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The Ministry of Elijah - 1 Kings Chapters 17-19


As we pray through the life of Elijah this month, the encouraging thing for us about him and his ministry is that James tells us, “Elijah was a man just like us” or in another translation, “Elijah was as human as we are.” We can see this as we follow his life’s experiences, from the high points to the low points in his life.

When he bursts onto the pages of the Bible, we see him when he is full of faith and confidence as he confronts the wicked king Ahab, to inform him that there will be no rain until he, Elijah, prays for it. We see his faith for physical provisions as he is fed by the ravens twice daily and drinks from a brook until it dries up in the drought. And also in seeing the small jars of oil and flour producing just enough each day to feed himself the widow of Zarephath and her son. His faith rises to praying for the boy when he dies and seeing him brought back to life as he prayed earnestly for his life to return.

The pinnacle of his life of faith comes at Mount Carmel when, facing alone the 450 prophets of Baal and 400 prophets of Asherah, a total of 850 opposing him, together with a hostile king and all his supporters, in response to Elijah’s prayer, God sent fire from heaven. It lit and consumed a water-soaked sacrifice demonstrating the reality of the God of Israel as the only true God. His emotions were then sky-high as he was operating full of adrenaline.

However, it is then that we then see the true humanity of Elijah, demonstrating that he was indeed “as human as we are”, when his mood swings in entirely the opposite direction. Exhausted emotionally, physically and spiritually by his prolonged ordeals, a long distance run and murderous threats from the state authorities, he plummets into depression, asking God to take his life. The Bible always tells it as it really is and does not gloss over the faults of the Biblical heroes. Elijah was subject to all the human frailties that we experience and yet despite those frailties and weaknesses God still used him powerfully.

And that is the point for us. Elijah was a practical man, who was used to straight talking both to people and to God. God knew Elijah through and through and responded to the times he was strong in faith and in prayer and then dealing gently with him when he was at his lowest point. Elijah knew how to pray. And just as God used Elijah and listened to his prayers, so God can use us to be channels for answered prayer when we become serious with our prayer life even though he, and we, are fully aware of our own frailties.

1st - 1 Kings 17:1 Authority in prayer

  1. Lord, enable us to pray with the same conviction in prayer as did Elijah
  2. Help us to hear from you, Holy Spirit, so that we can pray according to the exact will of God
  3. Since you have delegated to your church the authority of your name Lord Jesus, help us to understand what that means and use that authority effectively in prayer
  4. Give us insight into the spirit realms, O Lord, so that we can intercede powerfully and successfully
  5. Raise up men and women of prayer across our land who can minister in the same anointing in prayer as Elijah, we pray

2nd - 1 Kings 17:2-4 Hearing the Word of the Lord

  1.  Lord, may we be people who can truly say, ‘The word of the Lord came to me’
  2.  Help us to carefully protect that time in the day when we wait in your presence in prayer, O Lord, so we can hear your voice
  3.  Give us eyes to see and ears to listen to what the Spirit is saying to us
  4.  Guide our lives and help us to know your guidance, Holy Spirit, so that we can always be in the right place at the right time
  5.   Feed us with your Word, O Lord, and cause us to drink in more of your Spirit, as we wait upon you today

3rd - 1 Kings 17:5-6 Doing what the Lord tells us

  1.   Lord, may we always be people who live our lives fully on the principles found in   your written Word
  2.   Help us to be so in tune with you, Holy Spirit, that we can discern your voice whenever you are speaking to us
  3.   Enable us to trust you completely to provide our every need, O Lord, so that we do not hold back in any area, from any feeling of fear
  4.   Help us always remember, O Lord, that obedience to you is more important than and better than sacrifice
  5.   As we act in obedience to you, O God, may we see an unprecedented number of miracles and answers to prayer

