Prayer Diary

Deepening our walk with God

Psalms 17 & 18


The Book of Psalms is a collection of five hymn books which were written to be sung as part of public worship. They contain not only theology, which when put to music and sung makes it easier to remember, but also the whole spectrum of the expression of every human emotion, from the ecstatically joyful on the one hand, to the deepest of distress and overwhelming sadness on the other.

David wrote approximately half of these psalms and as such we often know his circumstances when he wrote them. For many years he was in serious danger of his life, learning how to trust the Lord for his every provision and for overseeing his safety from mortal danger. And it was out of these desperate experiences where he learned how he could trust God in any and every situation. But even when he became king he was not immune to threats and danger, as his kingdom was surrounded by hostile enemies all around.

But what disturbed him often was the presence of wicked men around him. David knows that to know God’s presence, provision and protection he must stay close to God, who knows every detail about each individual. So David knows that the thoughts of his mind and the intents of his heart need to be kept pure in God’s sight. The forgiveness of God comes when we sincerely acknowledge any wrongdoing we have committed, and also his Holy Spirit is with us to provide spiritual strength to stay on God’s righteous pathway.

As with anyone who is in a genuine relationship with God, David acknowledges the rightness of God’s statutes as revealed in the Bible. By contrast he hates the ways of wickedness and evil which often manifest themselves around us in this fallen world. He led a very busy life in carrying out his kingly duties which put him into contact with all kinds of wicked people and their deeds. And he was conscious not to allow himself to be influenced by such behaviour. Instead there was the need to keep himself strictly accountable to the all-knowing and ever-present God who created us, searches our hearts and from whom nothing about us is hidden.

As we pray through these psalms this month we are praying from the standpoint of someone who acknowledges the truth of and the greatness of our God as Creator of all things, who is righteous in all his ways, shows absolute justice in all his commands and who is concerned that we walk closely to him in all moments of our lives, not being influenced by the ungodly attitudes and practises around us. And as such, from that position, to petition God in prayer and intercession for the fallen world around us, seeking his mercy before it is too late on those currently rebelling against him – that they may be saved.

1st – Psalm 17:1 A cry unto God

  1. Lord, we bring before you all our personal needs and pray that you would help us in all our circumstances
  2. Give us this day our daily bread, we pray
  3. Forgive us our trespasses, O Lord, as we forgive those who trespass against us
  4. Deliver us from every attack of the enemy, we pray, enabling us to stand strong against temptation and all the plans of Satan
  5. May our lips be used only for speaking what is right, edifying and true, so that when we speak to you in prayer, O Lord, you can answer our cries

2nd – Psalm 17:2-3 Seeking to live righteously

  1. Lord, as we surrender every part of our lives to you, help us to hold nothing back
  2. As we come before you each day in prayer, Holy Spirit, reveal anything in our hearts that we need to confess to you, so that nothing may hinder our relationship with you
  3. Help us to place a guard over our lips, O Lord, so that we do not sin with our mouths
  4. Help us to place a guard over our hearts, O Lord, so that we harbour nothing there which will prevent you responding to our prayers
  5. Order our steps each day, Holy Spirit, so that we always walk in the ways of the Lord

3rd – Psalm 17:4-5 Avoiding the corruption of the world

  1. Give us the determination that, though we live in this world, we will not allow its ways to taint or corrupt us
  2. Give us wisdom, O Lord, regarding the things we watch, whether television, films, the internet or the things we may read, so that we do not allow ungodly ways to influence us
  3. Keep us close in our relationship with you, O Lord, so that as we mix with people daily in our places of work, school or college and neighbourhoods we remain spiritually strong
  4. Make us people who remain accountable to other believers, so that we remain strong in the Lord
  5. Strengthen and encourage all our discipleship cell leaders and all other leaders in the church as they invest their time in building up others in the Lord

