Prayer Diary

God’s Wisdom for Daily living

Proverbs Chapters 10-12

When he had not long come to the throne, because he was walking close to the Lord at that time, the God told Solomon he could ask for whatever he wished. Being probably still a teenager, he wondered how he could govern his nation well. His request for wisdom to govern was pleasing to God because it was not selfish but considered the welfare of God’s people.

God gave him what he asked for and Solomon became internationally famous for knowing how to discern and deal wisely with all situations that occur in day-to-day life. And so the Book of Proverbs contain many sayings coined by Solomon. They help people make sound decisions and good judgments based on godly knowledge, regarding all areas of daily life. So they cover families, work, business, neighbours, self-discipling, conversations, personal relationships, moral judgments and many others. They are the practical application of spiritual principles to everyday life.

Solomon’s contribution to the Book of Proverbs came in his middle-age after he had had experience of life. Worldly and politically wise though he was, sadly, his vast practical wisdom did not extend to every choices he made on a personal level. His grave error was to ignore the word of the Lord to kings in Deuteronomy 17:17, “He must not take many wives or his heart will be led astray.” By taking many wives from the nations around Israel, presumably, for the most part, to seal peace agreements with those nations, he found himself surrounded by, and led astray by, women who wanted to worship their own national deities. By giving in to their demands, he not only found his own life compromised but set a bad example to the nation, from which it never recovered. After his death the kingdom of Israel quickly split in two with long-term disastrous spiritual results.

When it comes to the Word of God, we always have to live it out in our day-today practical lives. Compromise always leads to defeat and failure. Solomon would have done well to follow his own words of advice regarding the words of God: “Do not let them out of your sight, keep them in your heart; for they are life to those who find them and health to a man’s whole body.” Proverbs 4:22. This month we pray for God’s Word to be lived out in our daily, practical lives.

1st – Proverbs 10:1 Parents and children

  1. Lord we pray that each of the children in the church would grow up learning how to walk in the fear of the Lord, which is the beginning of wisdom
  2. We pray you would make all our youth to be strong and able to resist the pressures from the world to conform to its ways
  3. Lord give all the parents in the church the strength and wisdom, patience and love that will enable them to bring up their children in the training and instruction of the Lord
  4. Give all who lead and work in our youth ministries the wisdom and anointing to help mentor our young people in a godly direction
  5. Cause all who lead and teach in our children’s ministries to bring a godly influence that finds root in the children’s lives and bears the fruit of righteousness

2nd   -  Proverbs 10:2 Integrity

  1. Make us to be a people of utter integrity, who always choose to do the right thing even when that is the hardest choice
  2. Forgive us Lord when we have chosen the path that brings us gain, even though it has not been a righteous choice and may we learn to do things differently in future
  3. Teach us, O Lord, that righteousness is of far greater value than ill-gotten treasures
  4. Bless your people as they work in their jobs and in their businesses and prosper them materially according to their righteousness no matter what the economic climate
  5. Help us always to seek first your kingdom and its righteousness so we can learn from experience that you will then add to us all the things we need in life

3rd  -  Proverbs 10:3 Help in time of need

  1. As we bring before you today all our material needs, provide for us, we pray
  2. As we bring all our spiritual needs before you today, meet those needs and help us grow spiritually, we ask
  3. As we bring before you today, all our emotional needs, Lord, you know all about our every thought and we ask you to provide for us
  4. As we pray for all we know who are struggling financially, meet their needs, O God
  5. If it is within our ability, put upon our hearts, Holy Spirit, any person you want us to bless with a practical or financial gift today

4th  - Proverbs 10:4-5 Hard work and diligence

  1. Lord, forgive any lazy streak that may lie within us, banish it completely and enable us to be a people who work hard and are fruitful in all we do
  2. Help us to be diligent and hardworking employees, who work not just for our employers but who do everything as unto the Lord
  3. Motivate us, Holy Spirit, so that we are hard-working in our spiritual and devotional lives, both in our Bible reading and prayer life
  4. Lord, may we not be neglectful of our ministry and our service to you but rather to work hard and to understand the eternal value of everything we do in your name
  5. May our diligent hands bring wealth that is both material and spiritual and can be a blessing to you and your work, O Lord and to others

5th  - Proverbs 10:6-7 A good testimony

  1. Help us at all times to maintain a good testimony that will cause you to feel blessed, O Lord
  2. For each of us, may the blessing of knowing we are doing that which is right before God in every situation be its own reward
  3. Whatever other qualities, gifts and abilities we have, may we be known, above all, as ones who are like Jesus in all we do
  4. Keep us from any temptation to take short-cuts when it comes to the way of righteousness, so that we can always maintain our testimony, O God
  5. In our places of work or where we live, may we be people who others always turn to because they know we can always be trusted

