Prayer Diary

Work effectively for Jesus in his resurrection power

1 Corinthians 15:1-58


Jesus did not come into the world to give it another religion. He came to restore us to a supernatural relationship with our God Creator and Heavenly Father. Our relationship with God comes through and is based squarely on, the miracle of the fact that God raised Jesus from the dead on the third day, after his sinless Son paid the penalty on the cross for the sins of the world. Religion is the dead works of man. By contrast Jesus is alive forever and the only One through whom we also can experience the supernatural resurrection life. This chapter is magnificent in its portrayal of the resurrection from the dead, first of Christ and then of all who put their faith in him through accepting the gospel or good news about Jesus.

So, Adam sinned and by so doing brought death into the world. Since we are all descended from him and have inherited a sinful nature we all die a physical death. But just as through one man, Adam, all die physically, so through one man, Jesus, ‘The last Adam’ all who choose to do so can live forever in a new resurrection body that will never die.

Jesus, though fully God, laid aside his powers as God when he came to join his deity with humanity. Unlike Adam, he did not succumb to the temptations of the devil and so was able to lay down his life as the sinless sacrifice on our behalf on the cross and in the process conquering sin, death and Satan. And on the third day he rose again proving he was who he had said he was – the Son of God, Messiah and Saviour of the world.

In this detailed description of the resurrection of the believing dead at the Second Coming of Jesus, there is no room for doubt. In a moment, in the ‘twinkling of an eye’ believers on earth will be caught up in the air to join those believers coming back from heaven and all followers of Jesus will receive their new, immortal resurrection bodies at the same time. We are to live in the present expectantly and full of hope, because we know our future is glorious.

Paul ends the chapter with this charge: “Therefore, my dear brothers, stand firm. Let nothing move you. Always give yourselves fully to the work of the Lord, because you know that your labour in the Lord is not in vain.”

1st – 1 Corinthians 15:1-2 The power of the gospel

  1. Cause us never to be ashamed to proclaim the life-changing power of the gospel of Christ
  2. Guide us this day, Holy Spirit, to someone who you know has ears to hear the gospel and respond in faith and belief
  3. Give us wisdom in how to share the good news of Christ without ever watering down the message
  4. Give us new ways and insights in how to communicate the gospel to the current generation, in ways that captures their attention
  5. Anoint our words and actions, Holy Spirit, as we bring the gospel to others, since we know no-one can be saved without you convicting them of sin, righteousness and judgment to come

2nd - 1 Corinthians 15:3-4 Christ died for our sins

      1.  As we remember Gethsemane and the cross, Lord Jesus, we offer our grateful thanks for all you have done for us

 2.  As you have given your all for us, Lord Jesus, may we never shrink from giving our all to you

 3.  As we remember how you bore the penalty for our sin, help us to show our gratitude by our faithful, obedient and unflinching service to you

 4.  May the knowledge of what it must have cost you, Lord Jesus, to suffer the full judicial wrath of a righteous God for the sins of the whole world, change us totally

 5.   Forgive us when we have treated lightly your sacrifice for us and enlighten us with all spiritual wisdom and understanding

3rd - 1 Corinthians 15:5-6 Witnessing to the new life in Christ

  1. May our lifestyles be a continuous witness to others of the reality that Christ is alive in us
  2. May your resurrection power so flow through us that we will see you do things in and through us that will cause us to rejoice in amazement
  3. Lord, you have said that anyone who has faith in you will do what you have been doing, so quicken our faith so that you may be glorified through us
  4. Make us producers of much fruit, Lord, showing that we are indeed your disciples
  5. Be seen in us, Lord Jesus

4th - 1 Corinthians 15:7-8 Christ is alive  

  1. Lord, as you convinced Saul of Tarsus that you are alive today so help us to convince others of this great truth
  2. Through your death and resurrection you have triumphed over sin, death and the devil, Lord Jesus, so help us to live as overcomers in all those areas
  3. Help us to stand firm in the power of the living Christ, against every attack of the enemy that may be sent against us
  4. Live in and through each of us as yielded vessels unto you both today and every day, O Lord
  5. Cause us to remember, O Lord, that he who is within us is greater than he who is in the world, so that we may always live in victory over the enemy of our souls

