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Prayer is a vital part of our spiritual walk with God. It is how we reach out to him in times of trouble and times of thanksgiving.

ECC has had a vision to pray for a powerful move of God, that impacts our communities and our nation. We want to see people break free from bondages that have kept them from living a full life. We believe this is so important that in 2002 our Prayer Centre was setup. Since that time this has ensured that we are live 24hours a day, giving continuous prayer and having unbroken contact with God.

Praying the Bible

Prayer Diary | Bible Readings and Prayer Points for Individual and Church Spiritual Growth

the life of Moses (2) Genesis chapters 6-12 - JULY 2021


Genesis chapters 6-12

These chapters record the contest between Moses and Pharaoh. God had given Moses
certain miraculous signs to authenticate that his message was from God. At first the
Pharaoh’s sorcerers were able to imitate such signs. The power of the occult and of the
devil should never be underestimated. Satan has always wanted to be like God and will
imitate everything God does. So the Holy Spirit provides nine spiritual gifts for the
church to use. Satan copies each one, deceiving those engaged in such ‘dark arts’.
As the contest went on the difference between the God of Moses on the one hand and the
god of the sorcerers on the other hand, quickly became evident. Satan is not God and,
though he may be powerful, he is not Almighty, as is the true God. Satan’s men quickly
dropped out of the contest admitting they were up against One who was much stronger
than they were.
God’s judgments on Egypt demonstrated:

1. Though the powers of darkness have some supernatural power, Satanic in origin,
it pales into insignificance compared to the all-encompassing power of the one
true God.

2. God is a God of love, but he is also a God of holiness and justice. Wickedness and
hardness of heart against his righteous ways must and will be judged. The Book
of Revelation shows us that the plagues of Egypt will be visited once again on the
earth, in the days of the Antichrist, against all those who shake their unrepentant
fists in the face of their Creator. Today is the Day of Salvation and we must work
now to seek the salvation of those currently hard-hearted

3. Though God pours out his plagues of punishment on the unrepentant, yet God’s
people were totally safe from their effects – sheltered by God from the storm of
God’s wrath. God makes a difference between those who humbly bow before him
and those who arrogantly harden their hearts against him

4. The only salvation comes though faith in the blood of the lamb. For the Israelites,
believing God and applying the blood of the lamb to the doorposts, saved them
from death and released them to salvation from the bondage of slavery. The
picture of course, is the salvation and freedom to the slavery of sin that comes
through faith in the blood of the Lamb of God –Jesus.

As we pray through the prayer points this month we need to remember: we serve a God
who shows great love to those who accept him, but judgment to those who do not to live
carefully in obedience and to pray earnestly for those who hearts are hardened

1 st – Exodus 6:1-5 God has heard and will act

1. Teach us to trust your promises utterly, O God

2. Help us to remember that not seeing an immediate answer to prayer does not
mean you have not heard and will answer at the right time

3. Give us the patience to wait for your promises to be outworked, O Lord

4. Cause us to learn that your timing is always perfect and if we take things in our
own hands to manipulate the situation it will always turn out second best

5. Enable us to learn that waiting on you to bring an answer is one of the best ways
of helping us to grow in faith and in character

2 nd – Exodus 6:6-8 Freedom from slavery

1. Help us never to take for granted, O Lord, the indescribable privilege of being set
free from slavery to sin and its penalties, so that we remain humble before you

2. Holy Spirit, if there are still habits or ungodly traits in our lives and characters
that hinder us, give us the strength and resolve this day to break free, we ask

3. We pray for all our unsaved friends and work colleagues who do not yet know
you; cause their spiritual eyes to be opened, to accept Christ and be set free

4. We pray for all our family members who do not yet know the freedom that comes
in Christ; save them O God

5. We pray for our nation that is so bound by wicked ways; bring a breakthrough in
our time

3 rd – Exodus 6:9-13 Overcoming discouragement

1. Since we know that discouragement can so easily sap our will to continue, keep
our eyes fixed on you, the unchanging God, and not on our ever-changing
2. Keep us in the habit of meeting regularly with fellow believers so that we do not
become waylaid and isolated by discouragement, we pray
3. May we not neglect the regular reading of the your Word, the Bible, which is food
to our soul and encouragement to our heart, O Lord
4. Help us to remember that our days on earth are fleeting in comparison with
eternity; may our focus not be deflected from the eternal blessing to come for
those in Christ
5. Teach us, Holy Spirit, how to remain Christ-centred rather than self-centred, so
that we are not overcome by self pity and discouragement

4 th – Exodus 6:14-27 Praying for the Jews
1. Lord Jesus, you have said that ‘salvation is from the Jews’; cause us to remember
and to always pray for the nation you chose to be the source of the gospel of
2. As your Word instructs us, O Lord, we pray for the peace of Jerusalem, which we
know will come fully when Jesus returns in power to set up his world rule from
3. We pray for all the Jews dispersed around the world; open their eyes to the truth
that Jesus is their promised Messiah revealed in the Old Testament prophets

4. We pray for all the Israelis living in modern day Israel; open their eyes to the
reality of the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob and cause them to come to know
5. We pray for all the messianic Jews in Israel and around the world who have come
to know Christ as Saviour; help them as they evangelise their fellow Jews

5 th – Exodus 6:28-30 Speak the Word of God
1. Lord, whether we are gifted speakers or not, you have created us with the ability
to share our faith; may we never be hindered by self-doubt
2. Keep our eyes off our own inadequacies and keep them fixed on Christ through
whom we can do all things, O Lord
3. May we understand, with the apostle Paul, that it is often in our weakness and
therefore our need to rely on you, O Lord, that we can exhibit our greatest
4. Help us to remember that we each have our own different gifts and talents that are
all needed for the collective work of the church in this world,
5. May our actions always be as eloquent as our words, O God, when it comes to
sharing our faith

6 th – Exodus 7:1-5 God’s ambassadors
1. Help us understand the responsibility and the privilege you have placed upon us,
O Lord, to be your ambassadors for the gospel in this unbelieving world
2. Lord, you have told us to, ‘Go into all the world and preach the gospel…’; may
we do as you have said
3. Give us a boldness to speak your word even when people are seemingly not
prepared to listen, realising that later on they may well change their minds
4. Open our eyes to the total lostness of unbelievers that gives us a compassion to
want them to hear the gospel even if they are not open just at this time, we pray
5. Since we know that your judgments await all people in the future, O Lord, may
we be motivated by that knowledge to give all people the opportunity to hear the

7 th – Exodus 7:6-7 Obedience not age is what matters
1. May it also be said of us, O Lord, that we did just what the Lord commanded us
2. Lord, if we truly understand what we have been saved from and what we have
been saved to, obedience to you would never be in doubt
3. Help us to be fully committed to you, O Lord, and not half-hearted, so that you
can use us to maximum effectiveness as your Spirit has a free reign in our lives
4. Teach us the blessings that come from total obedience to you, O God, and the
frustrations that come into our lives when we are not
5. Lord, we pray for your health and strength so that no matter what age we may be
we are still able to serve you in different ways

8 th – Exodus 7:8-13 Overcoming the powers of darkness

1. May we always remember, O Lord, that although the powers of darkness are
powerful, greater is he who is within us (Christ) than he who is in the world
2. We pray for all those we know who are deceived and are involved in any way
with the counterfeit powers of the supernatural; save them from their own folly
3. We pray for those who are seeking spiritual truth and power by looking at false
religions or occultic activities; give us the opportunity to point them to the truth
that is found in Christ
4. For those who are genuinely seeking a supernatural experience but are looking in
the wrong places, give us the opportunity to introduce them to the power of the
Holy Spirit through Christ, we pray
5. In our daily walk, help us always to humble ourselves before our God, to resist
the devil and see him flee from us, we pray

9 th – Exodus 7:14-19 Hardened hearts
1. We pray for our nation, O God, which has hardened its heart against you; melt its
stony heart
2. We pray for all our national leaders who have hardened their hearts against you;
bring them to a realisation of the reality that sin will bring a country to its
3. We pray for those in your church who occupy positions of authority but have
hearts hardened against you, O Lord; change them
4. We pray for all those we know whose hearts are hardened against you; soften
those stony hearts so they become receptive to the gospel
5. Recognising that we still have a fallen sinful nature as well as our new spiritual
nature, keep us from hardening our hearts against you, O Lord

10 th – Exodus 7:20-24 Discerning the counterfeit (1)
1. Holy Spirit, give us the gift of discernment so that we can always recognise error,
no matter how cleverly disguised
2. In an age where there are so many cults, protect the members of your church, O
Lord, from being deceived by subtle errors
3. We pray for those we know who are caught up in ‘New Age’ errors, that you
would help them find true spirituality in Christ
4. We pray for all those we know who are attracted to the occult; save them before it
is too late, O Lord
5. We pray for all those people we mix with who are sincerely following a false
religion; may they sincerely find the true Saviour in Christ Jesus

11 th – Exodus 8:1-7 Discerning the counterfeit (2)
1. In an age where the occult features in children’s T.V. programmes, books and
computer games, we pray that our children would not be drawn into such things
2. Keep all the adults in the church from temptation to watch T.V. programmes,
films or computer games that are demonic in nature, which only fill our minds
with darkness

3. We pray for your church, O Lord, that all will realise that seeking to know the
future through fortune tellers or horoscopes is both deceptive and harmful and so
always avoid it
4. We pray for all those in your church who have originally come from a
background of the occult, whether in pagan or false religions; help them find total
deliverance in Christ
5. Right now, we break the power of every plan and every attack of the enemy over
our church, through the authority of the name of Jesus

12 th – Exodus 8:8-15 The prayer of the righteous
1. Cause us to be effective in our prayers, O Lord, by being in tune with you and
your ways
2. Keep us fervent in our prayers, O Lord, with a passion stirred up by your Holy
Spirit, that perseveres until that work in prayer is done
3. Lord, whilst we are not sinless, help us walk in righteousness so that nothing
hinders the effectiveness of our prayers
4. Keep us from being selfish in our prayers, O God, but rather help us to pray with
the right motives so that our prayers are not rendered ineffective
5. Guide and lead us in our times of prayer, Holy Spirit, as you put into our minds
and spirits those things you want us to pray

13 th – Exodus 8:16-21 The power of the Holy Spirit
1. Holy Spirit, help us always to realise the power that there is in effective prayer, so
that we remain fully motivated to pray continually
2. Holy Spirit enable us to see your power at work particularly opening the eyes of
the spiritually blind and saving the lost
3. Help us to wait on you, O Lord, for the gifts of the Holy Spirit and the courage to
step out in faith to use them
4. Holy Spirit, as we preach the gospel, may we see signs and wonders following
that confirm the truth of your Word
5. Rise up in our midst, O God, and may we be a people who are following you so
closely that you feel comfortable in demonstrating the power of your presence
amongst us

14 th – Exodus 8:22-24 God’s favour on his people
1. Lord, may we have the wisdom to seek your divine favour on all we do, rather
than seeking to achieve our goals through our own efforts alone
2. May we realise that knowing eternal life through Christ, is already the greatest
divine favour we could experience and may this knowledge shape all we do
3. Holy Spirit, we ask you to guide and lead us in all our evangelism and missions,
granting us your divine favour
4. Grant you divine favour on your church, O Lord, for a total unity of spirit and
mind that will result in your favour and blessing
5. As we seek first your kingdom and righteousness, O Lord, may we know your
divine favour on all we put our hands to

15 th – Exodus 8:25-32 Praying for those who rule us
1. Lord, we pray for all the members of our government that your Spirit would speak
to their hearts and minds to realise they need you to be able to govern well
2. We pray for each member of the House of Commons and the House Lords; cause
them to be influenced by those of their members who are already your people
3. We pray for all the mayors or the rulers who govern our cities, cause them to turn
their thoughts and minds to you
4. We pray for all the local councillors who govern the areas where we live; turn
them to godliness and righteousness, O God
5. O Lord, raise up your people to positions of power and influence in every area of

16 th – Exodus 9:1-7 Persevering in God’s work
1. Lord, when we are experiencing a prolonged season of trial and difficulties, give
us the grace to persevere, knowing you have not forgotten us
2. Help us to realise, O Lord, that you always see the end from the beginning, so that
we can learn to trust you even when there seems no end in sight to us
3. May we remember, O God, that the greatest blessings often come after the hardest
and prolonged struggles of faith
4. Keep us in close fellowship with one another, O Lord, so that in times of
prolonged difficulty we can bear one another up
5. Cause us to pray like the Psalmist: “I waited patiently for the Lord; he turned to
me and heard my cry and lifted me out of the slimy pit”

17 th – Exodus 9:8-19 Miracles in the streets
1. Lord, as we go out of the church building to minister to the unsaved give us the
faith and confidence to expect to see people saved as we share the gospel
2. Give us the confidence to pray for the sick and see them healed on the streets, in
homes or wherever we happen to be, we pray
3. Give us words of knowledge and words of wisdom as we engage people outside
the church building that will cause them to realise God is real and active, we pray
4. Give us ‘divine appointments’ outside the church, O Lord, where you lead us to
those people whose hearts are ready to listen about you
5. Give us the boldness we need to serve you outside the church, O God

18 th – Exodus 9:20-26 Obedience brings safety and blessing
1. Help us to be a people that is always obedient to you, O Lord, and may we reap
the blessings that come as a result
2. May we be obedient to walk in all ways of righteousness, O Lord, so that in every
area of our lives we may be fruitful
3. Help us to be obedient in your command to us to love one another, we pray
4. Cause us to be obedient in your commission to us to ‘Go into all the world and
preach the gospel’, making the most of every opportunity to be witnesses for
5. Lord, as we seek you first in all we do, we pray you would bless us in every area
of life so we can minister to others from a position of strength

19 th – Exodus 9:27-35 Remorse is not repentance
1. Lord, help us to recognise the difference between being sorry for the
consequences of our wrongdoing and true repentance which alone leads to change
of behaviour
2. When we have failed you, O God, may our repentance be sincere so that we do
not revert back to our old ways again
3. When we make commitments and promises to you, O Lord, may we remember
that you take them seriously so that we must ensure we carry them out
4. Make us a people whose word can always be trusted, O God, just as your word is
always trustworthy
5. Keep us from having hearts hardened against anything you call us to do, we pray

20 th – Exodus 10:1-6 Tell your children and grandchildren
1. We pray for all the parents in the church that they may take seriously teaching
their children daily and systematically in the ways of the Lord
2. Help the parents in the church to teach by word but also by example, so that they
are good role models to their children, we pray
3. In the busyness of life enable the parents to spend time each day in family
devotions, showing by example how to live in personal relationship with you, O
4. As our parents spend time with their children in daily devotions, cause those times
to bind them together in close spiritual bonds that make the family strong, we
5. We pray for all the grandparents in the church that you would help them to have a
strong spiritual influence on their grandchildren

21 st – Exodus 10:7-20 The reality of God’s judgment
1. Lord, since your Word makes clear there is a Day of Judgment and that Christ-
rejecters will be eternally lost, may this knowledge motivate us to seek their
2. May the certainty of the Day of Judgment cause us to pray and intercede for all
those we know who are lost
3. Help us, as your people, O Lord, as your Word tells us, to examine ourselves, so
that we will not come under your judgment
4. Make us a people who trembles at your Word, O God, and seeks by all means to
walk carefully in your ways of righteousness
5. Have mercy on our nation, O Lord, that so carelessly and wilfully rejects you, not
realising the eternal consequences of so doing

22 nd – Exodus 10:21-29 Overcoming darkness
1. We take authority in the name of Jesus over the powers of witchcraft operating in
our area and bind their influence
2. We take authority in the name of Jesus over the spirit of unbelief that blinds the
eyes of unbelievers and bind it in the lives of those we are witnessing to

3. Give us wisdom not to fill our minds with darkness or ungodly images, through
watching inappropriate and unhelpful T.V., films or the internet
4. As a church help us to rise up and take authority in prayer and spiritual warfare
against the wicked powers that are at work behind the physical realm that we see
5. Move, Holy Spirit, we pray, to push back the darkness over our nation so that the
light of Christ might rise up once again in this land

23 rd – Exodus 11:1-3 God’s prosperity
1. As we live for you, O Lord, bless your people in our jobs, providing divine favour
with those who employ them
2. We pray that you would bless all those in the church who have their own
businesses; prosper them in a way that is for your glory we ask
3. For all in the church who are seeking employment or a change in employment,
guide them to the place where you would have them work, we pray
4. We pray, O Lord, that you would promote your people to places of influence and
financial reward and that they would be good stewards of what you entrust to
5. As we give of our income to your work in tithes and offerings, O Lord, prosper all
that we do