4th – Psalm 17:6-7 A God who answers

  1. Show us daily the wonders of your great love, O God
  2. May we be people in whom others can see the wonders of your great love also, O Lord
  3. Help our lives to be a living testimony to others as they see the grace of God on our lives in many different ways
  4. When we receive answers to prayer, O Lord, may we be willing to share testimonies of the reality of  your hand upon our lives
  5. We thank you and give you praise for every answer to prayer we receive, O God

5th – Psalm 17:8-9 Staying close to God

  1. Keep us as the apple of your eye, O Lord
  2. Hide us under the shadow of your wings, we pray
  3. Keep us conscious of your presence, Lord, even when we do not feel very spiritual
  4. Protect us from every spiritual attack that seeks to prevent us fulfilling the destiny you have prepared for our lives, O Lord
  5. Help us understand your power already within us, O Lord as we realise that he who is within us greater than he who is in the world

6th – Psalm 17:10-13 Protection from the assaults of the enemy

  1. Lord, keep us close to you at all times, we pray, so that the devil may not gain a foothold in our lives
  2. Guard us from every plan and strategy that the enemy may be making against us, we pray
  3. Every attack against us by the enemy of our souls we pray you would turn around and cause to work for our good instead
  4. Lord, as we pray for all christians whose employers make it difficult for them to express their faith in the workplace, use them nevertheless for your glory
  5. Rise up in our midst, O Lord and let every enemy of yours be scattered

7th – Psalm 17:14-15 Provision for those who seek the Lord

  1. Lord, we ask you to provide us with all the things we need for this day, including the wisdom for our daily decisions
  2. For all those amongst us who are seeking a job or a change of employment, we pray you would lead them to the right position for them at this time
  3. For all those among us who run their own businesses, we pray that you would guide their decisions and prosper their businesses
  4. For all those among us who are students, we pray that you would help them into the employment that will bless them and where they can be a godly influence
  5. We pray that you would provide all that we need for each member of our families

8th – Psalm 18:1 Loving God

  1. As we hunger and thirst after righteousness, fill us, O Lord
  2. Teach us the wisdom of always putting you, O God, before our own personal interests
  3. Since those we truly love we will talk to often, may we not neglect to talk with you daily in prayer, O Lord
  4. Since you told us, Lord Jesus, that, ‘If you love me you will obey my commandments’, help us to show our love for you by the way we live
  5. Holy Spirit, help us to deepen our love for the One who loves us

9th – Psalm 18:2-3 Calling on the Lord

  1. Lord, we cry out to you to save the ones we love, the ones we meet or work with daily and the strangers we meet and talk with
  2. Help us to walk in such close communion with you, O Lord, that we know the mind of Christ in every situation
  3. Cause us to remember, O God, that you always see and hear the cries of the righteous, even when we are tempted to think otherwise
  4. Lord, take  our lives and let them be wholly consecrated to you
  5. As we bring before you right now the deepest of our needs that only you can meet, help us to see the answers come, we pray

10th – Psalm 18:4-6 God’s deliverance

  1. For those amongst us who are sick, heal them now O Lord
  2. For those amongst us who are in financial difficulties, give the wisdom and opportunities to come out of debt
  3. For those amongst us who are being oppressed by the enemy of our souls, deliver us from the evil one, we pray
  4. For those amongst us who are being oppressed by people they know, deliver them from malice and harm, O Lord
  5. As we walk closely to you, deliver us from every form of evil, O Lord

11th – Psalm 18:7-12 The awesomeness of God

  1. Help our small minds to begin to comprehend the greatness of your omnipotent power, O God, so that we may trust you completely
  2. Open our eyes to the reality of your total omniscience, O Lord, so that we may never fear because you know all things about us, past, present and future
  3. Cause us to realise the wonder of you omnipresence, so that, realising the truth that you will never leave us nor forsake us, we will always be bold
  4. Since you within us, are greater than the devil who is in the world, bring to our remembrance that we can do all things through Christ who gives us strength
  5. When we feel defeated, O Lord, cause us to remember your words: ‘The God of peace will soon crush Satan under your feet’

