Prayer Diary


Naturally supernatural

The Ministry of Elisha – 2 Kings Chapters 2-5


Whereas Elijah comes across as a man who rather liked to be alone, Elisha seems to be one who is happy to be in the company of others. He was comfortable mixing with ordinary folk but also with royalty. His long life was one of living among people and ministering to them in the power of the Holy Spirit whenever the need arose, whether personal matters or matters of high state.

It was clear that he came from a wealthy family as he was ploughing with 24 oxen when he received his call from Elijah. And yet his life was never one seeking to enrich himself because he was well aware that his greatest riches were spiritual ones. So he left his comfortable lifestyle behind immediately without hesitation to live a life following the Lord. He refused to accept gifts from Naaman, the army commander from Syria who had been more than willing to reward him handsomely for his healing from leprosy.

Spending time in the company of Elijah helped grow him in his faith, which is why it is always important for us to spend time being edified by those who know the Lord, so that when we are in the world’s environment we can be strong and minister from a position of strength to others. And his first test came when Elijah was about to be raptured to heaven. He tenaciously stuck to the older prophet’s side to the end. Coming to the River Jordan it was a make-or-break moment in the exercise of his faith.

When it comes to stepping out in faith we all have to make that first step in belief that God will respond. His cry of “Where now is the God of Elijah?” accompanied by striking the water with Elijah’s cloak, demonstrated this step. Once we have seen God respond in power in answer to prayer it encourages our faith to greater things. But that must come first or we will see little. The writer to the Hebrews tells us, “Now faith is being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see.” Hebrews 11:1. He then goes on to say, “And without faith it is impossible to please God, because anyone who comes to him must believe that he exists and that he rewards those who earnestly seek him.” Hebrews 11:6.

Elisha’s life of being naturally supernatural and supernaturally natural is exactly what the Lord wants of the followers of Jesus. Being ready at any time to be a blessing to someone or to minister to them in the power of the Holy Spirit. As we pray through the life of Elisha this month we are praying for that to be our experience.


1st - 2 Kings 2:1-4 Persistence in faith

  1. Lord, give us the perseverance to never give up in our pursuit of all that you desire to give us
  2. Give us eyes to see, in faith, all that we are capable of receiving from the Holy Spirit and then to seek with all our heart
  3. Give us the wisdom to see those times when you are testing our commitment, so that we can wait on you and for you with a cheerful heart
  4. If there are any among us who at this time feel like giving up at this time, encourage their hearts afresh
  5. Give us the faith that enables us to be sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see

2nd - 2 Kings 2:5-10 A double portion of the Spirit

  1. May we always be careful to seek first the kingdom of God and righteousness, so that everything else that you desire to give us may be received with a pure heart
  2. Give us the desire to seek after the best spiritual gifts, as your Word encourages us to do
  3. Pour out in your church, Holy Spirit, the full range of the gifts of the Spirit, using all who are willing to be sincere channels of your blessing
  4. Restore to your church, O Lord, the power of Pentecost
  5. Cause each of us to desire and to seek the fullness of the power of the Holy Spirit that will enable your church to turn our communities upside-down

3rd - 2 Kings 2:11-14 Where now is the God of Elijah?

  1. Give us the same faith that Elisha had when he cried out in expectant belief, “Where now is the God of Elijah?”
  2. May miracles be a part of each of our daily lives as we simply trust you to fulfil the promises in your Word in the course of the circumstances of our daily lives
  3. May we be conscious of you guiding our every circumstance, thoughts and decisions in every part of our daily lives, O God
  4. We pray for daily miracles of provision, O Lord
  5. We pray for daily opportunities to use the gifts of words of knowledge, words of wisdom and discerning of spirits

4th - 2 Kings 2:15-18 Being obedient to the voice of God

  1. Lord, teach us to hear your voice and will clearly
  2. Lord, give us the wisdom and discernment to recognise when you say “no” to us, so that we do not waste time and effort acting against your will
  3. Give us the grace to recognise that you know best, O God, and keep us from the foolishness of trying to twist your arm to get what we want against your will
  4. When we receive Godly advice from spiritually mature believers, give us the humility to recognise that their counsel should not be taken lightly
  5. Lord, keep us from confusing presumption, which is centred on our own desires,  with faith, which is centred on your desires

5th - 2 Kings 2:19-22 Ministering to a city

  1. As we bring our capital city of London to you, bring healing to its troubled soul, we pray
  2. Right across the city bring revival to all the churches in the city of London, O God
  3. Let the steams of living water pour over our capital, Holy Spirit, as you breathe afresh on all those who live there
  4. Let us be the salt that you desire us to be, O Lord, that brings healing to the moral and spiritual pollution that taints our city
  5. Holy Spirit, move over every city, town and village in our nation, bringing healing to all that is unwholesome