6th  - Proverbs 10:8 Submission and obedience

  1. May our hearts not be so proud that we cannot walk in obedience to you, O God
  2. Help us to be in submission to those you put over us, O Lord, so that we may fulfil your will
  3. May we be people who can willingly submit to one another out of reverence for Christ, we pray
  4. Teach us all how to be servant leaders, seeking to promote the interests of others in all areas and encourage them
  5. Keep our lips from boastful or unhelpful words that help no one, but rather help us to build and encourage others

7th  - Proverbs 10:9-11 Walking securely

  1. Lord, if we have any unconfessed sins, we bring them to you now and confess our past misdeeds, asking now that you forgive us and give us peace of mind
  2. Lord, for any unconfessed sins that we need to address with those we have wronged, help us now to seek forgiveness and to make proper amends
  3. Keep us from lying, O Lord, even from half-truths, so that we may always have a clear conscience before you and therefore peace of mind
  4. Keep us from “winking maliciously”, that is, tacitly agreeing to wrongdoing, even if we are not personally involved but rather may we remain upright in thought and deed
  5. May our words bring hope, life and encouragement to others, not discouragement, grief and despair, O Lord

8th  - Proverbs 10:12 The love that covers all wrongs

  1. Teach us how to grow in and how to develop living out God’s agapé love that always seeks the highest good for others
  2. Give us the grace to be able always to forgive those who offend and hurt us, realising also, it is the only way we can be emotionally healed
  3. Cause us to be peace-makers who know how to bring healing to relationships damaged by dissention and strife
  4. Keep before us the vision of the cross, where the penalty for all our wrongdoings was paid for by your agapé love, O God, so we may remain ever grateful
  5. May the example of Jesus’ sacrificial love always inspire us to go and do likewise, we pray

9th  - Proverbs 10:13 Wisdom

  1. Make us students of your Word, O Lord, so that we may ingest and digest its wisdom and incorporate it into all aspects of our daily lives
  2. In every decision that we have to make about life’s daily situations and problems, give us divine wisdom to make the right choices, O God
  3. In all our decisions concerning our personal lives, may we hear from you Holy Spirit, to enable us to make each choice in line with your divine wisdom
  4. With regard to our families, give us the wisdom we need to make the right decisions in life’s daily challenges, we pray
  5. In all decisions concerning our spiritual lives and all aspects of ministry we are involved in or should be involved in, speak to us and guide us Holy Spirit, we ask

10th – Proverbs 10:14 Storing up knowledge

  1. Help us not only to study your Word, O Lord but to remember it and apply it in our daily lives
  2. May we not just become spiritually fat and inactive believers but ones who use the knowledge we have gained to minister into the lives of others and the world around us
  3. Give us the wisdom, O God, to take the best of the world’s knowledge and use for Godly purposes
  4. We pray for all those who are students in the church, either at school or college that may study hard and excel in their subjects
  5. Give us minds that remember your Word, O Lord, whether reading or listening and bring to mind what we have learned on every occasion we need it

11th  - Proverbs 10:15-16 Using wealth wisely

  1. Lord, prosper your people in their jobs and businesses, so that we can bless your work with our wealth
  2. Keep our priorities right, O Lord, so that we allow our wealth to be a good servant and never allow it to become our master
  3. Teach us the blessing of giving, O Lord, giving to your work and giving to others, remembering it is more blessed to give than to receive
  4. We pray for all those in our midst who are struggling financially and ask that you would change their circumstances and enable them to prosper
  5. When you allow us times of testing financially, strengthen our faith and enable us to see your faithfulness to us as we walk in your ways

12th  - Proverbs 10:17 Able to learn

  1. Lord, when we have taken a wrong turn or made a wrong decision, give us that humility to admit our mistakes and do the right thing to rectify the situation
  2. Give us humble spirits, O God, that recognise we always need to be learning and to accept instruction from others
  3. When you discipline us, O Lord, through trials, circumstance or people, give us the wisdom to recognise it and the grace to learn from it
  4. Give us wisdom and discernment in the raising of our children, O God, so that we may provide godly and loving discipline that brings peace and security in the home and in their lives
  5. Help our children to respond to godly and loving wisdom so that they may grow to respect God, their parents and all forms of godly authority

13th  - Proverbs 10:18-21 Wise use of our words

  1. Lord, may we be people who have total control over our tongues, so that we always think before we speak
  2. O God, cause us to use our words to bring healing and blessing, comfort and motivation to all we are involved with
  3. Lord, teach us when it is wisdom to keep our mouths shut and the value of saying nothing when the circumstances require it
  4. Since our words reveal what is in our hearts, cause us to guard our hearts, O Lord, so that only what is beneficial comes from our hearts through our lips
  5. Keep our lips from profanity, suggestive jokes and improper topics of conversation so that our conversation is such we would not be embarrassed if Jesus was standing in person next to us