5th - 1 Corinthians 15:9 Praying for church persecutors

  1. Give wisdom to all those we know who are experiencing difficulties at their workplace in expressing their faith in Christ and encourage their hearts
  2. For those who give us a hard time simply because we live for Christ, convict their hearts and save them
  3. For all followers of Christ living in countries where they are persecuted and jailed simply for believing in Christ, be their strength and a shield around them
  4. For those who are refused jobs simply because their confess Christ, especially in poor countries where it makes life even more difficult, help them to remain close to you and meet their every need
  5. For all those followers of Jesus who are currently in jail because of their faith, help and strengthen them and especially bless their dependant families

6th – 1 Corinthians 15: 10-11 God’s grace and hard work

  1. Since we are here on earth as your ambassadors, may we not neglect our primary purpose in being full-time ministers for Christ
  2. Help each of us to know in what way you want us to serve you by revealing it to us as we wait on you in prayer or though the wise counsel of others
  3. Teach us to get our priorities of God, family, work and ministry in the correct order and, to invest our time well in each area
  4. Since you have saved us and called us to fulfill your Great Commission in all its different forms, keep us from being lazy in our service for you
  5. Cause us, by your grace within us, to work out our salvation with fear and trembling

7th – 1 Corinthians 15:12-13 Refuting scoffers

  1. Since we live in a generation that actively rejects the gospel, as we witness to them, open their blind spiritual eyes, Holy Spirit and convict them of truth
  2. Help us to study your Word so that we have a sufficient knowledge of the truth with which to refute and confound the arguments of sceptics
  3. Help us to move in the gifts of the Holy Spirit so that the gospel does not simply come in words but in a demonstration of the power of God
  4. When we seem to lack wisdom as we speak to individuals about Christ, give us the wisdom we need to be able to bring a word in season
  5. Have mercy on those we talk to who openly reject all that Christ has done for them and save them from eternal separation from God

8th – 1 Corinthians 15:14-15 Praying for doubters

     1.    For those we talk to who doubt the gospel because of the theory of evolution, take the darkness from their minds and cause them to see the truth

     2.    For those we talk to who genuinely doubt whether there is a God, cause them to see your hand in nature’s intricate design and creation

     3.    As we bind any powers of darkness causing a spiritual battle going on in the minds of those we will be talking to this week who doubt, set them free to believe

     4.    Lord, when circumstances come our way which may temporarily cause us to doubt your good purposes for our lives, help us to stand

     5.    For those of your children we know who are passing through a season of doubt right now, help us to be an encouragement to them to remain strong in the Lord

9th – 1 Corinthians 15:16-17 Praying for those still in their sins

     1.    Save our family members who are not yet saved, O Lord

     2.    Save our neighbours who have not yet accepted Christ as Saviour, O Lord

     3.    Save our work colleagues who do not yet know the Lord and give us opportunities and the words to lead them to Christ

     4.    Save those we know who sincerely follow other religions which give them a form of godliness but no means of salvation from sin

     5.    Convict and open their eyes of those we will talk to this week who are in churches or cults that appear to follow Christ but which do not preach salvation

10th – 1 Corinthians 15:18-19 A life without hope

1.    For all those we know in the church who for one reason or another are losing hope, refocus their eyes on Jesus and renew them

2.    Enable us to point to you the many people we meet, who are without hope and yet do not look to you for help, so they may find life in Christ

3.    Help all those in the church who are suffering from long-term illness, to keep their eyes on you, Lord Jesus, even when they do not understand the reasons why

4.    For those in the church whose heart is sick because of deferred hope for any situation, encourage them and give them a breakthrough

5.    Cause our understanding of the hopelessness experienced by those in hell, to be a motivating factor to reach all those we know who are currently without Christ

11th – 1 Corinthians 15:20 Christ the first fruits

    1.    As we meditate on the knowledge that one day we will be with you for all eternity, cause it to inspire us to overcome all present difficulties

    2.     Knowing our destiny is to live eternally with Christ, help us to crucify the flesh and live not for ourselves but for Christ