6th - 2 Kings 2:23-25 Foolish criticism

  1. Keep us from critical remarks that are not centred in love, we pray
  2. Cause us to deal with the beam in our own eye before criticising the speck in the eye of another
  3. Help us to always walk in grace and to see the potential in others rather than their faults and failings, O God
  4. Cause us always to do to others what we would have them to do to us
  5. Give us the discernment to think before we speak and to weigh our words before uttering them

7th - 2 Kings 3:1-7 Breaking from the sins of the past

  1. Help us break free from every ungodly practice handed down to us from our forefathers as we renounce all such ties right now in Jesus’ name
  2. Renew our minds so that we no longer conform to any pattern of ungodliness that may have been handed down to us through either side of our family line
  3. We take authority over any ungodly soul-ties that may have remained from the past and break them now in Jesus’ name
  4. If there are any things in our possession unpleasing to you that we should have got rid of, bring them to our minds and consciences so we may get rid of them now
  5. For any habits that remain in our lives that are not godly, give us the resolve right now to break them in Jesus’ name

8th - 2 Kings 3:8-12 Enquiring of the Lord

  1. Cause us to remember to commit each day into your hands, O Lord, seeking your leading in all that we say and do
  2. Help us not to neglect the daily reading and meditating on your Word, so that our minds are continually feeding on your wisdom
  3. As your Word encourages us to do, cause us to examine ourselves to ensure we remain steadfastly living according to your ways
  4. For those among us who currently need to make major decisions about jobs, business, family, relationships or anything else, guide them clearly, we pray
  5. Teach us to listen for and to hear, the voice of the Holy Spirit, we ask

9th - 2 Kings 3:13-20 Prophetic worship

  1. In our private devotions, Holy Spirit, anoint us to be able to truly worship in spirit and in truth
  2. In our public meetings, Holy Spirit, cause us to worship in a total unity of mind and spirit that lifts up and brings the fullness of glory to Jesus
  3. Anoint our musicians, Holy Spirit, so that they play with a glory of God upon them, that leads the congregation closer to the very presence of our Lord
  4. Release us into a greater freedom of prophetic worship in the midst of which you, Holy Spirit, feel comfortable to dwell
  5. As we worship, Holy Spirit, speak to us and through us, we pray

10th - 2 Kings 3:21-25 Overcoming the enemy

  1. Lord, help us to deal with every issue of personal sin in our lives, so that the devil does not have a foothold
  2. Lord, cause us to remain close to you each day so that we can be strong to overcome every daily temptation we experience from the world
  3. When we come under direct attack and oppression from the enemy, cause us to remain humble before our God, to resist the devil and see him flee from us
  4. Cause your church to rise up and use the authority delegated to us to overcome every scheme of the powers of darkness in Jesus’ name
  5. Send revival in our church, borough, city, and land driving back every spiritual attack of the devil and turning our nation back to Christ

11th - 2 Kings 3:26-27 The sin of sacrificing children

  1. Forgive our nation, O God, for the millions of unborn children sacrificed and discarded in the pursuit of selfish and irresponsible sexual freedom
  2. Cause the people of this land to come to their senses and see the wickedness of the mass abortions and move them to desire a change, O God
  3. Cause those who make our laws to be moved with compassion for the unborn and to change the laws to end this wickedness that grieves the heart of God
  4. Change the minds of the people of our nation, to see the damage and heartache that unbridled sexual permissiveness is causing and so desire a change
  5. For all those we may know who are currently considering an abortion, O God, speak to their hearts and bless them with a child that brings them great joy

12th - 2 Kings 4:1-4 Faith for great measure

  1. Lord, give us wisdom in our financial affairs to ensure we do not become enslaved to debt
  2. For those amongst us who are struggling with financial difficulties that are not of their own making, reward their earnest prayers with you bountiful provision
  3. Lord meet our every financial need this day
  4. Lord, help us believe you for the impossible in those situations where we know you have spoken clearly to us about what you are going to do
  5.  Enable us to be a people who have the generosity of heart not to hold on to all we have but to give out of what we possess

13th - 2 Kings 4:5-7 Oil from the Lord

  1. Holy Spirit, touch us afresh this day with the oil of your anointing
  2. May we keep on being filled with the Spirit speaking to one another with psalms and hymns and spiritual songs, gratefully singing and making music in our hearts
  3. For those amongst us seeking the baptism in the Holy Spirit as we ask right now  in faith, fill each one and give them the prayer language of speaking in tongues
  4. As you fill us with the oil of your anointing, cause it to overflow out to those around us as we become a blessing to them
  5. Holy Spirit, multiply your gifts in your church and give us the faith to use them  in a way that brings glory to Jesus