24 th – Exodus 11:4-10 Life and death
1. Since the prospect of death is a reality of all our lives, teach us to plan for a long
future but to be living as though each day may be our last, we pray
2. Since we have the life-giving gospel, cause us to remember the power of the
gospel to save individuals from the second death – eternal separation from God
3. May we live our daily lives close to you, O Lord, so that death is not something to
bring us fear but rather the doorway to eternal life in your presence
4. In life and in death, may our lives always be a witness and a testimony to your
grace, O God
5. We pray for all we know who are bereaved at this time, that you may comfort
them in the way only you can, O Lord

25 th – Exodus 12:1-13 The power of the blood
1. O God, enable us to take the message of salvation through the blood of Christ out
to the world in great power
2. Through the power of the blood of Jesus, we take our stand against the powers of
darkness and forces of evil in the invisible realms, that stand opposed to the
spread of the gospel
3. Anoint us with success, O Lord, as we take the message of salvation through the
blood of Jesus to all those we know who trust in the works of religion to save
4. Anoint your church, O Lord, to heal the sick and cast out demons through the
power of the blood of Jesus
5. We take authority through the power of the blood of Jesus, to pull down every
spiritual stronghold that rises up to oppose God’s church

26 th – Exodus 12:14-20 Remembering the Lord’s salvation
1. Make us a grateful people, O Lord, who appreciate fully all you have done to save
2. May we not neglect the meeting of ourselves together and the celebrating of our
unity through Christ as the family of God, around the communion table, we pray
3. Lord, help us remember that true repentance means a total change of direction,
turning from what is ungodly to what is godly, as we live out our salvation
4. Cause us to live, not as ones who merely regard you as ‘Saviour’ but ones who
submit to you as ‘Lord’
5. Thank you Lord Jesus for all you have done for us, are doing for us and will do
for us

27 th – Exodus 12:21-30 The wisdom of obedience
1. Give us the wisdom to obey you, O Lord
2. Keep us on the pathway of obedience, Lord, so that we do not bring avoidable
self-inflicted problems upon ourselves, we pray
3. Cause us to be obedient to your ways at all times, whether we are in public or
alone, we pray
4. As we walk carefully in your ways at all times, O God, help us to ensure we never
give the devil a foothold in our lives
5. Help us to keep our old nature crucified, O Lord, and to enable our new spiritual
nature to grow and mature

28 th – Exodus 12:31-39 The Lord made them favourably disposed
1. Lord, in these last days before you return, give your church the favour in our
society that will give it a great harvest of souls
2. Give your church favour with the government and those who rule over us to be
able to spread the gospel freely in all places and at all times, we pray
3. Give your people favour in schools and colleges, O Lord, so that they may have a
spiritual harvest amongst young people
4. Give your people favour among the general public, O God, that they will be
readily disposed to listen to the gospel
5. Grant us favour in our jobs and businesses, O Lord, as we seek to put you first in
everything we do

29 th –Exodus 12:40-51 Victory is certain
1. May the knowledge that your victory through the cross is total, Lord Jesus, give
us the motivation to press on through all circumstances
2. With the passing of each day and the day of your return coming ever closer, Lord
Jesus, help us to be energised to serve you wholeheartedly
3. As we contemplate the victory of Christ on the cross, help us keep our eyes fixed
on the life eternal in your presence that awaits us, we pray
4. Help us not to be rendered ineffective and robbed of confidence and joy by lack
of knowledge of the extent of Christ’s victory over sin, Satan and death, O Lord

5. Help us appreciate the fullness of the meaning of your words on the cross, Lord
Jesus, ‘It is finished!’

30 th – Exodus 12:43-49 God’s deliverance
1. Deliver us from evil this day, O Lord, for yours is the kingdom, the power and the
glory for ever and ever, Amen
2. Deliver us, as believers, from all apathy and bring us into the fullness of the
Spirit-led life of Christ, we pray
3. Deliver us from anything that is ungodly, unedifying, or unhelpful to our spiritual
growth and witness for Jesus, we pray
4. We pray for all family, friends, neighbours, work or student colleagues, who do
not know Christ as Saviour; deliver them now from the kingdom of darkness into
the kingdom of light
5. Deliver our nation from its bondage to the agenda of the powers of darkness, O

31 st – Exodus 12:50-51 The people followed all the Lord’s commands
1. Help us to follow you wholeheartedly, O Lord
2. Motivate us to read and apply your Word, O God
3. Holy Spirit, help us to live out your will for our lives, we pray
4. When we are straying from the true path, bring us back to your ways, O Lord
5. Help us remember that obedience is always better than sacrifice.

Led by the Spirit - Galatians chapters 1-3 - august 2021



When the apostle Paul wrote the letter to the Galatians he was desperately concerned for them. At an earlier time when he had travelled in their region he had preached the gospel the gospel to them. Many had responded by embracing faith in Jesus Christ crucified and as consequence had been baptised in the Holy Spirit seeing God work miracles amongst them. They had begun so promisingly.


But after Paul had left to continue his missionary travels something had gone badly wrong with the Galatian believers. False teachers had come among them and started to lead them astray with heretical teachings. They convinced the Galatian believers that salvation by faith in Christ alone through God’s grace was not sufficient. Instead they needed to add certain religious activities to belief in Christ. In other words, salvation came not simply by believing in Jesus but by the need to earn salvation by doing good works as well.


Here we have the beginnings of turning the simple relationship with God through the faith in the finished work of Christ on the cross, into a “Christian” religion. The idea that so long as we do more good things than bad we can be assured of a place in heaven. This is the belief that today many people hold. It enables a person to maintain, in their pride, the idea that they can contribute to their own salvation. This diminishes the all-sufficient sacrifice of Christ and leads the person to destruction.


Paul was livid. Twice he declares. “If anybody is preaching to you a gospel other than what you accepted, let him be eternally condemned!” Galatians 1:8-9. As a once-proud Pharisee he had dedicated himself to earning his salvation by good works. But he had discarded such attempts as worthless upon meeting with the Risen Christ and understanding his sacrifice on the cross, Paul scorned such worthless attempts at self-justification. “You foolish Galatians! Who has bewitched you? …After beginning in the Spirit, are you now trying to attain your goal by human effort” Galatians 3:1-3


All those who rely on their good works to save them are under God’s curse because no one can be good enough. “Christ redeemed us from the curse of the law by becoming a curse for us, for it is written, ‘Cursed is everyone who is hung on a tree”. Galatians 3:13 He redeemed us, enabled us to receive his Holy Spirit and as sons of God to live our lives being led by the Spirit.


As we pray through this month’s prayer points, we are asking God to help us, in all we do, not to rely on our natural strength and abilities alone but to led by his Holy Spirit in power


1st – Galatians 1:1-2 Fulfilling God’s mission

  1. Lord, as we always remember that we are here on earth not just for our benefit but as your representative, keep our ears ever tuned to what you telling us to do
  2. Holy Spirit, as we wait on you, help us to know the calling you have given each of us and help us to fulfil it diligently
  3. As we go about our daily tasks Lord, enable us to have a positive and godly influence that makes a difference  in the lives of those people we mix with today
  4. As we surrender each day to you, O Lord, lead us in our conversations and actions with people in a way that will fulfil your will
  5. Anoint us with your power, O Lord, so that even our ordinary daily routines are transformed into Spirit-led events


2nd – Galatians 1:3-5 Rescued from the present evil age

  1. We thank you for the salvation we have received in Christ and pray we may never be tempted to backslide
  2. We pray for all in the church who, though saved, are struggling to maintain their walk with you, O God; strengthen them to rise up and overcome
  3. Deliver us from all temptation that continually surrounds us, O God, and instead enable us to grow stronger in Christ
  4. Give us daily opportunities, in different ways, to share and live out the good news of the gospel to those who are unsaved, we pray
  5. We pray for all our unsaved family members and friends, O Lord, that you would open their spiritual eyes and be rescued from this present evil age


3rd – Galatians 1:6-7 Preaching a different gospel

  1. We pray for all we know or meet who are involved in a cult; open their eyes and save them, O Lord, we pray
  2. We pray for all those we know and meet who believe they will be saved by their good works; open their eyes to the truth and save them, O God
  3. We pray for all church goers we know or meet who think that attending church will ensure they will be saved; reveal to them the truth, O Lord
  4. We pray for all those who attend churches that mix the occult with what they do; rescue them from this deceit, O God
  5. We pray for all we know and meet who are trusting in different religions to save them; help them understand the truth about who Jesus is and save them, O Lord


4th – Galatians 1:8-10 The true Word of God

  1. Holy Spirit, keep our lives solidly based on the Word of God, so that we do not preach anything that is false
  2. Enable us to spend regular time reading and understanding your Word, O Lord, so we do not wander from the truth
  3. Open our minds, Holy Spirit, whenever we read the Bible, to receive your true word that will find a resting place in our hearts
  4. In all we do, may we always seek to please you, O Lord, rather than simply trying to be men-pleasers
  5. Give us courage always to act according to your Word, O God, even when it takes great courage


5th – Galatians 1:11-12 Divine revelation

  1. Lord, in many different ways, give us divine revelations of what you would have us do for you
  2. We pray for the multiplication of the gifts of the Holy Spirit in use amongst us, revealing your mind and will
  3. Give us the ability to discern the difference between our own thoughts, your thoughts and thoughts from the enemy, we pray
  4. Give us open minds and expectant hearts ready and willing to hear from you, O Lord and the faith to act upon what you are saying
  5. May we always be in that position where we can say, “Speak Lord, for your servant is listening”


6th – Galatians 1:13-14 The persecuted church

  1. Lord we pray for the church in all those parts of Africa where it is being openly attacked and persecuted
  2. For the churches in India that are being attacked and persecuted, we pray you would help and strengthen your people, O God
  3. We pray for the churches in South East Asia and particularly North Korea where God’s people are treated badly; help them, O Lord
  4. We pray for all churches in the Middle East, whether they are caught up in conflicts or are simply being persecuted because they follow Christ
  5. We pray for the church in the West to grow stronger as their governments seek to marginalise them through political correctness


7th – Galatians 1:15-17 Set apart to serve God

  1. Cause us never to forget that we are set apart for a higher purpose, which is to serve you, O Lord
  2. As we remember that we have been called by you, O Lord, help us daily to live up to the great calling of being an ambassador for Christ
  3. We pray for all of our children and youth teachers in the church that you would help them deposit the truths of Christ in the lives of those they teach
  4. We pray for all our discipleship cell leaders that you would encourage them and give them all wisdom as they faithfully serve you in this ministry, O Lord
  5. We pray for all our intercessors who, often unseen, labour tirelessly in praying on behalf of others that they may see great fruit from their labours, O God


8th – Galatians 1:18-19 Accountability

  1. We pray for our church leaders, O Lord, as they keep watch over us that you would strengthen them and endow them with your wisdom
  2. May we not be tempted to forsake the assembling of ourselves together, O God, but instead live in mutually accountable relationships, so we may remain spiritually strong
  3. We pray that you would multiply our discipleship groups, raising up leaders and adding more members
  4. We pray for all believers we know who do not fellowship regularly in any church; help them to experience the blessings of regular fellowship
  5. We pray for all those who attend our local church intermittently or irregularly; help them to be able to fulfil their full destiny through the local church


9th – Galatians 1:20-24 Radical conversions

  1. In our personal witnessing, help us to see people radically coming to know Christ, we pray
  2. As we witness, lead us to those people who you know, Holy Spirit, are going to be radically converted to Christ
  3. We pray for Muslims, Hindus, Sikhs and Buddhists to be radically changed by the power of the gospel
  4. We pray that when we confront atheists and God haters  with the truth of the gospel, you, Holy Spirit will totally turn their lives around as they accept Christ
  5. We pray for all those caught up in crime, to be radically changed after being introduced to Jesus


10th – Galatians 2:1-2 Not running the race in vain

  1. Keep us close to you, O Lord, so that we do not go astray
  2. Help us not to be influenced by those who would seek to influence us negatively but instead may we be influencers of others
  3. We pray for all those we know who have backslidden for different reasons; bring them back to yourself, O God
  4. Help us not only to start the race strongly but to finish it well also
  5. Holy Spirit enable us to grow deeper in Christ each day


11th – Galatians 2:3-4 Discerning the truth

  1. Give us wisdom to discern true believers from false, we pray
  2. Holy Spirit help us move in your gifts of discernment and wisdom, so we are not led astray
  3. Keep us from all compromise when it comes to matters of your Word and standards, we pray
  4. Knowing that Satan can appear as a angel of light, deliver us from every subtle or devious attack of the enemy, O Lord
  5. Help us to discern our own motives, O Lord, and give us the honesty to recognise when our motives are not aligned to yours, so we may change


12th – Galatians 2:5-6 Not being pressured by others

  1. Since man looks at the outside but God looks at the heart, enable us to keep our hearts right before you, O Lord
  2. Keep us strong and unmoved, O Lord, when the world pressurises us to conform to its ungodly standards
  3. We pray for all the young people in the church to be able to stand up to any peer pressure to act in any ungodly way
  4. Holy Spirit, bring to our remembrance every spiritual and Biblical truth we need to stand firm when we are under pressure from the world
  5. Give us the words of wisdom we need, Holy Spirit, when confronted with difficult situations where we are being pressured to dilute our godly standards



13th – Galatians 2:7-8 God working through us

  1. In our schools, colleges, places of work and communities, work through us Lord to minister to those in need who do not yet know you
  2. Deepen our prayer life, O Lord, so that we can stand in prayer to pull down every evil spiritual stronghold that stands against us or the church
  3. Make us effective in the ministries we carry out in church, and for those not carrying out any ministry, cause them to find and fulfil the role you have for them, O God
  4. Make us effective in seeing your church grow in all areas of outreach that we are involved in either as individuals, teams or as a church
  5. Continue to work through the church to extend your kingdom, O Lord, in every country we are involved in regarding mission


14th – Galatians 2:9 Pillars in the church

  1. Help each one of us to become “pillars” in the church – solid and dependable with our foundations firmly on Christ
  2. May we always be people who can be trusted to keep our word and our commitments at all times
  3. Holy Spirit, help us grow in every practical and charismatic gift that you have given us, so we can use such gifts to help others and so bring you glory
  4. Make each of us instruments of your glory, O God
  5. Cause us to be committed members of the body of the local church, so that we can maximise our potential to become “pillars” in the church


15th – Galatians 2:10 Remembering the poor

  1. Give us open and generous hearts, O Lord, to be ready to give willingly when the occasion arises
  2. Cause us to give to those ministries helping the poor and orphans that the church is supporting on a regular basis, so that those who receive it are blessed
  3. We pray for all those in the church who need a job, a promotion or an increase in their business; as they seek first your kingdom, add to them all they need, O God
  4. Help us to learn the secret of being content in any and every situation, so that we appreciate what we already have, knowing you will never leave us or forsake us
  5. We pray for all we know who are spiritually poor because they don’t know Christ; save them, O God


16th – Galatians 2:11-13 Avoiding hypocrisy

  1. Help us always to live according to the truth of your Word, O Lord
  2. Even when under pressure from unbelievers, keep us from acting differently to the values of the Bible we profess, we pray
  3. Help us be certain of what we believe, why we believe it and never to deviate from it, O God
  4. May the lives we live always be a testimony of your presence within us, Holy Spirit, even when we are not sharing our faith verbally
  5. Help us to be like Nathaniel, in whom Jesus could see nothing false or hypocritical, we pray


17th – Galatians 2:14-16 Faith in Christ Jesus

  1. Lord, help us to live as the people of faith that you want us to be in all that we do, we pray
  2. May our walk of faith continue to grow step by step as we learn through exercising it in new and different situations
  3. In those areas of our lives where our faith is weak, give us the grace to see it strengthen and develop, O Lord
  4. Free us from fear and instead enable us to enjoy the peace of God that comes through complete trust in you, O God
  5. Teach us how to be led by the Holy Spirit in every aspect of our daily lives, we pray


18th – Galatians 2:17-19 Living for God

  1. Lord, we commit our spirit, soul and body into your hands for you to use for your glory
  2. Holy Spirit, as we submit our thoughts to you cause us to be totally transformed by the renewing of our minds
  3. We submit all our emotions to you, O Lord, and pray you would enable us to express them always from our new spiritual nature and not from our old nature
  4. As we start each morning submitting each day into your hands, may we accomplish everything you intend us to do for each day, we pray
  5.  May you always be the first priority for our lives, O Lord


19th – Galatians 2:20 Crucified with Christ

  1. Lord, help us to crucify our old nature and ensure it does not rise up again in any situation
  2. Develop within us self-control as part of the fruit of the Spirit, we pray
  3. For those areas of our nature that fall short of your standards, O Lord, enable us to recognise them and seek your help to change
  4. Lord, cause us to crucify any and every thought that comes to our minds that belongs to our old nature
  5. As we seek to allow the agape′ love you have give to us, may we become more Christlike in all we are and all we do