4th - 1 Kings 17:7-11 Faith in times of trial

  1.   Lord, help us to trust you in the difficult times as well as praising you for the times of plenty
  2.   When we go through lean times, O Lord, enable us to learn the valuable lessons that those times are designed by you to teach us
  3.   When we go through experiences we do not understand, cause us to remember that we are in the hands of One who does understand, so that our faith does not waiver
  4.    May we remember, O Lord, that you have promised to meet all our needs, but not necessarily everything we desire or ask for
  5.    Help us to learn the secret of being content in any and every situation, knowing that we can do all things through Christ who strengthens us

5th - 1 Kings 17:12-13 Giving to the Lord

  1.    Deliver us, O God, from holding back from giving to you and your work because of a fear that we will be in want, but instead quicken our faith
  2.    Let us be people who give cheerfully to your work O Lord, knowing that you love a cheerful giver
  3.    As your people give, O God, prosper them in their places of work and in their businesses, so that out of their increase they may increase the blessings of their giving
  4.    For those among us who are in financial need at this time, meet their needs, O Lord, through jobs, through gifts or through other means
  5.    Lord, if any of us are not responding to your promptings to give, cause us to be obedient now

6th - 1 Kings 17:14-16 God’s provision

  1.    As we continue to be obedient to you in all our ways, O Lord, give us the joy of seeing miracles of provision in our lives
  2.    For those amongst us who are seeking a job or a change in their employment, provide for them at this time
  3.    For those who are seeking your choice for them for a husband or wife, help them meet and know that this is from you, O Lord
  4.    For those seeking your guidance for your plans for their lives, speak clearly to them by your Spirit, through the counsel of others and divinely orchestrated circumstances
  5.    For those seeking a financial breakthrough, meet their needs, O Lord

7th - 1 Kings 17:17-18 Trusting God when we don’t understand

  1.     Lord, when bad things happen to us that we do not understand, give us the grace to trust you even when things look outwardly bleak
  2.     Since your Word tells us that you are faithful and will not let us be tempted beyond what we can bear, give us strength in our times of trial
  3.     Since your Word tells us that when tempted, you will provide a way out so we can stand up under it, make that way clear to us in our times of testing
  4.     For those we know who have sicknesses that seem incurable, may we never cease to believe that you are a God of miracles
  5.     For those we know who have life-threatening sicknesses at this time, we pray for a complete healing, in Jesus’ name

8th - 1 Kings 17:19-21 Learning to pray in faith

  1.     Cause us to fix our eyes not on the answer to prayer, but rather on the One who is able to cause the answer to come, looking not to the healing, but to the Healer
  2.     Give us the faith to intercede for the most impossible of miracles, without being surprised when the answer comes
  3.     Give us a faith that can pray for, and see, the dead raised to life
  4.      When we do not see an immediate answer to prayer, cause us to persist until we do, O God
  5.      In times of great stress, O Lord, strengthen us so that we may walk by faith and not just by sight

9th - 1 Kings 17:22-23 The prayer-answering God

  1.     Help us to be a people with a faith that sets the climate for you to rise up in the midst of your church, O Lord, in signs, wonders and miracles
  2.     Help every believer whose faith is barely alive, to rise up in new life in the Holy Spirit, O God
  3.     We pray that every church in this nation that is not alive in Christ will receive a fresh breath of the Spirit of God upon them, giving them new spiritual life
  4.     Breath afresh on each one of us this day, Holy Spirit and let the new life of Christ surge through every part of our being
  5.     Bring a society-changing revival that starts in your church, O Lord and then causes change in every institution in our land

10th - 1 Kings 1:24 Christ’s Ambassadors

  1.      Lord, let us be people whom others can say of us, “I know you are a man (or woman) of God”
  2.      May we also be people, O Lord, of whom others can say, “I know the word of the Lord from your mouth is true”
  3.      Cause our lives to be open witnesses to the truth of the reality of Christ, as we allow the life of Christ to be lived out through us, O Lord
  4.      Bring us to the place where we can truly say, “I have been crucified with Christ and I no longer live but Christ lives in me”
  5.      In our lives Lord, be glorified today