12th – Psalm 18:13-15 God’s wrath at the sinful world

  1. Lord, as we pray for all the nations of Europe, move in revival power before it is too late
  2. As we bring all the nations of Africa before you, Holy Spirit, sweep through them in revival, we pray
  3. As we pray for all the nations of the Americas and Caribbean, have mercy and bring many to Christ, Holy Spirit, we ask
  4. As we bring all the nations of the continent of Asia before you, O God, turn many to Christ in these last days
  5. In all the nations of Australasia and all island nations, we pray for a great move of the Holy Spirit in revival

13th – Psalm 18:16-19 Raised up by God’s might

  1. Help us co-operate with you, Holy Spirit, so that we are constantly being changed from glory to glory to become come more like the image of Christ
  2. Teach us how to live in this world, not as children of this world, but as sons and daughters of the living God
  3. Enable us to understand the fullness of who we are in Christ so that we can minister to others, not out of lack of self-worth, but out of a position of strength
  4. Raise us up to be  people whom others seek out for counsel, both christians and non-christians
  5. Raise us up so that we are the head and not the tail

14th – Psalm 18:20-21 God’s response to righteous ways

  1. May we know the blessings of not walking in the counsel of the wicked or standing in the way of sinners or sitting in the seat of mockers
  2. Cause us to always delight in the law of our God
  3. As we meditate on your Word, O Lord, cause us to become as fruitful as a tree planted by streams of water, yielding spiritual fruit in season
  4. Help us to make your Word a lamp for our feet and a light to our paths, O Lord
  5. Keep us from deliberate or careless sin, we pray

15th – Psalm 18:22-24 The laws of God

  1. Help us to be self-disciplined enough in our lives to spend time not only reading but also meditating on your Word, O Lord
  2. As we read your Word, Holy Spirit help us to understand and retain the things we learn
  3. Enable us to make the right choices that adhere to your ways, O Lord, even when it makes us stand out of the crowd or attracts hostility towards us
  4. Whenever we need them, bring to our remembrance, Holy Spirit, those parts of your Word that we need to remember, speak about, or act in accordance with
  5. Fill us daily, Holy Spirit, with your supernatural joy that comes when we are walking in the paths of righteousness

16th – Psalm 18:25 Faithfulness

  1. Give us boldness to stand firm against every temptation in this fallen world, we pray
  2. Give us a boldness, coupled with gentleness and great wisdom, to speak out for Christ at each opportunity
  3. Help us to always remain faithful to you, O Lord, not denying you by word or action, even when the pressure to do so is great
  4. Cause us to be people who are always true to our word, fulfilling our commitments, responsibilities and promises, we pray
  5. Anoint us afresh this day with your power, Holy Spirit, we ask

17th – Psalm 18:26 Purity

  1. Help us to maintain clean hands and pure hearts, before you and before others, O Lord
  2. Help us to guard our minds from receiving any ungodly, coarse or degrading images from what we see and hear
  3. Make us wise in our decisions as to what to watch on the T.V. or internet, so that we do not compromise godly purity, we pray
  4. For those we know who are in bondage to actions that compromise godliness, help them to be set free, we pray
  5. May we be careful to maintain a good and godly testimony, as befits those who are ambassadors for Christ, O God

18th – Psalm 18:27 Humility

  1. Help us to always remember what you have saved us from O Lord, so that we never are tempted to believe we deserve our salvation by our own efforts
  2. Keep our eyes on you as our example, Lord Jesus, who, although you are Lord of all, became a servant in order to save us
  3. Teach us always to put the interests of others before our own, O Lord, so that we are never tempted to believe we are better than others
  4. Teach us the humility that will enable you to use the talents and abilities you have given us to their maximum advantage, O Lord
  5. Help us to see the faults in our own lives as easily as we see the faults in others, and help us to change them