20th – Galatians 2:21 The grace of God

  1. Lord, as we seek to grow closer to you, by your grace anoint us to be effective witnesses for you both in word and action
  2. By your grace, O God, may we see a harvest of souls with many people from all backgrounds giving their lives to you
  3. By your grace, O Lord, may we know your manifest presence in all our meetings, with your Holy Spirit feeling free to do whatever he wills amongst us
  4. By your grace, O God help each person in the church desire to grow deeper and stronger in every area of discipleship, we pray
  5. By your grace, O Lord, send a revival to our church, our borough, our city and our nation, we pray


21st – Galatians 3:1 Bewitched

  1. In the name of Jesus we bind the power of every wicked spirit that is seeking to operate against this church
  2. We break every plan and scheme of the powers of darkness that seeks to frustrate the effectiveness of this church in fulfilling the Great Commission
  3. In Jesus’ name we break the power of every wicked spirit that is seeking to bring any of us into bondage or ineffectiveness in any way
  4. Help us, O Lord, to continue to see breakthroughs in every area of salvation, healing and deliverance
  5. Rise up in our midst, O Lord, and let every enemy of yours be scattered


22nd – Galatians 3:2 Receiving the Spirit

  1. Come fill us afresh right now, Holy Spirit so that we overflow into the lives of those around us
  2. For those among us not yet baptised in the Holy Spirit, as they earnestly seek you for this purpose, fill them, we pray
  3. Cause us to want to seek to go deeper in the things of the Spirit and not simply be content with the little we may already have, we pray
  4. Draw our hearts to you, O Lord, so that we may prioritise enough time in your presence where we can receive more of your Spirit
  5. Breath afresh upon us, Holy Spirit, and may our dry bones live


23rd – Galatians 3:3-5 Moving in the miraculous

  1. Use us to see more and more of the sick healed, both inside and outside the church building, we pray
  2. Enable us to operate more effectively in the gifts of words of knowledge and words of wisdom, O Lord
  3. Use us to minister powerfully to others through words of prophecy, we ask
  4. Holy Spirit, help us to move in the gifts of faith and miracles
  5. Enable us to effectively use the gift of discerning of spirits, so that we are always one step ahead of the enemy, we pray


24th – Galatians 3:6-7 Trusting like Abraham

  1. Lord, give us a trust in you as strong as that of Abraham, we pray
  2. As Abraham was prepared to be led by you, O Lord, though he did not know where you were taking him, give us that same total trust to be led by you, we pray
  3. Cause our love for you, O Lord, to exceed our love for any “Isaacs” in our lives
  4. Help us to have the faith to hold on to every prophetic word you have given to us as individuals or as a church until we see its fulfilment, we pray
  5. As you made the descendants of Abraham into a populous nation because of his faith, cause us to see countless spiritual children being born again into your kingdom, O Lord


25th – Galatians 3:8-9 Bringing the blessing of the gospel to the nations

  1. Continue to send revival that will reach all parts of Africa, we pray
  2. We pray that the Middle Eastern countries will all experience a mighty move of the Holy Spirit in revival power
  3. Send a revival across every nation in the continent of Asia, O Lord
  4. We pray for all the European countries that, in the midst of their backsliding, you would move in revival power, O God
  5. Move in revival power in North and South America, together with all the island countries of the world, we pray


26th – Galatians 3:10-12 Freedom in Christ

  1. As we submit our lives fully to you, O Lord, help each of us find total freedom in Christ
  2. For all those amongst us who are held in ungodly bondages, help them, O Lord, to recognise their need and find deliverance through Christ
  3. For all those we know who are struggling because of generational sins and curses, cause them to seek release through the power of Christ, we pray
  4. Deliver us from every bondage to legalism into complete freedom in Christ, we pray
  5. May we experience the truth that, “he who the Son sets free shall be free indeed”


27th – Galatians 3:13-14 Redemption in Christ

  1. Help us, Holy Spirit, to present the life-changing message of the cross, clearly and in power whenever we have the chance to speak to others about salvation
  2. Lord, help us lead many to the redemption and salvation found in Christ
  3. We pray that in all our personal witnessing you would continue to guide us to those whose hearts are ready to receive the gospel
  4. We pray for an “open heaven” each time we go out to witness so that we may see many led to salvation in Christ
  5. Move in convicting power during our services, O Lord, that causes many unbelievers to see their sin and need to accept Christ as Saviour


28th – Galatians 3:15-18 God’s covenantal promises

  1. Since you are a God who always keeps his promises, enable us to rest fully in your promises, so that we do not live in anxiety
  2. For any of us who are troubled by anxiety help us to live in the knowledge, Lord,  that you have promised never to leave us or forsake us
  3. As we remember the New Covenant, cause us to be ever watchful, as we examine ourselves, to live as befits one who has been redeemed by the blood of Christ
  4. Lord, we pray for all in the church who have made a covenant of marriage; keep each one totally faithful to those vows at all times
  5. Since you always keep your word, O God, may we be people who are always true to our word


29th – Galatians 3:19-22 The 10 Commandments reveal God’s standards

  1. Lord, may we love you with all our heart, soul, strength and mind and never permit any kind of idol in our lives
  2. Help us always to honour your name by living righteously and to prioritise a weekly day of worship together
  3. Help us to honour our parents and to fulfil our roles within the family in the way you have called us to do
  4. Help us to love our neighbours by not acting in anger, being tempted by lust or stealing from anyone, we pray
  5. Keep our lips from lying, O God, and our thoughts from coveting that which is not rightfully ours


30th – Galatians 3:23-25 Being led to Christ

  1. Lord use us to bring many people to salvation in Christ, both individually and in our meetings we pray
  2. We pray specifically for unsaved family members, friends and colleagues that even now, Holy Spirit, you will convict their minds and consciences of the need to turn to Christ
  3. Move powerfully in our midst, Holy Spirit we pray, whenever your people meet together
  4. Begin your revival in us as individuals, O Lord, and may we then take it out to others
  5. Send a revival to our church, borough, city and nation, O God



31st – Galatians 3:26-29 Living as Sons of God

  1. Lord, help us to seek after holiness, as individuals and as a church, so that your glory may be seen in us
  2. Help us, Lord, to fulfil your Great Commission to preach the gospel, heal the sick, cast out demons and move in the gifts of the Spirit
  3. Bring upon everyone in the church a burden to pray that will lead to our seeing a great move of the Holy Spirit in our midst
  4. Cause us to be radical in the outworking of our faith so that we influence the communities we live and work in
  5. Fill us, Holy Spirit, with your power so that we can minister effectively to others at all times



Led by the Spirit - Galatians chapters 4-6 - SEPTEMBER 2021



Praying the Bible

Prayer Diary for September 2021

Bible Readings and Prayer Points for Individual and Church Spiritual Growth

Led by the Spirit

Galatians Chapters 4-6


There is one major difference between following Christ and all other religions. All other religions believe that if you are first sanctified, you can then become justified. In other words, a person must first do sufficient good words to become a good person first (sanctification) so that this in turn will then lead to them to becoming accepted by God (justification) and earning a place in heaven.


The Bible teaches precisely the opposite. To be accepted by God, a person must first be justified (be in right standing with God) before they can be sanctified (become a good and holy person accepted by God). There has only ever been one way to be justified and that is not, nor ever has been, by trusting in our own efforts to be good  


The apostle Paul explains why God introduced the Law of Moses under the Old Covenant. The Ten Commandments and all the other commandments were a measure of God’s standard of righteousness. If a person could live his entire life from birth without ever once breaking a single command, he could be justified. But no one could possibly do that. The Commandments were given to reveal that very fact, that no one can attain perfection by themselves. Animal sacrifices never saved a person; they simply revealed that “the wages of sin is death” Romans 6:23. That innocent animal had to sacrifice its life to cover a person’s sin.


Hundreds of years earlier Abraham discovered how to be saved, “He believed God and it was credited to him as righteousness” Galatians 3:6, (quoting Genesis 15:6). We are saved by recognising our sinfulness, repenting of our sin and trusting in the Lord to save us through our faith and with an innocent sacrifice taking our place. Under the Old Covenant or Testament, the Commandments were to show the people the impossibility of our being able to keep them and so save themselves. They revealed our need of a Perfect Sacrifice who could die in our place – Jesus Christ.


When we ask Christ into our lives as Saviour and Lord, the Holy Spirit enters us and enables us to live the life that please God that was never possible beforehand, no matter how hard we tried to keep laws of God’s. With the power of the Holy Spirit within us we can be transformed in character from our old way of life to the new, growing in all aspects of the fruit of the Spirit: love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control.


We are praying this month, “Since we live by the Spirit, let us keep in step with the Spirit.” Galatians 5:24



1st – Galatians 4:1-2 No longer children

  1. Lord, help us set our hearts on seeking to grow in spiritual maturity.
  2. Cause us to be people who do not remain dependant on others regarding spiritual matters, but instead are able to teachers of others in the ways of God
  3. Bring us to the place of spiritual maturity, O Lord, where we are able to trust you completely and so overcome in all situations
  4. We pray for those in our midst who are still young in their faith, that you would help them to grow in leaps and bounds, Holy Spirit
  5. Cause us to be natural mentors of others, O Lord, as they follow our example of following Christ


2nd – Galatians 4:3-5 Full rights as children

  1. Help us not only to understand the authority we have in Christ but also to be able to use it effectively to build your kingdom, O Lord
  2. Holy Spirit, we ask for a fresh infilling daily so that each day we can accomplish in your power everything you desire us to do
  3. Cause us as a church to receive the full number of the gifts of the Holy Spirit and to learn to use them powerfully and effectively, we pray
  4.  Help us to learn the power of intercession and how to use the authority you have given us to pull down wicked spiritual strongholds, O God
  5.  Fill us with the boldness to stand for Christ and for righteousness, that comes from knowing we have the rights of children of the living God


3rd – Galatians 4:7 Heirs of God

  1. As heirs of God may we inherit and develop the character of Christ
  2. As your heirs, O God, may we move boldly and confidently in the power of Christ delegated to us
  3. As heirs of God, use us, to help build your kingdom in power
  4. As heirs of God, help us use our authority through prayer and command, to pull down every wicked spiritual stronghold that seeks to prevent us seeing great spiritual fruit
  5. As your heirs, grant us success to see your kingdom come and your will be done in ever-increasing abundance, we pray


4th – Galatians 4:8-9 Slaves to other gods

  1. Lord, we pray for all Muslims we know and meet, that you would give them a revelation of who Christ really is and save them
  2. We pray for all Hindus and Sikhs we know and meet, that they would understand the reality of the gods they worship and come to know the one and only eternal Living God
  3. We pray for all those who believe they are christians but in reality, are slaves to a religion only, that you would help them understand the necessity of salvation through faith in the Christ
  4. We pray for all those we know and meet who worship the god of materialism, that you would show them their spiritual poverty and cause them to seek true riches in Christ
  5. For all those atheists we know and meet who have man as the focus of their worship, open their blind eyes before it is too late for them, O Lord


5th – Galatians 4:10-11Wasted efforts

  1. Holy Spirit, daily guide and lead us, we pray, so that none of our efforts in sharing the gospel through word or deed with fall on stony ground
  2. We pray for every word we speak about you, O Lord, to those who are currently unbelievers, that in due time our words may produce a spiritual harvest
  3. We pray for every tract that we have handed out, that each one will be read and what is written may make a lasting impression that will lead to salvation
  4. We pray that every word taught to our children and youth about you, O God, will not remain ineffective but will cause them to grow into salvation and spiritual maturity
  5. Lord, give us wisdom in who we speak to, and how we speak to them about you, so that we do not simply end up trying to win an argument


6th – Galatians 4:12 Being an example of Christ

  1. Holy Spirit, help us to become more and more like Jesus, we pray
  2. May we move in all the power of the Holy Spirit that you, Lord Jesus, have enabled us to receive
  3. Give us the words of wisdom whenever we are speaking to people, that you, Lord Jesus, always had
  4. We pray for all the teachers in the ministries of our children and youth, that they may convey the example of Christ even without realising it
  5. We pray for all our discipleship cell leaders and cell members that they may help each other to become examples of Jesus


7th – Galatians 4:13-14 Not hindered by adversity

  1. O Lord, we know in this world we will have trouble, but since you have overcome the world cause us always to overcome any adversity in our lives
  2. Help us to regard adversity as a means to grow in faith, rather than as an obstacle that causes us to backslide, we pray
  3. Help us to always be able to say with Job, “Though he slay me, yet will I trust him”
  4. Give us the discernment to know the difference between a problem allowed by you, O Lord, to enable us to grow spiritually, and an obstacle sent by the enemy
  5. Enable us to be in that place, O God, where, like Paul and Silas in prison we can still praise you in times of adversity and so overcome our situations


8th – Galatians 4:15-16 Shouldering one another’s burdens

  1. Give us your compassion for others, O Lord
  2. We pray that all our discipleship groups would flourish as places for the weak to become strong in you, O God
  3. Help us to be and to remain strong, O Lord, so that out of our position of strength we can help those who are weaker than we are
  4. Teach us to be people who seek to invest in the lives of others, O Lord, and not just to be focussed on our own needs
  5. Give us the wisdom we need, to know how best to minister to those who are experiencing times of trial, we pray


9th – Galatians 4:17-18 Zeal properly focussed

  1. Lord, increase our zeal to be servants of Christ in all we do, we pray
  2. Lord, we pray you would banish all apathy from within us as your people and to cause our eyes to be focussed on the urgency of the task before us
  3. Give us a zeal that is focussed on the lost, O Lord, and the passion to see them saved
  4. If our zeal is currently not focussed fully on you and your service, O Lord, then we pray you would help us to become re-focussed to align with your will
  5. Breathe afresh on us, Holy Spirit, we pray and cause the spiritual fire within us to become roaring flames


10th – Galatians 4:19-20 Interceding for backsliders

  1. O Lord, restore all those who once walked with you alongside us but who have now fallen away, we pray
  2. Bring conviction on all those we know who once served you, O Lord, so they understand the true poverty of their current condition
  3. We pray for all the family members of those in church who have backslidden in their relationship with you, O God; bring them back to you
  4. We pray for all those in the church who have backslidden because they have been tempted into sin; help them break its hold on them, repent and be restored
  5. We pray for those in the church who have backslidden because of the cares and the busyness of life; help them re-prioritise their lives so they can once again know the joy of their salvation


11th – Galatians 4:21-23 Children of promise

  1. Lord, we ask that your promise to fill with the Holy Spirit, those who ask, seek and knock, may be fulfilled throughout the church
  2. Lord we pray that your promise to pour out a blessing upon us if we bring our tithes and offerings, may be outworked in our lives
  3. Lord may we grow ever closer to you, so we regularly see fulfilled your promise that if we call upon you, you will answer
  4. Lord, we pray that we may see fulfilled in our midst, your promise that we will do the same works that you were doing and even greater works also
  5. Lord, we pray that the promise to the Philippian jailer, that he and all his household would be saved, may be applied to our unsaved families also


12th – Galatians 4:24-27 Producing children of freedom

  1. As children of the Most High God, free us from all fear, we pray, since your perfect love casts out all fear
  2. Help us not to remain bound by any bondage of unforgiveness, O Lord, but instead to chose to forgive those who have hurt us so we can be free
  3. In Jesus’ name we take authority over every spirit that seeks to bring us into bondage and hinder our effectiveness and we pull down its plans
  4. Make us fruitful in our endeavours to lead people from the bondage of the kingdom of darkness into the freedom of the kingdom of light, we pray
  5. Enable us to lead new believers into the fullness of the freedom in Christ, Lord


13th – Galatians 4:28-31 Freedom in Christ

  1. As we witness to the unsaved, O Lord, cause the spiritual chains holding them to be broken, we pray
  2. As we witness to those burdened with worries, open their spiritual eyes so that they can experience a salvation in Christ that is full of joy
  3. As we pray for the sick, cause them to know the power of Christ to heal their bodies and also to save their souls
  4. As we witness to those in bondage to false ideas, break the chains that bind them and release them into the fullness of salvation in Christ
  5. Help us to be people who regularly see the lost saved, the sick healed, those in bondage delivered and Christ-rejecters turned into ambassadors for Jesus


14th – Galatians 5:1 Stand firm

  1. When people come against us because of our faith in Christ, Holy Spirit, help us to stand firm
  2. When we are experiencing adverse circumstances that put us under great pressure, help us to stand firm in Christ, we pray
  3. When we feel we are under a spiritual attack from the powers of darkness, enable us to stand firm, we ask
  4. When we feel let down by others, help us to look to you, O Lord and so stand firm
  5. When our faith is under pressure for whatever reason, may no doubts ever enter our minds, but instead enable us to stand firm, we pray