11th - 1 Kings 18:1-2 Faith for the time we are waiting on God

  1.      Lord, give us the grace to be able to wait until your perfect time comes to bring the answer to prayer
  2.      Help us Lord, to use the time when we are waiting on you for an answer to prayer, to grow spiritually and not for complaining
  3.      Cause us remember Lord, that your answers to our prayers can be ‘yes’ ‘no’ or ‘wait’
  4.       Help us remember, O God, that the ‘wilderness’ experiences are often your time of preparing us for greater work ahead and therefore let us be not be discouraged
  5.       Enable us to remember that when you seem to be doing nothing, often that is when you are doing most and give us the patience to trust in your timing

12th - 1 Kings 18:3-6 Overcoming persecution

  1.        For all those who are being persecuted for their faith in Christ in Muslim lands, give them the grace and strength they need at this time
  2.        For believers who are being persecuted for their faith in Christ in communist lands, help them in their trials, O God
  3.        We pray for all those who are suffering for their faith in Christ in lands governed by dictators that you would meet them in their place of need, O God
  4.        We pray for believers who are being persecuted for their faith in Christ in Hindu lands that you would deliver them, O Lord
  5.       Reveal yourself to all those who persecute believers in Christ, whether because of religious fanaticism, militant atheism or political dogma and save them, O Lord

13th - 1 Kings 18:7-12 Led by with the Holy Spirit

  1.         1.  As we seek a closer walk with you, O Lord, help us to know the mind of Christ
  2.     Holy Spirit, direct our footsteps today and lead us into every situation you want us to be involved in as a representative of Christ today
  3.      In our places of work, at home, in school or in college, guide our thoughts and our conversations, Holy Spirit, so that our words may bring the wisdom of God
  4.      For any big decisions we may be having to make, Holy Spirit, please help us to make the right choices
  5.      Holy Spirit, help us to be available to you to accomplish your will at all time

14th - 1 Kings 18:13-15 Trusting God at all times

  1. Lord, help us to trust you not only when things are easy for us but also when times are difficult
  2. Lord, give us courage in the face of pressure
  3. For those of us who work in places that are hostile to Christ, give us the strength, perseverance and boldness we need
  4. Help us always to make the right choices, O Lord, and never compromise because of fear
  5. Give us opportunities to encourage those of your followers who need help or encouragement at this time, we pray

15th - 1 Kings 18:16-18 Those who rule over us 

  1. Lord, you have told us to always pray for those who rule over us, so as we pray now for our rulers, bring change in those areas of public life that displease you
  2. For our Queen and her family, we pray you would guide them in all their responsibilities and help them to know the wisdom of depending on you, O God
  3. As we pray for our government, cause them to choose actions motivated by the wisdom of godliness and not by the convenience of crowd-pleasing
  4. As we pray for all those councillors who rule over us in our local areas, give them wisdom to choose the right actions in all areas of their responsibilities
  5. As we pray for our local Members of Parliament, encourage them when they do well and give them wisdom to avoid foolish decisions

16th - 1 Kings 18:19-21 No Compromise

  1. Lord, as ambassadors for Christ, keep us one hundred percent focussed on living by your standards at all times
  2. When we have to make difficult choices in life, O God, keep us from the easy path of compromise
  3. Let our lights shine for Jesus even when we are saying nothing, O Lord
  4. For those amongst us who are wavering in their faith for whatever reason, strengthen and encourage them, O God
  5. Help us to pray each day, “Not my will but yours be done,  O Lord”

17th - 1 Kings 18:22-24 Confronting false gods

  1. As we pray for all those who are sincerely seeking God but who are looking in the wrong direction, help us Holy Spirit to guide them to Christ
  2. We pray for all the Muslims we know that you would give them the joy of finding Christ as Saviour
  3. We pray for all the Sikhs and Buddhists we know, asking you would draw them to yourself, O God
  4. As we pray for all the Hindus we know, give them the peace of mind that comes through knowing Christ
  5. For all those we know who are involved in cults, set them free and cause them to find the truth of Christ, we pray