14th - 2 Kings 4:8-10 The blessings of a generous heart

  1. Give us generous hearts like yours, O Lord
  2. Give us eyes to see how we can be a blessing to others and the desire to do all we can to cause it to happen
  3. Make us a people who see beyond the narrow circle of personal needs, to the wider needs of your kingdom and cause us to sow liberally into building the kingdom of God
  4. May we experience the truth of the words, “It is more blessed to give than receive”
  5. If you are speaking to us about being generous, O Lord, and we are not responding, quicken our consciences with the desire to do your bidding

15th - 2 Kings 4:11-17 Protection of our children

  1. Lord, thank you for all our children and we pray that you would watch over and keep them safe in mind body and soul
  2. Give us the wisdom we need to raise our children in the all the instructions of the Lord
  3. May the spiritual seeds that are being sown into the lives of our children, grow to enable them to develop into adults who are major influencers on society for Christ
  4. Bless, guard and keep our children’s ministries and all the teachers who faithfully devote their time to the spiritual development of our children.
  5. Raise up our children’s generation to be mighty men and women of God

16th - 2 Kings 4:18-25 Faith in the darkest times

  1. Lord, help us to trust you totally, even when our minds cannot understand what is happening
  2. Cause us to keep our eyes fixed firmly on finishing the race well, without being sidetracked by events that try to make us stumble and fall
  3. Help us to remember that this lifetime is but a preparation for eternity and that our troubles are momentary only, so that we may endure to tests
  4. Although we do not know the future, since we do know the One who holds our future in his hands, may we rest in that assurance, O God
  5. In the midst of adversity, may we truly know the peace of God, which is the fruit of the Spirit, that passes all understanding

17th - 2 Kings 4:26-30 Encouraging one another

  1. Keep us on the lookout for those who need our encouragement today, Lord
  2. Develop within each of us that “Barnabas” quality that makes us people who others draw encouragement and strength from
  3. Teach us how to build others up and correct us when we are speaking or acting discouragingly towards others
  4. Make us a people who delight in seeing the advancement of others, even when they do better than we do
  5. Cause us to remember that love is the fulfilment of God’s law, and may we act accordingly

18th - 2 Kings 4:31-37 Believing faith

  1. Give us boldness when we pray for the sick, expecting, in Jesus’ name, to see answers to prayer
  2. Give us a faith that will see the physically dead raised, O God
  3. Give us a faith that causes us to see, through our witness, many who are spiritually dead, come alive in Christ
  4. Release the gift of faith amongst your church O Lord, so that we witness many extraordinary signs and wonders that bring glory to Jesus
  5. Lord, when our faith feels weak, draw alongside us and make us strong

19th - 2 Kings 4:38-41 Wisdom to know what to do

  1. As we draw closer to you Lord, through prayer and reading your Word, give us a natural wisdom which we can apply to everyday life situations
  2. When faced with perplexing situations and choices, speak to us Holy Spirit, especially when the answer will not come through obvious means
  3. For any amongst us who are having to make difficult decisions at this time, give them divine wisdom, we pray
  4. With all the major decisions in our lives concerning work, relationships, marriage, homes, keep us from making mistakes but guide us Holy Spirit, we ask
  5. Lord, since you have told us that if we lack wisdom we can ask you and you will give generously, help us to live a lifestyle of involving you in everything we do

20th - 2 Kings 4:42-44 Believing in a God of increase and multiplication

  1. Lord, across our nation multiply the number of people who daily turn to Christ and are born again
  2. Lord, multiply in every city, town and village the number of new churches being planted in this country
  3. We thank you for the tens of thousands who will be born again today across the world and pray that the numbers will be multiplied
  4. Increase and multiply the number of people in our nation who are seeking to know the truth and draw them to those churches where they will be led to Christ
  5. As we pray for our church, increase and multiply those who are saved, radically changed, healed delivered and become disciples of Christ

21st - 2 Kings 5:1-4 Victories from the Lord

  1. Lord, enable us to be a people who live victoriously over temptation and sin
  2. Make us a people who can always triumph over adversity, because through Christ we can do all things
  3. In every aspect of our family lives, help us triumph over every challenge, trial and adversity that would seek to overcome us
  4. For those of us who are currently facing major challenges, as we wait on and trust in you, O Lord, cause us to overcome
  5. Enable us to understand just exactly who we are in Christ, so that we can stand up to and overcome any and every battle that comes against us

22nd - 2 Kings 5:5-8 Prophets in the land

  1. Raise up men and women in places of great influence in our nation who can speak with a prophetic voice that is heeded
  2. Raise up prophets in your church, O God, who can speak the message of God into our current situations
  3. Multiply the gift of prophecy amongst all members of your church so that the body of Christ may be built up
  4. We pray that the church leaders in our land would rise up with a prophetic voice to those who govern this nation
  5. We pray that the leaders in our nation would be moved to listen to the voice of the church and so turn our society back towards living according to the ways of the Lord