    3.     As we meditate on the knowledge that we will one day be with Christ, always fill us with the joy of the Holy Spirit despite any adverse circumstances

    4.     Help us, O God, to live in the power of Christ’s resurrection life within us in everything we do

    5.     Holy Spirit, may we allow you to change us daily so that we are becoming more Christlike even before we enter into eternity

12th – 1 Corinthians 15:21 Death and the Resurrection Life

    1.     Help us by the power of your Holy Spirit within us to daily to put to death our old nature in all its        manifestations

    2.     Holy Spirit, we ask that you would help us daily to live in accordance with our new spiritual                   nature,  manifesting the ways and character of Christ in all we do

    3.     Holy Spirit, as we wait on you for a daily infilling, distribute your spiritual gifts amongst us so we may serve in your power

    4.     We pray for words of knowledge, wisdom, discernment of spirits, prophecy and interpretation of tongues at the appropriate times in public

    5.     We pray for gifts of healing, miracles and faith each time they are needed and may we use the gift of tongues to edify ourselves in our times of devotions

13th – 1 Corinthians15:22-23 Made alive in Christ

1.    Help us not to hide our light under a bushel and not only to live out the life of Christ but also to be seen to do so

2.    When we are feeling spiritually ‘tired’, renew our strength in the Holy Spirit

3.    If we are not living the abundant life of Christ that you want us to, lead us to mature christians who can give us the counsel and help we need

4.    For those believers we know who still fear death, touch their minds and give them the peace and joy of the Lord

5.    Make us fruitful as we live for Christ, we pray

14th – 1 Corinthians 15:24 Your Kingdom come!

     1.   Lord may your Kingdom reign over every area of our lives as we submit wholly to you

     2.   As we share the good news about Jesus to others, may your Kingdom come into their lives, O Lord

     3.    As we pray for revival in our nation, cause the Kingdom of Christ rise up in churches up and down the length and breadth of this land

     4.    Cause every area of the life of our nation to be touched and changed by a visitation of the Holy Spirit in Kingdom power

     5.    Let your Kingdom come and your will be done on earth as it is in heaven, Lord Jesus

15th – 1 Corinthians 15:25 Christ’s enemies defeated

     1.    Lord, help us to remember, that you have triumphed over every enemy spiritual power, so that we will not be discouraged by the enemy’s lies

     2.    May the God of peace soon crush soon crush Satan underneath our feet

     3.    Cause us to always live victoriously over every enemy spiritual power that would seek to attack us, O Lord

     4.    Help us to fight every spiritual battle we come against in your power and strength and not in our own

     5.    Keep our eyes fixed on the future when we know all evil, which is already defeated, will be put away forever, so that we are not weighed down by present worries

16th – 1 Corinthians 15:26-28 Overcoming fear of death

    1.   For all believers we know who continue to fear death, put complete assurance and the peace of God in their minds

    2.   Knowing that each person is destined to die and to face judgment, give us wisdom and insight regarding whom we should speak to each day concerning their salvation

    3.   Knowing each believer will have their lives reviewed before the judgment seat of Christ, keep us faithful in every way so that we may hear your words, ‘well done good and faithful servant’

    4.   For all those we know whose loved ones have either recently passed away or are currently seriously ill, give them strength and grace as they face such trials

    5.   Recognising we all have a limited amount of time on this earth, since each day is a gift from God help us to use it wisely and profitably and in the light of eternity

17th – 1 Corinthians 15:29-30 Baptism

   1.    For those in the church who have been saved but not yet baptised in water, prompt them to be obedient to the command to do so

   2.    Use the public testimonies of all the candidates at each of our baptismal services to touch the hearts and lives of all unsaved people who are listening

   3.   Save people in our church this week, whose new lives in Christ will then be publically testified to at the next baptismal service

   4.    We pray for many not only to be baptised in water but also be baptised in the Holy Spirit and power

   5.    Send such a revival in our nation that the baptismal tanks will be overflowing with candidates

18th – 1 Corinthians 15:31 Dying to self

   1.   Help us this day to die to all selfish ambition and instead live only as the Holy Spirit directs us

   2.   Holy Spirit, make us conscious of any sinful trait that we exhibit in our lives, so that we may deal with it decisively