18th - 1 Kings 18:25-26 Binding the powers of spirits

  1. We take authority over and bind, in the name of Jesus, all wicked spirits seeking to operate in the church
  2. We take authority over and bind, in Jesus name, all spirits of unbelief that blind the eyes of those we witness to, that they may be free to believe and be saved
  3. We take authority over and bind, in Jesus’ name, all spirits of immorality seeking to operate in the church
  4. We come against and bind, in Jesus’ name, all spirits of deception that seek to operate in the church
  5. We come against and bind, in Jesus’ name, all spirits of division and disunity that seek to operate in the lives of believers, their families and the church

19th - 1 Kings 18:27-30 Repairing the altar of God

  1. Lord, if we have neglected our personal times of devotion with you, help us restore what we have allowed to fall into disrepair
  2. For those amongst us who spiritually are now backsliding, restore them to where they once were
  3. For those who are neglecting meeting together with fellow believers, rekindle the flame within them
  4. For families that are neglecting  a daily time of family devotions, motivate them to renew their priorities
  5. Cause there to be such a move of the Holy Spirit that God’s Word and ways start to be restored to their central place in our nation’s life

20th - 1 Kings 18:31-35 Trusting God for miracles

  1. Cause us never to doubt, in any circumstances, O Lord, that you, at all times, are the God of the impossible
  2. For any situation in our lives at this time that seems impossible, quicken our faith to believe you for the answer, O Lord
  3. For those amongst us who need a miracle of healing, may our collective faith release the miracle to them
  4. For those families amongst us which are under great strain for one reason or another and need a miracle, let this be their season of breakthrough, O God
  5. For all who are under financial pressure and need a financial breakthrough, let us soon hear their testimonies of what you have accomplished for them, O Lord

21st - 1 Kings 18:36-37 Doing all God has commanded

  1. As Elijah succeeded because he had first learned to hear from you and receive your instructions, may we have the patience to wait on you to hear your voice, O Lord
  2. You have revealed your ways in your Word, O Lord, so help us learn obedience
  3. Teach us the difference between faith, that is centred in God and presumption that is centred in ourselves, so that in what we do, you are honoured
  4. Help us to develop the gifts of the Holy Spirit and to have the courage to step out in faith whenever you prompt us
  5. Help us be obedient in the small things, O Lord, so that you can then trust us with greater responsibility

22nd - 1 Kings 18:38 The fire of God

  1. Send your fire in our hearts, Holy Spirit
  2. Stir up every gift of the Spirit within us, O Lord
  3. Send your fire into our church, our services and in all we do, O God
  4. Help us take the fire of God out to wherever we are
  5. Send your fire on our nation once again and may we see the Holy Spirit causing a spiritual blaze across our land once again, O Lord

23rd - 1 Kings 18:39-40 The Lord – he is God

  1. During those times when our minds become dull or disillusioned, cause us never to forget that “ the Lord- he is God”
  2. When we are tempted to look at our circumstances and feel overwhelmed, cause us to remember “that the Lord – he is God”
  3. When the enemy seeks to bring discouragement into our lives, may we never forget that “the Lord – he is God”
  4. When we look at those in the world who seem to be prospering, cause us to remember that “the Lord – he is God”
  5. When we see the enemies of the Lord seeming to grow stronger, may we never forget that “the Lord – he is God”

24th - 1 Kings 18:41 The sound of coming rain

  1. Send the rain of your Holy Spirit on each of us individually, O Lord
  2. Send the rain of your Holy Spirit on our worship, so that we may worship you wholly in spirit and in truth
  3. Send the rain of your Holy Spirit on everything we do in the church, O Lord, in services, prayer meetings, evangelism and every form of ministry
  4. Send the rain of your Holy Spirit on the individuals and ministries of our children, youth, men and women, O Lord
  5. Send the rain of your Holy Spirit across the churches of our nation, O Lord, bringing a new spiritual refreshing to water the spiritual wilderness of this land