14th – Proverbs 10:22-26 God’s blessing

  1. Teach us to count our blessings so we can constantly be surprised at your endless goodness to us and to thank you for every blessing you bless us with
  2. Lord, we pray for your blessing on our nation and, recognising that your blessing comes with obedience, turn our nation back to you, we beseech you
  3. Bless your church, O God, and restore the fire in your church in this nation causing it to change our society that has lost its way
  4. Bless us your people, O Lord, by keeping us from trouble that would hinder our effective service for you
  5. In the midst of life’s storms and trials help us to stand firm because we remain steadfastly following your ways all the time

15th – Proverbs 10:27-32 The fear of the Lord

  1. Teach us to fear you O Lord and to live righteously in the fear of the Lord
  2. May we understand the true nature of all sin and its destructive nature, so that we fear to take the pathway of disobedience to you, O God
  3. Cause us to walk in the fear of the Lord in all our business dealings, so that as honest people we can know the security in the Lord that comes with a clear conscience
  4. Lord, may a godly fear cause us to rejoice in the ways of holiness and righteousness and shudder to easily slip into sin
  5. Help us to teach the good and godly fear of the Lord to all new believers who come out of the world, that they may see the power of God operating freely through them

16th 11:1 Honesty

  1. May we be a people who always values and upholds the truth in any and every situation, O God
  2. Enable us to ensure, O Lord, that the “belt of truth” is daily part of our spiritual armour, so that the devil may not be able to pull us down
  3. May our testimony in our places of work be such that we can always be trusted in every area and with every responsibility, O Lord
  4. May our testimony in our businesses always be such that we can be trusted to act with all honesty and integrity in how we handle every business dealing
  5. Cause us to remember your words, O Lord, that it is the one who is trustworthy with little things who can be entrusted with greater things

17th – Proverbs 11:2-6 Righteousness

  1. As we thank you, O Lord, because you have freely given us your righteousness in Christ which is perfect in your eyes, cause us to always walk uprightly
  2. In a world that is seeking more and more to push God and God’s standards out of life, cause us to understand the true value and riches of living according to the righteous ways of our God
  3. As we start each new day, enable us to ensure the “breastplate of righteousness” is part of our daily spiritual armour, so that the devil may not cause us to fall
  4. Teach us to be practical in the way we live out our righteousness, O God, so that we are always a blessing to others
  5. May our witness today, whether through practical action or through our words cause someone to turn to Christ

18th  - Proverbs 11:7-11 Hope

  1. As we thank you that the believers “hope” is the certainty of things yet future which we know for sure will be ours for all eternity, may that hope for the future give us deep peace for today
  2. Give us compassion for unbelievers, who though they live for today and may enjoy all the world offers, have no hope for eternity and help us to bring the gospel to them so that they may be saved
  3. For all those who attend our services who have not yet given their lives to Christ, whether children, youth or adults, bring them to the place of salvation, O God
  4. We pray for every aspect of evangelism taking place this week whether individuals, on the street or church services and may many give their lives to you, O Lord
  5. We pray you would restore all those we know who once walked with the Lord but have now backslidden to a full relationship with you, O God

19th  _ Proverbs 11:12-13 Gossiping

  1. Guard our hearts from delighting in the misfortunes of others, O Lord
  2. Keep us from speaking unhelpful stories about other people, O God
  3. Cause us to remember your grace, O Lord, and when we hear of the misfortunes of others it is “there but by the grace of God, go I”
  4. May our words exhibit the fruit of a heart that is in tune with God’s ways and therefore be gracious in all we say
  5. May our words not be a sword that wounds but rather a balm that heals

20th – Proverbs 11:14-15 Praying for our nation

  1. Raise up to a place of influence, spiritual leaders who can speak wise counsel into the lives of those who govern us
  2. We pray for the Church of England that its unique place in our nation’s constitution would be used to influence our political leaders to seek and follow the wise ways of God
  3. Have mercy on our nation that remains on a course that takes us far from you, O God and turn us back to you we pray
  4. Cause your church throughout our nation to rise up in power and become influential once more in the making of our nations laws
  5. Send revival in our nation, O God and sweep through this land with your fire

21st  - Proverbs 11:16-20 Kindness

  1. Lord, since you are kind, showing us favour when we do not deserve it, teach us to show the same kindness to others
  2. Give us grace, O God, so that our words are such that they give strength and hope to others and do not deflate and discourage them
  3. Give us the opportunity today to do a kind deed to someone that would not only help and bless them but cause them to think of Christ
  4. Since kindness is part of the fruit of the Spirit, bring daily opportunities our way that would help develop that fruit of the Spirit in us
  5. Since we reap what we sow, as we sow kindness may we reap a harvest of kindness in our own lives and experience being blessed ourselves by others