19th – Psalm 18:28-29 God’s help

  1. Holy Spirit, keep the fire burning within our hearts, we ask
  2. For those amongst us who are feeling spiritually low, fan into the flames within them, we pray, and help us to be an encouragement to them always
  3. When things look bleak in our lives, O God, turn the situations around for good, we ask
  4. When we have to face difficult tasks in our daily lives enable us to go forward confidently, knowing that you will help us through
  5. Help us remember the times in the past you have helped us, O Lord, so that we will have confidence to believe for greater things in the future

20th – Psalm 18:30-32 Equipped by the Lord

  1. Equip your church with anointed apostles, prophets, evangelists, pastors and teachers, we pray
  2. Equip us with all the necessary practical gifts: of administration, being helpers, financial giving, leadership and showing mercy
  3. Equip us with the spoken gifts of speaking in tongues, interpreting tongues and prophecy, we ask
  4. Equip us with the gifts of revelation: words of knowledge, words of wisdom and the discerning of spirits, we pray
  5. Equip us with the gifts of power: miracles, healings and faith, we pray

21st – Psalm 18:33-35 Spiritual armour

  1. As we put on the full spiritual armour of God, when the day of evil comes, O Lord, enable us to stand our ground
  2. Give us the integrity to conduct all the affairs of our lives wearing ‘the belt of truth and the breastplate of righteousness’, we pray
  3. May our feet continually be ‘fitted with the readiness that comes from the gospel of peace’ so that we are always willing to be witnesses for Jesus
  4. Help us to leave no gap in our spiritual armour, O Lord, but to ensure that the shield of our faith is always in position to protect us from the devil’s fiery darts
  5. Prompt us to pray in the Holy Spirit on all occasions, with all kinds of prayers and requests, always interceding for the saints

22nd – Psalm 18:36 God’s guidance

  1. Give us the wisdom to see your will in every decision we make, O Lord, so that we fulfil the individual plan for our lives you have for us
  2. Guide each person in the church with regard to personal relationships, so that those seeking a wife or husband will be led to your choice for them, O God
  3. Help us to recognise the ministries you are calling us to, both outside and inside the church and may we fulfil them with diligence
  4. In all our relationships both with christians and non-christians guide us with all wisdom, helping us to always act and react in a way that honours you, O Lord
  5. Give us the wisdom to seek first your kingdom and your righteousness so that all things we need will be added to us, O God

23rd – Psalm 18:37-38 Overcoming hindrances that war against us

  1. Lord, help us daily to throw off everything that hinders and the sin that so easily entangles so we can run with perseverance the race marked out for us
  2. Help us to crucify our sinful nature and instead allow our new spiritual nature to reign supreme in our lives
  3. Lord forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us
  4. Deliver us from all evil, we pray
  5. Enable us to humble ourselves under your mighty hand, O Lord, to resist the devil and see him flee from us

24th – Psalm 18:39-40 Armed and anointed to overcome

  1. Arm us with the humility that enables the Holy Spirit to work powerfully through us, we pray
  2. Arm us with an understanding of the Word of God which we can use as the Sword of the Spirit, we ask
  3. Arm us with the powerful and effective prayer that comes from the lips of the righteous, we pray
  4. Arm us with the faith that can take you at your word, O Lord, and move mountains
  5. Arm us with a single-minded determination to do your will as a first priority, O Lord, rather than our own

25th – Psalm 18:41-42 The plight of the lost

  1. O God, since choosing to make you an enemy is the most foolish thing a person can do, use us to win for you, those who currently reject you
  2. As we contemplate the horrors for those who are separated from their Creator forever in hell, may it move us to spread the Good News
  3. Holy Spirit give us the wisdom and sensitivity to explain sin and salvation, heaven and hell as the circumstances are required
  4. Enable us to love those who reject us and your gospel, O Lord, so that we never stop praying for them and seeking to win them to Christ
  5. For those who reject you ,Heavenly Father, because they have never known a loving earthly father, help us to be the love of the Father in action to them