   3.   Lord, may we truly seek your will for our lives in all that we do and not merely ask you to bless the decisions we have already made for ourselves

   4.   Lord, for any things in our lives that are dear to us but not to you, bring us to the point where we can lay them down so they do not inhibit our walk with you

   5.   Take our lives and let them be wholly consecrated to you, O Lord

19th – 1 Corinthians 15:32-33 The folly of living only for today

   1.    Teach us daily how to live effectively in the world without being tainted by its ways

   2.    Teach us how to live for tomorrow and not just for today, discerning the will of God in all that we do in our lives

   3.    We need to mix with unbelievers and be salt and light, in this world, but give us wisdom to discern which people’s company is wiser to avoid

   4.    Make us strong enough so that in every situation we always influence others for good and for God, rather than they influence us negatively

   5.   Whenever and wherever we lack spiritual wisdom in our day-today affairs, cause us to remember to ask you so that we always make the right decisions

20th – 1 Corinthians 15:34  Come back to your senses and stop sinning

   1.   We are sorry for the way marriage has been undermined and the family divided and pray you would bring us as a nation back to our senses

   2.   We are sorry for the way the life of the unborn, the elderly and infirm has become increasingly devalued and pray you would bring us back to our senses as a nation

   3.   We are sorry for the way the Bible and its teachings have been neglected, mocked and devalued and pray you would bring our nation back to its senses

   4.    We are sorry for the way the children of our land have been taught ways of lawlessness and lack of discipline and pray you would bring our nation back to its senses

   5.   Lord, we are sorry for the way you have been pushed out of every area of public life and institution in this land and pray you would bring our nation back to its senses

21st – 1 Corinthians 15:35-37 Sowing

     1.  With all the words that we speak this day and every day, teach us to sow encouragement and not discouragement and may we reap the rewards in due course

     2.  Give us opportunities to sow words of the gospel into someone’s life this week and may we see the fruit in their lives in due course

     3.  As your people, make us ones who minister sacrificially into the lives of others and may our reward be seeing them experience blessing

     4.  Help us to be people who are generous with praise, slow to criticise, but quick to build people up and not pull them down

     5.  Teach us to generous in our financial giving, learning that we will always reap a spiritual blessing whenever we sow in love

22nd - 1 Corinthians 15:38 Bodies created by God

     1.  Since you have created us human beings, teach us to wisely look after every part of our make-up – body, spirit, soul and emotions

   2.  For those amongst us who are sick in body, we pray for them right now and ask that you would bring complete healing

   3.  For those we know who are suffering from emotional or mental problems, bring the peace and freedom of the Lord into their lives

   4.  As we pray for our church which is your body, help us to grow and build up your church in love as each member does his or her part

   5.  Build your church in this land, making it strong, relevant and effective in our nation

23rd – 1 Corinthians 15:39-40 Men and animals are different

   1.  Lord, remove the veil from the spiritual eyes of those we meet who believe that we have evolved from animals, rather than created by a loving God, and save them

   2.  Strengthen the faith in knowledge of the truth of any of our children and youth whose faith may be undermined by those who teach them evolution

   3.  For those of your people who are confused by the teaching of evolution, help them to understand that man’s theories are a poor substitute for God’s truth

   4.  Raise the profile and influence for truth, of all those scientists who, on factual grounds, realise the theory of evolution is scientifically impossible

  5.   Lord, frustrate the plans of all those high-profile atheists in our nation who are actively seeking to push God out of the nation’s life and save them instead

24th – 1 Corinthians 15:41 Creation declares the glory of God

1.   When our faith is weak, strengthen us as we look up and see that the heavens are a constant reminder of your glory and greatness, O Lord

2.   When we understand how vast the universe is and that you are greater still, forgive us when we seek to tell you what you should and should not do

3.    As we gaze into the greatness of space, cause our faith to grow, as we consider how small our prayer requests are in comparison to your infinite power, Lord God

4.    We do believe, O Lord, but please help us on those occasions when our faith seems small or wavering

5.   Lord, we thank and praise you for all the great deeds you have done in our lives and all those we know, by faith, you will do in the future  