15th – Galatians 5:2-4 Not falling from grace

  1. Keep us from falling away from your grace by our own foolish actions, O Lord
  2. Give us the discernment when it comes to the company we keep, so that we do not allow ourselves to influenced negatively by the ungodly
  3. Cause us to remain close to you, O God, so that we do not find ourselves backsliding
  4. Keep us from allowing the spiritual fire within our souls to grow cool, but rather to be constantly stirred up and hot, we pray
  5. For those we know who have fallen from your grace, we pray they would repent, turn back to you and renew their relationship once more


16th – Galatians 5:5-6 What counts is faith

  1. Give us a faith that can move mountains, O Lord
  2. We pray for those in the church whose faith is currently weak for whatever reason and cause them to become strong, O Lord
  3. Give us the faith which enables us to give generously, without being bound by fear of poverty, we pray
  4. Give us a faith that enables us to step out courageously in the spiritual gifts, Holy Spirit, we pray
  5. Help us to use effectively for you, the faith we already have, O Lord


17th – Galatians 5:7-10 Staying on track

  1. Keep us running a good race for you, O Lord, never stopping or slowing down but remaining fully focussed until we reach the finishing tape
  2. Cause us to remain steadfast, persistent, uncompromising and passionate about our life and service for you, we pray
  3. Help us discern those who come into the church sincerely seeking you, O God, whom we can help, and those who come in as wolves in sheep’s clothing, to cause harm
  4. Lord, help us to remain firm in Biblical truth, letting nothing and no one undermine our rock-solid faith in the Word of God
  5. We take authority in Jesus’ name over every plan of the enemy to stir up division, strife or confusion in the church and we break its power to have any effect


18th – Galatians 5:11-12 The offence of the cross

  1. May we never flinch from preaching the message of the cross in all its fullness, even when that causes offence, O Lord
  2. Give us wisdom in how we present the message of the cross, O God, but may we never water it down in an attempt to make it more acceptable
  3. As we preach the message of the cross, Holy Spirit, move in power upon all those listening
  4. Help us to fully understand the all-encompassing nature of the cross to save and restore all people so that we remain passionate about sharing the message without compromise
  5. Cause us never to be ashamed of the cross, for in it alone is the power to save


19th – Galatians 5:13-15 Love your neighbour

  1. Teach us the power of servanthood, O Lord, so you can raise us up to places of power and influence, as we humble ourselves before you
  2. Help us to learn how to put your divine love into practice towards all those we know and meet, we pray
  3. For any in the church who have any form of resentment against others, Holy Spirit, help each one to let it go
  4. As we look on the unsaved who surround us, give us a compassion for those we realise are heading for a lost eternity, we pray
  5. Cause us to work hard at being encouragers of others, O Lord, rather than bringing people down


20th – Galatians 5:16-18 Live by the Spirit

  1. Teach us how to become completely unselfish as we seek to live by the Holy Spirit
  2. Help us to recognise and to overcome all sinful desires of our fallen nature, we pray
  3. Teach us how to live by the Spirit in every area of our lives, we ask
  4. We bring any strongholds or bondages in our lives to you, O Lord, asking that they would be broken completely
  5. Although we are not yet sinless, enable us to live a life that consciously avoids sin in all its forms, we pray


21st – Galatians 5:19-21 Avoiding sinful acts (1)

  1. Guard all in the church from the folly of sexual immorality, we pray
  2. Keep us from any form of idolatry, whether obvious or subtle
  3. Guard us from ever being tempted to have any involvement with any form or expression of the occult, we pray
  4. Where there is hatred or resentment in our hearts turn it into the forgiveness that comes from your agape′ love, O Lord
  5. Keep us from being those who bring division, but instead may we be people who bring reconciliation, we pray


22nd – Galatians 5:19-21 Avoiding sinful acts (2)

  1. Guard our thoughts from jealousy, O Lord, but instead may we be secure in our relationship with you
  2. Keep us from selfish ambition, we pray, but instead seek to outwork your perfect destiny for our lives
  3. We pray for unity in the Spirit at all times, O Lord
  4. Give us wisdom to be good role models for others to follow when it comes to alcohol, we pray
  5. Help us to be people who are seen to be different from the world because of the godly standards we adhere to, we ask


23rd – Galatians 5:22-23 – Living out the fruit of the Spirit

  1. Develop within us the full measure of the divine characteristics you desire to see in us, Holy Spirit, we ask
  2. Help us to outwork the unconditional agape′ love that you want to develop within us, Holy Spirit, so that we incorporate it in every area of our daily lives
  3. Help us learn to experience the joy and peace of the Lord joy even in times of trial, we pray
  4. Cause us to be people who can exhibit at all times the fruit of the Holy Spirit which is patience, kindness and goodness
  5. May our characters be marked with the Christlike qualities of gentleness, faithfulness and self-control, Holy Spirit, we ask


24th – Galatians 5:24-26 Keeping in step with the Spirit

  1. Enable us to keep our old nature fully crucified, O Lord, so that it does not have an opportunity to flare up at any time
  2. Teach us daily, how to walk in step with you, Holy Spirit, as we hand each day over to you to guide us
  3. Speak to our consciences at all time, Holy Spirit, we ask, guiding us to keep in step with you
  4. May we not remain as spiritual infants but help us be continually growing in spiritual maturity, Holy Spirit, we ask
  5. Cause us to remember at the beginning of each day to commit all our ways into your hands to be led by you, Holy Spirit


25th – Galatians 6:1 Guarding against temptation

  1. Help us to resist all temptation and deliver us from evil, O Lord
  2. Cause us to watch and examine ourselves closely to see that we are not allowing temptation to overcame us in any area of our lives, we pray
  3. Give us wisdom, tact and gentleness with those caught in sin and make us successful in bringing restoration, we pray
  4. Cause us to be on our guard most, when things are going really well, since this is the time we are often most vulnerable to temptation
  5. When we do miss the mark and fail you, O Lord, make us quick to repent and seek your forgiveness and help us not to repeat the same mistakes


26th – Galatians 6:2-5 Carry each other’s burdens

  1. Give us hearts of compassion for one another, we pray
  2. Holy Spirit, help us to exhibit to one another at all times the agape love′ you have put within us
  3. We pray that each of our discipleship groups will always be places where those who are burdened may quickly find wholeness
  4. Help us always to desire to sow into the lives of others rather than always seeking to receive from others, we pray
  5. Cause us to remain strong in you, O Lord, so that out of our position of strength we can help those who are weak



27th – Galatians 6:6-8 Reaping what we sow

  1. As we sow in evangelism, O Lord, give us a harvest of souls
  2. As we sow with our tithes and offerings, bless your people in good measure, we pray
  3. As we sow in faith praying for the needs and physical healings of others, cause us to see a multiplication of miracles, O Lord
  4. As we sow with intercessory prayer on behalf of our unsaved family, friends colleagues and neighbours, enable us to reap revival, O God
  5. As we sow your Word into our children and youth, cause us to reap a new generation that is on fire with a passion for Jesus, we pray


28th – Galatians 6:9-10 Don’t become weary of doing good

  1. Lord, may we never tire of passionately seeking to win the lost to Christ
  2. May we never grow weary of interceding for revival in our church, our borough, our city and our nation, O Lord
  3. Lord, may we never tire of seeking to become more and more like Christ
  4. Lord, may we never tire of seeking to grow closer to you so that we can move in signs, wonders and miracles both inside the church building and outside
  5. May we never tire of seeking to encourage one another, mentor one another and spur one another on to good works for Christ, we pray


29th – Galatians 6:11-16 Standing up to be counted

  1. In this backslidden generation and society we live in, strengthen us to stand up and be counted as unashamedly followers of Christ
  2. In our schools, colleges, workplaces, homes and neighbourhoods, make us people who are not afraid to stand up for Christ
  3. Raise up your people to have positions of influence in every part of society where we can bring a godly influence for good, we pray
  4. As our society becomes increasing hostile to the message of the gospel, may we not be intimidated by the spirit of Antichrist that is already evident in this world
  5. As we declare we are not ashamed of the gospel, may we experience its power to reach others with salvation


30th – Galatians 6:17-18 Suffering for Christ

  1. We pray for Christians suffering in Middle Eastern countries, that you would sustain them in their hour of trial
  2. We pray for all those christians in South East Asian countries who are being persecuted for following Christ, give them strength to overcome, O God
  3. We pray for all those christians suffering persecution in northern African countries; watch over and keep them, O Lord
  4. We pray for all those believers who live in countries ruled by dictatorships which persecute christians; grant them extra measures of your grace, O God
  5. We pray for christians in the West who are losing their jobs because they will not compromise their Biblical standards; provide all their needs, O Lord









    The book of Zechariah may seem difficult to understand at first because much of it contains visions that God showed him. But the prophetic revelation he brings is nothing short of astonishing, stretching right down to a graphic description of the second coming of Christ. Knowing the situation and background in which he was living and prophesying is helpful to understanding the message he brings.


    Zechariah lived at a difficult time in the life of the nation of Israel. They had been exiled some 70 or more years earlier and he was part of the group of around 50,000 people who returned from Babylon to the ruins of Jerusalem under the leadership of Zerubbabel, as recorded in the book of Ezra. They came to rebuild the Temple but after starting, the work ground to a halt because of sustained opposition by their enemies.


    Ezra 5:1-3 records how together with the prophet Haggai, Zechariah encouraged the people to continue the work of rebuilding the Temple of the Lord, which they did successfully.


    The first eight chapters of Zechariah are a series of visions in which God reveals what is happening behind the scenes in the spirit world compared to what the Jews were experiencing in the natural world. Angelic beings were active, travelling throughout the world. Whilst God’s people saw themselves as a small group, vulnerable to many powerful enemies, in the invisible, spirit world that God inhabits the scene is very different. God is overseeing what is happening in Jerusalem and it will be rebuilt despite opposition. The power of their enemies, represented by “horns” is being cut down.


    Chapter three is a courtroom scene, where Joshua the High Priest at the time is seen in filthy clothes, representing his sin, before God and being accused by Satan. The “Angel of the Lord” (Jesus) removes Joshua’s filthy clothes and sin, dressing him instead in righteousness and gives him authority and a place of standing. In chapter four, the vision of the unending oil poured out while God declares, “Not by might nor by power but by my Spirit” prophetically demonstrates how Jesus takes the sinner from a place of defeat to a place of victory over sin and is given the delegated authority of Jesus to move in the fullness and gifts of the Holy Spirit.


    The subsequent visions in this part of the book show the Lord dealing with sin in the nations and of the need for his people to walk in the ways of God. Then they would be taken from a place of total defeat to a time when Jerusalem would once again be a powerful international city. In the same way, if we do likewise, he will do the same for us, namely take from total defeat to total victory



    1st – Zechariah 1:1-6 Return to the Lord

    1. Lord, as individuals help us to seek you unreservedly with all our heart, soul, strength and mind
    2. As a church cause us to be one in spirit with the unswerving desire to see your kingdom come amongst us in the fullness of its power, we pray
    3. We pray for all those in government, leadership and authority in the institutions in this country that rule us, that they would turn from their folly of rejecting your righteous ways, O Lord
    4. We pray for all the churches in this land that they would seek you with all their being, desiring to see righteousness established in our land
    5. We pray for a revival in our midst and in the churches of this land that will touch and change our nation


    2nd – Zechariah 1:7-11 God is watching

    1. In all our ways help us to remember that your eyes are watching us at all times, O God, so that we remain firmly on the narrow path that leads to eternal life
    2. Guide us in all we do, O Lord Spirit, so that as you watch us you are pleased with all that you see
    3. As we commit all our thoughts, plans and ambitions to you, O Lord may you lead us in the pathways you desire us to go along
    4. Open our eyes to see the things in the same way that that you see them, O Lord, so that we may learn to grow more like you
    5. Give us revelations, O Lord, of the things you see so that we can pray and intercede with understanding and effectiveness


    3rd – Zechariah 1:12-15 God’s anger at the nations

    1. Have mercy on our nation, O Lord, that feels secure in its prosperity and therefore has turned away from you; cause the people to seek true riches
    2. We pray for all the Western nations which once built their laws and societies on your Word but are now turning away; open the people’s spiritual eyes before it is too late
    3. We pray for the nations that reject Christ and follow false religions; cause there to be a great move of the Holy Spirit amongst them in these last days
    4. For all those nations that are based on atheism and persecute christians, send a revival amongst their people we pray
    5. As the days draw closer for the return of Christ, move mightily throughout all nations of the world in the great end-time global revival, Holy Spirit, we pray


    4th – Zechariah 1:16-17 God’s prosperity

    1. Lord, in the midst of a rebellious generation, prosper your church with a great spiritual harvest
    2. We pray that you would prosper your people in all areas of jobs and businesses, O Lord
    3. Cause our finances to prosper, O God, as we honour you with our giving
    4. As we seek you, O Lord, we pray that you would prosper our children and families in all they do
    5. Prosper us spiritually individually as we wait on you day by day, we pray


    5th – Zechariah 1:18-21 God’s power to overcome

    1. For every adverse circumstance that comes our way, O Lord, give us the strength and help to overcome
    2. When we are facing sickness or ill-health enable us to overcome and recover our strength, we pray
    3. When we are experiencing opposition or hostility in our workplaces because we follow Jesus, help us to overcome evil with good, we pray
    4. When discouragements and setbacks come our way may your power within us cause us to face them head on and overcome, O Lord
    5. Whenever we feel afraid or anxious, for whatever reason, O God, give us the power to overcome all fears


    6th – Zechariah 2:1-6 God’s measuring stick

    1. As we measure ourselves against the straight measure of your holiness, O Lord, cause us not to be found crooked in any way
    2. Cause us to diligently read, meditate on and understand your Word, O Lord, so that we may be fully aware of what your standards are, so we can follow them
    3. As a church, we pray that we may measure up to your righteous standards at all times, we pray
    4. In all our dealings in life outside the church fellowship, cause us to be careful to ensure all we do measures up to your standards, O God
    5. Holy Spirit, as we go through life may we be conscious of you saying to us, “This is the way, walk in it”


    7th – Zechariah 2:7-9 The apple of God’s eye

    1. Help us to understand how precious we are to you, O Lord, so that we live in a way that demonstrates to others our worth to you
    2. For any among us who are suffering from a sense of lack of self-worth, cause them to understand the depth of your love towards them, so they can understand who they are in Christ
    3. Enable us to grasp the full measure of your love for us, O Lord, so that we can always face the future with confidence
    4. As we understand how precious we are to you, O God, help us to bring others into the same blessed position also who as yet do not know you
    5. For those we know who have backslidden, give them a fresh revelation of your love for them, we pray, that will bring them back to you


    8th – Zechariah 2:10-13 God amongst us

    1. May your presence be manifested amongst us in an ever-deeper way, O Lord
    2. As you move amongst us, O God,  may the consequence be that we see many men, women and children saved
    3. Cause your manifest presence to bring healing to sick people even before they are prayed for, O Lord
    4. We pray that your presence will increase so greatly that signs, wonders and miracles are common in our midst
    5. Manifest your presence amongst us by moving in revival power, O God


    9th – Zechariah 3:1-2 Satan’s accusations

    1. Cause us to live so closely to you, O Lord, that no accusation against us is founded
    2. If there is any sin in our lives, bring it our minds and consciences, Holy Spirit, we ask, so that we can deal with it immediately
    3. When we do make mistakes, O Lord, help us to quickly acknowledge it, seek your forgiveness and determine not to repeat the same mistake again
    4. Give us the wisdom to be able to live in this fallen and backslidden generation and world but not to be influenced by it, we pray
    5. If anyone hostile to God accuses us of following Christ, may there be sufficient evidence for us to be declared “guilty”!