23rd - 2 Kings 5:9-12 Obeying the Word of God

  1. Give us humble hearts, O Lord, so that we do not miss the great things you want to do for us and through us
  2. May we be a people who obey your Word, even when it seems to make us look foolish
  3. May we not only be obedient to your Word, but also examples of Christlikeness that others are able to follow
  4. Give us willing hearts that are able to respond quickly and willingly to whatever you command us, O God
  5. Help us to achieve everything that you have purposed for our lives, O Lord, by using our freewill to make the right choices that are in line with your will

24th - 2 Kings 5:13-14 The power of the consequences of humility

  1. Lord, give us the humility of Moses, so that, like him, we can be trusted with the power of the God as expressed through the gifts of the Holy Spirit
  2. Lord, give us the humility of David, so that, like him, you can raise us to positions of power, authority and influence
  3. Lord, give us the humility of Ezra, so that, like him, we can use the Word of God with powerful effect that turns many to Christ
  4. Lord, give us the humility of John the Baptist, so that, like him, we are not interested in our own glory but only in our lives bringing glory to Christ
  5. Lord Jesus, give us a humility like your own, so that, like you, we may live not to please ourselves but only to please our heavenly Father

25th - 2 Kings 5:15 No god but the true God

  1. As we pray for all those we know who do not believe in a God who created them, cause their spirits, which are dead in trespasses and sin, to come alive in Christ
  2. For all those we know who are sincerely seeking after the true God but only know a religion that does not help them find you, guide them to yourself, O Lord
  3. For all those we know who are pursuing ‘New Age’ activities, help us point them to the true and living God
  4. For all those we know who are in a cult thinking they are on the pathway to heaven, open their eyes to the truth and save them, O God
  5. When we are under spiritual attack and are tempted to see the devil as more powerful than he really is, cause us to remember there is no God but you

26th - 2 Kings 5:16 True motivation for ministry

  1. Lord, may our motivation for serving you be a truly thankful heart
  2. Like Elisha, help us to guard our motives so that all we do, we do it for you
  3. Help us to remember that our primary purpose on earth is not what we can achieve for ourselves and our families, but being true ambassadors for Jesus
  4. Remembering that each believer will stand before you, Lord Jesus, to give an account of our faithfulness and motives, may none of our works be burnt up like wood, hay and stubble
  5. May the joy of the Lord be all the reward we seek for everything we do for you, O God

27th - 2 Kings 5:17-19 Go in peace

  1. For those amongst us who are overcome by anxieties at this time, help us bring them a sense of the peace of God
  2. Ad we pray for those we know who are troubled by ill health, may we be a source of strength and encouragement to them
  3. For those we know who are anxious but do not know the Lord, help us to lead them to you so they may know peace with God and the peace of God
  4. As we pray for every parent we know who is troubled by their children, cause there to be a turnaround as you respond to their prayers
  5. May the Lord bless and keep us, the Lord make his face shine upon us and be gracious to us, the Lord turn his face towards us and give us peace

28th - 2 Kings 5:20 Corruption in ministry

  1. We pray for all those who are in places of leadership in ministry to keep their hearts pure
  2. We pray that the church will never put the pursuit of money above the ministry to people
  3. Help us always to make money our servant and never our master, O God
  4. Keep our hearts from seeking after temporary riches rather than the eternal rewards of ministry
  5. Rather than compromise our high calling and standards, help us to trust in you to provide all our needs, O Lord, even when we have little

29th - 2 Kings 5:21-25 The deceitfulness of riches

  1. Keep our eyes fixed on you, O Lord, so that we never stray from the narrow path that leads to everlasting joy
  2. Give us the wisdom to use wealth wisely, recognising its necessity to life but also its potential to corrupt
  3. For those we know whose spiritual life has been choked by the pursuit of wealth, help them to see life in true perspective, so they do not become spiritual paupers
  4. Keep us from becoming like the church at Laodicea who thought they were rich but in your eyes they were ‘pitiful, poor, blind and naked’
  5. Teach us to value true riches which come by always walking in your ways

30th - 2 Kings 5:26-27 The wages of sin

  1. Lord, in those times when we bring trouble on ourselves by saying or doing the wrong thing, give us wisdom to acknowledge our mistakes and seek your forgiveness
  2. Since your Word tells us to examine and test ourselves to ensure we are living according to the faith, help us to do so as a matter of course
  3. Lord, for those we know who are backsliding, bring them back to yourself now before they cause much harm to themselves
  4. Lord, when things go wrong in our lives because we have made the wrong choices, teach us to repent and not complain at you for what has happened
  5. Knowing that we are all capable of falling, keep us close to you with humble hearts and spirits that are sensitive to be guided by you when we start to go astray