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Cebu – Philippines

Portland Christian Center – Danao

In 2005, Mark & Cora King, (ECC), together with Jennifer Peñas, an indigenous missionary from Mindanao, pioneered Portland Christian Center. The church first started as a small Bible study that took place once a week in a house with just one family attending. Soon after, as more and more people attended and turned to Christ, the church was formally planted.

As time passed, leaders were raised up and encouraged to take an active role as leaders in the local church. As a result, other daughter churches were planted and the organisation, GEMII (Global Ekklesia Ministries International Inc.) was formed. Today, GEMII is part of the Elim Global Network of organisations with a vision to, ‘Plant multiplying gospel communities throughout the RP and surrounding nations’

Global Ecclesia Danao (GED)

In April 2013, following an ECC short-term mission to Danao City, the first daughter church was planted. This church is now led by Joseph Batucan and his wife Georgina (Elim Missionary to the Philippines).

Daan Bantayan

Following the devastation of Typhoon Haiyan, locally known as Yolanda, the GEMI team worked with Elim (ERA) to help many communities in northern Cebu to recover from the disaster. This gave the team a wonderful opportunity to forge relationships with the local people and through needs-based evangelism, God provided an open door for the gospel to be shared. One of the adopted areas was Daan Bantayan which is situated at the northern most tip of Cebu. Through building relationships and providing practical help and support, a church was planted and is now influencing the area.

Padre Borgos (BCC)

Evan and Onie Gillies, who are GEMI pastors, felt the call of God to plant a church in Padre Borgos, southern Leyte in May 2015 – Padre Borgos being Evans home town.

Today, Padre Borgos Christian Center (BCC), is a thriving local church that is impacting the local schools, police department, and various other sectors of society.

BCC has planted a daughter church in Dulag, Northern Leyte and has plans to plant another in Malitbog, Southern Leyte in 2020.

Dulag Church Plant – Northern Leyte

The Island of Leyte hit our TV screens during the Haiyan disaster in 2013 which killed over 8000 people – mainly concentrated in the town of Tacloban. Touched by the devastation and the suffering that the communities were experiencing, GEMII were led to a community situated 45 minutes south of Tacloban called Dulag. Here they were able to help rebuild 52 houses and distribute aid which was sponsored by Elim ERA.

There is now a small, but thriving church in operating in this community led by Benson and Johanna


Hilotongan is a remote island situated off the north-west tip of Cebu. It has a population of around 2000 people. There is no electricity or fresh water on the island and it was one of the places that was devastated by Typhoon Haiyan in 2013. Our GEMI team, sponsored by Elim (ERA) teamed up with two local AOG pastors, to plant a church on this island.

The church continues to thrive and has become an itegral part of the community in Hilotongan. The church building is taking shape and often holds community events and outreaches.

Alex and Fe continue are involved in the training offered by GEMII and are part of the GEMII network of churches.

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