25th – 1 Corinthians 15:42-44 The resurrection body

   1.    For those among us who struggle because of ill-health, encourage their hearts with the reminder that each believer will have a new resurrection body like Christ

   2.    Thank you Lord Jesus that because of what you have done, one day we will have a body which, though sown in weakness, will be raised in power

   3.    Although one day our new bodies will radiate with the glory of God, even in this lifetime cause us always to reflect the glory of God in all we do

   4.   Though our current bodies reflect weakness, help us to live even now in the fullness of power of the Holy Spirit that is possible in these present bodies

   5.    Since you have made us to be physical beings, help us treat our physical bodies wisely, as good stewards of all you have given us

26th – 1 Corinthians 15:45-48 Living in the Spirit

   1.    In all our thoughts and plans for this day and every day, help us to learn how to be led and guided by you, Holy Spirit

   2.    Teach us, Holy Spirit, how to be naturally spiritual and spiritually natural

   3.    In all of our work or business dealings, lead us to act, make decisions and plan everything in accordance with your will and purpose

   4.    Help us, Holy Spirit, to wait on you to discern the perfect plan and destiny you have for each of our individual lives and then to make the choices to enable it to happen

   5.   Speak to each of us today, Holy Spirit, by whatever means you choose to communicate with us and as we hear may we be obedient to your leading

27th – 1 Corinthians 15:49 Bearing the likeness of Jesus

   1.   Since your will for us in this lifetime, Heavenly Father, is to become increasingly more like Jesus, change us a little more this day

   2.    As we humble ourselves before you, may we be lifted up to a place where you can use us in every way that brings you glory

   3.    Lord Jesus, since you told us that the things you did, we would do also, help us to move effectively in the power of the Holy Spirit

   4.    Develop within us the gifts of words of wisdom, knowledge and discernment and the ability to use them effectively in our day-to-day dealings with the people we meet

   5.    Develop within us the gifts of faith, miracles and healings and the wisdom to use them effectively in our day-today lives

28th – 1 Corinthians 15:50 The limitations of flesh and blood

  1. Help us to show people they cannot go to heaven by their own good works
  2. Cause us to seek daily to be continually filled with the Holy Spirit
  3. Help us always to live by faith and not by sight
  4. Teach how to be led more by the Spirit and not by our fallen nature
  5. Help us to be naturally spiritual and spiritually natural

29th – 1 Corinthians 15:51-53 Living in the light of the Rapture

   1.    Lord, keep us faithful and true to you each hour of the day

   2.    For those in your church who are backsliding for whatever reason, draw them back to the place of intimacy with you, O Lord

   3.    Keep us in a place where we are continually being filled with the Holy Spirit, overflowing into the lives of those around us

   4.    As we begin each day, may we remember to commit it into your hands in order so that, in some way, it will produce fruit that will have eternal consequences

    5.   Order our footsteps today so that it we will be a day lived in accordance with your perfect plan and will 

30th – 1 Corinthians 15:54-57 Victory in Christ

   1.    Cause us not to give in to discouragement but to have victory over every attack of the enemy against us

   2.    For those among us who need a job, or to change their employment or are seeking promotion, grant them favour, we pray

   3.    For each family in the church that is struggling spiritually, emotionally or financially at this time, cause them to overcome and grow spiritually in the process     

   4.    For those in the church who are struggling with any form of habit or bondage that needs to be broken, help them find victory in Christ in that situation

   5.   We pray for a national revival in our country, where the Lordship of Christ will be brought to every area of our society

31st – 1 Corinthians 15:58  Give yourselves fully to the Lord’s work

   1.    Show us what is your will for us to do today, O Lord and anoint us as we faithfully carry it out

   2.    Cause us to remember that nothing is more important than living for you, O Lord, since what we do for you lasts not for only a lifetime, but eternally

   3.    May the joy of the Lord always be our strength that enables us to live for Jesus, no matter what our outward circumstances or trials may be

   4.    Just as the sacrifices to be brought to you in the Old Testament days had to be without blemish, may all we seek to do for you be with unblemished motives

   5.    Here we are Lord, use us