    10th – Zechariah 3:3-5 Sin forgiven

    1. Help us understand the fullness of your forgiveness of our sins that causes us to never want to act in a sinful way again
    2. As we take up our cross and follow you, Lord Jesus, release us from the ties of the past to live a life worthy of your sacrifice for us
    3. Cause the knowledge that we have been totally forgiven through Christ to motivate us to bring that good news to others, we pray
    4. Since you have taken away our sin and clothed us with your righteousness, Lord, Jesus, cause us to pursue a lifestyle of righteousness
    5. As we understand all you have done for us to enable our sin to be forgiven, Lord Jesus, may our love for your grow demonstrably


    11th – Zechariah 3:6-7 God-given responsibilities

    1. Open our eyes to understand the great responsibilities you have called each of us to fulfil as your ambassadors here on earth, O Lord
    2. Help us discover the specific roles and ministries you have planned for us, we pray
    3. Cause us to seek your will for our individual lives in order to know how to carry out those roles and ministries, O Lord
    4. Help us to understand the authority we already have in Christ and to use it effectively, we pray
    5. As we walk faithfully in the responsibilities you give us, O Lord, take us up to the next level in you


    12th – Zechariah 3:8-10 Revival in the land

    1. Lord, revive your people in this land
    2. Revive the churches up and down this land, O Lord
    3. Bring a new attitude to those who govern us, O God, that seeks your wisdom and not the foolishness of man’s ‘wisdom’
    4. Break down the strongholds of unrighteousness in our schools, colleges and national institutions and replace them with godliness, we pray
    5. May this land ring out once more to the praises of people turning to you through conviction of sin and embracing the new life in Christ, we pray


    13th – Zechariah 4:1-3 The light of the world

    1. Lord, cause us always to take the light of Christ wherever we are and in whatever we do
    2. Help us not to allow the light of Christ within us to be kept in the shade by people or circumstances
    3. Shine through us in every circumstance, good and bad, O Lord, simply by the way we conduct ourselves, demonstrating our total trust in you
    4. May the demonstration of our faith in every area of daily life be a light that points people to Jesus
    5. When our circumstances cause things to grow dark around us may the light of Christ within us grow stronger, we pray


    14th – Zechariah 4:4-6 Not by might but by God’s Spirit

    1. Help us to draw closer to you, Holy Spirit, so that we understand you more
    2. Teach us how let you live through us, Holy Spirit, we pray
    3. Teach us how to walk by the power of your Spirit, O God and not in our own strength
    4. Give us the understanding, boldness and wisdom to be able to move in all the God-given authority you have delegated to us, we pray
    5. Cause us to see and experience marvellous things as we allow your Spirit to work through us, O God


    15th – Zechariah 4:7-9 God’s work will be accomplished

    1. Cause us to seek you diligently, O Lord, so that the work you have for each one of us to do will be accomplished
    2. As we each consecrate our lives to you, O God, we say, “Here I am Lord, send me”
    3. As a church may we collectively work together in the fullness of your Spirit to accomplish the plans you have for us, we pray
    4. Use us to build your church, Lord Jesus, with the gates of hell being unable to prevail against it
    5. Cause us to carry your anointing that enables us to change the communities in which we live and work, O Lord


    17th – Zechariah 4:10 Don’t despise the day of small beginnings

    1. As we serve you, O Lord, help us understand that you often start things in a small way and grow them according to our faith
    2. Thank you for all the things we are currently able to do for you; cause them to grow in effectiveness for your kingdom, we pray
    3. When we start something we believe you have guided us into, give us the diligence and perseverance to see it though to fruitfulness, we pray
    4. Give us the grace to be able to do things for you that to others may seem small or insignificant but which you can grow to become very significant, O Lord
    5. As we humble ourselves under your mighty hand, O God, raise us up in due course according to your will and purpose


    18th – Zechariah 4:11-14 Flowing in the Holy Spirit’s anointing

    1. Fill us afresh daily, Holy Spirit we ask, as we wait on you
    2. Whatever we are doing during the day or night may our ears be open to what you want to say to us, Holy Spirit and may we be we quick to respond
    3. As we walk with you, Holy Spirit, guide us to always be in the right place at the right time, to be available to do whatever you desire us to do
    4. Help us to grow in using the gifts of the Holy Spirit, we pray
    5. May all we do at home, school, college, work,  or in the neighbourhood be anointed service for you, O Lord


    19th – Zechariah 5:1-4 God’s curse on the land

    1. O God, we cry out against the curse of unbelief in this nation; deliver us we pray
    2. Deliver us from the curse of lawlessness in our land, we pray
    3. Save us from the curse of rampant immorality in this nation, O God
    4. Deliver us from the curse of godlessness and the occult, we pray
    5. Save us, O God, from the curse of false religions that give a form of godliness but deny the power of Christ


    20th – Zechariah 5:5-11 Wickedness in the land

    1. Deliver this nation from the ever-increasing emphasis on self-centred individualism that applauds people for choosing any ungodly lifestyle
    2. We pray for our schools that any teaching that is ungodly would be replaced by godly teaching
    3. We pray for our universities that they would be a place of growing young people in right ways rather than being places to learn the ways of immorality
    4. Deliver this nation from greed and self-interest, O God, and may the nation begin to embrace selfless values
    5. Deliver this nation from the wanton destruction of the unborn, we pray


    21st – Zechariah 6:1-8 Heavenly influence in the world

    1. Help us to understand the significance of what is happening in the spirit world around us so that we can intercede effectively with persistence and power, we ask
    2. Give us understanding, Holy Spirit, of all you are doing in our midst so that we can co-operate fully with your plans and will
    3. Help us Lord, not to be fooled by any activity of the powers of darkness since we know that Satan can appear as an angel of light
    4. We take authority and bind in the name of Jesus against any power of darkness that seeks to hinder or stop the work of our church
    5. We take authority and bind in the name of Jesus against any wicked spirit that seeks to cause trouble or division in our midst


    22nd – Zechariah 6:9-13 Building God’s house

    1. Anoint each of us to be effective soul-winners for you, O Lord
    2. Help us fulfil the vision you have given us to build your church here in power, we pray
    3. Cause every form of outreach and evangelism to bear lasting fruit, we pray
    4. Cause our Sunday services to be overflowing with people who are seeking and finding Jesus as Saviour and Lord, we pray
    5. We pray that we will see people saved from all backgrounds: children, youth, men, women, from all ages, nationalities and religions


    23rd – Zechariah 6:14 God’s crowns

    1. Lord, help each of so live our lives that when we see you, we will receive a crown of righteousness
    2. Help us in our own ways to do exploits for you O Lord, so that we may receive a crown of glory from your hands
    3. Help us endure, no matter what may come our way, so that we may receive the crown of life from your hands, O Lord
    4. May we seek in this lifetime not the corruptible things of this world but an incorruptible crown from your hand, O Lord
    5. May we not forget that everything comes from your hands and that in eternity you will mean so much too us that our desire will always be to lay our crowns before you, O Lord


    24th – Zechariah 6:15 Diligently obeying the Lord

    1. Help us to understand those promises of yours, O Lord, that are conditional upon obedience, so that we do not miss them through disobedience but experience their fulfilment
    2. May we have a godly fear of the Lord which causes us never to want to sin against you, O God
    3. Holy Spirit, keep our minds steadfast on our God so that we would never even think of straying from your ways
    4. Give us the strength and determination to always make the right choices in life because they are godly, even if they are hard choices, we pray
    5. Cause us always to remember, O Lord, that for you, obedience is better than sacrifice


    25th – Zechariah 7:1-3 Fasting

    1. Guided by you, help us to deepen our prayer lives with times of fasting, O Lord
    2. Knowing that fasting with prayer is sometimes needed to overcome difficult spiritual situations, help us to fast
    3. As we fast, may it be done in a way that is wholly effective because we are doing it with the right attitudes, we pray
    4. As with the Psalmist, help us to humble our souls with fasting, so that we can be effective instruments for you, O Lord
    5. When we set aside times with you for fasting and prayer, may those times be ones of fresh revelation by your Sprit to us and the impartation of power


    26th – Zechariah 7:4-7 Putting God first

    1. In all we do, may we always put you first in our lives, O Lord
    2. Help us to seek first your kingdom and your righteousness, O God, so that you can add to us all the other things we need
    3. In all the busyness of life cause us to keep our priorities in the right order, with you on top
    4. If we have given priority to things that we should not have done, show us holy Spirit and help us to put it right
    5. Cause us to have no idol or thing in our lives we hold more dear than you, O Lord


    27th – Zechariah 7:8-14 God’s concern for the vulnerable in society

    1. We thank you for all the elderly men and women in the church whose lives have been an example to younger generations; bless them we pray
    2. We pray for all the older men and women in the church that the godly wisdom they have accumulated over the years may be used to benefit younger generations
    3. We pray for all the widows amongst us that you would help them find fellowship in the church a blessing, O God
    4. Even in all the busyness of life help us always to seek to be a blessing to all those around us, we pray
    5. Help us in the church to continue to be one family in Christ across the generations, nationalities and backgrounds, O Lord


    28th – Zechariah 8:1-6 A fresh visitation from God

    1. Visit each of us with a fresh outpouring of your Spirit, we pray
    2. Visit us in power in every part of the church with a fresh visitation, Holy Spirit, we pray
    3. Visit our borough and all the churches in it with a fresh visitation, Holy Spirit, we ask
    4. Visit our city and all the churches in our city in a new move of your power, Holy Spirit, we pray
    5. Visit our nation with a mighty new outpouring of your power, Holy Spirit, we ask


    29th – Zechariah 8:7-13 Salvation from the nations

    1. Save many out of all the nations of Europe and the West, we pray
    2. Save many out of all the countries of Africa, we pray
    3. Save many out of all the countries of Asia, we pray
    4. Save many out of all the countries of South America, we pray
    5. Save many from all the island nations of the world, we pray


    30th – Zechariah 8:14-19 Don’t be afraid

    1. In a society quickly changing for the worse, help us to continue to trust in you, O Lord and not be afraid
    2. When we feel we are in a minority as followers of Jesus, in our schools, colleges or places of work, enable us to be bold and not to fear
    3. When we see the enemy coming in like a flood give us courage to know that you will put him to flight
    4. Help us not to neglect our times of devotion with you, O Lord, knowing that it is in that secret place where we find our strength
    5. May we experience as with Moses, “Fear not and see the salvation of the Lord”


    31st – Zechariah 8:20-23 Praying for Jews

    1. Lord, we pray you would open the eyes of all Jews living in Israel to the reality of Jesus as their Messiah, so they may be saved
    2. We pray for all Jews living in our country that their hearts will be open to receive the truth of the gospel of Jesus Christ
    3. We pray for all the Jews scattered throughout the nations; save them O Lord, we pray
    4. We pray for all Jewish and Arab believers living in Israel and the surrounding countries of the Middle East; bless, encourage and help them as together they spread the gospel of Christ
    5. As your Word encourages us to do, we pray for the peace of Jerusalem



    preparing for the return of christ zechariah chapters 9-14 - november 2021



    The second section of Zechariah’s book contain some of the most specific and detailed prophecies not only about the first coming of Christ, which happened about 500 years after Zechariah, but also many details of his second coming. Chapter 9:9-10 combine these two comings, the first as the Saviour riding into Jerusalem on a donkey. It was seeing Jesus fulfil this prophecy that sent the crowds wild on that Palm Sunday, as they expected the second part – his rule over all the earth, to begin immediately. They did not understand Isaiah 52:13 through to 53:12, Psalm 22:1-31 and all the other related prophecies that spoke of his first coming as the suffering Servant and Saviour of the world.


    As Zechariah’s prophecies continue, he speaks of the time when, although Israel has been led by worthless shepherds and scattered, God will bring his people back from the nations where they live, to their own land once again. Looking ahead to the end of this current world era, he sets the stage for what will happen when Christ returns. Israel will be living in their own land. Jerusalem will be the cause of great trouble to all the surrounding nations and the armies of the world will attack it. Yet the Lord himself will be fighting on their behalf.


    As Jerusalem is about to be overwhelmed, Jesus will descend from heaven. All the nation of Israel will see the One whom they pierced, recognise the mistake they made and repent in great mourning. This is the moment where the Apostle Paul says, “And so all Israel will be saved” Romans 11:26. As Jesus’ feet touch down on the Mount of Olives, from where he ascended into heaven (Acts 1:9-13), the Mount of Olives will split in two. The armies invading Jerusalem will be destroyed by their flesh melting away before there is even time for their bodies to hit the ground. Jesus will then take up his reign over all the world, ruling from Jerusalem which will become the capital and centre of his world-wide rule.


    Just as Zechariah was accurate with his prophecies of the first coming of Christ, so also will be the case concerning his detailed prophecies of Christ’s second coming. As we look at our world today – Israel once again a nation in her ancient homeland with Jews returning continually to settle there from all over the world and Jerusalem the focus of the world’s attention, as Jew and Arab claim it as their capital, we know the time is short. Jesus said, “When these things begin to take place …lift up your heads because your redemption is drawing near” Luke 21:28.


    As we pray this month we recognise time is fast running out.


    1st – Zechariah 9:1-2 People’s eyes on the Lord

    1. Cause our eyes to be fixed on you at all times, O Lord, without distractions from less important things
    2. Shake our nation, O Lord, and when people find their certainties becoming uncertain, may their eyes turn to you
    3. Cause the people of our nation to become fed up with the shallowness of their material lives and turn to you to find true and deep eternal life
    4. We pray for people from all backgrounds in our nation to start to turn to you and find the fulfilment in life so many lack
    5. Send revival in our land once more, O Lord


    2nd – Zechariah 9:3-4 Trusting in possessions is no help

    1. Lord, help us keep a light hold on all our earthly possessions, knowing that our true treasure is laid up in heaven
    2. May our trust always be wholly in you, O God, and not in what we possess
    3. Teach us always to live by the principle that our God will supply all our needs according to his riches in glory, and not to be anxious
    4. Lord, we thank you for what we possess, whether it is much or little and may we always honour you with our giving, no matter how much or little we have
    5. When we going through times of lack, help our faith rise to trust you to meet all our needs even if we do not receive all our wants


    3rd – Zechariah 9:5-8 God fighting for his people

    1. Lord, surround us with a special sense of your presence whenever we are under spiritual attack from powers of darkness
    2. Help us to use every spiritual weapon you have given to us to fight spiritual battles and to use them persistently and effectively, O Lord
    3. Give us the humility and faith to allow you to fight our spiritual battles on our behalf without our interfering and letting our fallen nature get in your way, O God
    4. We pray for your people Israel, O Lord that you would protect them from every plan of the devil to destroy them
    5. Rise up, O Lord and let your enemies be scattered!


    4th – Zechariah 9:9-10 Christ is Lord

    1. As the people rejoiced at your first coming, Lord Jesus, may we always be filled with great joy and excitement as we anticipate your second coming to this earth
    2. Help us to understand the difference between accepting you as our Saviour and receiving you as our Lord
    3. Lord Jesus, may we always allow you to rule over every part of our lives as we hold nothing back
    4. As King over our lives, cause us to be obedient to your will at all times
    5. As the scriptures accurately foretold your first coming as Saviour of the world, may we make ourselves ready for your second coming as Judge of the world


    5th – Zechariah 9:11-13 Setting captives free

    1. Lord, may every believer in the church be set free from every hindrance and bondage that prevents them from experiencing the full freedom in Christ
    2. We pray that we will see many people set free from their sins as they accept Christ as Saviour and Lord
    3. Cause us to walk in righteousness and holiness, O Lord, so that we will not allow ourselves to become entangled once again in bondage to sin
    4. We take authority in Jesus’ name over every spirit that holds people in bondage to pornography or other sexual sins by any member of the church and break its hold
    5. We take authority in Jesus’ name over every spirit of poverty holding anyone in the church in bondage and break its hold


    6th – Zechariah 9:14-17 God’s protection and blessing

    1. Lord, protect us from all diseases and may we enjoy the blessings of good health
    2. Protect our families from every plan of the enemy, O God and may they know the blessings that come from walking in your ways
    3.  Protect our jobs, businesses and finances, O Lord and may we know godly prosperity in these areas
    4. As we go about our daily lives watch over and protect us from all dangers, seen and unseen and may we know the blessings of your divine intervention at such times
    5. As we share the gospel, O Lord, protect us from every strategy of the enemy to oppose, discourage or harm us and may we know the blessing of fruitfulness


    7th – Zechariah 10:1 Rain down O Lord!