22nd – Proverbs 11:21-23 God’s Wrath and punishment

  1. Since we know you as a God of love and yet because you are also a God of holiness you must punish all sin, help us today to spread the gospel of salvation from sin through the cross of Christ
  2. As we pray for all our unsaved family members, cause them to come to Christ
  3. As we pray for all our unsaved friends, neighbours and work colleagues, turn their hearts to you and save them, O God
  4. Give us a passion to see the lost saved, we pray and the opportunities to share the gospel
  5. Holy Spirit, give us the wisdom, knowledge and discernment we need each time we are witnessing to someone about Christ

23rd – Proverbs 11:24-28 Generous givers

  1. Teach us, O Lord, that we are never impoverished when we give to you and may we be a people who generously fund the work of the kingdom of God
  2. Teach us faith and show us as we give away, how you always bless us in many ways and ensure we do not become impoverished as a result
  3. Lord, cause us to remember and put into practice your words; “Give and it will be given to you, a good measure, pressed down, shaken together and running over will poured into your lap”
  4. Lord cause us to be motivated by your words with regards to giving; “with the measure you use, it will be measured to you”
  5. Release us from the spirit of poverty, O Lord, that would always make us afraid to give in case we are impoverished as a result and instead give us faith and freedom from fear

24th Proverbs 11:29-31 The family

  1. As we pray for all the fathers and husbands in the church, help them to discharge their family responsibilities well
  2. As we pray for all the mothers and wives in the church, give them strength and wisdom in all their family responsibilities
  3. As we pray for all our children, guard and keep them, O Lord, so that they may have a true personal relationship with you and grow to live for you
  4. As we pray for all those of our children who are rebellious and have been influenced by ungodly friends, touch them and change them, O Lord
  5. Hear the cries of every mother and father who is praying for a son or a daughter who has gone astray and answer their prayers, we ask

25th – Proverbs 12:1-3 The value of discipline

  1. Teach us how to discipline ourselves, O Lord, to keep within your boundaries in every area of life
  2. When experiencing difficult trials, help us understand when they come as a result of our own choices, from the devil or as discipline from God
  3. Give us a temperament that enables us to accept correction and discipline without anger and resentment, O God
  4. Give us wisdom, love and patience as we discipline our children, O Lord
  5. As we pray for all the teachers in our church, help them in their work and help them to be a godly influence over the children

26th – Proverbs 12:4-8 Women and men

  1. As we pray for all the married women in the church, help them in all their responsibilities as wives, mothers, in the home and at work
  2. As we pray for all the single women in our church, help them in every area of their lives to find encouragement, blessing and fulfilment
  3. As we pray for all the married men in the church, help them to keep the right balance between work, home and ministry, O God
  4. As we pray for all the single men in the church, help them to grow spiritually at the same time as prospering in every other area of life
  5. May all our men and women in the church be known for their noble characters and wisdom, we pray

27th – Proverbs 12:9-12 No need for airs and graces

  1. Cause us to remember Lord, that our true value comes from our relationship with you, not from what we own
  2. Cause us to remember O God, that true greatness is shown, not through an overbearing attitude but through servanthood
  3. Teach us to be like you Lord Jesus, that though the Son of God, you came as a servant King
  4. May we be transparently sincere, O God
  5. Help us not to boast in our achievements or possessions but only in the cross of Christ

28th  - Proverbs 12:13-16 Anger and insults

  1. Give us the grace to overlook petty offences, being quick to forgive and slow to anger
  2. Help us to get angry only over sin, injustice and unrighteousness, rather than hurt to our pride
  3. Since patience is part of the fruit of the Spirit, help us to develop strongly in that virtue
  4. When we are insulted rebuffed or mocked for our stand for Christ, give us the grace not to respond or retaliate with anything but love and kindness
  5. Lord, stir our spirits to get angry over the sin and godlessness in our nation, which will motivate us to earnest prayer and evangelism

29th – Proverbs 12:17-24 Laziness

  1. Lord, you have created us to be occupied with work and service, so keep us from idleness and laziness, we pray
  2. Help us not to be lazy in our attitude towards you, O God
  3. Lord help us not to be lazy in our witnessing for Jesus
  4. Lord help us not to be lazy in our service and ministry in the church but to be active and effective
  5. Lord, help us not to be lazy in our secular employment but always to be model employees, faithful and diligent

30th – Proverbs 25-28  Anxious hearts

  1. Lord, let you peace which passes all understanding fill our hearts and minds
  2. As we pray for all in the church who are anxious about family matters, help them and ease their fears, O Lord
  3. As we pray for all in the church who are anxious because of employment concerns, meet their needs and bless them abundantly as they seek you, O Lord
  4. As we pray for all those in the church who are anxious because of health concerns, whether mental or physical, heal them O Lord
  5. Lord, be our strong tower in any and every situation and enable us to be strong in the Lord at all times