form of curse, help them to recognise it, and find the power of Christ to break it, so setting them free

22nd Ezekiel 34:28 No more fear

  1. May our relationship with you, Heavenly Father, be so close that your perfect love drives out all our fear
  2. Give us a faith that is able to trust you at all times for all things, O Lord
  3. For those in fear of losing their jobs at this time, give them your peace, O God, which comes from knowing you are in control of every part of our lives
  4. May the only fear we have, Heavenly Father, be the reverent fear of the Lord which is the beginning of wisdom
  5. Help us to experience your peace, O Lord, which passes all understanding

23rd Ezekiel 34:29 God’s provision

  1. Give us this day our daily bread, Heavenly Father, we pray
  2. For all who are looking for godly relationships, guide them by your Spirit to such blessing, we pray
  3. For those amongst us looking for a job, to change jobs or promotion, undertake for such provision, O God
  4. For those seeking specific guidance in their lives from you, O God, show them clearly, so that they may walk in your destiny for their lives
  5. For those struggling with their finances at this time, provide for them, we pray

24th Ezekiel 34:30-31 God with us

  1. For those among us who, for whatever reason, are feeling distant from you, O Lord, help them sense your close presence, we pray
  2. Cause us to draw close to you, Heavenly Father, so that you may draw close to us
  3. When things seem to be going wrong in our lives, help us remember that you have not left us nor forsaken us and help us grow spiritually at such times
  4. May the knowledge that you are close to us at all times give us a faith that enables us to do astonishing things
  5. Fill us afresh with your presence this day, Holy Spirit, we ask

25th Ezekiel 35:1-4 Interceding for God’s enemies

  1. Lord have mercy on all the atheists we know who have chosen to reject you and save them before it is too late for them
  2. We pray for all christians who are being persecuted for their faith in Muslim lands and cause their enemies to receive a vision of Christ and be saved, O God
  3. We pray for all christians who are being persecuted in Hindu countries and save their enemies by revealing Christ to them, O Lord
  4. We pray for all christians who are suffering for Christ in Buddhist lands and save their persecutors, O Lord
  5. We pray for all christians who are suffering at the hands of military regimes or dictatorships and move in power, Holy Spirit, to save the people of those lands

26th Ezekiel 35:5-6 Praying for Israel’s national enemies

  1. Lord, we pray for the Palestinians that many would begin to call on the name of Jesus and know peace with God and the peace of God in their situation
  2. We pray for the ancient nation of Persia, now called Iran and as we thank you for the many Iranians now turning to Christ may this turn into a flood of conversions
  3. As we pray for the nation of Pakistan, which is so opposed to Israel, strengthen your people in that nation, Lord, and use them to see many Muslims turn to Christ
  4. Lord break the iron spiritual grip over the Arab nations immediately surrounding Israel: for Syria, Jordan, Egypt, Saudi Arabia and cause many to turn to Christ
  5. Lord, since you have said you will curse those who curse Israel, have mercy on all the nations of the world that are acting with hostility towards Israel, by saving their people before your judgment falls

27th Ezekiel 35:7-9 Time to fear the Lord

  1. Lord, help us to understand the depravity of sin, so that we may fear to walk in unrighteousness
  2. Keep us from becoming so familiar with the ways of the world we live in, that we at times begin to compromise
  3. Keep us from becoming lukewarm, O Lord
  4. May our godly fear of you, O Lord, ensure we never fear the opposition of mere men and women
  5. Teach us your ways daily, O God, and may we know your blessings as a consequence, no matter how our temporary circumstances may change

28th Ezekiel 35:10-11 The victims of war

  1. Lord have mercy on all the innocent people around the world who are the victims of war and in their troubles may they turn to Christ and find great help
  2. Cause all the children around the world who are being made orphans by war to find you as their Heavenly Father, O God
  3. Even out of the horrors of war we pray that you may turn situations around for good for those who cry out to you, O Lord
  4. Protect all those who are moved to go out and help the victims of war, through charitable organisations and may Christ’s love shine through the christians
  5. Lord we look forward to the return of the Prince of Peace and pray that your kingdom will come and your will be done on earth as it is in heaven

29th Ezekiel 35:12 God hears all things

  1. Lord, help us to guard our lips, so that nothing ungodly or unedifying is spoken
  2. Lord, if in times of frustration, anger or pain we have spoken negative words about you, forgive us for our foolishness
  3. When we have spoken words to others that have hurt or demoralised them, forgive us and help us to make amends
  4. Lord, when you see all those unspoken prayers that we carry in our hearts that are often too painful or personal to speak out, hear and answer from heaven, we pray
  5. Lord, you hear our cry for revival and we pray that we will see you move in revival power

30th Ezekiel 35:13-14 Words spoken against God

  1. As we pray for all our school children who are taught that God does not exist but rather all things spontaneously evolved, may their spirits discern the truth
  2. Have mercy on, and reveal yourself to, all teachers in schools and colleges and universities who teach our children to ignore God and disparage christian beliefs
  3. We pray for all parents in our society who teach their children to ignore God and disparage Biblical teaching and convict them and save them before it is too late
  4. To all the government authorities and agencies that marginalise or dismiss christians for revealing their faith in Christ, show them their folly in opposing you, O Lord
  5. Lord, as we pray for all christian judges, teachers, social workers, medical workers and all in similar positions, help them speak for you both through words and actions

31st Ezekiel 35:15 The enemies of God

  1. On this night of Hallowe’en frustrate the plans of all in our vicinity who are actively seeking after the power of Satan to harm God’s work and people, O Lord
  2. We pray for all children in our neighbourhood who engage in ‘trick or treat’ and open their eyes and those of their parents to the realities of the fallen spirit world
  3. We take authority over every wicked word spoken by witches against christians and the church and break the power of their curses in Jesus’ name
  4. For everyone in our neighbourhood who is encouraged today to be involved in any form of the occult, convict their spirits with the reality of its evilness, we pray
  5. We take authority over every wicked spirit that seeks to oppose the work of God in the church and break its power in Jesus’ name