    1. Holy Spirit, rain down on our personal lives, refreshing us to go to a higher level you
    2. Teach us how to drink deeply from the fountain of life and be filled to overflowing with the Spirit of God
    3. Rain down in the church, Holy Spirit, causing each member to be renewed and reinvigorated to seek and serve you
    4. Rain down in revival power amongst us, Holy Spirit, and bring new life to a spiritually parched nation
    5. Pour out your blessing on our land, O Lord, that causes a river of revival to flow from one city to another


    8th – Zechariah 10:2 The deception of the occult

    1. We pray for all Hindus we meet that you would enable us to turn them from idols to the living Christ
    2. We pray for all Catholics we meet that you would use us to open their eyes to idolatry and instead turn to the risen Christ
    3. We pray for all we meet who have involvement in any form of the occult that their  eyes would be to the reality of demons and turn instead to the one true God
    4. We pray for all our young people in the church that you would help them understand the reality of evil powers and cause them to shun any involvement with the occult
    5. Protect your people from being deceived by false prophets and teaching in the church but instead to know your truth


    9th – Zechariah 10:3-6 Praying for leaders

    1. We pray for the pastors of our church that you would give them all the wisdom they need to shepherd the flock with which you have entrusted them
    2. Help our church leaders to clearly hear your voice in all areas of the church, O God, so that your will is fully carried out
    3. When having to make difficult decisions give them the courage always to make the right choice even if it is not the easiest
    4. We pray for all the elders of the church that you would guide them as they oversee all the affairs of your church
    5. May the spirit if unity continually be maintained amongst us, O Lord


    10th – Zechariah 10:7-9 Becoming mighty in God

    1. Help each of us reach our full spiritual potential in you, O God, so that we can accomplish all you want us to do
    2. Cause us to trust fully in you, O Lord, and not in our own strength so that we can achieve far more than our own natural abilities would allow
    3. Make even the most timid among us to be bold, O Lord, because you have not given us a spirit of fear but of power, love and a sound mind
    4. Holy Spirit, enable each of us to see ourselves, not as we are now, but where you can take us to higher levels
    5. Lord, make us mighty men and women of God


    11th – Zechariah 10:10-12 Bring back the outcasts

    1. Lord, for all those we know who were once in fellowship with your church but have now slipped back into the world, bring them back to you
    2. For the children of all parents in the church, who were brought up in the ways of the Lord but have wandered away; restore them, O God
    3. For any of the youth in the church who have struggles in their walk with you on leaving home for university; strengthen and draw them back we pray
    4. For those who have put their trust in you, Lord Jesus, but think they can ‘be a christian on their own,’ open their understanding and draw them back into fellowship
    5. For any we know who have backslidden because they have allowed a time of difficult to overwhelm them, restore them and let them know your great love, O Lord


    12th – Zechariah 11:1-6 God’s Judgment

    1. Lord, give us a fresh revelation of your holiness so we can understand the reality of the Day of Judgment and our priorities remain focussed on what is really important
    2. Give us a fresh revelation of your righteous judgment, O God, so that we remain motivated to seek to win the lost for Christ
    3. As followers of Jesus help us to maintain the highest standard of righteousness in all we do, as a testimony to others of the reality of your presence in our lives
    4. Understanding that time is running out and people need to be saved, prosper all our witnessing and evangelism so that we can see many led to Christ, we pray
    5. Move in power amongst us Holy Spirit, so that in all our meetings whether large or small, inside or outside the church building we may see the lost come to Christ


    13th – Zechariah 11:7-9 Exercising agape′ love in the church

    1. Give us a heart like yours, Lord Jesus, so that we can show true agape′ to one another
    2. When frictions arise between believers in the church help each to act with the agape′ love that causes each to choose to let go of resentment and so forgive, we pray
    3. Help us to develop a spirit like that of Barnabas who was always looking to help others to a higher level in Christ
    4. Enable each of us to make every effort to keep unity of the Spirit through the bond of peace
    5. Help us to speak the truth when we need to point out wrongdoing or problems, but to speak it in love


    14th – Zechariah 11:10-13 Not rebelling against the Good Shepherd

    1. Help us Lord, to walk wholeheartedly in your ways and not to stray from them
    2. Holy Spirit, bring to our minds and consciences anything about our lives that is not conforming to God’s ways, and give us the resolve to immediately correct it
    3.  If we are holding anything back at all in our lives that we have not surrendered to you, O Lord, move us to do so
    4. On each occasion we have to make important life choices, O Lord, may we always seek your will and obey it
    5. Take my life and let it be wholly consecrated to you, my God


    15th – Zechariah 11:14-17 Leaders not walking with God

    1. We pray for all the leaders of our nation’s government who are not walking in your ways, O God; touch them with your power and change them
    2. Have mercy on every member of the House of Commons and the House of the Lords and keep them from making ungodly laws, we pray
    3. We pray that you would give wisdom to all the leaders in our local councils who govern our local affairs and keep them from ungodly ways
    4. For all the ministers who lead churches but are themselves as yet unsaved, save them, O God
    5. Put your people in every influential place of leadership in all institutions up and down our land, O Lord


    16th – Zechariah 12:1-2 Praying for Jerusalem

    1. In accordance with your Word, O Lord, we pray for the peace of Jerusalem
    2. We pray for all the Israelis living in Jerusalem, that you would open their eyes to the true Messiah so they accept Jesus as their Lord
    3. We pray for all the Arabs living in Jerusalem that they too would come to know Jesus Christ as their Saviour and Lord
    4. For all the messianic Jews in Jerusalem who already have accepted Christ as Saviour, use them mightily to lead others to Christ, O Lord
    5.  As prophecies relating to Jerusalem are being fulfilled before our very eyes, help us realise time is short and so remain close to you, O God


    17th – Zechariah 12:3-5 War in the end days

    1. Lord, help us understand the days before you come are short, so that we always use our time profitably and wisely
    2. As the trouble that your prophetic Word promises starts to come on the world in increasing measure, cause us to continually look up, knowing your coming is near
    3. As the world begins to fear as it sees the developments of war in the Middle East, may it be our opportunity to lead them Christ, we pray
    4. When the world fears what is happening around it, cause our faith to grow stronger, remembering that your perfect love, O God, casts out all fear
    5. As the world gets darker, cause our prayer life to become more effective, O Lord


    18th – Zechariah 12:6-9 Praying for nations hostile to Israel

    1. Lord we pray for Russia that you would send a mighty revival to that nation before it is too late
    2. We pray for all the European nations that are hostile to Israel; send a move of your Spirit in their lands before their time runs out
    3. For all those Muslim nations that maintain open hostility to Israel, sweep over their people with a wave of revival, we ask
    4. For the African nations that are hostile to Israel, cause many of their people to turn to Christ in these last days, we pray
    5. For the nations of the Americas who are hostile to Israel, have mercy on them and save many from amongst their populations before the end comes, O Lord


    19th – Zechariah 12:10-11 Looking on the One who was pierced

    1. Lord, give us a fresh vision of the cross and of your resurrection in power, to motivate us to give you our all, at all times
    2. Help us to stay focussed on serving you, O Lord and not get distracted by unnecessary matters
    3. Pour out your Spirit upon us afresh today and every day we pray
    4. Help us to move in all the strength and power of the authority you have delegated to us, Lord Jesus, so that we may be continually effective as your servants
    5. Lord, before you return in power and time has run out, cause us to be able to point many to the risen Christ and see them saved


    20th – Zechariah 12:11-13 Repentance in the land

    1. Send a move of your Spirit in our land, as you have done in the past, O God, where many are convicted of sin and weep in repentance
    2. Holy Spirit, we rely totally on you and we pray that anything in us which may be a hindrance to your moving in power amongst us would be removed
    3. Lord, in the churches may there be a repentance for all times when there has been a lukewarmness to you which has allowed evil to rise in our land
    4. Lord, we repent on behalf of our successive governments who have abolished your laws and replaced them with ungodly ones; have mercy on our land we pray
    5. Holy Spirit, move in revival power throughout every part of our land, bringing repentance in the midst of wickedness


    21st – Zechariah 13:1-3 False religions

    1. Lord, we pray for a move of your Spirit amongst all Muslims in our land, revealing Jesus as the Son of God and as their Saviour
    2. Cause a great turning amongst the Sikhs and Hindus in our land to accept Christ as the only Lord and Saviour
    3. Cause an emptiness to arise in the hearts of all atheists in our land that causes them to search for fulfilment through a saving knowledge of Christ, we pray
    4. For all those involved in any occultic practices in our land, open their eyes to discern its true nature and may they turn to the true and living God
    5. For all who are deceived by the false religion of evolution, cause them to find faith in the true Creator and salvation in Jesus Christ


    22nd – Zechariah 13:4-6 The price Jesus paid

    1. Lord, help us to understand the depth of your suffering for us, so that we may continue to be motivated to serve you out of our gratitude
    2. Enable us to understand the depths of the sinful nature and the cost of having our sins paid for on the cross, so that may be careful to walk in righteousness
    3. Holy Spirit, help us not to grieve you by straying from a life of holiness
    4. Lord, may we never glorify in any of our own accomplishments but only in the cross through which we receive all your riches in glory
    5. Recognising what you paid for us, Lord Jesus, help us to surrender all we have to you


    23rd – Zechariah 13:7-8 Standing firm in the day of trial

    1. Lord, you never promised us an easy life, but rather to never leave us; help us stand firm in times of difficulty
    2. Knowing that evil will get worse before the end comes, O Lord, cause us to grow strong spiritually to be ready to face those times
    3. Help us to understand that earthly rewards have no comparison to the eternal rewards that are our promised inheritance, so that we may labour for true riches
    4. Keep us from compromising especially when being persecuted for actively living our out faith
    5. For all those believers around the world who face beatings and death simply for following Christ, help them to stand firm in such difficulties, O Lord


    24th – Zechariah 13:9 Refined by God

    1. Cause us to remember, O God, that faith sometimes requires us to endure hardships rather than seeing an instant answer
    2. Give us the courage to endure hardships, knowing that through them you can strengthen us and draw us closer to you, O Lord
    3. Help us always to choose the pathway of holiness even when it means forgoing happiness, knowing that eternal joy waits before us
    4. Cause us to understand that suffering produces perseverance and perseverance character, that is, the fruit of the Spirit which you desire to produce in us
    5. Help us not to resist when you are trying to refine us through hardships, O God, but instead to allow you to finish your work in us, so we may grow spiritually


    25th – Zechariah 14:1-7 The return of Christ

    1. Lord Jesus, your coming again is soon; help us not to sleep but to be alert and active for you
    2. As the time draws near for your return, Lord Jesus, may we be increasing and growing more powerful and effective in every area of our prayer lives
    3. Lord, as a church help us to accomplish everything you desire us to do in the time that still remains
    4. In our individual lives, cause us to accomplish every plan and purpose you desire of us in the days that still remain
    5. In these last days, let nothing move us, O Lord, giving ourselves fully to your work, knowing that our labour in the Lord is not in vain


    26th – Zechariah 14:8 Living water

    1. Holy Spirit, may your streams of living water constantly flow from within us, bringing spiritual refreshment to all we meet each day
    2. Cause us to draw near to you each day, O Lord so that your anointing on us enables us to successfully point people to the living waters found in Christ
    3. We pray that everyone in the church would desire to be baptised in the Holy Spirit and to experience it
    4. Multiply your gifts amongst all in the church, Holy Spirit, so we may be effective in all our work for the Lord
    5. Pour out your Spirit in revival upon us, O God, so that streams of living water flow abundantly through your church to a spiritually dry and thirsty nation


    27th – Zechariah 14:9-11 The Kingdom of Christ on earth

    1. Lord, let your Kingdom come and your will be done on earth
    2. Help us to bring your Kingdom reign into the lives of individuals as their receive Christ as Saviour and Lord
    3. May we serve you faithfully now, Lord Jesus, so that we may take up our responsibilities in reigning with you on this earth during your Millennium rule
    4. Help us endure to the end, O Lord, no matter how dark and evil the days become, knowing that you will end this current evil on earth with your personal return
    5. Come soon Lord Jesus and we welcome you with praise and thanksgiving


    28th – Zechariah 14:12-15 The Lord’s enemies in disarray

    1. As we read your Word and recognise you will destroy your enemies in an instant, O Lord, give us the courage to press on in this wicked generation not giving up
    2. Lord we pray for all those nations that will join together to attack Jerusalem in the last days, that you would save many individuals from among them before that fateful day
    3. Knowing your power over all your enemies, O God, help us to have confidence to go about our service for you without concern
    4. As we see your prophetic Word being fulfilled before our eyes, may it strengthen our faith and our resolve to use our time wisely and profitably for you, O Lord
    5. Lord, may the certainty of your victory over all this evil present age cause us to see any present troubles we have in true perspective, so we may rejoice at all times


    29th – Zechariah 14:16-19 Worshipping the King

    1. Lord, help us to worship you by a lifestyle of holiness
    2. Lord, help us to worship you through effective and powerful prayer that moves mountains
    3. Lord, help us to worship you through effective witnessing that brings much fruit
    4. Lord, enable us to worship you through moving in confidence in all the gifts of the Holy Spirit
    5. Lord bring revival to our midst, where we see countless people worshipping you in Spirit and in truth


    30th – Zechariah 14:20-21 Holy to the Lord

    1. Lord, we consecrate our lives fully to you and pray that the whole church would know the power that comes from living close to God
    2. We consecrate all our jobs and businesses to you, O Lord and pray you would use us in those places for your glory
    3. We consecrate our talents and abilities, to you, O God, and pray they may all be used to build your church and expand your Kingdom
    4. Move amongst us in such power, Holy Spirit, that your presence alone will cause countless people to confess their sins and surrender their lives to Christ
    5. Manifest the fullness of your glory amongst us Lord, we pray








      Prayer Diary for December 2021

      Bible Readings and Prayer Points for Individual and Church Spiritual Growth

      The greatness of Jesus

      The “I am” statements in John’s Gospel


      The Bible tells us that, ‘those God foreknew he also predestined to be conformed to the likeness of his Son…’ Romans 8:29. This means that God’s purpose is for those who accept Christ as their Saviour and Lord to eventually become like Christ in every way. This includes a sinless character and an immortal, resurrection body. This will take place once we are with him in eternity. But the process of becoming Christlike is not something to be put off until then. On the contrary, it is a something that should be set in motion the moment we receive Christ and are born again.


      This month we are looking at the passages of scripture where Jesus is talking about himself. He is divine, we are not. But the Holy Spirit is within us to help us become like Christ.

      There are seven ‘I am’ statements of Jesus recorded in John’s gospel. So he says:


      1. ‘I am the bread of life’ John 6:35. He has provided us with our every spiritual need. We in turn are to take that message to others who are dying from lack of true spiritual food
      2. ‘I am the light of the world’ John 9:5. Jesus shines against the background of great spiritual darkness in this world. He, in turn, tells us, ‘You are the light of the world…let your light shine before men, that they may see your good deeds and praise your Father in heaven.’ Matthew 5:14-16
      3. ‘I am the door/gate’ John 10:7 Jesus made it crystal clear that he is the only pathway to salvation or entry into God’s presence. Unless people hear and respond to that message they will be eternally lost
      4. ‘I am the Good shepherd’ John 10:11. ‘This is how we know what love is: Jesus Christ laid down his life for us. And we ought to lay down our lives for our brothers.’ 1 John 3:16
      5. ‘I am the Resurrection and the Life’ John 11:25. We are to take out the message of abundant life now and eternal life to come
      6. ‘I am the Way and the truth and the life’ John 14:6. This clearly excludes any means of salvation other than the cross
      7. ‘I am the True Vine’ John 15:1. Head knowledge and spiritual tokenism is not enough. We have to remain in Christ and only by abiding in him will we know eternal life and fruitfulness


      This month we are praying to be the people that Jesus calls us to be, so that we can be the powerful and effective influence in this life that he has sent us out to be

      1st – John 6:25- 27 Seeking God for who he is

      1. As we come to you, O Lord, may we seek your face and not the provision of your hands only
      2. Cause us to be people who seek not the miracles themselves but the God of miracles
      3. Cause us to seek first your kingdom and your righteousness, O God, knowing that when we do that you always meet all our needs
      4. Help us to come to you with pure motives, clean hands and pure hearts, O Lord
      1. Be our everything, O God, enabling us not to be attracted by temporary, worldly things that have no lasting value themselves


      2nd – John 6:28-34 Doing the works of God

      1. Give us hearts that believe you O God, and take you at your word, at all times
      2. Holy Spirit, enlighten our minds to the things you want us to do, day by day, so that we are always fulfilling God’s
      3. May we allow you each day to be a lamp to our feet and a light for our path, O Lord
      4. Teach us how to always prioritise our daily and weekly tasks so that even in the mundane and routine things we are always doing your will, O God
      5. Lord, we commit this day into your hands; guide and lead us in all that we do according to your perfect will, we pray


      3rd – John 6:35-40 Hungering after God

      1. May our food be to do the work of God
      2. Holy Spirit, increase within us a hunger after the living God
      3. Remove from our lives every trivial thing that is a hindrance in our drawing close to you, O Lord
      4. Give us a true perspective on the fleeting value of this present life compared to the eternal value of the life to come so we order our affairs in the right way
      5. Lead us today to someone who is seeking after you, O Lord, so that we can help them find you


      4th – John 6:41-47 Stop grumbling

      1. May our relationship with you be such, O Lord, that we may know how to experience godliness with contentment, which is great gain
      2. Cause us to realise the greatness of the riches we already have in Christ, so that we can see any problems in life as insignificant in comparison
      3. Help us to use our words to always be a blessing to you, O Lord and never in a way that grieves the Holy Spirit
      4. May our words always be used to build others up and not to discourage or grieve them
      5. Enable us to give thanks in any and every situation as we realise that this is your will for us, O God


      5th – John 6:48-52 Jesus the Bread of Life

      1. Give us more of yourself, Lord Jesus so that we may become more like you
      2. Help us not to become spiritual anorexics, we pray, but people who feed daily on the Word of God
      3. Holy Spirit, help us to be filled to overflowing with the presence of Jesus in our lives
      4. Cause us to truly understand and value the eternal life we already have in Christ, so that it impacts everything we do
      5. Realising that, in Christ we will live forever, help us to give our present brief lives away for you and your cause, O Lord