26th – Psalm 18:43 Raised up to positions of influence

  1. Raise up your people from the church to all kinds of positions of power and influence and every area of nation, O Lord
  2. Raise up your people to be heads of companies, where they can decide and carry out godly polices
  3. Raise up your people within companies and organisations, to positions where they  can influence the decisions, directions and polices of those organisations
  4. Raise up your people to positions of influence in every part of public life and service, O God, to be salt and light and resist the trend of ungodliness
  5. Raise up your people to positions where they can influence for good those who govern us and make the laws of this land

27th – Psalm 18:44-45 Strongholds broken down

  1. We take authority over every spirit of violence that influences the people in our neighbourhood and bind them in the name of Jesus
  2. We take authority over every spirit of immorality and bind them in Jesus name
  3. We take authority over and bind in Jesus’ name, every spirit of religion in our neighbourhood that blinds the people into thinking there are ways to God other than through Christ
  4. We take authority over every spirit of lawlessness on our streets and bind their power in Jesus’ name and ask you would drive lawlessness from our neighbourhoods
  5. We take authority over every spirit of witchcraft and the occult in our neighbourhood and bind their powers and influence in Jesus’ name

28th – Psalm 18:46 The living God

  1. May we constantly draw strength from the knowledge that you are the living God who never slumbers or sleeps
  2. When we feel weak, cause us to remember that you are our Rock and our solid Foundation, O God
  3. Since we live because you have created us, O Lord and we are born-again because you have re-created us in Christ, help us to live in the power of your Spirit daily
  4. May everything within us constantly give you praise, O God our Rock, because though we were to gain the whole world, its value is nothing compared to our eternal salvation in Christ
  5. Reign in every part of our lives, O God

29th – Psalm 18:47-48 Subduing nations

  1. As we pray for all communist nations that reject the reality of a living God, break through the propaganda and open the minds of their people to the truth of the Gospel
  2. As we pray for those nations ruled by dictators who persecute your church, O Lord, overcome their hindrance to the gospel and let many be saved
  3. As we pray for all Muslim nations, especially those who forbid any expression of the truth of the gospel of Jesus Christ, open the door of salvation to their populations
  4. As we pray for all democratic countries who try to suppress the truth of the gospel through ridicule, ungodly laws and regulation, shake them out of their arrogance
  5. As we pray for all nations that follow other religions and persecute the church, overcome their opposition, Holy Spirit and bring many to faith in Christ

30th – Psalm 18:49 God’s praise among the nations

  1. Shake you church from complacency in our nation and cause it to stand firm against corrupt and evil ways, turning back the tide of evil, for your glory, we pray
  2. We pray for all those nations that are materially poor, that believers in them may demonstrate that they are nevertheless rich in Christ, to the praise of your glory
  3. As we pray for the believers in those nations where they are persecuted for Christ, may their brave witness bring you praise, O God
  4. Send revival in each nation, O Lord, while there is still time and may your church bring you praise in the midst of those revivals
  5. Move in sovereign power in Israel, Holy Spirit, causing converted Jews to give praise by acknowledging Jesus as their true Messiah

31st – Psalm 18:50 God’s victories

  1. In the midst of the trials of life, O Lord, help us to live as overcomers because of our relationship with you
  2. Keep our eyes fixed upon Jesus the Author and Finisher of our faith, so that we always are able to see above and beyond any present trials, we pray
  3. Help to always realise, O God, that the trials of this present world are not worthy to be compared with the glory that will be revealed in us
  4. As we live in a fallen world and are surrounded by wickedness, help us always to remember that Christ has already won the battle and the defeat of all wickedness is certain
  5. O Lord, may we have such an assurance of who we are in Christ that we can always be overcomers