25th - 1 Kings 18:42-44 Persisting in Prayer

  1. Lord, like the disciples, we would ask you: ‘teach us to pray’
  2. Teach us patience in prayer, O God, as we wait on you for the answers
  3. Give us the physical and spiritual stamina to be persistent in prayer until we see a breakthrough
  4. Show us how to wrestle in prayer until we overcome
  5. Make us sensitive to your timing, O God, so that we do not stop praying too soon

26th - 1 Kings 18:45-46 Anointed by the power of the Lord

  1. Lord, anoint us with the power of your Holy Spirit in all we do
  2. As you anointed Elijah to run, anoint us in all the practical things we have to do, including our day-to-day work, we pray
  3. Anoint us in the various ministries you enable each of us to do, O Lord, so that we can operate at the peak of our effectiveness
  4. Anoint our minds so that we always think and make decisions that are fruitful
  5. Anoint your church to be a continual, powerful witness that draws all people to a knowledge of the true and living God

27th - 1 Kings 19:1-3 Resisting the enemy

  1. Lord Jesus, since you have given us authority to minister in your name, may we never fear the enemy
  2. As you have given us power to trample on spiritual snakes and scorpions may we use that power wisely and effectively
  3. Keep us looking deep into the written Word of God so that we understand our spiritual strength in Christ and are not overcome
  4. Cause us to remember that at the name of Jesus every knee must bow in heaven and on earth and including every spiritual enemy under the earth
  5. Heavenly Father, lead us not into temptation but deliver us from evil, we pray

28th - 1 Kings 19:4-8 Refreshed by God

  1. When we feel down, depressed or discouraged for whatever reason, O Lord, help us to find our refreshment in you
  2. For those amongst us who are feeling overwhelmed by circumstances at this time, help them to see things in true perspective and lift them up, we pray
  3. As Elijah became depressed through tiredness physically, emotionally and spiritually, give us the wisdom not to overtax our minds and bodies unwisely
  4. May the occasions we meet together on Sundays and midweek always be times of spiritual, mental and emotional refreshing as we seek to glorify the Name of Jesus
  5. Give us the wisdom to know when to rest, in a way that refreshes us in mind, soul and body, O Lord

29th - 1 Kings 19:9-13 Hearing the still small voice of God

  1. Help us to draw closer to you, O Lord, to know and enjoy your presence more
  2. Help us not to become distracted by all that is going on about us, O God, so that we do not fail to hear when you are speaking to us
  3. When much is crashing around us, help us to discern the still, small voice of the Holy Spirit speaking to us
  4. Help us to learn when you are speaking to us, Lord, whether it is through your Word, through circumstances, through others or directly into our spirits
  5. Give us ears to hear and eyes to see all that you wish to convey to us, O Lord

30th - 1 Kings 19:14-18 Zealous for God

  1. In all that we do, cause us not to be lukewarm but zealous for God
  2. Zeal channelled in the wrong direction can be harmful, but rather teach us to channel our zeal in the most productive and fruitful way for the Kingdom of God
  3. Make us zealous in prayer, in holy living, in evangelism and in every aspect of our various ministries
  4. Make us zealous in our financial giving so that we may help the Kingdom of God grow and know God meeting all our needs also
  5. As iron sharpens iron, help us, to encourage one another in being zealous for God

31st  - 1 Kings 19:19-21 Full Surrender

  1. As Elisha, without hesitation, responded to the call to give up everything for God, may we be equally willing to respond to every commitment you call us to
  2. Take our hearts, hands, our feet, our mouths and our all, O Lord, and may they be used in your service every day
  3. Lord, as we surrender our lives to you, show us what you would have us do with our lives and how to serve you effectively
  4. We surrender all we own to you, knowing that we are merely stewards of what you give us and help us to use what we have wisely and profitably
  5. Lord Jesus, as we now surrender ourselves as living sacrifices to you, take us and use us according to your perfect will and for your glory