      6th – John 6:53-59 Living in Christ

      1. Lord, help us to give our all to you, offering ourselves as living sacrifices daily
      2. As we seek to draw closer to you, Lord Jesus, may our own personal desires diminish and your desires for our lives increase
      3. Draw us as individuals and as a church into such a close relationship with you, O Lord, that our prayer meetings pull down every stronghold of the enemy
      4. As we live in you and you live in us, O Lord, cause us to minister in all the power you have for us to accomplish your perfect will
      5. Lord send a revival in our individual lives, in the life of the church, in our city and in our nation, we pray


      7th – John 9:1-3 Glorifying God in our lives

      1. O Lord, may we not keep our eyes on our circumstances, but rather on you, so that in every circumstance, good and bad you may be glorified in our lives
      2. Lord, we bring you all our abilities and ask that you use them for your glory
      3. Lord, we bring all our failures to you; glorify yourself in us by enabling us to learn from them, using our failures as a means of stepping upwards
      4. Cause us to realise, O Lord, that we are not self-sufficient but rather we need to depend on you, our Creator, in every area of our lives
      5. Lord, may we use any perceived inabilities in our lives as a means to trust you more to work through us and not as an excuse to do nothing


      8th – John 9:4-7 Jesus the Light of the World

      1. Lord Jesus, may your light so shine in us that it is obvious to others even without words
      2. While we still have time, help us to make the most of every opportunity to make a difference in this world for you, Lord Jesus
      3. May you light so shine in your church, Lord Jesus, that as you are uplifted in our midst, it will draw all men and women to you
      4. Let you light shine once again on this nation of ours, Lord Jesus, turning the hearts of men and women to you
      5. Here we are, Lord, send us, we pray


      9th – John 9:8-12 Opening blind eyes

      1. Holy Spirit, if our own spiritual eyes are blind towards any area of our own personal lives that needs changing, open them so we may see and change
      2. Guide and anoint us, Holy Spirit, so that when we speak to those who do not know Christ, their spiritual eyes may be opened
      3. We pray for all those we meet on a daily basis who do not yet know Christ; open their blind eyes we pray
      4. Give us the grace and the wisdom to deal with those who are sceptical of the reality of Christ in our lives, we pray
      5. Help us to move confidently in the gift of healing so that we may see all kinds of healing miracles to confirm the reality of the gospel


      10th – John 10:1-6 Following God’s voice

      1. Holy Spirit, teach us to recognise your voice and to have the wisdom and courage to act upon it
      2. When the devil appears as an angel of light and we are being tempted to follow the wrong course, help us to hear and know your voice, O lord
      3. When we know the right thing to do because it is your will, O God, may we do it without hesitation
      4. Help us to wait upon you so we can hear your voice, O Lord and not be so busy with less important things that they drown out what you are trying to say to us
      5. Help us to hear and discern your voice, O Lord, whether you speak through your Word, preaching, directly into our spirit, prophetic gift or the wise counsel of other believers


      11th – John 10:7-9 Jesus the Gate/Door

      1. For all those we know who are following cults, believing they have the truth but who are deceived, enable us to show them Christ as the Door to eternal life
      2. For all the Muslims we meet and are sincerely seeking to know the true God, help us to show them to Christ the Son of God and the doorway to true salvation
      3. We pray for all Hindus, Buddhists and Sikhs we meet that you would enable us to point them to Christ as the One and only God and gateway to heaven
      4. We pray for all those we meet who are involved in the occult that they may realise that Satan is only a created being and not God who will lead them to hell
      5. For all atheists who are deceived into thinking death is the end of existence, help us to show them that, in reality, it is the gateway to heaven or hell


      12th – John 10:10 The thief and the Saviour

      1. Keep us humble before you, O Lord, so that we may always resist the devil and see him flee from our lives
      2. Cause us to remember, O God, that greater is Christ who is within us than Satan who is in the world, so that we may always be positive, bold and fruitful
      3. In times of temptation, trial or difficulty, may we never succumb to the lies of the devil but always remain true to our God
      4. Help us not to mix worldly ways with your ways, O God, so that we may truly enjoy the abundant life in Christ now that you have given to us
      5. Cause us to wait on you so that we may experience the fullness of the baptism in and gifts of the Holy Spirit and so live in the fullness of power you desire of us


      13th – John 10:11-13 Jesus the Good Shepherd

      1. Lord Jesus, since you are a Good Shepherd to us, help us in turn be good shepherds to others
      2. We pray for all our discipleship group leaders that you would bless, anoint, strengthen and equip them in every way to be shepherds of those they oversee
      3. We pray for all the leaders of departments in the church that you would give them wisdom, power and grace to lead those in their charge to greater spiritual heights
      4. We pray for all the teachers in the church of children, youth and adult groups that you would help them to strengthen the faith and spiritual lives of those they teach
      5. We pray for all the pastors and elders and their wives and husbands in the church that you would enable them to act as good shepherds to the church


      14th – John 10:14-16 Bringing in the sheep

      1. We pray for every act of witnessing we carry out on a daily basis, that you would enable us to bring to you all those you know will give their lives to you
      2. We pray you would make every act of evangelism fruitful, seeing many give their lives to Christ
      3. We pray for all our discipleship groups that through friendship evangelism many would come to know Christ in the groups
      4. We pray for your manifest presence in our Sunday services, O Lord, that would cause the unsaved to recognise your presence and surrender their lives to you
      5. We pray for all those who are invited to attend our services, that you would draw them in and save them, Holy Spirit


      15th – John 10:17-18 Laying down our lives

      1. Here we are, O Lord, use us for your glory, we pray
      2. Help us to understand that our greatest priority is not our own desires and ambitions, O God, but your perfect will for our lives; help us to walk in your will
      3. Teach us how to be selfless rather than selfish, O Lord
      4. Enable us to forgive every person who has wronged us, no matter how deep the hurt goes
      5. Help to be a generous people, willing to give our finances, our time and ourselves fully to your cause, we pray


      16th – John 10:19-21 Praying for those who reject Jesus

      1. We pray for our unsaved family members and ask, Holy Spirit, you would convict them of sin and their need to surrender their lives to Christ
      2. We pray for all our colleagues at work, school or college, O Lord, that you would save them
      3. We pray for all our unsaved friends and neighbours, O God, and ask that you would help us lead them to salvation in Christ
      4. We pray for all those we meet regularly who are sincere in following their religion, but remain sincerely wrong; save them, O Lord
      5. We pray for all those who once were regular attenders at church and following Christ, but who have now backslidden; restore them fully, O Lord


      17th – John 11:1-6 God’s glory in our suffering

      1. Lord, help us to continue to trust in you even when we do not understand what is happening
      2. Cause us never to doubt your total love and commitment to us even in hard times, realising that you know all things
      3. May our trust and faith in you, O God, be like that of Job who said, ‘Though he slay me yet will I hope in him’
      4. May our trust and faith in you during times of great trial be a testimony to others of your reality and presence, we pray
      5. Teach us how to come to that place where we can always say, ‘Your will be done in my life, O Lord, and not my own’


      18th – John 11:7-16 Dying for Jesus

      1. Give us a faith like that of Thomas, who was prepared to sacrifice all for you, Lord Jesus
      2. Holy Spirit, help us to die to self and live for Christ
      3. Give us the strength to daily put to death our old nature and allow our new spiritual nature to flourish, we pray
      4. Help us to put to death any plans and ambitions that are not Spirit-led and guide us into the destiny in life you have prepared for us
      5. Cause us to understand that for the believer, preparing for the eternal life to come is far more important than living purely for the pleasures of today


      19th – John 11:17-26 Jesus the Resurrection and the Life

      1. Thank you Lord, for our new life in Christ; help us live it in its full abundance
      2. Enable us by the power of the new life within us to overcome every sin and temptation, we pray
      3. May the certain hope of eternal life through Christ keep us always positive, optimistic and joyful, no matter what our current circumstances may happen to be
      4. May the fruit of the Holy Spirit grow abundantly within each of us as we develop the potential of the resurrection life we have received through faith in Christ
      5. Lord, help us live in the supernatural power of the resurrection even in this lifetime, we pray


      20th – John 11:27-31 Jesus is asking for you

      1. Lord, when you want to speak to us may we have listening ears to hear and the will to obey quickly
      2. Holy Spirit, mould our will so that we are always prepared to do the will of God
      3. May we not be too busy to hear when you are speaking to us Lord
      4. If you are not getting our attention when you are speaking to us Lord, then shake up our comfortable circumstances until we learn to listen
      5. Holy Spirit, help us understand the unutterable privilege of being saved and called to serve our God, so that we always have ears to hear what you are saying to us


      21st – John 11:32-36 The tears of Jesus

      1. Help us never to grieve you Lord through our thoughts, words or actions
      2. Help us never to grieve you through having doubts or unbelief, we pray
      3. Cause us to see things as you see them, O Lord, and to weep over the grave consequences of sin in this world
      4. Give us a compassion that enables us to weep for the lost and a desire to see them saved, we pray
      5. Help us to empathise with those around us who are going through hard times, so that we may pray for their needs and provide help where we can


      22nd – John 11:37-43  Remove the stone

      1. Lord, enable us to remove every stumbling block that prevents growth in our spiritual lives
      2. Help us to throw off everything that hinders and the sin that so easily entangles and run the race marked out for us, we pray
      3. Cause us to remove any lack of faith in our lives that prevents us from growing spiritually
      4. Lord, help us to remove any negative images we have about ourselves which prevent us from experiencing the fullness of life and potential you have for us
      5. We take authority now in the name of Jesus over any attack of the enemy that is seeking to hinder our spiritual growth; help us overcome, O Lord


      23rd – John 14:1-6 Jesus the Way, the Truth, the Life

      1. Teach us to be a people who always seeks to walk in your ways, O Lord
      2. If we have wandered away from the true path, draw us back, Holy Spirit
      3. Help us to be a people who always seek to know the truth of God and live in it
      4. Enable us to draw ever closer to you, O God, so that we can know and experience the fullness of live that you intend for us
      5. Anoint us to bring the truth of the gospel to many, so that they too can know Jesus Christ as the Way, Truth and Life


      24th – John 14:7-11 How well do you know Jesus?

      1. Prompt us daily, Holy Spirit, to seek to get to know Jesus more and more
      2. Holy Spirit, enlighten our minds each time we read the Bible, so that we are always getting to know Jesus more
      3. As we draw near to you in prayer, O Lord, fill our minds with your thoughts and teach us more of yourself
      4. Help us choose the right books to read that will help deepen our understanding of you, O God
      5.  May our knowledge of you, Lord Jesus, not be merely head knowledge only, but in action, word and deed also


      25th – John 1:1-14 The Word became flesh and made his dwelling amongst us

      1. Thank you, Jesus, for your incarnation
      2. Thank you, heavenly Father for your gift to the world of your Only Son
      3. Thank you, Holy Spirit, for helping us understand the gospel and enabling us to be born-again
      4. Help us to be as generous as you, O Lord
      5. Thanks be to God for his indescribable gift


      26th – John 14:12-13 Doing what Jesus did

      1. Give us a simple trust in you, O Lord, that enables us to believe and see
      2. For those amongst us who are not yet baptised in the Holy Spirit, as they wait on you and ask in faith, fill them, we pray
      3. Give us the grace to be people who you can trust to use us to do great works for our God
      4. May we live so close to you, Lord Jesus, that we may know your mind and so be able to ask the things you want us to ask and see the impossible made possible
      5. In all we do, may it always be done for the glory of God, we pray


      27th – John 15:1-2 Pruned in order to produce more fruit

      1. Give us the spiritual maturity to realise when you are pruning us, O Lord, even though it is painful,  in order that we may bear more fruit
      2. Help us not to resist your pruning in our lives, O God, so that we do not remain stuck where we are but are able to move onwards and upwards spiritually
      3. When necessary, O Lord, help us to say with Job, ‘The Lord gave and the Lord has taken away; may the name of the Lord be praised’
      4. Holy Spirit, reveal to us all those areas in our lives that need pruning and removing so that we may actively seek to divest ourselves of them
      5. Take our lives and let them be wholly consecrated to you, O God


      28th – John 15:3-4 Remaining in Christ

      1. Keep us from backsliding and convict our hearts whenever we are in danger of doing so, we pray
      2. Keep us from seeking to go our own way, no matter how attractive it may be, O Lord, but rather help us keep our minds fixed on you and your will
      3. Fill us afresh with yourself, even now Holy Spirit, so that we may be full and overflowing into the lives of others
      4. As we remain in Christ, may we grow more effective in the use of all the gifts of the Holy Spirit, for your glory, O God
      5. We take authority over ever attack of the enemy against us and pray that the shield of our faith would be so firm that no fiery dart would penetrate and harm us


      29th – John 15:5-8 Bearing much fruit

      1. As we remain close to you, Lord Jesus, make us fruitful in all areas of godliness
      2. Make us fruitful in every area of witnessing and evangelism, we pray
      3. Enable us to be fruitful in our prayer lives, O Lord, helping us to know your will and so move mountains in prayer
      4. Help each of us to know and grow in those areas of ministry you have called each one of us to do, we pray
      5. As we seek first you kingdom and righteousness, may we be fruitful in everything we put our hands to do, we pray


      30th – John 15:9-11 Obeying Christ’s commands

      1. Knowing how easy it is for us to sin, Holy Spirit, help us to walk in obedience to your inner prompting within us
      2. Holy Spirit, help us not to backslide in any way at all but rather only to grow stronger in our obedience
      3. May obedience to you in every way be our joy and our delight, O Lord
      4. Since our level of obedience is the measurement for how deep our love for you is, O Lord, cause our love for you to deepen
      5. Teach us to live in the understanding that obedience is better than sacrifice; help us to be both obedient and sacrificial


      31st – John 15:12-17 Love one another

      1. Teach us the meaning of agapé love, namely that is rooted in our minds and will and so is something we can choose to exercise, we pray
      2. Teach us how to be unselfish, O Lord, but rather to see the needs of others
      3. Move us, Holy Spirit, so that we may be moved with the plight of others
      4. Teach us the difference between the true agapé love of God which seeks to do the best for others and silly sentimental love that merely brings indulgence
      5. Let you light shine in and through us, Lord Jesus, we pray







        Colossians is one of Paul’s letters written from prison. The church at Colosse was founded by Epaphras who was its pastor and was visiting Paul as he was awaiting trial in Rome. Even at this early stage of the life of the church false teachings about Christ were already starting to circulate and seeking to lead believers into occultic practices.


        Paul writes this letter to demonstrate that Christ is the incarnation of the eternal, living God whose fullness dwells in Christ, who is the one who brought all that exists into being which was created by him and for him and he is Lord over all. He is also the one, who through the cross, is able to reconcile a fallen world back to the Father.


        So the letter clearly teaches: the total deity of Christ, the full humanity of Christ, his supremacy over all spirit powers, the all-sufficient work of redemption in reconciling mankind to God through the cross and the uselessness of religious rituals and human philosophy.


        As he writes his letter Paul shows how the church can live a life victorious over all circumstances by:


        1. Living in this world but not being of this world, since the believer is set apart unto God and who is able to grow in all manner of spiritual fruitfulness and spiritual maturity.
        2. Harnessing the power of intercessory prayer. Paul shows us how he intercedes for the church and what he prays for. Colossians 1:9-14. Epaphras is also a man who knows how to be ‘…always wrestling in prayer…’ for the church. Colossians 4:12
        3. Recognising and living in the light of, the all-supremacy of Christ, whose power and position is unchallengeable by any being
        4. Being able to endure and overcome suffering
        5. Understanding the ‘hope’ that is Christ in us. The believer has a present and a future that is inexpressibly glorious
        6. Understanding the all-sufficiency of the cross to accomplish our salvation and restoration to the glory once lost through sin
        7. Knowing the power of living out the christian life both in the world and in the home


        As we pray through this letter, we are using scriptures that are explosive in their power, as they reveal that Christ his supreme over sin, death, the devil and all evil spirit beings. We are in Christ and Christ is in us – the hope of eternal glory.

        1st – Colossians 1:1-6 The fruit of the gospel

        1)   Lord, help us to grow daily in Christ that our lives may become fruitful in every positive way

        2)   We pray for the salvation of the unsaved and that you would lead us this week to those we can witness to and lead to you

        3)  We pray for the work of our discipleship groups and discipleship leaders, that you would cause the nine-fold fruit of the Spirit to flourish amongst us

        4)  We pray that you would make our discipleship groups fruitful in evangelism, leading many to Christ

        5)  We pray for our church services that the anointing of your Spirit would be so heavy upon us that we will continually see many people turning to Christ


        2nd – Colossians 1:7-8 A faithful minister of Christ

        • Like Epaphras, help us, O Lord, to be faithful ministers for Christ at all times and in every situation
        • Enable us to faithfully teach others the ways of God by the godly words that we speak
        • Enable us to live a godly lifestyle that demonstrates the fullness of the grace of Christ in our lives, which influences others around us
        • May our children learn the ways of God from our godly example in both speech and actions
        • Give us the desire and the opportunity to be spiritual mentors to others so that we may help them grow in the Lord


        3rd – Colossians 1:9 Praying for the knowledge of God’s will

        • Show us each day who you want us to pray for and enable us to bear others up in prayer, O Lord
        • Bring to our mind those who are new Christians that we may hold them up in prayer
        • Teach us your will for our individual lives, for our family’s lives and for your church
        • Add to the knowledge we have about you, O Lord, the spiritual wisdom to be able to put our knowledge into practice in every situation
        • Add to our knowledge, spiritual understanding, particularly when you are doing things in our lives that go against our natural understanding


        4th – Colossians 1:10 A life worthy of the Lord

        • O God, may our priority always be to live lives that please you so that we will one day hear you say, ‘Well done, good and faithful servant’
        • Teach us to pray sincerely the words, ‘not my will but yours be done,’ O Lord
        • May our light so shine before men that they may see our good deeds and praise our Father in heaven
        • Holy Spirit, help us to cooperate with you so that you may be able to cause our lives to bear fruit in every way that you desire from us
        • Holy Spirit, open our minds and understandings to enable us to be continually growing in our knowledge of God


        5th – Colossians 1:11-12 Strengthened to endure

        • Lord fill us daily with the power of your Holy Spirit to meet the challenges of the day
        • Give us the strength to endure when you deem it necessary for us to undergo times of trial, hardship or difficulty, to achieve your purposes in our lives
        • Help us to recognise those situations when you are seeking to develop the spiritual fruit of patience within us so that we may learn from them and not just grumble
        • O Lord, since you have graciously enabled us to share in your inheritance, help us to be people who can give you thanks at all times whether good or difficult
        • Lord, whenever we feel like giving up, give us the grace and strength to endure


        6th – Colossians 1:15-16 The divine Christ

        • Lord Jesus, help us always to remember that you are God, the Creator of the whole universe and are therefore well able to look after our small concerns
        • Help us to remember that you created all angels, including those who later fell, and that greater is he within us than he that is in the world
        • Since we are created for your glory, O Lord, may we give you glory through our worship and through our lives
        • Since we are children of the Creator of all, enable us to understand the full significance of who we are in Christ and live boldly for Christ
        • Lord God our Creator, we surrender our lives, our will, our all to you and for your glory


        7th – Colossians 1:17-20 Peace through the cross

        • As we thank you heavenly Father for giving your Son to die for our sins, we repent now of all and every sin in our lives
        • Having died for us, enable your character to be developed with each of us so that we may become more like you, Lord Jesus
        • Thank you, Holy Spirit, for opening our eyes to understand the meaning of the cross and teach us and change us more and more
        • Give us the grace and the favour to be people who can bring others to the cross and be reconciled also with God through Jesus
        • Fill my eyes, O my God, with a vision of the cross and give me a heart like Jesus


        8th – Colossians 1: 21-23 Enemies of God now reconciled to him

        • Lord, as we pray for all those people who dislike us, forgive them, save them and bless them, we pray
        • We bring before you those non-Christians we have been praying a long time for, but have never yet yielded to Christ – save them now, we pray
        • We cry out to you for all those we know whose eyes are blinded to the truth of the gospel; break the bondage and set the captives free, O Lord
        • We pray for all we know who are deceived by the false spirituality of religion that you would open their eyes to the true God who can give them true spirituality
        • Send revival in our midst, O Lord


         9th – Colossians 1:24-26 Servants commissioned by God

        • Lord, teach us the way of servanthood so that your divine power may be powerfully outworked through each of us
        • Lord, reveal your will to us today and may we be obedient to carry it out
        • Impress on our minds the need to wait on you to discover your will for our lives so that we may not miss it through being too busy
        • Thank you for the privilege of being servants of the Most High God and enable us to continue to discharge the responsibilities that come with such a privilege
        • Help us to understand your Word so that we can us it correctly, skilfully and effectively as we share the gospel


        10th – Colossians 1:27-29 Labouring for Christ

        • Lord, move upon all the men in the church to rise them up fully as labourers for you and your Kingdom
        • Move upon all the women in the church and make them effective in all that they do
        • Lord, let all the youth in the church rise up and serve you wholeheartedly in winning their generation for the Kingdom of God
        • Lord help us get our priorities in the right order so that we may be effective servants of Christ
        • Lord, without you we can do nothing, but with your strength working through us we can do all things, so keep us active with our eyes focused on you


        11th – Colossians 2:1 Struggling for the saints

        1. Lord, give us compassionate hearts for one another so that we may bear one another’s burdens
        2. Reveal to us by your Spirit and impress upon our hearts those of your people you would have us pray for
        3. Lord, we pray for your church that you would give us a heart to seek you, obey you and see fulfilled your destiny for us as a church
        4. Lord, we pray for all the churches in our neighbourhood that they would be enabled by your Spirit to fulfil you perfect plan for each of them
        5. We pray you would strengthen and restore all those believers who are disillusioned, backslidden or who are finding maintaining the christian life difficult

        12th – Colossians 2:2-3 Encouraged in heart, united in love

        • We pray you would encourage, and help us be an encouragement to, all those believers who are in very difficult circumstances right now, O Lord
        • Lord, for any members of our families that have relationships under strain, we pray you would restore the bonds of love
        • For any believers we know who are out of fellowship with one another right now, give them humility to seek reconciliation
        • For husbands and wives we know whose marriage is under strain, Lord, bring restoration and healing
        • For parents and children we know whose relationship is under strain, Lord bring restoration and healing


        13th – Colossians 2:4-5 Don’t be deceived

        • Keep us from heresy and let us allow you, Holy Spirit, to guide us into all truth
        • We pray you would have compassion on and restore to the truth of your Word those we know who have been deceived by false teaching that has led them astray
        • We pray for those we meet who are in cults who may be sincerely looking for the truth but have not found it, that you would reveal your truth, help and save them
        • For those we meet who are deceived by fine-sounding arguments of secular humanism, reveal yourself to them through us as God and Saviour
        • Cause us to be fully hidden in Christ, our Hope of glory


        14th – Colossians 2:6-8 Rooted and built up in Him

        • O Lord, let Jesus and Jesus only, be the firm foundation for our lives at all times
        • Lord, keep us, as your church firmly rooted in your Word and with Jesus as the first focus in all that we do
        • As we keep our focus on your Word, O God, we may read it regularly and allow its principles to mould and change our lives
        • Let our own selves decrease and let more of Jesus increase in our lives, we pray
        • When we stray from you, O Lord, quickly bring us back that we may stay on that narrow path


        15th – Colossians 2:9-12 Circumcised hearts

        • Lord, let us be a church who sees sin as you see it and not to treat it lightly but to live in a way that you can work powerfully amongst us
        • Search our hearts so that we may see where we fall short of your glory and standards and cause your church to rise up in the power of holiness
        • Help us daily to crucify our old nature and to keep it crucified and so be a powerful testimony to unbelievers around us
        • In our daily decisions and choices, move us, Holy Spirit, always in the paths of righteousness
        • Forgive any sin of apathy and cause our hearts to burn with the revival fire of God


        16th – Colossians 2:13-14  Cancelled sin

        • Cause our lives to express our thanks, Lord Jesus for the full extent of your sufferings for our sins to be totally and justly paid for
        • Bring to our remembrance the cost of our sin so that we may never lightly backslide in any way, even for a moment
        • O Lord, we now choose the path of godliness in every area of our lives, attitudes, thoughts, talks and actions
        • Holy Spirit, deepen our love for our Saviour and our appreciation for all he has accomplished for us
        • Help those we know who doubt the love and forgiveness of God to find full peace and rest by understanding the work of Christ on the cross


        17th – Colossians 2:15 Powers of darkness defeated

        • Help us live in the reality of the total, complete, comprehensive and everlasting victory of the cross over Satan and the whole host of darkness, we pray
        • Help us live victoriously over every lure or temptation from the enemy
        • We resolve today never to give the devil a foothold into our lives by sinning against our Lord
        • Help us always to remember that Satan is defeated and Jesus Christ is Lord so that we may have no fear
        • Though the devil may go around like a roaring lion seeking those he may devour, keep us steadfast in you, O Lord so that he may never be able to touch us


        18th – Colossians 2:16-17 Don’t Judge

        • Lord, when we are tempted to be critical of others, help us to realise that we too fall short of your glory
        • Help us first to take the log out of our own eyes before complaining of the speck in the eye of our brother or sister
        • Help us to see ourselves as others see us and therefore to remain humble and useable by you
        • Holy Spirit, we invite you to constantly convict us of our shortcomings so we may allow you to change us more into the image of Christ
        • Lord forgive us the times when our pride has caused us to think about or speak harsh words of criticism, when we should have remained silent


        19th – Colossians 2:18-23 – Legalism

        • Lord, please deliver us from the bondage of religious legalism
        • Lord, for the time we have been filled with pride for our ‘good works’, please forgive us
        • When we have looked down on others because their ways of worshipping you are different to or own, please forgive us
        • For all those we know who are in bondage to the traditions of man that have an outward appearance of spirituality, please set them free by your Spirit
        • As we thank you for the glorious liberty that comes in our relationship with Christ, help us to be naturally spiritual and spiritually natural


        20th – Colossians 3:1-4 Setting our minds on heavenly things

        • Lord, be our first thought in the morning, our last thought at night and be in our thoughts during the day
        • Show us your priorities for our lives, O Lord, and help us to pursue them faithfully and diligently
        • Keep in the forefront of our minds, our Father, that we are your children, citizens of heaven and that our time here on earth is both short and limited
        • Help us to live as strangers and pilgrims who are passing through this world, keeping our sights on our destination, which is with you forever
        • Enable us to store up our true treasures in heaven where there is no thief to steal, moth to destroy or rust to corrupt it


        21st – Colossians 3:5-6 Forsaking immoral ways

        • Bring purity to your church, O God and bring those practicing any form of sexual sin to the place of repentance and spiritual wholeness
        • We pray that you would help all our children and young people to resist the peer pressure and messages from the media to be sexually active outside of marriage
        • We pray you would give each of the older members amongst us who may be under the same pressures the wisdom also to conduct themselves in a godly manner
        • We pray for our government, that you would cause it see the destructive nature on individuals and society of unrestrained sexual activity, and bring a change to our laws
        • Take the scales from their eyes and cause our nation to see the wholesale harm that flows from sexual permissiveness and create a climate for change, we pray


        22nd – Colossians 3:7-11 Put on the new self, in God’s image

        • Cause our characters to be Christlike and so be a powerful witness to the non christians we mix with
        • Lord we consecrate our lips to you now, to be used for only godly words
        • Cause us to recognise those times and situations that we find difficult or stressful, but which are sent by you to develop a Christlike character in us
        • Lord Jesus we now surrender our whole lives fully to you, mould us fully in your own image, we pray
        • As we seek to follow the example of Christ, Holy Spirit cause us to become fit channels for you to move through in all your spiritual gifts


        23rd – Colossians 3:12-14 Bear with each other

        • Lord Jesus, cause us to love like you love
        • When we feel offended, O Lord, help us to respond in love and not in bitterness, carrying no offence
        • Give us compassion for the unsaved, kindness to those in need and patience with those we find trying, so you may be glorified in all we do
        • Lord, give us your grace to forgive others in the same proportion that you have forgiven us
        • Let your love be released in your church that builds a oneness and unity that allows your Spirit to move freely and powerfully among and through us


        24th – Colossians 3:15 Peace and thankfulness

        • Cause us to trust in you, O Lord, so that instead of striving and getting anxious, your peace can rule in our hearts
        • Help us to trust you when things seem to be going wrong, knowing that you work all things together for the good of those who love you
        • So far as it depends on each of us, enable us to live at peace with all men and women
        • Forgive us for the sin of worrying when you have told us not to be anxious but instead to trust wholly in you
        • We thank you for who you are, what you have done for us and all that you are going to do in the future


        25th – Colossians 3:16-17 Singing spiritual songs with gratitude

        • Whenever we feel downcast, O Lord, help us to remember that because we belong to Christ, we always have something to sing about, with gratitude
        • Thank you for the gift of speaking and singing in tongues; may we make full use of the gift to edify ourselves at all times
        • Lord, whatever we do and whatever we say, may we do it in such a way that if our eyes could see you physically, we would not be ashamed of our actions
        • For those we know who are discouraged or depressed, we pray that you would lift them up and encourage them and use us to do so
        • In times of trouble, cause us to remember how Jehoshaphat defeated his enemies by sending the singers ahead into battle


        26th – Colossians 3:18-21 Families (1)

        • We pray for our christian fathers, that they may fulfil their God-given role as spiritual leaders and work hard towards leading their families in the ways of the Lord
        • We pray that our christian fathers would take seriously the need for them to initiate daily devotions for the whole family together
        • We pray that our christian fathers would lead their family by both example as well as by word
        • May the children of our christian fathers see the presence of Christ in their fathers and so be drawn themselves to the reality of Christ
        • Strengthen our christian fathers that they may be all you desire them to be, O Lord, and so as a consequence they may influence your church to be strong also


        27th – Colossians 3:18-21 Families (2)

        • We pray for our christian mothers, that they may fulfil their God-give role as spiritual mothers, helping each family member to walk in the ways of the Lord
        • In the busyness of their work let our christian mothers demonstrate the reality of Christ to their children in all they do
        • When her children see her in prayer, in trusting the Lord and her godly lifestyle, give her children the desire to know you for themselves
        • Hear the prayers of our christian mothers, O Lord, as they intercede for their children and let no child fail to come to know you and walk with you


        28th – Colossians 3:18-21 Families (3)

        • We pray for our children, that you would keep you hand upon them, O Lord, and protect them from all harmful attitudes and influences
        • May our children learn to walk in your ways and come to know you personally for themselves at the earliest possible age
        • Help us to raise our children in a way that is pleasing to you O Lord, investing all the time into their lives that they need from us
        • Give us the wisdom that is needed to raise our children, being able to discipline fairly in love and never in anger
        • Help us to raise our children in such a way that they learn respect for their parents, for authority and above all for our God


        29th – Colossians 3:18-21 Families (4)

        • We pray for our families, both two parent and single parents that you would make them strong in the Lord
        • Help all those families we know who are struggling for one reason or another to be lifted up and strengthen by you, O Lord
        • We pray for those families we know who are on the verge of breakdown or have just split up; restore them and unite them Lord, we pray
        • We pray for our nation and government that all would see the need to encourage and support and strengthen of the traditional family and restore the understanding back to our nation once again of the value of the covenant of marriage
        • We pray for all our single parents, that you would be a Father to their families giving them strength as they play the roles of both father and mother to their children


         30th – Colossians 3:22-4:1 Working for the Lord, not men

        • May we always be known to non-christians as people who are faithful and trustworthy in our places of work, O Lord
        • Since you want everything we do, to be done as though it is for you, help us to excel in whatever we put our hands or minds to
        • Help us to remember that you are watching us at all times and are wanting faithfulness from us whether we are being treated well or badly at work
        • When we stand before you as you judge the works of our christian lives, O Lord, may we not be ashamed or lose our rewards
        • Give us the wisdom to know those times when it is better to accept injustices to ourselves, knowing that you are watching and will reward our faithfulness


        31st – Colossians 4:2-18 Wrestling in prayer

        • May we be people like Epaphras who was always wrestling in prayer for others
        • May we not neglect our times of prayer but show our devotion to you by spending time with you
        • Bless all amongst us who are intercessors, that you would keep them strong , guarding them from any attacks of the evil one
        • We bring before you now all those we know who need our intercessory prayers, help them now in their time of need, O God
        • May the grace of the Lord Jesus Christ and the love of God and the fellowship of the Holy Spirit be with us all today and always







          Our prayer centre is where our intercessors are on ground praying to God continually, establishing an unbroken communion with God 24/7 according to Revelation 8:3-4. Our ministry is also available to pray for the needs of others through our prayer line on 02087992199, alternatively anyone may wish to drop us an email with prayer requests to:

          Daily Prayer Meetings

          Every member of our congregation and Christians from other churches are welcome and encouraged to join our meetings. These are also open to the general public, feel free to come and pray.

          Our twice daily Prayer Meetings are a place where we intercede for our nation, revival and various needs of others.


          Prayer and Intercession

          Monday, Wednesday, Thursday & Friday
          10.30am – 12.30pm
            6.00pm –   8.00pm


          10.30am – 12.30pm
            7.30pm –   8.30pm


          All Night Prayer Meetings, prayer and Worship meetings and a place of strong fervent prayer that are held every last Friday of each month
          Last Friday of the Month
          10pm – 5am

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